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Paths 176 to 186 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: par stree thee dharam jaashe
ane gumaavyo sarag vaaso jaann
sau maa(n) thee saa(n)kh-j jaashe
to tame shene karo evaa kaam...................176

The True Guide says: The religion will go as a result of relationships with other women and you will lose the heavenly abode. The entire Link will be severed with them. Then why do you engage in these activities.

satgur kahere: saa(n)kh gai ane seel gayu(n)
ane gai potaanee pat
soi kaam-j keejee-e
je maa(n)he chaale potaanu vrat re.............177

The True Guide says: When the Link is severed, the purity goes and goes with it, personal self respect. Perform only those deeds which fall within the bounds of your religious observations(discipline).

satgur kahere: satnu vrat shukravaaree beej chhe
ane baar pahor puraa jaann
ardho ahaar karee je raakhshe
te paamshe amar tthaam re......................178

The True Guide says: The true religious observance is the shukravaaree beej. And know it to be for a period of twelve pahors(36 hours). Whoever observes it by maintaining half of sustainance will attain an immortal abode.

satgur kahere: sehej daan-j deejee-e
ane deeje satgur mukhe jaann
vallee gat maa(n)he shukravaaree beej chhoddsho
to paamsho moksh deedaar.......................179

The True Guide says: Offer only pure charity and do it in the presence of the True Guide. After that if you break the fast of shukravaaree beej in JamatKhana, you will attain the Vision and salvation.

satgur kahere: neem thaapnaa jyaa keejee-e
tyaa keso jutthno vevaar
te tthaam je ajaanneeyu bolse
tenu jaashe dharam neeyaam neervaann re........180

The True Guide says: Where you establish religious vow, how can there be any relationship with falsehood. In that (sacred)place who ever speaks about unknown matters, his/her religious discipline will vanish for certain.

satgur kahere: dharam neeyaam to mor chhaap kahee-e
ane vallee gurnee mor chhaap jaann
tyaa mor maaree chhaap nar nee
te mahor naaraayann nee jaann..................181

The True Guide says: The religious tenets (discipline) is to be regarded as a stamped seal(upon your soul), and know it as the stamped seal of the Guide (it cannot be tampered with). There(in eternity) the Imaam's seal was stamped and it is the seal of the Lord.

satgur kahere: nur naaraayann ek chhe
ane maheshvar murat tenee jaann
devshakti aavee chhe te maa(n)he
bhraat raakhe te bhulo gemaar re...............182

The True Guide says: The Light and the Lord are one and the Sustainer is the face of the Lord. The Divine power is manifested in Him. Whoever is doubtful about this is lost and forgotten.

satgur kahere: chaar murat dharam-j thaape-o
te satgur bhrahmaajee aapoiaap
shukarvaaree beej je thaap she
tene moksh muktino tthaam re...................183

The True Guide says: The Religion was established entirely out of the four forms (basic ingredients of the physical world). And it was by the True Guide, the Creator in a spontaneous manner. Whoever establishes the shukravaaree beej will attain the abode of salvation.

satgur kahere: shukarvaaree beej je kaai kal maa(n)he thaapshe
ane thaapshe pure vishvaas
te jeevne mukti-j thaashe
ane sahee thaase amaaro deedaar re.............184

The True Guide says: Whoever establishes the shukarvaaree beej in the present age, and establishes with complete faith, his soul will attain freedom entirely and in truth will have our Vision and Light.

satgur kahere: amaare duaare te fall paamshe
ane te trees krodd devtaane hajur
jenne par stree shu gavan karyaa
te amathee raheshe dur re......................185

The True Guide says: They will attain such fruits in our abode and in the presence of thirty three crore spirits. Those who had illicit relationships with women other than their wives, will be remote to us.

satgur kahere: dharam sarve khoi raheshe
ane na hoshe hareene hajur
te parnaaree ne kaaranne
te amathee thaashe dur re......................186

The True Guide says: The person will have lost the entire religion and will not be in the presence of the Lord. It is due to illicit non spousal relationships, he/she will become remote from us.

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