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C. Bayaane Fazheelate Adab - Good Behaviour

adab sheekhaa-o apane ahel or ayaal,
to nafaa sahee bakshaa apane baal gopaal;
adab sheekhaayaa jeene apane put or dhee-aa,
to sahee bahot nafaa le unaku(n) dee-aa..........................14

Teach your progeny and your brothers and sisters good behaviour. If you do so, you will have bestowed real benefits upon your children and society. Parents who have taught their sons and daughters good behaviour have indeed given best inheritance to their generation.

adab maradakaa so bhalaa hae jaano,
be adabke sonethee, adab bhalaa hae peechhaano;
adabse, jeene keeyaa, par deel khushhaal,
e bhalaa hae usathee, jo be adabeese deve maal...................15

Well behaved persons are always admired. It is better to associate oneself with well behaved people than with those who have a treasure of gold and who are misbehaved. Well behaved people bring happiness to the hearts of others far more than the happiness derived from the goods given by the misbehaved.

maradakaa gharennaa adab hae, jeeyu(n) oratku(n) sonaa rupaa shannagaar;
e sun kar manmaa(n)he raakho, farmaayaa saahebe zhulfikaar;
adab chalee-e adab baetthee-e, adabsethee karee-e kaar;
je koee dekhe je koee sune, so tumasethee hove khushhaal.........16

Good behaviour decorates a real person, just as jewellery of gold and silver decorates a woman. Having heard these advices, keep them in your minds, as commanded by Hazarat Aly. Proceed in a well behaved manner, while seated be well behaved, and be well behaved in all walks of life, so that anyone who sees you or hears about you becomes happy.

sonaa ddhu(n)ddhannase hae e bhalaa, jo aap kaaje ddhu(n)ddhe adab,
ke sonaa to duneeyaa maa(n)he rahesee, adab meelaa-esee apanaa rab;
adab ye jo aapaku(n) ba(n)daa jaane, seerjanhaarkaa hardam japee-e jaap;
esee chalannee jo koee chalyaa, une paayaa seerjanhaar aap.......17

It is better to seek good behaviour for your sake, than to seek gold. Gold will remain in this world, whereas through good behaviour you will attain your Lord. The meaning of good behaviour is to consider oneself as a humble creature and to remember the word of the Creator every moment. If one proceeds in such a manner, he or she indeed attains the Creator Himself.

adab maratabaa bahot baddaa hae, jaysaa adab taysaa naseeb,
be adabku(n) koee nahi chaahaave, baa adab rahe sabake kareeb;
khalakatme(n) aap khaalak hae, aysaa samaj karee-e adab,
be adab nahee rabaku(n) paave, baa-adabne peechhaanaa rab........18

The status of good behaviour is very exalted, your luck depends upon the state of your good behaviour. Nobody likes a person with bad behaviour, but a well behaved person is close to everyone. In the creation you are the creator(of your circumstances), having this understanding, perform good behaviour. A misbehaved person does not attain the Lord, whereas a well behaved person has recognised the Lord.

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