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Gallery - Golden Jubilee 2007


His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan along with the Ismaili Community celebrated His 50th Anniversary as Imam of all Ismaili Muslims, from July 11 2007 to December 13, 2008.

Documents Related to Golden Jubilee 2007

Article PagePensée pour l'éblouissant Golden Jubilee Darbar de Paris
DocumentPensée pour l'éblouissant Golden Jubilee Darbar de Paris
News EventAga Khan's Golden Jubilee Visit to East Africa - 2007-08-12
News EventH.H. The Aga Khan in Portugal - 2008-07-10
News EventH.H. The Aga Khan on a 6-Day visit to Syria - 2008-08-24
News EventHis Highness the Aga Khan In United Kingdom for a Golden Jubilee Visit - 2008-07-02
News ItemA message from the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan 2007-07-11
News ItemAga Khan at Buckingham Palace 2008-07-04
News ItemAga Khan Calls Canada Model Country - 2008-11-26
News ItemAga Khan due to visit Calgary - 2008-11-23
News ItemAga Khan foresees bridge between Islam and West - 2008-11-25
News ItemAga Khan holds up Canada as model for the world - 2008-11-23
News ItemAga Khan inspires gathering at Vancouver's BC Place - 2008-11-26
News ItemAga Khan kicks off 8-day visit - 2008-11-19
News ItemAga Khan Marks Golden Jubilee in Canada - 2008-11-26
News ItemAga Khan on eight-day visit to Canada - 2008-11-20
News ItemAga Khan sees hope for Muslim-West relations - 2008-11-24
News ItemAga Khan to address Ismaili community here - 2008-11-19
News ItemAga Khan to celebrate 50 years of leadership - 2008-11-18
News ItemAga Khan to make Jubilee visit to BC - 2008-11-12
News ItemAga Khan visit a key event for Ismaili council - 2008-11-22
News ItemAga Khan's devotion to humanity revealed during Calgary visit - 2008-11-25
News ItemAga Khan's hopeful words - 2008-11-26
News ItemAga Khan's message of plurality a lesson for us all - 2008-11-25
News ItemAga Khan's visit excites community - 2008-11-23
News ItemAga Khan, spiritual leader to Ismaili Muslims, in Canada for eight-day visit - 2008-11-22
News ItemGolden Jubilee Visit of His Higness the Aga Khan to Canada - 2008-11-13
News ItemH.H. The Aga Khan in Canada - 2008-11-18
News ItemH.H. The Aga Khan in Singapore - 2008-12-01
News ItemHis Highness the Aga Khan Marks his Golden Jubilee - Envisages Major Opportunity for the Development of Civil Society 2007-07-11
News ItemIn His Speech, Ismaili Muslim leader applauds Canada's diversity - 2008-11-25
News ItemInterview of H.H. The Aga Khan by P2, Portugal - 2008-07
News ItemIsmailis prepare to celebrate Vancouver visit of Aga Khan to BC Place - 2008-11-24
News ItemL'Aga Khan à Vancouver - 2008-11-26
News ItemLife's work centres on charitable deeds - 2008-11-25
News ItemMac, Pakistan university renew partnership - 2008-11-22
News ItemMcMaster and the Aga Khan University renew ties - 2008-11-25
News ItemPakistan: Ismailis Celebrate Aga Khan’s Golden Jubilee - 2007-07-10
News ItemPluralism Works - 2008-11-26
News ItemPrince Aga Khan Starts 6-day visit to Syria - 2008-08-24
News ItemRoyal hello for Muslim leader - 2008-11-25
News ItemSpeech by Gov. Rick Perry to Commemorate the Golden Jubilee visit to Texas by Hazar Imam 2008-04-12
News ItemSpiritual leader brings out followers' emotions - 2008-11-24
News ItemThe Aga Khan : Faith and Action - Letter by Adrienne Clarkson - 2008-11-20
News ItemThe Aga Khan reflects on the world's best hopes and worst dangers - 2008-11-24
News ItemThousands expected to attend gatherings - 2008-11-22
News ItemVisit of His Highness Prince Aga Khan to Atlanta - 2008-04-17
SubjectGallery - Golden Jubilee 2007

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