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Saaheb Ji Tu(n) More Man Bhaave - Translation B


Sayyed Muhammadshah
O my Lord dear art Thou to me.
None else doth come to my mind.
Anybody else is not dear to me. ...1

Refrain: O my Lord dear art Thou to me.
Demand what I, Thou grantst it.
Thus thou fondlest me. ...2

I wandered long through all the four 'Joogs'
(and realized that) there is none that equals Thee. ...3

Come my friends,
let us go in quest of the Fiance (The Lord).
O found have I that very Lord. (Lover) ...4

Without whom every moment passeth so unbearable,
that very Lord is coming to my house. ...5

Who so hath such a Lord,
how can he be called a miserable? ...6

How blame can we the Merciful?
One receiveth what is written in one's fate. ...7

Both Ram and Raheman are (one and) the same.
O saint! An imbecile comprehendeth not the secrets. ...8

Sayyed Muhammadshah said:
(O Shah) I am under Thy protection.
Foresaking Thee to which door can I go? ...9

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