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Satgur Sirevo Tame Madh Raate Jaago - Translation B

Pir Sadardeen
O momins! Awake and gather together after midnight,
And remember our Lord. ...1

O momins! Our Holy and Gracious Lord
is everpresent in Jamat Khana. ...2

O momins! The angel of death is ever moving around you,
Therefore meditate (remember your Lord)
at least one hour after midnight. ...3

O momins! One day death is sure to come,
So why waste your life in vain? ...4

O momins! These are very difficult times,
Therefore, be alert. ...5

Says Pir Sadardeen, the Great Pir from the Imam (Islam Shah)
O momins! Pay attention to my advice. ...6

Heritage Society Collection

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