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Saamee Maaraajee Unneeyaa Bee Unneeyaa Ame - Translation B



saamee maaraajee unneeyaa bee unneeyaa ame keeryaa naa heennaa(n)
to amane chhe aash tamaareeyaa(n)..............1

O my Lord, we are incomplete and very lowly and are imperfect in our ritual duties. We therefore have our hopes and reliance upon you.

saamee maaraajee jugaare jug tero thaan thane tar
ham deel saamee raajaa tu(n)hee vase...........2

O my Lord, since many periods of time, You have manifested in this worldly abode. In my heart, You the Lord and the Master are (always) residing.

saamee maaraajee trann jugmaa(n) saamee tame var daataa
aaj chothaa kaljugmaa(n) saamee raajaa bhale

O my Lord, for the past three ages You have been the Provider and the Protector. Today in the fourth age which is the present, I hail the manifestation of the Lord and the Master.

saamee maaraajee hareeyaa so hareeyaa ne sukaabee hareeyaa
jo hove najar tamaareeyaa(n) jee...............4

O my Lord, the fresh and green ones will remain fresh and green and the dry and withered ones will also become fresh if they are encompassed by Your merciful sight.

saamee maaraajee meetthaa so meetthaa ane kaddavaa bhee meetthaa
to aa gur ke vachane fal meetthaddaa jee.......5

O my Lord, the sweet ones will remain sweet and the sour ones will become sweet. Through the (obedience to the) commands of this Guide all the fruits(of our actions) will become sweet.

saamee maaraajee bhareeyaa sarovar bharpur bhareeyaa
vannare vachane kem peejeeye...................6

O my Lord, the ocean of existence(creation) is full and indeed full of water (of mercy and bounties). Yet how can one drink the water (partake of them) without Your command(without your command these graces are unaccessible).

saamee maaraajee tame bhareeyaa so ame seer upar dharee-aa
tame farmaayaa ame sohee keeyaa jee............7

O my Lord, You have filled it with(Your mercies and bounties) and we have adopted(reflected, contemplated upon) them in our minds. You have made the farmaans and we have followed them.

bhaai maaraajee maannak laine tame maannak vannajo
evaa vannaj bhaleraa saachaa shaahjeesu(n) keejee.8

O my brothers, take your precious pearls(valuables) to him and trade in pearls(spiritually uplifting benefits i.e., knowledge and wisdom). Conduct such an exalted trade in the presence of the True Lord(Imaam in Jamaatkhaanaa).

bhaai maaraajee pahelaa kartaa jugamaa(n) meddo paa(n)ch karoddeeyaa
te(n)jo mukhee raajaa pahelaaj sahee huaajee....9

O my brothers, in the first era of Kartaa there was a gathering of five crores(liberated souls). The Mukhi of them was King Pahelaaj in truth.

bhaai maaraajee hek mane hek chee(n)te saahebjeene seereveeyaa
narsha(n)gane japeeyaa
tenne gupat pa(n)th aaraadhyaa jee.............10

O my brothers, by one heart(mind) and one consciousness, they worshipped the Lord(Imaam) and remembered the name of the Lord(Sree narsha(n)g). They adored and worshipped the Path in a silent manner.

bhaai maaraajee beejaa tretaa jugamaa(n) meddo saat karoddeeyaa
te(n)jo mukhee raajaa hareeshchanddhr sahee huaajee.11

O my brothers, in the second era of Tretaa, there was a gathering of seven crores(liberated souls). The Mukhee of them was King Hareeshchanddhr in truth.

bhaai maaraajee haal see(n)haasann maal dhan
to aa naam saahebjeeke deejee-e jee............12

O my

brothers, they performed their repentances and duties towards (the one seated on the) throne and submitted to Him their wealth and properties. In the same manner give every thing in the name of the Lord(Imaam).

bhaai maaraajee raaj paatt gaddh meddeeyaa bee deedheeyaa
to aa deeyaa naam saaheb tanne jee.............13

O my brothers, he (the king) abandoned the throne and the palace and gave them away. This he gave in the name of the Lord(Imaam).

bhaai maaraajee kahe raajaa hareeshchanddhra saa(m)bhallo satee raannee lochanaa
aapanne kesee te karannee kamaaveeye jee.......14

O my brothers, King Hareeshchanddhr tells the saintly Queen Taaraaraani: "How can I earn rewarding deeds".

bhaai maaraajee kahe taaraa raannee raajaa sunnjo shabad
aapanne aap vechaaiye to hazarat aagall kabul

O my brothers, Taaraa raani replies: "Oh king listen to the words(I have to tell you)". "If you sell yourself then you will be accepted in front of the respected person(Imaam)".

bhaai maaraajee hareeshchanddhr taaraa satee lochanaa,
raaku(n)var rohidaas; e tranne vechaannaa kaaranne jeev ne jee.......16

O my brothers, the king Hareeshchanddhr, the saintly queen(adopted by Lochanaa) and prince Rohidas; all the three of them were sold for the sake of the soul.

bhaai maaraajee treejaa duaapur jugmaa(n) meddo nav karoddeeyaa
te(n)jo mukhee raajaa jujeshtthann sahee huaajee.17

O my brothers, in the third era, there was a gathering of nine crores(of liberated) ones. Their Mukhee was King Jujeshthan.

bhaai maaraajee sat sa(n)tokhe ruddaa reekheesar dhyaayaa
tenne hemaale haadd gallaa-eyaajee.............18

O my brothers, this good believer worshipped in a truthful and contented manner. He buried his bones in the Himalayas.

bhaai maaraajee chothaa kaljugmaa(n) meddo baar karoddeeyaa
te(n)jo mukhee peer sadardeen ne saahebe bhale
thaapyaa jee...................................19

O my brothers, in the fourth and present era there was a gathering of the twelve crores of(the liberated) ones. Their Mukhee Peer Sadardeen, was deservedly appointed by the (Lord)Imaam.

bhaai maaraajee haal vaayke aapnnaa saaheb ne sareveeyaa, peer
shaah ne japeeyaa
tenne dasho(n)d saahebjee ne aaleeyaa jee......20

O my brothers, they worshipped the Imaam according to the current Farmaans, and remembered(recited) the name(word) of Peer Shaah. They submitted the tithe to the Imaam(Lord).

bhaai maaraajee aaj falltaar vellaamaa(n) meddo ana(n)t
karoddeeyaa te(n)jo mukhee gur hasan kabeerdeen
saahebe bhale thaapeeyaa........................21

O my brothers, today in the eve(turning point)of the present era there will be a gathering of countless crores of (liberated) ones. Their Mukhee, the Guide Peer Hassan Kabeerdeen has been deservedly appointed by the Lord(Imaam).

bhaai maaraajee nave avtaare shaah nav daannav chhedeeyaa
aaj dashme(n) kaalee(n)go chhedann bhale
avtaareeyaa jee................................22

O my brothers, through the nine manifestations the Lord slayed nine demons. Today, I hail the manifestation of the Lord(as the tenth),to slay the tenth demon.

bhaai maaraajee eso geenaan peer bhannaave sadardeen baar gurkee vaachaa
to aa dashme shaah alakh lakhaayaa jee.........23

O my brothers, this 'geenaan'(Divine knowledge and wisdom) is taught by Peer Sadardeen. He gives the promise(assurance) as the Guide of the twelve (crores of the liberated ones), that the unknowable and the undescribable Lord has been manifest as the tenth one(Imaam of the time).

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