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Paths 231 to 240 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: gurjee geenaan-j bhaakhe-aa
ane ved parmaann vaat
satgurmaa(n) e je tej varte
te peer sham no avataar re....................231

The True Guide says: The Guide has foretold the Divine knowledge only(and nothing else) and the substance of which is in the vedas. Light shines from the True Guide who is the manifestation of Peer Shamsh.

satgur kahere: peer shamsh thaanak karee rahyaa
ane rahyaa te mulastaan maa(n)he
aasmaanthee suraj ma(n)gaaveeyaa
te peer shamshke farmaan re...................232

The True Guide says: Peer Shamsh having established a physical abode lives there and He lives in Multaan. He brought the sun down from the heavens and it was by the Farmaan of Peer Shamsh.

satgur kahere: chetann haaraa tame chetajo
ane e chhelo avataar
shaah moulaa aly tenu naam chhe
te betthaa paschim deeshaa mozaar re..........233

The True Guide says: The heedful be adviced and vigilant about the final(tenth) manifestation. His name is Shah Mowla Aly. He is seated in the western direction (from the Sub-continent).

satgur kahere: dasho(n)d e narne aalee-e
ane bolyaa bol-j paall
je dasho(n)d detaa kha(n)ddit karshe
to kyaa thakee paame amaaro deedaar re........234

The True Guide says: Submit the tithe to the Imaam and put into action whatever He tells you to do only(and nothing else). Whoever submits the tithe in a defective manner, how can he attain our Vision and Light?

satgur kahere: deedaar to amaaro doelo
ane raate jaago lok
nee(n)ddhraa tene shu kare
je raakhe peer shamshsu het re................235

The True Guide says: Our Vision and Light is difficult(to attain) and be awake at night(amongst the people). What can sleep do to the one who maintains love for Peer Shamsh.

satgur kahere: lok dekhtaa nehaj raakhse
ane deel maa(n)he nee(n)ddhra ne kaall
aavyo amar je olla(n)gase
te nee(n)ddhraa maa(n)he paddse neerdhaar re...236

The True Guide says: The people observe the person to have love only(outwardly) and in his heart there is sleep and dirt. When the command to cross(into the hereafter) arrives, he/she will certainly fall into sleep.

satgur kahere: aar potaano aarogee-e
ane ardho ahaar chhe saar
hak kamaai kareene hak khaai-e
bhaai tene nee(n)ddhraa na thaay lagaar re.....237

The True Guide says: Eat your own food and half of the food is pure(for sacrifice). The one who consumes the rightfully earned income, brother he never falls asleep.

satgur kahere: nee(n)ddhraa to jam nee daasee jaannee ye
ane kaayaa kasee-e aap
aap potaanaa haknee kamaai kareene khaai-e
bhaai to nee(n)ddhraa na aave paas re..........238

The True Guide says: Know sleep to be the servant of death and mortify your body(by service and worship). Consume your own rightfully earned income. Brother, then sleep will not come to you.

satgur kahere: keeree-aa dharam dasho(n)d saachee aapee-e
te deejee-e aapanne haathe imaan
tenu muaa pachhee fall paamee-e
jo haathe deejee-e dasho(n)d nu daan re.......239

The True Guide says: Submit religious rituals and rightful tithe and submit them by your own hands with faith. You will attain the fruits thereof after death, if you submit the tithe by your own hands.

satgur kahere: haathe dharam dasho(n)d deeje saachsu
satgur bole tame saacho raakho veesvaas
peer shamsh kahe tene savaa laakh ghannero aapshu
te aapshu satgur saahebjee ke paas re.........240

The True Guide says: Submit the religious tithe truly. The True Guide says keep true conviction. Peer Shamsh says we will reward the submitter one hundred twenty five thousand times more and we will reward in presence of the True Guide and the Imaam.

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