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Sakhee Mahaapad Kerre Vaat - Translation A



sakhee mahaapad keree vaat, koik jaannere
jene satgur meeleeyaa saar, sohee peechhaannere...................1

O beloved ones (or friends), only very few people know about
the mysteries of the Exalted State (or High Level, or 'Maarifati State').
Only those who have attained the recognition of the True Guide
(in His essence) have in truth known about it.

sakhee naabh kamall ghatt maa(n)he ke soha(n)g ootthere
tee-aa(n) jaap jape chhe ha(n)s ke taar na tutte re...............2

O beloved ones (or friends), (In this state) breath ('soha(n)g')
arises from the lotus like navel and the soul(ha(n)s) recites
the 'Word'(Isme - azam or the name of the Lord), without
breaking the string('taar'), i.e. without breaking the rhythm.

sakhee i(n)galaa pi(n)galaa saar ke sukhmannaa naaddee re
tee-aa(n) cha(n)ddhr suraj malee be ke manchhaa(man-ichhaa)
maaree re................................................................3

O beloved ones, (In this state), Inglaa, Pinglaa and Sukhmana
nerves or force channels get so activated that you feel that the
'sun' (universal mind, divine intellect, supra consciousness) and
the 'moon' (human mind, ego) have become one or joined together
and all the mental desires are destroyed or have disappeared.
[This experience signifies the end of the lower life and the
beginning of a higher one].

sakhee travennee ghatt maa(n)he ke akha(n)dd jyotire
tee-aa(n) zagmag zagmag thaay ke varase moteere...................4

O beloved ones, (In this state), when the mind is activated by
(the three nerves) 'travennee', it experiences the 'Eternal Light'
(non perishable or non extinguishable light - 'akha(n)dd' jyot).
It dazzles like the shower of pearls.

sakhee va(n)kh naadd mukaam ke saachore kahee-e re
tee-aa(n) neerat surat malee be ke paracho laiye re...............5

va(n)kh naadd mukaam - curved home of nerves or force channels
paracho - marvel, miracle
surat - consciousness, thought
neerat - love

O beloved ones, consider the 'nerve curvature', the place between
the two eyes as the true place. It is there that the two eyes should
meet and remain steady or where the consciousness and love
should be focussed and where the miracles and wonders are experienced.

sakhee ettalaa sarve nishaan melyaa neechore
bhaai tethee u(n)chaare desh ke chaddavaa unchaare................6

All the experiences above are to be discarded and not to be given
too much significance as the real destiny of the soul is even higher.
[All the mystical experiences that are elluded to in these verses are
only tentative, as an indication of the extra sensory experience.
However these may not occur in all cases as the final destiny is
even higher and therefore these may confuse some aspirants about
the final experience. People have managed to get the higher and
ultimate experience without these experiences.]

sakhee paa(n)ch kosh par dhaam ke nishaan dhaaree re
tee-aa(n) dharee surat nu(n) dhyaan swaaso maaree re..............7

O beloved one, your final abode is enveloped by five sheaths
(kosh) between your body and the ultimate. It is there that you
should focus your concentration and breath.

[The five sheaths that screen the ultimate reality from the normal experience are:

1) ana(n)damaya kosha - the heart, chitta, the spiritualised atom, in which
ahamkara (the idea of separate existence of self) appears.
It is composed of the four ideas 'om' (the Word), 'kala' (Time),
'desaa' (Space) and 'anu' (the Atom) and it feels and enjoys
and thus is the seat of bliss, 'ana(n)d'.

2) jnaanaamaya koshaa - budhi, the seat of knowledge,
'jnaanaa'. It is of electro - magnetic influences, the manifestation
of the higher mind (the budhi), which determines what is the truth.

3) manomaya koshaa - the third is the body of manas,
the lower mind, composed of the organs of senses.

4) pranaa maya koshaa - the fourth is the body of energy,
life force or praanaa, composed of organs of action.

5) annamaya koshaa - the fifth and last of these is gross matter,
the Atom's outer coating, which becoming Anna, nourishment,
supports this visible world.

sakhee saghallaa rome rom ke laagyaa japvaare
tyaare saghallaa ghattnaa chor ke laagyaa chhupvaare..............8

O beloved one, (In this state), every pore in your body will vibrate
with the 'Word' (jaap) and all the robbers of the mind
(evil thoughts and desires) will start disappearing.

sakhee tee-aa(n) pee(n)dd tannee khabar ke saghallee visaree re
jyaare suratee chaddee bhrahama(n)dd ke futtee nisaree re.........9

O beloved one, (in this state), all the discomforts of the body get
forgotten when the mind breaks through the ordinary consciousness
and reaches the state of "Brahma" (Supra-consciousness or Hakikati State).

sakhee arasparas naa kott joyaa neesaree re
evaa sapt dip nav khand ke joyaa parakhee re.....................10

O beloved ones, (In this state), I have observed having gone to that state,
marble forts and palaces. I have also seen and verified for myself,
the seven islands and the nine continents (the entire world) in the experience.

sakhee ved kitaab maa(n)he ke e gam naahee re
tee-aa(n) nahee divas nahee raat ke dhup na chhaa(n)i re.........11

O beloved ones, the description or the experience is not given in the vedas
(scriptures) or in any books because in this state there is neither day nor
night nor sun nor shade. (In other words this experience is
beyond intellect and hence undescribable.)

sakhee kahevaa sareekho nathee ke maaro saamee jee re
eto jovaa sareekho chhe alakh anaamee re.........................12

O beloved ones, my Lord (attained through this experience) does
not bear any telling (as He is undescribable) and He is nameless.
He can only be seen or experienced.

sakhee alakh anaamee saaheb laagyaa mitthaa re
bhanne peer sadardeen shaah, me najare deetthaa re...............13

O beloved ones, this nameless and indescriptible Lord was felt to
be very sweet to me. Peer Sadardeen teaches this ginaan and says:
"I have seen the Lord with my own eyes".

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