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The Aga Khans dedication to health in Pakistan - 1979-03-24

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Event - 1979-03-24
Saturday, 1979, March 24

The Aga Khan's dedication to health in PakistanThe inauguration of the Aga Khan Maternity Home, Karimabad, befittingly marks the 55th anniversary of persistent dedication to the medical needs of the people of Pakistan by the family of the Aga Khan.

For it was in the year 1924 that Sir Sultan Mohammad Shyah Aga Khan III - one of the great leaders of the Pakistan Movement and the first President of the All India Muslim League - established one of the first maternity homes in Karachi.

The Janbai Maternity Home which still exists at the same site as it was founded, is a proud fore-runner of the medical institutions, the number of which have steadily grown over the years, under the watchful eye of the Central Health Board.

Like his illustrious grand-father before him, the Aga Khan takes a close interest in the humanitarian and health services of the Central Health Board in Pakistan and around the world.

Prince Karim has often stressed the necessity to meet, what the terms 'the ever increasing demands from people of all faiths and origins for the highest standards of medical attention and patient care.'

It is with this philosophy that the medical institution under his patronage around the world open their doors to all regardless of their faith or sect.

The primary consideration in all cases is the preventive medicine programmes based on the Aga Khan's philosophy of 'emphasizing the importance of good health'.

The Aga Khan has set high standards of performance for all the medical projects under his patronage. This is inspite of the fact that these institutions are non-profit making organizations which rely solely on annual subsidies and grants from the Aga Khan to ensure that the standards of excellence prescribed are not compromised.

These standards are typified by the Aga Khan Hospital and Medical College, s Rs. 1400 million projects under construction at Karachi.

The close personal interest which the Aga Khan is taking in the successful completion of the project underlines his desire to ensure its place as the finest medical institution in Asia and as a beacon of medical care in Pakistan.

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