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Paths 220 to 230 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: kaam keedhaa gat prataape
ane surbhaann ne aavee jot
tyaare surbhaann aavee amaaraa paase oobhaa rahyaa
te gat ga(n)gaa ne prataap re..................220

The True Guide says: We performed the (silent) work through the means of J.K. and the Light came to Surbhaann. Then Surbhaann came and stood in front of us through the context of J.K..

satgur kahere: vachan amaaraa je maanshe
te maa(n)he chhe amaaree jot
te jot prakaashe khaal deedhee
te deedhee bhagat surbhaann aap re.............221

The True Guide says: Whoever believes in and follows our farmaans, in this person is our Light. By virtue of the illumination of the Light, he gave away his skin and he was the pious Surbhaann.

satgur kahere: tenne khaal utaaree potaanaa dilnee
te deedhee naareene haath
te amane aanneene so(n)pee
te maa(n)he thee pagnee mojaddee keedhee jaann re............222

The True Guide says: (Indeed) he removed the skin of his own heart and gave it to his wife. She brought it and submitted it(to us). Out of it she made shoes for (our) feet.

satgur kahere: evaa rakheesar jaare aavee malyaa
tyaare ame thayaa rallee-aat
tene chhapo deedho swarg no
te gayaa amaraapuree maa(n)he re..............223

The True Guide says: When such devotees came and met us, we became extremely happy. They have made a lasting impression(stamp) of the heavens and they attained the Paradise.

satgur kahere: dharam to saachaa imaan no
te imaan saacho jaann
te imaan je laavshe farmaansu
te daas amaaraa jaann.........................224

The True Guide says: Religion is of true faith and the faith is indeed true. Whoever brings faith according to the farmaans, know them to be our servants.

satgur kahere: jo dharam karashe imaan saachsu
te besashe surbhaann nee paas
tenne khaal deedhee hamku
ane aape huaa paak re..........................225

The True Guide says: Whoever practises religion with true faith will sit in the presence of Surbhaann. He gave us his skin and became purified as a result.

satgur kahere: paak naam to naaraayann nu chhe
ane aveechal vachan bhrahmaa jee jaann
gur geenaan jenne re jaanneeyaa
te bhagat huaa saachaa jaann re................226

The True Guide says: The pure word(name) is that of the Lord(Imaam) and the eternal command is that of the Creator. Whoever knows the Divine knowledge conveyed by the Guide OR Whoever realises this through the Divine knowledge of the Guide, is to be regarded as being truly pious.

satgur kahere: hamaaree dehee to surbhaann chhe
ane surbhaann dehee amaaree jaann
te moman addhaai maa(n)hethee kaheeye
ardho moman te saar re........................227

The True Guide says: Our body is Surbhaann and know Surbhaann to be our body. We regard the body of this (exalted) momin as equivalent to two and a half momins and half a momin is his essence.

satgur kahere: surbhaann veemaras doddh moman kahee-e
ane ardho moman enee naaree jaann
ardho moman harjee mochee kahee-e
jenne seevee amaaraa paganee mojaddee jaann re228

The True Guide says: The Religious knowledge of Surbhaan is equivalent to one and a half momins. And half momin is his wife, one half momin is attributed to the cobler who stitched shoes for our feet.

satgur kahere: bhaav veennaa koi moman nahee hove
ane kahe peer shamsh neervaann
gatga(n)gaa maa(n)he chhuttee-e
jeesthee jaay sarve paap re....................229

The True Guide says: Without love no one is a momin and for certain says Peer Shamsh. We are freed in the J.K. from where all the sins are removed.

satgur kahere: soll kallaa satgur tannee
ane baar kallaa naaraayann nee jaann
temaa(n) e chaar kallaa gatmaa(n) e vase
te kallaa narnee parmaann re..................230

The True Guide says: The splendour of sixteen mansions of the moon belong to the True Guide and that of twelve mansions belong to the Lord. Out of these, four are present in J.K. and they are of the Imaam.

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