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Sakhee Mahaaree Aatamanaa Odhaar - Translation D


Pir Sadardeen

O Redeemer of my soul! Thou dost not go away from me. Thou be sitteth in my house i.e. the heart which is pure (from temporal temptation). ...1

O my Lord! (for Thee) an incomparable couch and a carpet are spread. I have forgotten my woes having been plunged into the love for my Lord. ...2

My respiratory system (during meditation) is oscillating like a swing. Ripples of love flow through my body as if my Lord is nearer to me. ...3

To whom may I desire the fact of separation from Dearest i.e. the Lord. (The fact of separation) could be understood in meeting with any saint. ...4

(Almighty Allah is) Creator who creates and He has redeemed. Pir Sadardeen has grasped hand to deliver ashore from the ocean of incessant incarnations. ...5

Heritage Society Collection

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