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Sakhee Mahaaree Aatamanaa Odhaar - Translation A



sakhee maaree aatam naa odhaar ke algaa ma jaajore
evo sarup mindariyo saar tiyaa(n) tame biraajo re.................1

O my Friend! O Saviour of my soul! Do not be separated from me. Such a beautiful heart, is a perfect place for You to come and sit.

sakhee sej anupam saar palang par vaaree re
hu(n) to preme piyaajee ke paas dukhddaa visaaree re..............2

O my Friend! I have spread a unique soft bed which serves as a perfect coach. Due to the nearness of my beloved in love, I have forgotten all my griefs.

sakhee hi(n)che hinnddollaa khaatt ke saas usaase re
maaraa a(n)gaddaa maa utthee chhe laher piyaajee ke paase re......3

O my Friend! My breath is swaying like a swing. Ripples of love gush within my body when I am near my Beloved.

sakhee vaalam vireh nee vaat kenee aagal kahiye re
koi sant meele re sudheer to samjeene rahiye re...................4

O my friend! To whom can I go to speak about the pangs of separation from my Beloved? Only if I could find a wise saint who could understand(this predicament).

sakhee khaalaq khalaqannhaar tene lai taaryaa re
peer sadardeen pakaddi baa(n)hy bhavsaagar utaaryaa re............5

O my Friend! The Creator who has created everything has saved all those whom Peer Sadardeen has helped to cross over the ocean of material existence.

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