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Ismaili Center, Dubai , United Arab Emirates

Dubai JamatKhana July 0703

Plot 319 117 st 11 Ave

Corner of: 2st and 11Ave


need contact number of mukhi kamadia of dubai jamatkhanas

yam. please can anybody guide me , is dubai safe place to work as a doctor and for girls? it would be great if anybody can guide me contact numbers of our ismaili indians there in dubai . my email id is hasnanibatuk [at] yahoo.com

Jamat khana in Qatar


Just wanted to know if we have any Jamat khana or ismaili center in Qatar?


jk tour

YAM. My children and I will be visiting Dubai the week of March 6th. Is it possible to get a tour of the Jk on March 8th after life majlis. We plan on staying by the creek. How do I access JK from that location. Thx
akaramd [at] gmail.com

Dubai jamatkhana address

I m coming from Pakistan please tell me the of Dubai jamarkhana


There is no dua if i look up dua so please add it
Thank You
for helping

Tour at the Ismaili Center in Dubai and JK details


I plan on being in Dubai on July 3rd. Can you please send me the address of the JK and also would it be possible to have a tour of JK? What time do the prayers begin in the evening?

Thank you Nashila

need a room with attached bath for family

reply or contact or email me on jaanekiyoon@yahoo.com

Rent a room for 2weeks in Dubai

I will be visiting Dubai from 19/2/2014 till
I am from Bangalore
I will be with my wife on a holiday
I want to rent a room for 2 weeks
Contact me if you can rent me a room
Chandru Mahbubani
Email chandru_mah1 [at] yahoo.com
Mobile91 9980027307

Dubai Center Tour

We arrive in Dubai on Wednesday 1st January 2014 - can we get a tour of the center on that day after Jk ceremonies?



I am Khalil from India; a prospective student at Hult International Business School's Dubai Campus located at Al Sufouh, Dubai Internet City. So how far would be the Jamat Khana from my school?

As I am on a tight budget, hence looking for affordable & convenient options with utmost proximity (walking distance) to the Hult's Dubai campus; also flexible to share rooms with other students irrespective of gender. Please provide price lists with both options including & excluding meals?

Will be waiting for your response at the earliest. Have a great week ahead!

My Contact No: +91-9974252591


wish to locate my cousin :ARIF MAWANI OF NAIROBI

kindly call me on:+447539336496/7964031147/7795902537 or nairobi +254713015240 nov/mar.

Tour of Dubai Ismaili Centre and Jamatkhana

Ya Ali Madad,
I have seen many questions/comments re tour of Dubai Jamatkhana and Ismaili Centre and also times for prayers on weekdays and Fridays. However, there are no responses posted. We would be in Dubai the first week of September 2014 and would like to arrange a tour. Could anyone please let me know as to who to contact? my email is parin.daya [at] gmail.com. Thank you

Maula Ali Madad - Dubai JK

Ismaili Centre Dubai is located in Oud Metha near Al Nasr Sports Club, just behind Karachi Darbar Restaurant. Prayers timings on weekdays are 7:30 and 7:00 on firdays. ICD tours are scheduled on every Thursdays & Fridays after jk.

Visiting Dubai

I will be in Dubai on Navroz day 21 March 2014. Could you pls let me know what are the prayer times and if anything special is going on at the Centre for Navorz?

My email is:
nasimhirji [at] hotmail.com


Visiting Dubai

Ya Ali Madad

Me and my wife will be visiting Dubai first week of September 2014 from United States of America. We would like to get a tour of the Dubai Jamathkhana. Who would we contact in regards to this? Also Please let us know what time dua is on the weekend and weekdays. Our email is anzarshy [at] gmail.com. Thank you for your assistance.

Moving to Dubai

YAM Everyone - I am looking to come down to Dubai Aug 12 - 19
Wondering if any ismaili's or anyone would be able to help me.
I need a place to stay for a week, and if someone could show me
around on how to get a job there? I work for WestJet airlines here in calgary as a Vacations Coordinator
but I am also a Medical Aesthetician for a Medical Spa, So I deal with a lot of skin care work
Laser Hair removal Etc.

could someone get in touch with me, if anyone could help me? Just to guide me, as I am only there for a week?
I am 29 years old, living in Calgary Canada, Any help would be great.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon

This is my email address:

sunderji_as [at] hotmail.com

Address for the karama jamatkhana

YAA ALI MADAD I just want to know how can I come to karama jamatkhana from Dubai salah al din as I stay there please send me the details on allicharania1986 [at] gmail.com

Ismaili Center Prayer times

I will be in Dubai in late July and wanted to visit the Ismaili Center and attend Prayers. Is the Prayer Hall open for prayers in the morning? Also, is there a phone number or email address to connect for information? Finally, is there a hotel that is close enough to stay at that you can walk to the Center for Prayers? Please respond to anwar.bhimani@gmail.com. Thanks.

need help

ya ali madad

hi.. i am from india ( mumbai ) i search the ASHAK THAKOR adderess and his contact number..
if you know him so please help me and send me his detail...

my email id. is samira.amir62 [at] yahoo.com

my number is 09819320436

Tour of Ismaili Centre in January 1-3


We are a family of 3 visiting Dubai during between January 1 and 3 and would really like a tour of the Ismaili Centre. Who can we contact to organize this tour?

Re : Visiting Dubai in may 2013

Ya ali madad,

I am coming from Chicago and i like to know the nest place to visit in Dubai and ant suggestion, my email is ayazshirazee@aol.com


For job in dubai

YAA ALI MADAD. I am Rizwan from India.I am searching job in dubai can u help me. I had completed PGDBA. I have 3years experience in business of all agriculture items. please help me to find job. my email add Rizwan.lalani77@gmail.com Yaa ali madad.

Jamat khana Abu dhabi

Hello, I am looking for a Jamat Khana in Abu Dhabi. Anyone as an address? Thank you

please send your number on

please send your number on my email- akbar.panjwani [at] gmail.com
i will send the address

address for Abu Dhabi jamat khana

Hi my name is Karim Halani, I am from India and looking for Abu Dhabi jamat khana address.

So plese reply me with Dua timings.

Thanks & Regards,
Karim Halani

yaali madad

My e mail adress mumlakh [at] hotmail.com

What are dua timings.

Tel no. of centre or council offices

Adress of dr. Sultana Notta.

TEl no. Dr. Shah sultan notta

Ya ali madad.

I will be in dubai from 17th march to 21st March and would like to attend Jk everyday. i am staying at Escot hotel in Bar Dubai. Any advise ion closeby accomodation. .

What is tel no.of Jk.

Also looking for tel no. Of dr. shahsultana Notta

Hope to get an early response

Dua timing today

Ya Ali Madad,
Would you please tell me the regular days and weekend dua timing.
Any special timing for Navroz?



Dear Sir,

We have a family of 3 want to visit your center on 21 March 2013, or 22 Mar, is there any

interesting program that we can see or enjoy , could you please forward me with that.

You are very much appreciated.

Mathews Kurian

Atlanta, USA

JK Adress and nearby accomodation

I hope this note finds you well.
I will be travelling to ICD in coming week with my parents. Kindly, send me the exact location of ICD-JK, how to reach, i.e. nearest conveyance station and most importantly, please let me know that is there any accommodation we can hire other than hotels, for e.g., shared apartment or paying guest facility for 4 days for us 3 people. Please reply me on wisdommagzine [at] yahoo.com as soon as possible.
Thank You,


Ya Ali Madad,

I am recently seen the web and it is good work u people have done. It is so knowledgeable and strengthening the faith in Ismailism.

Please guide me where i visit to read the Masnavie Roomi and Hafiz litrature.


Dubai Jamat Khana tour

I am visiting Dubai on Sunday, March 31, 2013.
Will it be possible to take a tour of the Jamat Khana?
What is the Dua time on Sunday evening?
Please send replay to my email: mehmood.essa@verizon.net

Visit to Dubai

Would like some information regarding scheduling a tour of the Jamat Khana while in Dubai. Please send me a contact number to arrange this if possible.
rfstat [at] sbcglobal.net

Thank you and YAM.


i am deeply inspired by your website

from hunza

Visiting Dubai

My wife and kids are visiting dubai, which hotels are close to Jamat Khana and easy access to taxi. please email me sarfrazaly [at] gmail.com


The DUA timing in Dubai every day is 7:30 pm and on fridays its 7 pm. if its shukawari beej with chandraat its 6:30 pm
The ICD is located in DUbai, behind lamcy plaza, very close to haji ali restaurant and in front of dubai park
but to get more clearification and information contact
050 9496196
shamsaziz80 at gmail dot com

dua timming on friday jan 2013

hi please inform me the timmings of dua my email id sohailscientific@hotmail.com

Tonight's Dua Time

Is there Eid Milad un nabi tonight? My email address is sofiakhoja [at] gmail.com

January 24th 2013

Address for JamatKhana in Dubai

My daughter is traveling to Dubai in February and would like to have the exact address of Dubai Jamatkhana
and also tour days and dua time.

My Email address is dilshadabji [at] hotmail.com


dilshad abji

Visiting Dubai


I will be in Dubai next Friday and hoping to get a tour during the day and come to khane in the evening. What time is khane at?
And is there a tour that I can be part of during the day?

Please respond via my email: zamir.jetha@gmail.com


Need email address of Mukhi or Kamria or Education Board member

Ya Ali Madad,

I am coming to Dubai on a Educational trip and i would like to discuss certain educational opportunities for ismailis and would like Education and economic planning board assistance. CAn anybody send me email address of mukhi, kamria or education or economic planning board member email add. I would be really obliged. My email add is "riz1dossa [at] hotmail.com".


visiting dubai

hello we r visiting on 19th to 24 of december
wants to know about friday majalis time


i am here in dubai and would like to know location of khanne and time of dua on friday. My email is famersi@yahoo.com

Jamart Khana in Dubai

Is there morning prayers in Dubai Jamat khana, if it is, can you tell us the best way to get there. Thanks, email laila.keshani [at] sympatico.ca

Location and Dua Times


My mum and I will be visiting Dubai on 4th December 2012 and would like to have details on Dua times and directions. My email address is shellu2000 [at] yahoo.co.uk

Thank you and awaiting a response.

Can u pls tell me the dua

Can u pls tell me the dua time for tomorrow

Hey hi yam i need help plz do help douth

Plz help me out with addresss and dua time too my email address is malu_786 [at]yahoo.com i will be waiting for your rply

help on location,how to reach and other details for dubai

if any one needs any help, message me or call me on
050 9496196

Ismaili centre of dubai

YAM. I'm due to visit dubai in feb 2013. I wanted to find out details (when and where) on visiting the ismaili centre.
Any help will be appreciated.

visit in feb 2013

yam farhana
you can email me your id, so that i can give you the exact map and then you can be known of the details
shamsaziz80 [at] gmail.com
and when you visit here, you can buz me, so i can guide the cab driver as per your location, which ever suits you better


Jamatkhana timing

I want to come to Jamatkhana In the morning time I want to come feb 09 2013 plz tell me direction from hotel landmark grand kindly reply plz


Dear Sir

I am sajeesh from Citalia Tours, one of our group they want to visit: Jamant Khana can u provide me the details about that with the location

U can email to sajeesh@citaliatours.com

Thanks and Regards


Address of JK In Doha or any ismaili contact info

Is there a jamat khana in Doha, Qatar.or any ismaili contact info.

doha jamatkhana address and times

We are inshallah visiting Doha in February, would like to know how to get to Jamatkhana, is there morning and evening jamatkhana? Is there any nearby hotel, so we could walk to jamatkhana? Also we want to know how far is the airport from jamatkhana. We would really appreciate your in put.. Thanks a lot.

Regards, Laila and Allaudin Keshani, email address: laila.keshani@sympatico.ca. Our phone no. is 905-571-1785. We live in Oshawa, Ontario

Address of Doha jk and nearby hotel

Are visiting only for one day on feb 20-21 emal Laila.keshani@sympatico. Pls let us know nearest hotel to jk and times of dua mrng Nd evening


Contact me 0097430277197

Need Assistance for Muscat,Oman JK

In one of the posts, I did see that there is a JK in Muscat, Oman.

Can someone please provide me the exact location of the Jamat Khana along with contact information of the Mukhi or any Jamati Number whom I can reach?

Awaiting favorable response.

my email address: educatorsaslearners [at] gmail.com

want some one who stay in international city dubai

hi friends this is sarfaraz here i have recently came to dubai i m leaving in international city dubai in co accommodation so plz contact me anyone leaves there bze i m gettin trouble to come to jk & i don't have any fr over here so plz contact me on my number if anyone tere my number is 0551369773

jk add or contact no of any ismaili

Yaa Ali Madad
I am Looking for Jamatkhana Address of Doha,Qatar or contact no. of any ismaili living in doha
My email id : sohailsamnan [at] gmail.com

ya ali madad

pls tell me the address of jamaat khana. sheikh zayed road at this time are .metro can comming?


outh metha station

Telephone no of Noorallah in Doha

5556 6025

Book Search

I need book bilohar o budasaf.
can you arrange for me in digitized form exp.PDF,DJVU etc.
My E-mail is fazal_05 [at] yahoo.com

Tel number of the Ismaili

Tel number of the Ismaili Centre is +971 (4) 3365566


i need the exact adress of jamatkhana in dubai because i want to visit there. my contact id is shamayal_ali2000@yahoo.com & shamayal_ali2000@hotmail.com.

dubai jamatkhanas adress

Ya ali madad

I am travelling to dubai in august 2012 durring ramadan period. would very much like to visit jamatkhana. will very much apperiaciate if you kindly forward me with jamatkhanas adress. my forwarding email adress is aziza_a@msn.com.

thanks a lot.

I am traveling from Afghanistan i need the JK exact address

Ya ali madad for all muslim ismaili brothers and sisters.
i needed the full address a jamat khana in bur dubai UAE and also dua-e-mubarak starting time in friday nights if any ismaili
brother know plz let me know, this is my email address in following.


thanks best regards

Looking for a contact in Dubai JK

Hi All,
Im looking for a contact in the Ismaili Center in Dubai to get a personal reference. I have met someone from the community, but she is in a different country. her parents would like me to speak with a senior person or Muhki in Dubai (where I live) to make an introduction in person and discuss my background / job / etc.

I know where the JK is but don't know who I should speak to. Can someone please share a name and ideally phone number of the right person to speak to?

thank you in advance.

you can email me at rafevo@gmail.com


Looking for the address of Jamat Khana in Abudhabi

Plz send me JK address of Abudhabi on my Email.
Rizwana782 at yahoo.com


HI can any one let me know as where is jamat khana in Abu Dhabi?reply me at my email rizwana782 at yahoo.com
I will be very grateful if i got the address of jamat khana in Abu dhabi.

Location of Jamat Khana in Abu Dhabi

Dear Rizwana,

Please email to mehdivalji@gmail.com for the location of Jamat Khana in Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Address of Abu Dhabi Jamatkhana

Can you please share address and other contact details of Abu Dhabi jamatkhana? I have also emailed you but still waiting for your reply. Would appreciate your support.

way to JK

Ya Ali Madat, I am planning to visit Dubai in April 2012. Does any one know if there is Metro near to JK. It wll be great if there is a map showing way to JK

times for Dua


I will be in Dubai in Janaury and wanted to know what time jamatkhaha strats on a Monday?

thank you


dua time

the dua time for all time is same 7;30 pm dubai time gmt 4

Traveling to Dubai from 12/21-12/26

I am traveling to Dubai at the end of the month and would like to attend evening services. What is the exact address to jamatkhana and are there good hotels to stay at near by?

My email address is shama.dhanani@gmail.com

Dua time for Friday

Please let me know the dua times especially for Friday

Dua timings in Dubai

Ya Ali Madad and Khushiyali Mubarak.

The regular dua time is at 7:30pm whereas on Friday dua starts at 7:00pm.

Hope you enjoy! :)

Address of jamat khana


I have just shifted here from East Africa and i need to know if there is a Jamat Khana in Sharjah? The only one iam aware of is in Dubai?
If there is kindly send me the address on below E-mail.



heed namaz

ya ali madad

i came from montreal canada for visit here in dubai i just want to know what time will heed namaz will resite in dubai jamatkhana please let me know to my email address jhan593@hotmail.com


Dubai visit

Ya Ali Madad,

I will be in Dubai for a few days and would like to attend the Jamatkahana. Can I be enlightened on time for Dua on a friday the 8th July 2011.

Can you let me know via email address below.

Kind Regards,

Mr M Laljee

Visiting Dubai

Ya Ali Madad my dear brothers and sisters
I am from france and I'm coming in Dubai with my family in August and i wanted to know if someone could help us to welcome us and visit dubai.
I also want to know where is Dubai jamatkhane and when it is open.
Can somebody help me ?
Thank you very much

Can you answer me at envy76@hotmail.fr
Ya ali madad

About JK

Is the above mentioned Jamatkhana address in Old Dubai? My office is in Al Maktoum Street,
Deira. How far is the JK from this address? I am mostly gonna stay in Meena Bazar. How far is the JK from meena bazar.




Dear sir, Near meena bazar, u can ask for famous sweets shop, and from there you get a vehicle for jamatkhana around 6.30pm..\

want to visit dubai

ya ali madad.i would like to visit dubai for job purpose could you help me find a place to stay in dubai.
plz contact me on my Email id yasmeen.vadsariya@aku.edu and yasmeen.vadsariya@yahoo.com


visiting dubai jk

we are visiting dubai for 1 day and we need someone's help to visit jk. we are arriving on 9th of june at 8:30 am and having connecting flight next early morning.
we would appriciate if any one would help us.
thank you and yaa ali madad.

Looking for new opprotunity in Dubai

Well My Name is Firoz... I am looking forward for any Opportunity available in the state of Dubai... if possible do reply me thru my mail id: firozp@gmail.com

Complete address for jammat khanna please

i have recently arrived in uae, please guide me with the address for jammat khana.


Dubai or Muscat

Does anyone have an email address or phone no. For Ismaili CntrDubai or if there is a Jk in muscat Oman?

jk in muscat

i know jk in muscat

Texts for Ismaili Center, Dubai , United Arab Emirates

The Ismaili Centre of Dubai: a monument of tolerance - 2010-10-31

Dubai JamatKhana July 0703

The structure was inaugurated in 2008 by Prince Karim, the Aga Khan, in the presence of senior UAE officials. A 3,000-square-metre public neighbourhood park was also created on parts of the land based on Islamic garden themes. The architecture is an amalgamation of everything that is beautiful in Islam.


2008, March 27 - Dubai: Prince Karim Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of the Shiite Ismaili Muslims, yesterday said that the new Ismaili Centre in Dubai is a place for peaceful contemplation. 'It is not a place to hide from the world, but rather a place which inspires us to engage our worldly work as a direct extension of our faith,' the Aga Khan told a big gathering at the opening of the Ismaili Centre in Dubai. Gulf News [More of this article, see Forum section]

Texts for Ismaili Center, Dubai , United Arab Emirates

Jamatkhana Images from United Arab Emirates

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