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ALEPPO, Syria- Prince Kareem Agha Khan Visit - THE AGA KHAN'S HISTORIC SYRIA VISIT - 2001-11-07

Monday, 2001, November 5
M.Abdo / G.A.Hassoun

The Spiritual Leader of the world's Ismaili Muslims, Prince Kareem Agha Khan visited today the archaeological Aleppo castle and Qensrin archaeological door.
The Prince toured in the castle and listened to an elaborated explanation about history of the castle, the historical events which the castle passed through and restoration of the castle.

In a statement to SANA correspondent, the Prince asserted that selection of Aleppo for distributing the price of Agha Khan for the Islamic building is for its distinguished historical position.

The Prince noted to the standing talks between Agha Khan foundation and the Syrian government for increasing developmental economic and social projects in Syria, particularly in Aleppo.

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