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Tajikistan receives equipment to monitor Lake Sarez flood threat

Wednesday, 2004, August 4

The Swiss Fela company has recently delivered satellite equipment for a monitoring system and for early warnings at Lake Sarez [over 3,000 m up in the Pamirs in eastern Tajikistan] to Tajikistan, Rustam Bobojonov, coordinator of a World Bank project on reducing the risk of Lake Sarez overflow, told Avesta on 4 August.He said the total cost of the equipment is 1.5m dollars. The equipment includes a system of sensors of satellite navigation, seismic activity, water pressure, power and wind speed, the rate of precipitation, movement of rocks, etc, that show any environmental changes around Lake Sarez, the Usoy barrage and in the valley along the River Bartang. Bobojonov said that the installation of the equipment would start soon in the village of Ent in the Bartang valley [Bartang valley runs across the western Pamirs]. Representatives of the manufacturer will install it. They will also instruct local experts in working with the equipment for two years.
According to Bobojonov, the total cost of the World Bank project on reducing the risk of Sarez Lake overflow is 4.22m dollars. Of this sum, 2.9m dollars is a grant from the Swiss government; 1m dollars is from the Aga Khan Foundation, USAID and the Focus programme; 490,000 dollars is a World Bank credit; 170,000 dollars is from the Tajik state budget.

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