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Princess Zahra Visits INDIA - 1995-11-01

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Event - 1995-11-01
Wednesday, 1995, November 1

Since last March, Princess Zahra has continued her working sessions with officers of jamati institutions world-wide as they relate to the Women's, Youth, and Social Welfare portfolios. Visiting each country has permitted Princess Zahra to obtain a sense of the environment in which the work of the institutions is being carried out.
In India, Princess Zahra's schedule included briefings and site visits in Bombay as well as travel to villages in the Gujerat, where a self-help program in rural habitats is helping improve sanitation, ventilation, lighting, hygiene, and general living conditions. During her recent visit to the Malagasy Republic, Princess Zahra had the opportunity of reviewing the work of jamati institutions in Tulyar and Mahajunga as well as in the capital Antananarivo, where she stopped by the recently renovated Aga Khan Hostel.

This year, Princess Zahra's working trips have taken her to North American cities, including Toronto, Calgary, and Montreal (The Ismaili, Canada, July 1995) and also New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, All such visits ensured the most efficient use of Princess Zahra's time. She acknowledged the jamat's understanding that these were brief working visits, undertaken in the manner that respected her wishes to concentrate on institutional work.

Source: Canada Ismaili (December 1995)

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