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Crossword 01 - Ismaili Words - B - With Clues

IsmailiCrossword01 CW GridHelp.JPG

IsmailiCrossword01 CW GridHelp.JPG


1. July 11 (2 words) (AAADIMMTY)
6. Elder Grandson of Prophet (EHINSSU)
11. Youngest Son of Present Imam (AAACDEHILMMMNPRUY)
12. Name of Imam Born in 1936
13. Younger Grandson of Prophet (AAHNSS)
14. Daughter of Prophet (AAFIMT)
15. Daily Prayer
16. First Imam
17. Eldest Daughter of current Imam (AACEHINPRRSSZ)

2. Brother of Aga Khan IV
3. Answer to Prayer
4. Eldest Son of Present Imam (2 words) (ACEHIIMNPRR)
5. Answer to Farman (AAAAADHILMMMUYY)
7. December 13 (AAGHILRS)
8. Middle Son of Present Imam (ACEHIINNPRSSU)
9. Answer to Haizinda (AAAAKMPYY)
10. March 21 (ANORVZ)

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