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Aga Khan visits Mali - AGA KHAN VISTS MALI - 2003-10-12

Sunday, 2003, October 12
Practical ways in which a shared social ethic can revive hope and create peace

On 12th of October 2003, H.H. The Aga Khan visited Mali. The highlight of the trip was His visit to the Djingarey Ber Mosque in Timbuktu and the Ahmed Baba Centre known for its collection of 20,000 Arabic manuscripts. H.H. made some remarks in French to the television crew during this visit. Here is the transcription and its English translation.
Transcription:C'est un privilège immense de pouvoir visiter ces sites historiques, de voir ces collections de documents d'une très très grande importance pour mieux comprendre notre passé dans l'Ummah mais pour en retirer des leçons également pour l'avenir. Et j'espère que le rayonnement de Tombouctou qui a été extraordinaire, il y a des centaines d'années, pourra rentrer de nouveau dans l'avenir du Ummah. Il faut bien dire que nous avons besoin de chercher l'inspiration de notre passé pour pouvoir bien planifier notre avenir.

Translation:It is an immense privilege to visit these historical sites, to see these collections of documents which are of a great importance in order to better understand our past in the Ummah, but also to draw lessons for the future. And I hope that the enlightenment of Timbuktu, which was extraordinary centuries ago, will be able to re-emerge in the future of the Ummah. One should recognize that we need to search our inspiration from the past in order to better plan for our future.

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