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Satgur Meeleeyaa Mune Aaj - Translation B



Imam Begum

I am delighted because I met today with the True Guide of Truth. ...1

Because of the meeting with the True Guide all my worries have disappeared. He completed everything which was needed by humble self. I am delighted. ...2

My heart was contained when I saw his view. I have received a kingdom of higher spiritual goal. I am delighted. ...3

My brother! The highest spiritual goal is a unique position, no one can estimate the value of that cause. I am delighted. ...4

One who had the knowledge of that 'highest spiritual goal' could enjoy the beauty of the whole world: our Lord could be seen in every heart by him. I am delighted. ...5

Listen to me, O my brother! Imam Begum says that our Imam and our Prophet are the crown of our head. They are most valuable to us. I am delighted. ...6

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