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O Mowla Mushkil Kusha Mowla Ali A Little we beg on this Narvoz Mubarak


O, Mowla! Mushkil Kusha Mowla Ali.
O, Mowla! Mushkil Kusha Mowla Ali.
A Little we beg on this Narvoz Mubarak! 2000.
Shower us with rains of 'khana'abadaan',
Release upon us Thy mercy
Through Thy abundant blessings, 'khana'abadaan'
So that our souls may grow strong with loyalty.

Show kindness to Thy slaves, we, Thy servants,
Revive our consciousness, make us strong in pledge,
So, iman can flow strong, quick, soon,
Through which, vanish our fear soon.

Make our Path smooth, bright and lighted with Light,
Make our iman grow each day and night.
Thy constant 'khana'abadaan, wilt give us
Strength to our strength.

Give us faithfulness, plenty in its flow,
Give us sincerity, heavy, quickly, soon.
Provide plentiful 'barakar',
With lightening flashes of 'khana'abadaan'.

Make no clouds, shadow our iman,
Perfect for us, our insight and far-sight,
Bring down the wall of separation with Thee,
And downpour blessings, 'khana'abadaan'.
And please grant us with 'zaheri-baatuni-Noorani 'didar'

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