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Paths 198 to 208 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: gurjee-e nar dekhaaddeeyaa
ane gurjee-e deedho bhed
te gurnar ek chhe
tenee ved maa(n)he gure deedho saa(n)kh........198

The True Guide says: The Guide has shown us the Imaam and the Guide has given us the essence(of Him). The Guide(Peer) and the Imaam are one. In His scripture, the Guide has given us the Link(to the Imaam).

satgur kahere: ved pramaanne je chaalshe
ane te gat gangaa maa(n)he aavshe jaann
te gat gangaa maa(n)he gurnar jaaher chhe
bhaai rakhe adhuraa doe karee jaann re.........199

The True Guide says: The person who conducts himself according to the teachings of the scriptures, know that he/she will come to the J.K. In the J.K. the Imaam and the Peer are manifestly present. Brother, lest you become imperfect by commiting sins.

satgur kahere: jenne gat adhuree jaannee
te jeev sahee naragee jaann
paa(n)ch hatyaa tene sheer besashe
em kahe Peer Shamsh neervaann re...............200

The True Guide says: The person who regards the congregation as incomplete, that soul will in truth be regarded as the occupant of hell. The five evil vices will be on his/her head certainly says Peer Shamsh.

satgur kahere: peer shamsh to utam jaannee-e
jenee kuraan maa(n)he chhe saa(n)kh
te peer shamsh gat maa(n)he jaaher chhe
bhaai,te tyaa gat ga(n)gaa teerath thaay re....201

The True Guide says: Regard Peer Shamsh as the exalted one whose link is to be found in the Qur'aan. Peer Shamsh is also present in Jamaat khaanaas. Brother, there the pilgrimage of the J.K. takes place.

satgur kahere: peer shamsh kuraan-j bhaa(n) kheeyaa
ane bhaakhyaa chaar ved-j jaann
te gat ga(n)gaa maa(n)he besee karee
keedhee saachee saa(n)kh neervaann re..........202

The True Guide says: Peer Shamsh has foretold the entire Qur'aan and has foretold the entire four vedas. He sat in the J.K. and undertook to create the true link for certain.

satgur kahere: saachee saakh to elamtannee
ame chhaie shaah naa daas
gat gangaamaa(n)he je mallee gayaa
ane saa(n)bhallo teno bhed re..................203

The True Guide says: The true link is that of knowledge and we are the servants of the Imaam. Whatever has been obtained in the J.K., know it's significance.

satgur kahere: surbhaann veemaras hoi rahyaa
te rahyaa amaare paas
ame farmaavyaa tem karyaa
te gat ga(n)gaa ne partaap re..................204

The True Guide says: Surbhaann was engaged in religious talk only and he remained with us. He acted according to our farmaans and through the assistance(blessings) of the gat.

satgur kahere: gat gangaa ne ame trann vachan kahyaa
ane farmaan bolyaa teh
jyaare farmaan amaaru sheer chaddaaveeyu
tyaare ame elam maa(n)he aalee saa(n)kh re.....205

The True Guide says: We have given three promises to the Jamaat (referring to three times prayer), and we have made farmaans there in. When a momin has internalised the farmaan in his/her head(mind), then we give him/her the Link in (Divine) knowledge(Ginaans).

satgur kahere: veemaras surbhaann donu ek hay
te hay gat gangaa maa(n)he jaann
te gat gangaa ne vachane chaalyaa
te potaa vaiku(n)tth mojaar re.................206

The True Guide says: Veemras and Surbhaann are both one and know them to be in Jamaat Khaanaa. They have lived according to the commands of Jamaat khaanaa and have reached the joyful paradise(in this life).

satgur kahere: amaaraa vachane seer deedhu
te deedhu amaare haath
ame man maa(n)he bahu raajee huaa
te gat ga(n)gaa partaap re.....................207

The True Guide says: Whoever has given up his/her head(life) in following our command, has given it up through our hands. We have thus become very happy in our heart, (as) this person gave up his life through the assistance of the Jamaat Khaanaa.

satgur kahere: seer deedho te amane
ane ame aarogee-aa aap
te am bhellaa vase chhe
tame rakhe jaanno dur re......................208

The True Guide says: When a person has given us his/her head, we have ate or dinned with him/her at that moment. This person is residing with us lest you think of him/her as far from us.

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