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H.H. The Aga Khan Platinum Jubilee Hospital Opening at Nairobi, Kenya. - 1958-09-09

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Event - 1958-09-09
Tuesday, 1958, September 9
Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya

On the 10th September, 1958, H.R.H. The Aga Khan officially opened one of the most modern hospitals in the African Continent - A magnificent building - equal to the finest buildings in the world, if not better - stands in Parklands, Nairobi, serving people of all races. Inspiration for this hospital came from late Imam Sultan Mohammad Shah Khan of revered memory. The Ismaili community of East Africa rallied together and collected a large sum which together with the magnificent contribution of His Royal Highness The Aga Khan came to L 2,80,000/- To this was added a further sum of L 1,94,000/ - by the Kenya Government.

It was an ambitious project - but with the co-operation from all quarters and the will to progress, made it possible to complete this L 4,74,000/ - Hospital which was declared open in 1958. But this was the first phase and very soon it became necessary to carry out the expansion scheme. By the God's grace, this was done and the number of beds increased from 112 to 212 with a fourteen storey Nurses' Home and Training School.

Every branch of medicine and surgery is represented in the Hospital. Also included are Consultative Clinics of Gynaecology, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists, besides a new Physio-therapy Department - the first class X-Ray facilities and Laboratories built for Bio-chemistry, Bacteriology and Haematology with facilities for a Blood Bank.

The Hospital also has facilities for research and is affording facilities to the African Research Foundation for the research in the treatment for cancer.

This Hospital is recognized as a Nurse-Training Hospital by the Kenya Nursing Council and has a full scale Nursing Training School. Hundreds of Nurses are taking three year course in Kenya General Registered Nursing Certificate at the hospital. One complete floor of the Fourteen Story building is devoted to Nurse Training School while the other storeys consist of quarters for the Nurses.

The cost per annum to run the Hospital is L 1600 - per bed which is recovered by fees payable and subsidies received from His Royal Highness The Aga Khan and the Ismaili community in East Africa. This hospital has established that no institution in East Africa provides the same standard of medical care at such a low daily cost to the patient. The charges include medicines, X-Rays, laboratory fees, food at a net cost of approximately Shs. 80/ - per day (allowing for the rebate from the Hospital Fund Authority).

The medical staffing structure is based upon a consultant medical staff, who, by virtue of their training, qualifications and experience are able to take full personal responsibility for the investigation and treatment of the patient. To assist the Consultants in the day-to-day care of patients, the Hospital also employs full time Doctors of high calibre and qualifications. These two senior grades of Doctors supervise and direct Junior Medical Staff needing post graduate experience and training in the Hospital.

Realizing that Hospital fees can be a considerable burden for many patients and to help them, the Hospital has introduced a Hospital Insurance Scheme. Under this, scheme at a nominal premium, a member irrespective of the age can receive up to 66 days free treatment in the Hospital in any one year.

The Platinum Jubilee Hospital at Nairobi is an achievement of which Ismailis all over the world are proud. This hospital is a magnificent example of the contribution of the Aga Khans and the Ismaili Community for the betterment and the progress of the people of East Africa. His Royal Highness when he opened the hospital said 'THE BUILDING MUST BECOME A LIVING MONUMENT TO THE IDEAL OF RACIAL PARTNERSHIP - and so it is.

Source: Ismaili Mirror, February, 1971

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