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Translation of BAAVAN BODH - Fifty two advices - Preamble to So Kiriya


Preamble to the So Kriyaa.

1. satgur tannee shikhaamann saachee,

2. saa(m)bhalo rikheesaro mallee man raachee.

1. The precepts(teachings) of the True Guide are true.

2. Listen o believers, earn(gain) them and thereby make your heart joyful and happy.

3. din ooge karo dharamshu(n) dha(n)dhaa,

4. saa(n)j padde thaee raho saahebjee naa ba(n)daa.

3. When the day arises perform your worldly activities according to the principles of religion.

4. In the evenings remain the creatures of the Lord(in devotion).

5. koe kenee ma karasho ni(n)daa,

6. gatmaa(n)he aaveene karo hayjee(n)daa.

5. Abstain from speaking ill of anyone.

6. Come to JamatKhana and perform the ritual of "Haizindaa" (proclamation of the ever presence of the Lord in JamatKhana).

7. satgur vachane chit raakho cha(n)daa,

8. rikheesar keree veeraa e chhe sa(n)jaa.

7. Keep your consciousness shining like the moon through the command of the True Guide.

8. This is the command for the devotees.

9. sa(n)jaa baa(n)dho munivar bhaaee,

10. milee karo gatmaa(n)he dharam oopaaee

9. Be bound to the command o believer brothers.

10. Gather together and establish religious ceremonies in JamatKhana.

11. man maaro to mamataa muee,

12. dharamsaraae aavee na rahee-e suee.

11. Slay(or control) your minds thereby bring the attachment to the world under control.

12. Do not remain asleep having come to the place of worship.

13. dharamsaraa-e aavee kenee vaat na karee-e,

14. aahaar ghannero karee pett na bharee-e.

13. Having come to the place of worship do not talk(ill) about anyone.

14. Do not eat excessively and fill up your stomachs.

15. jo pett bharasho to bhaare thaasho,

16. aavashe niddhraa ne bahu pastaasho.

15. If you fill up your stomachs you will feel heavy.

16. You will be overcome by sleep and regret a great deal.

17. harave pette veeraa ho(n)sh-j thaashe,

18. jaagataa japee-e to satgur paase.

17. Through moderation in eating, desire of the heart only will prevail.

18. If you remember the Lord while fully awake, you will be in the presence of the True Guide.

19. vaddaa naanaanee adabe rahee-e,

20. vaddaa tannaa be avagunn sahee-e.

19. Remain respectful to those who are older and younger to you.

20. Be tolerant towards the shortcomings of those older to you.

21. daaddo vaddo tene varas vaddo karee jaanno,

22. bolaavo bhaare moddhe paramaanno.

21. Regard those who are even a day older than you to be a year older.

22. Call them with respect.

23. aapann thakee je naanero bhaaee,

24. tene kahee bolaavo mottero raaee.

23. Those who are younger to you, o brother,

24. call them as if they were older to you.

25. meetthe vachane bolaavo veeraa,

26. to tamaaraa mukh maa(n)he zallake heeraa.

25. Call people with sweet speech, o dear ones,

26. then your from your mouth diamonds will shine.

27. satgur mallayaa naa e chhe bhed,

28. rikheesar keno ma karasho khed.

27. Such are the mysteries of attaining the True Guide,

28. that a devotee is never disheartened by anything.

29. aallas niddhraa na karee-e jaannee,

30. jutth tajo ved vachan paramaannee.

29. Do not be lazy and sleepy knowingly.

30. Shun falsehood according to the teachings of the scriptures.

31. saa(m)bhalle ruddo ne ochare bhu(n)ddo.

32. te tame jaanno nishche thaaeshe bhu(n)ddo.

31. The one who hears good and speaks evil,

32. will become evil for certain.

33. kaam karodh veeraa naakho kaaddhee,

34. ameeras peevo nishaanee laavo daaddee.

33. Lust and anger; o dear ones, keep aloof from them.

34. Drink the water of life(Ginaans) or Abe-safaa daily thereby keep the sign (of the light upon your faces).

35. gher thakee dharam duvaare aavo,

36. oopaje laabh nishaanee laavo.

35. Come from your homes to the place of worship.

36. Bring the signs of the benefits derived thereby.

37. sa(m)pat hoy tevu(n) laavo,

38. mukhee saathe na karee-e daavo.

37. Make offerings according to your means.

38. Never argue with the Mukhee.

39. daavo kare tene duniyaa shu(n) aave,

40. aavashe daariddhr ne deen na paave.

39. Those who argue will be overcome by the world.

40. (Spiritual) Poverty will befall upon them and they will not attain the religion.

41. adharmee te je oonneeaachaaree,

42. jaann ajaann ne dekh pichhaannee.

41. An irreligious person is the one who is impure in his actions.

42. He talks about matter known or unknown to him.

43. sutak bhariyaa je nar raheshe,

44. oopaje haann ne bahu dukh saheshe.

43. Those who are filled with ceremonial uncleanliness(sutak),

44. will inflict harm upon themselves and will have to suffer a great deal.

45. dharamee dhi(n)gaannaa nee vaat na jaanne,

46. adharamee man maa(n)he ochhu(n) aanne.

45. A religious person does not know the language of quarrel.

46. Only an irreligious person feels dissatisfied in his heart.

47. dhyaan dharee haathe liyo samarannee,

48. chhaanee chhapanee karo utam karannee.

47. By maintaining concentration, keep the object for remembrance (rosary) in your hands.

48. Perform the most exalted deed(remembrance of the Lord) in a silent manner.

49. ginaan dhiyaan maa(n)he juo vimaasee,

50 haann vradhdh shodho tapaasee.

49. Reflect upon the contemplative knowledge(ginaan dhiyaan),

50. and seek having determined (through reflection) your worst enemy.

51. je moman ameeras peeve nishaanee laave daaddee,

52. tene satgur mele sarave kashtt thee ttaalee.

51. A devotee radiates the signs of goodness having drunk the water of life(Ginaans) or Abesafaa.

52. The True Guide will relieve such a person of all misfortunes.

53. enne gunne munivar bhariyaa,

54. rikheesar saa(m)bhallo tame soe kiriyaa.

53. A true devotee is filled with such virtues.

54. O devotee, now listen to the hundred good deeds.

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