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Shaam Sadaajee Saacho Shaam E Sadaajee Emu - Translation B



Pir Sadardeen

The Lord forever, true, the Lord forever, forever, my Lord,

In all nine continents, in all three worlds, the Lord

forever. ...1

O my brother, He dwells within the body, that Lord of ours, that Lord of ours, my Lord.

Where do you look (for Him) outside? O my Lord. ...2

O my brother, those who are full of such faith are true,

O my Lord.

They have searched within the body, the ocean (the abode of jewels), O my Lord.

Note: The body is compared to the ocean. As by searching into

the depths of the waters of the ocean, we find precious gems and

jewels, so by searching within the body through prayers, we find

God - the most precious reward. ...3

O my brother, politeness and tolerance will give the shine of honour to him, O my Lord.

As within whose body the holy presence is felt. ...4

Without earnings, O my brothers, you will not attain salvation,

will not attain, O my Lord.

Ahead, the spiritual earning is weighed in scales. ...5

(It is like) to walk on the path as thin as hair, my Lord:

Just as it is difficult to walk on the very sharp edge of a sword, to be sure. ...6

There will come across, (on this difficult path of faith),

Pir Sadardeen himself, to take us across, O my Lord.

O my friend, the true tithers (dasondhi) will be able to get across. ...7

Says Pir Sadardeen, "O the Jamat of believers, O brave brothers,

you listen to me." O my Lord.

"Always night and day do the service of Hazir Imam." ...8

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