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Note on the Imam Shahi Ms. at the Deccan College, Poona,

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  1970
Authors  Khakee, Gulshan.
Volume and Pages  PAGES: 143-155
Publisher  J. Asiatic Soc.
Place  Bombay
Key Words  English; Bibliography

Also published in Sind through the Centuries ; Dr Gulshan Khakee died of cancer in Bombay at the age of 58, Saturday January 12, 2002. She graduated in teacher training in Nairobi where she taught at the AK Girl School and at the Kenya High School. She did her M.A. at Trinity College in Dublin - Ireland and her PhD. at Harvard in 1972. She was among the pioniers of Ginanic research and some of her works are listed here. ; DETAILS: "Note on the Imam Shahi Ms. at the Deccan College, Poona," J. Asiatic Soc., Bombay (1970/71): 143-155.

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