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The Prince Agha Khan Visits Salamyea-2001-11-10

Saturday, 2001, November 10

The Spiritual Leader of the world's Ismaili Muslims, Prince Kareem Agha Khan and Premier Mohammad Mostafa Miro signed here Saturday an agreement of cooperation for development between Syrian government and the Agha Khan network for development.

The agreement included cooperation in fields of teaching, health, education, planning, building, tourism, trade, industry and countryside development.

Earlier in the day, the Prince Kareem Agha Khan and the accompanying delegation visited Salamyea.

The Prince and the accompanying delegation paid tribute to the tomb of his late father, Prince Ali Khan and laid a wreath of flowers and recited holy verses from the Qoran to his soul.

Later on, the Prince made a speech in front of tens of the people where he voiced his happiness to this visit noting to his old origins in this historical city.

He voiced his thanks to Syria's people, government and President Bashar Assad for the good reception of him.

The Prince noted that the Islamic religion calls for tolerance, fraternity and coexistence among peoples of the world.

He underlined that Islam is the region of the spiritual and high values.

He highly lauded the national coexistence in Syria which is, through her long history an example of an active and fruitful interaction among peoples, races, different religions and cultures.

He appreciated the national unity in Syria under the leadership of President Bashar Assad.

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