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Al-'Aziz Bi'llah

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  In Press
Authors  Canard, Marius.
Volume and Pages  SERIES: E.I. (new) ; VOLUME: I ; PAGES: pp.823-825, pp.846-848
Key Words  English; French; Bibliography

s.v. ; DETAILS: "Al-'Aziz Bi'llah," s.v., E.I. (new) I. English, pp. 823-825; French, pp. 846-848.

Al-‘Aziz bi’llah

Al-‘Aziz bi’llah Abu Mansur Nizar b. Abu Tamim Ma‘add al-Mu‘izz li-Din Allah (955–996 CE), the fifth Fatimid imam-caliph was the first sovereign of his dynasty to begin his rule in Egypt. Al- ‘Aziz’s reign epitomises the cultural, intellectual and architectural efflorescence of Fatimid rule in Egypt. It also established the Fatimids as a vibrant Mediterranean Empire, pursuing trade, diplomacy and warfare with their Byzantine, ‘Abbasid and Andalusian Umayyad counterparts.

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