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Ttaddhu(n) Ttaddhu Mitthaddu Boliye - Translation



eji ttaddhu ttaddhu mitthaddu boliye
gur gat gangaa ne bhaave
sarve saacheru thai ne chaaliye
to saheb dil bhaave
jene ride saacho shaah vase
taa(n)ku ann na bhaave
jene ride aapno gur vase
taa(n)ku nindra na aave
nindra tajo virabhai
ginaan vichaaro moraa

O momin Speak in a cool and sweet manner
this is liked by the jamaat(and therefore the Imaam)
Be honest in everything
then your heart will love the Lord OR the Lord's heart
will encompass you

In whose heart the true Lord(Haazar Imaam) resides,
does not feel like eating(i.e. does not run after
worldly pleasures)
In whose heart resides his own Guide, does not sleep in
ignorance(he is always alert and conscious of the Lord)
Abondon the sleep of ignorance and reflect upon the
ginaans(Divine knowledge and wisdom)

eji daadaa ma dejore lok ne
tethi rahish ku(n)vaari
dio to dejo sachaa saadhane
je utaare pahele paar
jene ride..............2

O momin Do not pay attention to others
which will lead you to the state of being
unwed(separate from the NOOR of the Imaam)
Pay attention to only the wise saints
who will assist you in crossing over the limits of
material existence

eji saa(n)khddi sheri maa(n)he mune gur maliyaa
maare loksu(n) vevaar
kaa(n)taa ne mise gurne namu
haathe karu re parnaam
jene ride.............3

O momin In a very narrow street, I met my Guide
but I still have to maintain a relationship with the
rest of the people
With the pretext of removing a thorn from my foot, I
bow in reverance to my Guide(so that nobody recognises the act)
and with my hands I beg for forgiveness

eji van van agar na neepaje
jal jal kamal na hoy
peer sadardeen boliyaa
gur kaa bhaankhyaa so jutthaa na hoy
jene ride............4

O momin Not in every forest can one find sandlewood
and not in every pond can one find lillies(lotus plants)
Peer Sadardeen says: the Guides predictions are never

[This is alluding to the fact that the real Guide is very rare
and is not to be found everywhere and therefore one must take
maximum advantage of his contact with the Imaam. One must not
consider it lightly if he/she is chosen by the Imaam as His

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