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Saaheb Ji Tu(n) More Man Bhaave - Translation D




Sayyed Muhammadshah

O my Lord! You are the one I adore

None else comes into my mind except You

None else is dearer to me, O Lord

You are the one I adore ...1

Whatever I ask is granted by You

You do "spoil" me O Lord ...2

I've passed through the four ages searching

But no one can be compared with you ...3

Come, O friends! Let us go in quest

(spiritually) of the Lord,

The Lord whom I have met ...4

The Lord, whose absence even for a second

makes my life most miserable,

(With His blessing) visits my heart

(and adds to my happiness) ...5

Those who have found such a Lord

How can they call themselves unhappy? ...6

Do not blame the merciful Lord for your misfortunes

For we are rewarded according to our deeds ...7

Ram and Raheman are one and the same

It is the ignorant who does not understand this ...8

Sayyed Muhammadshah says: O Lord! I submit myself

For where can I get such loving protection

(except from You) ...9

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