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Tamku(n) Sadhaare Soh Din Bahotaj Huvaare - Translation



ejee tamku(n) sadhaare sohdeen, bahot-j huaare pee-aa
me(n) dekhu(n) tumaaree vaatt re
maher baan mere, saheb mere, dayaava(n)d mere,
yaa shaah tuj vinaa so din jaavegaa kaisaa peeyujee..........1

Many days have gone by since the time of the departure (separation)
between me and You (Lord). I am now eagarly waiting You. Oh my Most
Merciful, Oh my Master, Oh my Compassionate one. Oh Lord how can my
days pass without Your presence.

ejee vaachaa dai shaah more gaam sadhaaryaa re pee-aa
sodidhee vaachaa preete paallo re - maher baan mere..........2

Having given to me a promise, the Lord (Master) left the town.
Honour the promise given to me in a loving manner.

ejee esaa me(n) jaanntee to chalanne na detee pee-aa
me(n) chalatee tumhaare saath re - maher baan mere...........3

If I knew that this situation would arise, I would not have let you go.
I would have come along with You.

ejee jeeskaare maai na baap, gaam seedhaaryaa re peeyaa
uskaa farja(n)d keeu(n)kar rahevere - maher baan mere.......4

When the father and mother have left the town O Beloved;
how can the son remain behind?

ejee usakaare farja(n)d iyu(n) pukaare re pee-aa
jeeu(n) thaan vichhuttaa vaachharu - maher baan mere.........5

The son is hereby pleading O Beloved. In the manner of the calf
being separated from the breast of the cow.

ejee jal vichhuttee jem machhaladdee re peeyaa
so jeeve(n)gee kettaleek vaar re - maher baan mere...........6

When a fish is separated from water O Beloved,
how long will it survive without it.

ejee paaneekee bharama(n)ddhann, fulukee chhaa(n)yaa re peeyaa
sovarannaa varann pee(n)ddh neepaayaa re - maher baan mere...7

Around the pond (well, river, ocean,sea) of water, there is always a shade of
(different kinds of) flowers. In the same manner many many kinds of bodies
have been created (around one soul).

ejee haidde ke bhitar, agan jalatee re peeyaa
soswaamee tu(n)hee bujaavann haar re - maher baan mere.......8

In the interior of my heart, fire (of love) is enraging O Beloved.
It is only You the Lord who can extinguish it (through the water of Your mercy).

ejee dukh ne sukh doi hazarat leekhee yaare peeyaa
so dosh keeseeku(n) na deejere - maher baan mere.............9

Calamities and peace are both preordained by the Imaam O Beloved.
So do not blame anyone for your misfortunes.

ejee charann bhettaaddo yaa shaah, najar meddaavore peeyaa
haiddaa maa(n)he maher-j aannore - maher baan mere..........10

Create the conditions for me to bow at your feet Oh Lord, and for my
eyes to meet Your sweet eyes(eyes to eyes), O Beloved. In my heart
bestow only Your mercy.

ejee eso geenaan peer bhannaave sadardeen
saameeraajo ja(m)pudeepmaa(n) aave(n)go nirvaann re
- maher baan mere...........................................11

This 'geenaan' is taught by Peer Sadardeen. The Lord
(Hazaar Imaam) will certainly come to the Indian Subcontinent (our hearts).

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