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Utth Jaag Man Meraa tu(n) Kaayku(n) Sotaa - Translation B



Imam Begum

Wake up O my mind, why are you asleep
(surrounded by the world and cut off from religious truth)
This human form is a precious gem, why do you lose it (waste it)
Wake up...1

O you find this body and its traps (the material world)
very beautiful and fall in love with it
Why do you take pride in your material affairs,
Wake up...2

Thirty-five and twenty-five, sixteen and eight
you have come and gone eighty-four times
Have you not yet learned (of your purpose of life on this earth?)
Wake up...3

You have come and gone so many times
and having taken human form
Your Lord knows of all (your doings)
Wake up...4

O what do I tell you O my mind, are you not ashamed,
Diamonds, jewels and pearls (the best value of life)
You are wasting out of your ignorance,
Wake up...5

Remember your Lord every breath and be steadfast on truth
Your body, mind, concentration on Isme-Azam (bol) must be unitedly centered
on one point (in concentration, bandagi)
Wake up...6

When your breath starts from the naval (diaphragm)
It travels up the curved path (to the passage of the nostrils)
At the meeting of the ingla, pingla and sushumna passages
(which is said to be in the forehead at the base of the brain),
there is the tenth heaven (this point is said to be
the tenth heaven)
the concentration becomes stable,
Wake up...7

Twenty-one thousand and six hundred breaths
you loose in a day
What have you earned (at the expense of all these breaths?)
Wake up...8

So says Imam Begum listen
For the sake of the true teacher give up your vanity,
Wake up...9

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