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Defenses Glorifying the Aga Khan filed in federal Court - 2010-04-29

Thursday, 2010, April 29
Heritage News

In a surprisingly rapid twist of events, both Mr Tajdin and Mr Jiwa have filed their respective statements of Defense this 29th of April 2010. They affirm to being devoted followers who will unconditionally abide by the wishes of the Aga Khan, whom they glorify in their defense.

Mr Tajdin declares that:

He has not been served yet but the ethics imposed upon him by his faith demands that he should not keep in ignorance the public by being silent on the issue and should clarify all of the facts, pertaining to this lawsuit, of which he is aware.

He reaffirms his allegiance to the Aga Khan, is willing to submit to any of his wishes, and is ready to surrender himself and all his possessions to the Imam.

He has been printing Farman books since 1992 with approval and instructions from the Imam received on August 15, 1992 in Montreal.

He has not received any communication from the Imam from 1992 to 2009 instructing him to stop publication.

He cannot stop publication without instruction from the Imam as this would be a breach of his oath of allegiance to the Imam.

All Farman publications were financial deficit projects done as a volunteer service and large numbers of books were distributed free of charge.

Farman sharing is a historic Ismaili tradition which still continues today.

The current Ismaili Constitution does not restrict the right to publish Farmans

Mr Tajdin concludes that:

He has no choice but to await further direct instructions from the Imam.

He reaffirms his allegiance to the Aga Khan, is willing to submit to any of His wishes, and is ready to surrender himself and all his possessions to the Imam.

Mr Jiwa states that:

"This action does not appear to have been authorized personally by the Aga Khan .."

"In distributing Farman books obtained from Tajdin to other Ismailis, he has not violated either the Ismaili Constitution or any Farmans"

He has not violated the copyright act as "Tajdin was given express authority by the Imam" and regardless of the fact that "the limitations period provided for by the Copyright Act also bars this action as the books containing the Farmans were commenced publication in the year 1992", he will still do whatever the Imam tells him to do.

Mr Jiwa clarifies finances:

He "obtains these books for C$50.00 from Tajdin and sells it for C$50.00, without any profit.

"All monies received by him from the sale of (other) books after 2005 were delivered to the Jamatkhanas"

Mr Jiwa further states that:

"If the Imam edited the Farman before releasing to the Jamats, in effect he is superceding the Farman he made orally previously."

He "unconditionally reconfirms his oath of allegiance to his Imam" and "if the Imam does not desire his Farman books to be distributed to the Jamats (...) this defendant will submit to the instructions of His Imam without reservation whatsoever"

Replies From the Plaintiff are due within 10 days, and Affidavits of Documents are due 30 days later.

[Update from May 6: Ogilvy Renault, the law firm which launched the case has asked for an extension of 15 days to reply to the Defense. They claim delays due to breakdown of email servers, blackberry communication, travel of senior lawyer, time difference with Paris etc...The more delays in this file, the more damage it creates to the reputation of the Ismaili community, the Imam and the defendants. It is to the advantage of all parties that this case be withdrawn from the courts.]

[Update from June 22: Defendants have filed a Motion for summary Judgement to have the case dismissed.]

[Update from September 5:
Online Book that gathers court materials as well as articles that are currently available for the ongoing 2010 Lawsuit:

Copyright Lawsuit 2010: Online Book of All available Materials
News on cross-examinations:
Copyright Lawsuit: CROSS_EXAMINATIONS Table of Contents - 2010-09-04
Latest Development
Copyright Lawsuit: Imam Appears for Discovery and Ends the Case - 2010-10-15
As users are asking to read the letters from Nagib and Alnaz on the court docket, the latest have been attached on the following link:
A. Various Court Filings

Revised Factums have been posted Here:
2010-11-29 Summary Judgment : Plaintiffs Revised Combined Factums of Reply and of Motion
2010-11-29 Summary Judgment: Defendants' Revised Factums of Motion and of Reply

There has been proven fraud in the recent past in the Aga Khan's domain by the Aga Khan's agents:
Aga Khan Lawsuit: Fraud at Aga Khan Studs - 2000-02-22

2011-05-25: A Jamati Member who has never met the Defendants volunteered as his brotherly duty to pay the $30,000 that was demanded in the Plaintiff''s submissions and that was accordingly ordered by the judge.
Read the full details of the $30,000 payment directly to H.H. The Aga Khan.

2011-06-16: The Appeal Memorandum of Fact and Law against the Summary Judgment has been filed in court by the defendants on June 16th, 2011.
Read the Full Appeal Memorandum of Fact and Law

Link to Court Docket Case T-514-10
Link to Court Docket Appeal A-60-11
Link to Court Docket Appeal A-59-11
Link to Court Docket Appeal A-156-13

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Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker of Luxembourg, announced he would resign following a scandal
Mr Juncker has denied any wrongdoing but has faced criticism that he focused too much on his eurozone duties, and not national duties.

Conflict of interests. Will Malik Talib, the President of Aga Khan Council for Canada do the same?

As received " Those who

As received " Those who violate core leadership ethics threaten peace. ..this is war on your rights , money and freedom... they do it shamelessly , recklessly and unapologetically as they are being taken as some kind of "Pontiffs" and "holy".... they continue ad nauseam ...now tell me if this guy Niza Juma who is your other biggie in Kenya .

I am told his brother swindled millions and then had to run away.....they are from Uganda originally and when they were booted by the mad man, they re-?established themselves in Kenya.....and then partnered the country's President who was corrupt.....made many millions....and so is this true? Then these are the sort of guys who also handle your communal money?

Where do you think the millions going down the drain is coming from ..who is loosing out - YOU ARE ...sure they take from people who give in the name of Allah and the Imam..."

More is being exposed and

More is being exposed and more are being exposed. President Malik Talib should give a full explanation to His Highness the Aga Khan Council members for Canada, and Hon Court and Judge whose ruling he as a lawyer is insuting and disrespecting.

He is a part of the inner circle and in business with those in strategic positions. For example. Malik Talib has been running and or owning the same companies with the following including exiwireless Inc.
1 Noordin Nanji Chairman of ICAB (who does not give the constitution but makes unilateral and unconstitutional and unlawful rulings with his selec executicve Boards)
2 Firoz Rasul Chair of AKU and the endowment funds of the Jamat totaling over 1 billion. He has multi positions at AKDN.
3 Naguib Kheraj in the same Board with F Rasul and S Sachedina. He has now gone also into the Hotel business with the inner circle, and he with S Kabani/Sachedina are also controlling the 500 million investment in London for the benefit of the Jamat. They have Hotels in the area and thise who get to know and benefit from the opportunities are them and or their friends.
3 Karim Khoja CEO of Roshan and controlling Jamats companies and funds (F Rasiuls wife is his Sister). N Nanji Mkes money as a lawyer for the big inner circle as a Lawyer and for NCABS.
4 They all work closely with and report to S Sachedina-DJI

Hazar Imam has said clearly there must be transpaency, accountability and honesty with no conflict of interests.

Maybe Alnaz or Nagib can

Maybe Alnaz or Nagib can elaborate?

The case is still ongoing. It reached the stage of what is called the "Reference" process where an amount is to be decided as damages and profit to be paid by Alnaz and Nagib to the Plaintiff.

Both have said they have no problem paying any amount to Hazar Imam as his name has been used [wrongfully] in this case.

Now after such a long time and millions wasted in the Court process, Nagib and Alnaz asked the Courts to pronounced the matter closed but Brian Gray who represents the plaintiffs has opposed and lost and now appealed to the Canadian Federal Court of Appeal so this case will not be resolved before a full 4 years.

Now surely in this useless filings, some lawyers are making money in the process and some of their clients having being exposed in the circulation of documents with the forged signatures of the Imam and having lost their reputation, are finding that their vendetta is well worth the time and money.

Multi interests and Positions

Malik Talib " He has been an officer and director of various private and public companies engaged in communications and technology, mining, import/export, real estate development, health care and publishing.

Malik was a Vancouver tax lawyer with Thorsteinssons in Vancouver when he launched eXI Wireless (now VeriChip Inc.) in 2000. Directors Khoja, Rasul and Nanji !

He has also served as president and CEO of Corpanada Capital Inc., a venture capital company and merchant bank.

Currently he is the CEO of Cuco Resource Limited, a Mining company focused on exploration and mining of Copper and Cobalt.

He also served as a member of the B.C. Children's Hospital Foundation and was co-chair of the United Way of the lower Mainland, and is in his second term as President of the Ismaili Council for BC.

Double standards. This year

Double standards. This year Imamat day and Ramadan begins on the same day. This is what our Leaders say in Our official website " Ramadan is the holy month in which Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family) received the first revelation of the Holy Qur’an. Together with other Muslims, the Ismailis celebrate Ramadan as a month of special felicity “in which the Holy Qur’an was sent down as a guide to humankind…” (Qur’an 2:184).

In Muslim tradition, Ramadan is a time of heightened commitment to piety and purification through special observances such as fasting, the performance of good deeds — including charitable giving and voluntary service — and through personal sacrifices of material comforts. These observances lead to spiritual fulfilment and a sense of renewal..."

But they seek only material greed and positions, sadly at the expense of and with little or no piety, love and regard for Farmans, Imam or others

khushyali and Ramadan Karim.

Truth is ...

Letter from Alnaz Jiwa, and Letter to our Top Leaders as received

Mahebub, just a note. SS did not say he does not follow MSMS'S farmans. He said we, Ismailis don't have to follow them as they are no longer valid. He also said, and all of these are transcribed by the official reporter, that we, Ismailis, don't have follow MHI's farmans made by him during deedars.
Just a reminder, brother.

On 7 July 2013 14:48, Mahebub wrote:

Thank you. I agree Shafik Sachedina has been using Hazar Imam’s name and is not telling the truth, or what Imam is telling him to tell the Jamat ( GJ London Farman. Hazar Imam was telling us the truth)

Dear Shafik, Azim, Mohammed, Nanji, Nazmin, Mawji, Bhaloo, Manji. Malik (& those who know the truth)

Do you also agree with the following? If not please correct or clarify.

1. Why do you not ask others to stop sharing Farmans or file a lawsuit against them? For example;

a. I & others have been quoting Farmans of Imams, & Hazar Imam since April 2010.
i. In my communication with you, and my updated 75 Farmans-reasons.(attached)

b. Alwaez Kamaluddin, Mohib Ebrahim and others on their websites Hazar Imam has not sent a Farman or a Talika to them or to me to stop sharing or giving Farmans.
i. Shafik said to me Alwaez and Alwaeza Kamaluddin has permission from the top leaders in Pakistan, and that Mohib Ebrahim has permission from Hazar Imam to publish his speeches. (this was given in April 2011)
ii. Therefore Imam clearly wishes us all to share and give farmans to each other.

Why then are you continuing a lawsuit against Nagib & Alnaz (now for names and costs).

2. When I met Shafik, he wanted me to withdraw the $30000 regarding costs I sent. Shafik and Amin said to me that Imam does not want costs. If Imam does not, then why are you and Gray disobeying Hazar Imam and still claiming costs in the court case.

3. Shafik says Hazar Imam was dictating an LIF announcement to him while he was on route to the Airport to catch a nonexistent flight to London.
a. That day all the airports including London where closed.

b. Shafik issued that message from Imam as an announcement. Not as a Farman or a Talika.

c. The LIF announcement is misleading contradictory, incorrect and or incomplete.

d. Azim Chairman of LIF was not even consulted and said to me he did not know.

4. Shafik said Imam thinks in French, and so Imam does not mean what Imam said in English. Shafik therefore changes Farmans because he claims his English is better than Hazar Imam, and he can second guess what Hazar Imam means to say. (This is also not true)

a. Imam said in London GJ, Shafik/Leaders are not telling the Jamat what Imam is telling them to tell the Jamat. (Shafik with M Keshavjee, A Lakhani, & Zauhar Meghji, deleted that sentence)

b. Imam said on 15th Oct 2010, that Imam does not edit Farmans after they have been given. Imam said Imam annotated Farmans. Imam offered them to Alnaz and Nagib.

5. Shafik said to the court that Farmans are available to all the Jamat, even in remote locations. That is not correct.

6. Evidence of forgeries by Shafik has been submitted by Nagib against Shafik Sachedina. These have been sent to ICAB, and to you all.

a. Shafik has not responded or produced any evidence to the contrary.

b. Hazar Imam did not say on 15th October that Hazar Imam was the plaintiff, or that there have been no forgeries. (see 6 facts attached)

c. Can you ask for and produce-consider verifiable evidence that those documents are not in fact forged. If not resign and or start a new independent enquiry.

7. Shafik said Imam told him on 30 March 2010 to consult Leaders regarding the Book of Farmans by Nagib. Sachedina disobeyed, and did not do so.

8. Shafik says Hazar Imam decided to file a lawsuit on 30th March 2010. That was Easter weekend. Shafik said to me Hazar Imam used Carnegie, the French lawyer, after 30th April 2010. Shafik said Hazar Imam did not ask him and Aziz to file an Affidavit. Therefore Shafik is not telling the truth. Read the time line below of events leading up to the lawsuit.

9. A Dharamsey says Shafik/DJI is working together and closely with Abdulla Dharamsey, in marginalizing and threatening others – e.g. me, Nagib, Alnaz, Zina are some examples.

10. Dharamsey says he has been speaking to Gray. Gray has said he is acting on Shafik’s Instructions.

a. Shafik said to me he spoke to Gray who on his instruction contacted Salim Mawji to retract the article, while we were discussing to end the lawsuit. Confirming Shafik instructs Gray.

b. Shafik was not telling the truth that Imam is personally handling the lawsuit himself.

11. The LIF announcements were sent without consultations by Shafik (DJI), & knowing they are misleading, contradictory and inaccurate. Azim Lakhani- LIF said he (LIF) did not know and Shafik did not consult him. Also the Talika regarding the lawsuit is contradictory and raises more questions.

a. I have requested clarification, verification and or annotations/explanations. None have been provided so far.

b. The announcements were joint with the Council & ITREBS.

i. Council Presidents were not consulted and were not given all the facts. This was simply an instruction which they followed blindly because they believed Shafik (DJI), Azim (LIF)and Mohammed Keshavjee (ITREBS/IIS/NCABS/ICAB et al)

ii. These were not announced to the whole Jamat globally. Does this not affect or apply to all Murids?

12. Shafik and Manji disobeyed Hazar Imam on 15th Oct 2010, to also end the lawsuit and work together with them.

13. There is evidence that Shafik has said he will ruin Nagib Tajdin.

a. That is what he has been trying to do directly and indirectly. For example;

b. Dharamsey complaint. Not entertaining Nagibs complaint. Misinformation and resulting in threats, marginalization, and violence.

14. Shafik said Imam has been personally handling the lawsuit since 30th March 2010. That is not true. He is giving instructions to Gray. If Imam is personally handling then surely Imam will have asked him to given evidence. Shafik says Imam did not ask him to give an affidavit.

a. They disobey Hazar Imam in giving an affidavit when they say Imam did not ask them.

15. Shafik says a Mehmani accepted even personally by Hazar Imam does not mean anything for him. Like he says Farmans of MSMS are invalid for him. These are we have within and as an integral, living and a fundamental part of our Tariquah being practiced today. He was not telling the truth or the whole truth.

16. Shafik arranged with others to stop IIS and ITREBS from publishing Farmans, and books on our Tariquah (rites, traditions, ceremonies & Ginans). They are disobeying Hazar Imam (see attached)

17. Shafik agreed he will end the lawsuit if Nagib withdrew the allegations against Shafik. While we were discussing this Shafik and Gray allowed Salim Jiwa to publish more misinformation regarding the Lawsuit. Shafik reneged on what he said. I was involved in this personally with Shafik.

18. Hazar made a Farman in presence of Shafik for books by N N Hunza to be published by IIS in 2001, and for his knowledge to be shared widely with the Jamat.

a. Shafik has rejected this Farman and has blocked this and has marginalised N N Hunza and those who are sharing his knowledge which Imam has approved.

b. Alwaeza R Hunza was excluded by him with Poonja and Huzur Gulu Ramji. Now a new case against her. F Hunza and Z Lalani by the Leaders who report to Shafik - This is under the terrorism act in Pakistan. They have refused any dialogue. This is like Nagib – Confrontation but no dialogue.

19. Shafik is blocking reports & information even the names of the executive committees working for the benefit of the Jamat.

a. Another UK example of the £500 million investment which is for the benefit of the Jamat? The Kings cross development which he with Shiraz Kabani , Naguib Kheraj, & his wife are “effectively” controlling. This falls under the UK Jurisdiction. Therefore Amin Mawji will or should be a part of this secret executive committee.

i. Do the Jamat know? Or how many Ismailies, besides the inner circle, have benefited and will from this investment - what is the policy on declaration & conflict of interests, and of multi connected.

20. Hazard Imam allowed Nagib to continue his website. Shafik and Manji asked Imam to close it because it is confusing the Jamat.

21. I met SS at Gatwick Airport regarding the lawsuit and the issues at his request. He said he is taking a flight and had checked in. He said good bye and walked hurriedly to board the flight - 1 hour later he was spotted in south London - I called him and he said when he had boarded MHI cancelled that meeting. He is going with friends for the weekend.

a. I don't believe he was telling the truth and he was using tactics to impress me and make me think that he is so close to Imam and so I must or will believe him.

b. He even said me and he will arrange me to meet Hazar Imam and Imam will confirm Shafik is telling the truth. I said I look forward to that.

c. During our meeting he went twice away for a call and said it was Hazar Imam. If so surely Imam will have told him not to fly for the meeting when he said had checked in.

22. The full and complete constitution is blocked by Shafik/DJI from the Jamat and from Leaders contrary to Imams instructions and farmans (see attached)

23. In May 2010, ITREBS and NCAB and ICAB issued new rules. This is no coincidence but very deliberate. These have been used for the purposes of the Lawsuit against Nagib and Alnaz. Dharamsey filed a complaint at about the same time to NCAB against Alnaz and Nagib


1 Jan 10 SS asks Nagib to stop the distribution of the books

4 Jan 10 Nagib sends a private sealed letter to the Imam, offering 2000 + books of Farmans to each Jamatkhana for distribution free of charge.

16 Jan 10 First LIF announcement (So Hazar Imam instructs them but they do not discuss or meet Nagib or Alnaz or even check what Alnaz did)

24 Jan 10 A scanned letter from the Imam was emailed by SS to Nagib who requested a meeting with Hazar Imam to seek clarification. Dr SS thwarted attempts by Nagib to speak to, or meet Imam to seek clarifications.

17 Feb 10 A telephone conversation between SS and Nagib. Nagib informs SS about alleged forgery. SS makes threats to ruin Nagib and is aggressive. Everyone knows how aggressive and arrogant SS has become. Nagib requests SS to do the following ; 1. To show to the Imam the sealed letter from Nagib to the Imam dated 4 Jan 10. 2. To show to the Imam the scanned letter which SS sent to them with a forged signature 3. To Inform the Imam that he (Dr SS) has made a mistake and to seek forgiveness from the Imam. Nagib assured SS that if SS does, then Nagib will close this matter and work together going forward.

18 Feb 10 In less than 10 working hours ! A second letter is sent by Dr Sachedina from Hazar Imam. This is a serious and an unprecedented issue and situation. Imam considers all issues in detail generally and has given directions for Leaders to do so. The tone , style and content of the letter was not that of Imam. Did SS speak to and explain to Hazar Imam, all what had transpired including, the claim of Forgery and then (within 10 hours), mehmani 18 years ago, 10 publications etc. Hazar Imam decided to write a letter to Nagib in that tone, style and content, all within 10 hours ? ?

30 Mar 10 SS says under oath that he was directed by Hazar Imam to discuss amongst leaders and Imam decided to file the Lawsuit on about 30th March 2010. Easter week.. SS says he discussed only with MM, who he thought had spoken directly with Hazar Imam. SS said lawyers were instructed by Hazar Imam personally on 30 March which is a Tuesday. Friday 2nd April 2010 was Easter Friday. So SS is expecting us to believe the case was prepared, Lawyers instructed in France and Canada, all affidavits prepared and case read and filed in 2 working days. He is not telling the truth.. Due diligence usually in a normal case takes two days minimum, and In a high profile international and unprecedented case, at least 7 working days, especially as SS claims that this lawyer is new and was never used before. So did MM, SS, Hazar Imam AB and MM clear their diaries to focus on the filing of this case on 31 March 2010, and worked during the easter weekend? Did lawyers have a full 24/7 team, with 24/7 access to SS, MM. AB and Hazar Imam? This would be necessary to finalise and file by Tuesday 6th. Final approvals will have been by Thursday 1st April 2010. (Sachedina did not tell the truth under oath)

Mass emails of misinformation and misleading information by Dharamsey, Kamadia and others including Leaders

6 Apr 10 Lawsuit is filed in court. So this must have been ready by Last Thursday, unless Lawyers and Imam worked on this during the Easter week end.

There were no consultation with the national or other leaders.

No contact with Alnaz Jiwa, No notices by Lawyers to either Nagib or Alnaz. No attempts to meet or conciliate.

Would Hazar Imam agree If Hazar Imam knew ? Hazar Imam specifically asked Shafik for LIF-Leaders to discuss and deliberate.

11 Apr 10 SS informs the Leadership in London. Shafik instructs Leaders not to discuss this lawsuit, nor the issues in the Lawsuit because Hazar Imam has directed Leaders not to. There is no such Farman read in Jamat Khanna. Yet in 4 days there is an LIF announcement contradicting what SS said - Imam has authorized LIF to inform the Jamat of all the steps so as to avoid any confusion or speculation. LIF have not done so.

15 Apr 10 LIF Announcement in 4 only regions. India refused to announce it. The LIF announcement says, Imam has authorized LIF to Inform the Jamat and Imam has approved the book of Farmans to be published and, every effort was made to conciliate with the Murids before the lawsuit was filed. Not true.

In April 2010 and May 2010.

ITREBS and NCAB/ICAB approve and issue new rules and policies. Shafik and A Bhaloo use these in this submissions.
A Dharamsey files a complaint against Nagib and Alnaz.
They with M Kamadia and Salim Jiwa propagate misinformation and emails to Ismailies. globally. This started in January 2010, before the lawsuit was filed.

There are those who know the truth, internally and externally. The truth will come to the fore ! Someone will share what is the truth and what really happened. ?

You forgot the manipulation

You forgot the manipulation of the October 2010 Discovery transcript. If Imam would have said one word in their favour during Discovery, they would have transcribed it in golden letters and drummed it on each and every roof.

Multi Positions & AKDN

Nizar Juma, Chairman of Multi AKDN companies (incl. Diamond Trust Bank, Seacom and Bujaghali Hydro), has teamed up with Brama-kumaris (Hindus) to stop corruption in India and turn India “Blue” – Why is AKDN not teaming up withIsmailies or other Hindu or Muslim faiths in India ?

Mr Juma says the Indian Government “doesn't understand that laws cannot bring change; change in mindset only can bring positive results.” Chariman Juma adds “ he is doing programmes to shift Power from America, to India..”. He says “soft power is all about spirituality, transparency, honesty and no suppressive power relation between the ruler and the subject.” Read interview below

Is this the official position and program by AKDN for the Ismaili community ? Please explain. Is Aziz Bhaloo and S Sachedina involved in this ? Are the AKDN companies in India Involved in this program ?
Juma says AKDN"joins hands with hundreds of companies for various services, but only when they pledge not to accept or offer bribe. So before we go for an alliance with any firm, we ask 'do you want to be blue?' And see, we (AKDN ), are always among the top 25% whatever field we jump into…” “and says “ AKDN is transparent and there is no question of bribes or conflict of interests ?

Why then the secrecy and blocking of Farmans, information and reports from your stakeholders and beneficiaries ? (The Jamat). Besides you and the inner circle, how many Ismailies have benefited from our 100 plus companies in the last 10 years ?

Mr Juma; Are you doing this as AKDN and with our institutions in India ?

Besides your own and those of the inner circle, How many Ismailies have AKDN helped, & how many poor Ismailies have benefited, in East Africa, and Darwaz for example? - Read more

Transparency & Accountablity

Habib Bank Limited which is one of the 100 + companies set up for the Aga Khan community and followers by the Aga Khan
".. The Board is firmly committed to the highest standards of corporate governance. The Group’s corporate governance is directed..also towards adherence to sound business practices, TRANSPARENCY and DISCLOSURES to shareholders (JAMAT). The Group ..has always maintained its fundamental principles of corporate governance – that of integrity, TRANSPARENCY and fairness, seeking to provide an enabling environment to harmonise the goals of maximising shareholder (JAMAT?) value and maintaining a customer centric focus. Read more.http://www.habibbankuk.com/userfiles/file/HBL-UK-Annual-Report-2011.pdf

Transparency & Solution

" Pope Francis set up a new commission to investigate the Vatican bank, known in Italian by the  acronym IOR, meaning Institute for Religious Works, a high-ranking priest who worked for it, Monsignor Nunzio Scarano, was arrested in Rome along with two other men and accused of corruption.

The priest is known to his friends as "Monsignor 500" because of the number of €500 bills he carries around.widely used as a tax haven in the heart of Europe. In 2010, Roman magistrates froze $33m held by the IOR in an Italian bank, charging that transparency protocols had been violated. The Vatican denied the charges.

Pope Francis set up the five-person pontifical commission last week "to ensure that the bank's activities are in harmony with the mission of the universal church and the Apostolic See", the Vatican announced last week. Its job was "to collect information on the running" of the IOR.

The setting up of the commission is among the first signs of where the Argentine Pope intends to take the vast organisation he heads. In holding the Bank up to scrutiny, he is doubtless aware of the size of the challenge that he has taken on.

Resignations today by

Resignations today by Director and depty director of the Bank amid allegations and investiogations. "..(ROME) — The director of the embattled Vatican bank and his deputy resigned Monday following the latest developments in a broadening finance scandal that has already landed one Vatican monsignor in prison and added urgency to Pope Francis’ reform efforts.
The Vatican said in a statement that Paolo Cipriani and his deputy, Massimo Tulli, stepped down “in the best interest of the institute and the Holy See.” Read more: http://business.time.com/2013/07/01/vatican-bank-director-deputy-resign-...

There are allegations against Shafik Sachedina and complaits by Nagib Tajdin to the Aga Khan Institutions ! NO resignations so far.

Letter to Jamat & Leaders

As received t0 share with Leaders & Jamat. - What has His Highness the Aga Khan “Ordained”.

Examine the following 5 facts
1 Our constitution is a public declaration by Hazar Imam to and for the whole world. (Ordained and declared as a public document)

2 Our constitution is a Farman & Farmans include speeches, interviews and writings (defined by Hazar Imam in the constitution)

3 Any Farman can supersede any part of our constitution, codes, rules and regulations. (Ordained by Hazar Imam - Constitution & Farmans)

4 Farmans are an integral part of our constitution (which is both dynamic & enabling – Hazar Imam)

5 Without Farmans , our constitution can therefore never be interpreted or understood correctly (for or by Ismailis)

This shows clearly that ; Hazar Imam clearly “ordained” “decreed”, & wants Farmans to be given to all Ismailies, and, also to “anyone” who is interested and wishes. Do you agree ?

If you dont, let me know why I am wrong, legally or constitutionally, or intellectually. Please also provide parts of the Law, or constitution or Farmans or Quran, you are relying upon in your consideration

If you agree, then do what Hazar Imam is saying, not the opposite. I invite everyone to share their thoughts. (The above does not include all the evidence and Farmans shared with you).Farmans are always “given” by Imams “to be given as given”..
Ya Ali madad

What YOU Promised !

Letter sent to SS & Co, As received.

" Do you NOT know what Hazar Imam is asking you to do ? “..One of the most important tests of moral leadership is whether our leaders are working to widen divisions – or to bridge them… How we think shapes our institutions. And then our institutions shape us. How we see the past is an important part of this mindset.

Are you doing what you promised and declared on 11 July 2007 ?
Dr Azim Lakhani Chairman of LIF, made a public declaration“ We and the Jamat submit homage* and reaffirm our Bayah’ to Imam e Zaman, Commander of the faith, Lord of the age of time, and direct descendant of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH); Oh Imam e Zaman, We and the Jamat all over the world stand before you, and we make these solemn pledges;
1 We pledge our unreserved spiritual allegiance.
2 We pledge our absolute loyalty & we submit to you as our Imam, Pir, and Murshid to lead us along siratul mustaquim
3 We pledge and submit our entire love devotion and dedication
4 We pledge our obedience, Oh bearer of true authority in direct succession to Prophet Muhammed Hazrat Ali and Bibi Fatima (PBUT)
5 We pledge to extend our unreserved and unconditional support to all your endeavours for the Jamat’s spiritual and material progress, and wellbeing
6 We pledge our total support for your work in the cause of Islam, our faith of peace love compassion & human dignity.

So what should you be doing regarding for example Shafik Sachedina blocking Farman’s, and evidence submitted, (including forgeries)? Especially because he says he is Head of AKDN, DJI and holding multi “Strategic” positions in our constitutional Boards & LIF. Boards & committee members are Murids . These Murids have an obligation to look at the evidence, and discuss this objectively. They must invite and document any responses from Shafik Sachedina or other Leaders. These Murids must then have a vote to decide if there should be an independent inquiry and for him to resign or be suspended during the investigation.

This is what Hazar Imam has ordained in our constitution (Farman). AND this is also best Practices and standards adopted by AKDN & DJI. You must therefore honour what you have said to Hazar Imam.

Just because some Leaders are working closely with Hazar Imam does not mean Imam does not know or that Imam approves or has agreed. All murids are equal in the eyes of the Imam. (Read Farman below)

“I would like that every one of you, whatever your age, whatever your position, that you should work closely one with the other, and that you should remember that as far as I am concerned, every spiritual child is equal to every other spiritual child and it does not matter whether you are the president of the Council or whether you are a little tiny child in school. For me every spiritual child is equal, and I do not want any divisions in My Jamat..” 1969

$400 for.....

A Video by Shamir/Farida (Dreams*). They give full copyright, to everyone who buys this (Includes “Farmans” of Hazar Imam). Please clarify, and reasons why this is not by our institutions incl. IIS, or ITREBS. And how many in this “Limited edition” – Why limited to some and not all !

Shafik Sachedina is being promoted as
• The “Aide to His Highness the Aga Khan, and also
• The “ Head of AKDN”

The Publication Price compared :
• M Keshavjee $75 (how many free to the Jamat?)
• Nagib Tajdin book $50 ( +Offer of 2800 books free to all JK’s ).
• Nano wisdoms Free - Speeches and writings
• Nagib Tajdins book Free PDF by someone- being shared with Jamats.
• Shafik Sachedina $400 ( with permission for his interview)

Over view of Videos by Dream Productions* and Archive bazaar(Alibhai’s)
• Permission for public performance & non-commercial screenings” (Library/Acdemia/Instit)
• 2-Disc Set that virtually covers the time span of the Aga Khan’s Imamate
• An Islamic Conscience: the Aga Khan and the Ismailis (2008) (61 minutes)
• Living Camera: Aga Khan (1961) (56 minutes)
• An Islamic Conscience feature film is in English plus is:
• English closed-captioned,
• And has 9 Subtitle Languages: French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Hindi, Gujarati, and Russian Cyrilic
• Special packaging and booklet
• DVD Extras including
• Limited Edition
• $200.00
• Full interview with the Aga Khan,
o His aide Dr. Shafik Sachedina, & Head of AKDN
o Dr. Tom Kessinger, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf.
o the speech by the Aga Khan at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 1994 Commencement.

Any Farman can override our

Any Farman can override our constitution. A Farman includes Imams internal & external speeches and interviews. Our constitution is a Farman & is in the public domain ! Anyone reading the constitution also needs to study farmans to be fully understand & be certain. Therefore Farmans must also be given.

Guidance given by Hazar Imam is given to be given & not blocked.

This is more proof that The

This is more proof that The Aga Khan did not file the lawsuit and wishes his guidance to be published and shared !

A lawsuit has not been filed against these individuals. They did this before the lawsuit was filed. This includes an interview with S Sachedina

Sachedina is promoting himself in this, and gave permission and copyright to them. On the other hand he is trying to stop Nagib and Alnaz from doing what Imam wishes and has said to them and to him

Blatantly Insulting.& Disrespecting.....

How on earth can ICAB and NCAB as Judicial Bodies make rulings without giving or having the full constitutin ? Epecially when they are also not allowed to copy, interpret or explain Farmans ? Without them how can they or anyone interpret them, let alone correctly. There is evidence of forgeries against sachedina !

What else have they been doing for the last 20 years and getting away with ? SS and Co are blatantly insulting the Jamat and damaging Image of the community. Those who know must tell the truth about everything they know ?
A letter sent to NCAB and ICAB as received.

" I refer to the ICAB Order & reasons dated 10th June 2013. I confirm I wish to make a fresh complaint against A J Dharamsey, and

1 I understand NCABS have a new process and forms to make a complaint. Can you please let me have them.
they a
2 I note my complaint against Shafik, Azim, and Mohammed was considered (and treated by ICAB), as a complaint against them in their capacity as Leaders. I wish to therefore make a fresh complaint against them as “Ismailies” (not as Leaders or staff). Can you please confirm that I can make a complaint against them as Ismailies ? Under our constitution any ismaili can make a complaint against any other Ismaili.

3 I not received the full constitution which comprises the following. Can you confirm that you have the full constitution and that I can access it as and when I need access. Our constitution is a Farman. A Farman is defined in our constitution as “Any pronouncement, direction, order, or ruling given by Mawlana Hazar Imam” The full and complete constitution is made up of :
a. The Global constitution ordained on 11th July 1998. (Which includes the constitution ordained on 13 December 1986, and is consolidated in the 1998 constitution which supersedes all previous constitutions
i. This has been provided to me by President of the UK council.
ii. I assume this is the one used by NCAB and ICAB. This has not been confirmed by them in the reasons or the order
b. All previous Farmans and provisions of previous constitutions which are not superseded.
i. This has not been provided to me
ii. President of UK Council said to me that the UK council and bodies do not have this.
c. All the constitutional rules and regulations for UK and Europe Jurisdiction Ismailies. The last one ordained and provided by the President for UK is dated 13 December 1996. All the new and amended rules and regulations ordained and related Farmans since 13 December 1996
i. I have been provided with the rules of 1996
ii. I have not been provided with the rest. President of UK councils informed me the UK Council does not have them. Therefore all the UK constitutional Bodies do not have them. That includes NCAB UK.
d. All Global Farman’s and Imams annotations, since 13 December 1986 which have the effect of changing or interpreting the constitution which is also a Farman.
i. These have not been provided to me despite requests to The President UK, ITREB UK and NCAB/ICAB
ii. The President and ITREB UK does not have them.

e. All precedents which have resulted in the interpretation of the constitution/Farmans.
i. These have not been provided to me
ii. The order and reasons confirm there have been many cases in the past which have interpreted it and established some principles

If anyone has any of the missing documents,please send them to the editor-

ALL Leaders must read,

ALL Leaders must read, understand, and implement the following and give infirmation and farmans to the Jamat. If you dont have these booklets ask your Councils and ITREBS for them .

1. Every organization should have a Code of Practice for Board members which is available to all stakeholders (ESPECIALLY BENEFICIARIES – JAMAT)
There are basically four types of institutions for whom these booklets are intended:
ii. The Jamati Institutions: National Councils, ITREB, GRB, NCAB, and EPB
iii. The Boards of the Service Companies – AKHS, AKES, AKPBS
iv. Associations set up by the Service Companies or by other AKDN agencies to support the purposes of their programme – such as PTAs, school management committees, nurses associations, midwives associations, teachers associations, tenants associations
v. CSOs outside AKDN agencies which support their purposes
2. AKDN Booklets on tranparency and governance
a. Ensuring decision-making procedures are transparent (people know who makes decisions and how they are made, and accountable (decisions are reported to the people who have a right to know about them)
3. Ensuring that the needs and interests of relevant people and bodies are considered when making decisions

Following is a list of

Following is a list of standards from DJI/AKDN in order of importance. Noordin Nanji, Shafik Sachedina, M Keshavjee, Azim Lakhani ICAB/ITREB/DJI/ITREB/IIS/AKDN/LIF (plus many more multi positions and interests)
Why are they not doing this when you say so and when Hazar Imam says so.
• Strong VALUE and belief system
• Good Governance system
• TRANPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY to the stakeholders, ESPECILLY beneficiaries
• Clarity and adherence to organizational Vision, Mission and Goals
• Existence of CLEAR policies, systems and procedures of conducting business
• Prudent management of resources
• Organizational learning and replication of GOOD PRACTICE
• Information SHARING with ALL stakeholders
http://www.akdn.org/publications/civil_society_kenya_competence.pdf and

Nanji/ICAB/NCAB - In your rulings against Nagib and others, where are Values, transparency, accountability, sharing information, the booklets, the practices and rules with the stakeholders and beneficiaries who are the Jamats? You should change or resign before you are removed by Leaders down the line or the Jamats.

Truth must be known!

Are Mr Nanji, Sachedina Keshavjee , Bhaloo, Manji and Co hiding some thing Big ! Is there a cover up ? Should they all go!. Many more are telling the truth. .
Latest revelations about NHS ! “NHS WATCHDOG COVER-UP” : Jeremy Hunt Minister says 'WHOLE TRUTH' MUST COME OUT The rotten side of NHS ! “THERE’S AN OLD SAYING THE FISH ROTS FROM THE HEAD,” he said. “The board and the senior executive were totally dysfunctional. THAT RESULTS IN BAD BEHAVIOR FURTHER DOWN THE LINE. THE ENTIRE MANAGEMENT HAS BEEN CHANGED "IT UNDERLINES THE NEED FOR A FULLY INDEPENDENT AND WIDE- http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-22980803
Naguib Kheraj, Azim Lakhani and S Sachedina are all involved at senior levels with the NHS in UK and in related busineses.

Letter to Leaders

Presidents and Leaders

How can you know what Hazar Imam has said. Especially when you know, or you don’t believe for example what Shafik Sachedina/DJI say ? The answer is in this Farman

“ Recently I sent a message to President Count Sir Eboo telling him that I wanted him to inform the Jamat that I was most concerned about rumours which were circulating in the Jamat about what Hazar Imam might or might not have said about the future of the Jamat in Kenya. And this is the first matter Which I want to talk to you about tonight. I have told you on many an occasion that if I have a Farman to make to My spiritual children, I will make that Farman to the Mukhi or the Kamadia or the councils. But that I will never send a Farman to all My spiritual children through an individual, unless that individual has evidence which is satisfactory to the Jamat and to Me that I have sent this message to the Jamat..” (1973 - The authenticity, integrity or the content of these Farmans have not been questioned or challenged by Shafik-DJI. or Aziz Bhaloo, or by Gray in the Court. Hazar Imam also did on 15th Oct 2010, when in fact Imam allowed the book to be retained by those who have the book)

Leaders know and have evidence of forgeries etc, submitted against Shafik Sachedina. Will you & Mukhis therefore consider, and ask for evidence regarding, for example;

1 Not giving Farmans to the Jamats (Including all speeches & Farmans to our institutional/leaders)
2 Not teaching, explaining and interpreting Farmans
3 Not teaching our tariquah, rites and ceremonies, not publishing the research and books on them by ITREBS/IIS
4 Not providing copies of the annual and triennial reports (for all constitutional bodies)
5 Not giving details of starting of the Lawsuit against Nagib and Alnaz and all the efforts made and now the progress.
6 LIF Announcements and the Talika (Farman) regarding the Lawsuit against Nagib and Alnaz Jiwa
7 All constitutional rules regulation including by ICAB, ITREB,NCAB at the time of the start of the Lawsuit and included in the affidavits of Shafik and Aziz Bhaloo.
8 The GJ Goals, and the 50 TKN Projects (The budgets, reports, funding and progress in the last 5 years)

Can you please obtain and provide the evidence including Imams annotations. I also refer to my specific and reasoned requests.
Ya Al Madad

Who do you believe?

ICAB/DJI say that ICAB and NCABS are not Judicial Bodies ! Hazar Imam in the constitution says they are Judicial Bodies. M Keshavjee says they are Judicial Bodies.

I believe Hazar Imam not Nanji/Sachedina ? Nanji said to ICAB Hazar Imam has given a Farmans to him regarding the Lawsuit and principles of ICAB - That Farman no one else knows about except him and Shafik Sachedina 1 If this was a Farman only to Nanji then Imam says he will send evidence that it is from Hazar Imam. He has not given that Farmans to be read in Jk or shared it with Nagib and Alnaz (according to the LIF announcement / Who do you beleive ? Nanji/Sachedina or Hazar Imam.

Letter sent to ICAB/NCABS & Leaders as received;

ICAB have stated that they do not consider ICAB and NCAB are “Judicial Bodies” . I invite you and them to consider the following and let me know the basis on which ICAB and NCAB have come to the decision that they are not Judicial bodies for the Ismaili community.

1 The constituting confirms ICAB and NCAB are Judicial Bodies
2 ICAB and NCAB also confirm that they are a “judicial” body and do “adjudicate” (below part of evidence submitted )
3 M Keshavjee participated in the drafting of the constitution. He was head of ITREBS for over 25 years, who is working with DJI/IIS since about 1980, who is a lawyer, and was/is a Head of the training for NCAB/ICAB for over 12 years.
4 He confirms ICAB and NCAB are also judicial bodies.
5 Under the UK law ICAB and NCAB also act as a Judicial body when adjudicating complaints such as my complaints under our constitution. They state they have regard to the UK Law and principles of natural Justice and the ethics of our faith (in the order and reasons)
6 ICAB has not provided or quoted any sections of the constitution, rules, precedents, expert opinions/interpretations, and or from Farmans in coming to this conclusion or interpretation of our constitution, and or provided me with the full constitution and the precedents of NCAB and ICAB. In this context
EVIDENCE that NCAB and ICAB are Judicial Bodies and do Adjudicate
The constitution states (4.2 Mandate)
“..The Constitutional mandate of the CABs in Canada provides for them:
“..(b) to act as an arbitration and judicial body and accordingly to hear and adjudicate upon:
NCAB Canada Constitutional Rules “ ICAB and NCAB act as Judicial bodies including to adjudicate..”

M Keshavjee confirmation NCAB and ICABS are “Judicial Body 16th March 2009
“His Highness Prince Aga Khan Shia Imami Ismaili National Conciliation and Arbitration Board” for the territory for which it is formed. ..The Boards also act as an arbitration and judicial body, and accordingly hear and adjudicate upon such disputes. At the international level, the Constitution provides for an International Conciliation and Arbitration Board (ICAB) composed of a Chairperson and six other members. ICAB also acts as an arbitration and judicial body and accordingly hears and adjudicates upon the above matters. A decision by the ICAB is final, conclusive and binding upon all the parties, provided they have voluntarily submitted earlier to be so bound…”

Mahebub Chatur


Hazar Imam says in this Farman. Hazar Imam NEVER sends a Farman without evidence that it is from Hazar Imam and that evidence will satisfy THE JAMAT Does this not meant that;

1 Imam sends farmans to the Jamat which are for the Jamat.
2 Imam sends Farmans with evidence that the guidance is from the Imam.
3 Imam has cinfirmed this to Leaders & Jamat on many occasions. When ? Where are those Farmans & occassions?

Is this not crystal clear.

Nagib has filed a case with ICAB against Sachedian for forgeries. Gray has confirmed he takes instructions from Shafik Sachedina. Where is the evidence of what Sachedina is saying to theLeaders, The Jamat and in fact Mr Gray ?

Shafik Sachedina must therefore provide evidence to all the Presidents, ITREBS, ICAB and NCABS. Also regarding
1 The affidavits they have filed and what they have said in court.
2 They say Hazar Imam did not ask them to file an affidavit.Why then did they file the affidavit ?
3 Sachedina says Hazar Imam on 30th March 2010 said to him that Hazar Imam has decided to file the lawsuit.
4 Where is the evidence ?
5 Sachedina says Hazar Imam dictated the LIF announcement which Sherbanoo then sent and he sent ?
6 Where is the evidence ?

On the days Sachedina said Imam was dictating the LIF announcement to Shafik who was driving to the Airport to catch a flight to go to London. All Airports were closed on that day. ?

All Leaders must ask for evidence. If they are told that Hazar imam has changed his mind, or Imam thinks in french, and they delete a sentence like the London GJ Farman - Ask for the evidence.

WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE ! If you know the truth, you must share it with the Jamats

Another Farman for Leaders

Another Farman for Leaders and Jamat to think about - "But never seek to make the Imam say or imply that the Imam has said things which you might believe but which you have no evidence that the **Imam believes** or that He has said." -- Darkhana, 13 Dec 1973, Nairobi

Leaving evidence, Imam is also saying clearly that the Leaders and Jamat are NOT allowed to forward to others something you are told the Imam has said but of which you have no evidence that the **Imam himself would even believe it** let alone say it !

Would Imam ever "believe" that suing a murid without any notice or dialogue is fair just or ethical. That too for sharing his Farmans He has given to his murids to share with their brothers and sisters !

This is additional proof that Imam did not file the Lawsuit and Imam wants Leaders and the Jamat to ask for the evidence from SS and Co !

A letter sent to our

A letter sent to our Leaders, & Alnaz Jiwa; (As received)

"Thank you Alnaz. Most leaders do not have the full constitution. Amin Mawji UK President confirmed to me that what he gave to me was the full constitution given to him by DJI/Shafik. I have asked him to get and provide a copy of the full constitution to me. I have also asked NCAB/ICAB. They have not so far.

The oath Leaders sign is to protect and defend the constitution . This is in addition to their bayah and obligation as murids under the murid/mushid relationship with Hazar Imam. Their responsibilities, commitment under the oath & constitution, are inclusive as Murids first, and are also joint and several.

I agree with you that they cannot fulfill their responsibilities and obligations under the constitution or Farmans, when AS A MATTER OF VERIFIED AND VERIFIABLE FACT;

1 They do not have the full constitution (which is a farman, and includes all Farmans as defined by Hazar Imam in the constitution which change and or are critical in interpreting the constitution ). The Jamat also does not have the constitution. Not even the basic version given to some Leaders

2 They do not have all the rules and the regulations (or have verified them). The Jamat also does not.

3 They do not have all the Farmans (40% are missing and Farmans include Imams speeches many of which are also blocked)

4 They and IIS/Waezeens/Mukhis have instructions not to copy, teach, interpret or explain our Farmans to the Jamat or leaders (who do not have them)

5 They do not have all the Imam’s annotations.Hazar Imam confirmed personally to you and Nagib in the presence of Shafik/Manji that Hazar Imam annotates Farmans but Imam does not edit Farmans

Hazar Imam says Leaders and the Jamat must use their intellect and verify. Every Leader needs to reflect and seek clarification and verification. Especially when Nagib has submitted evidence of forgeries and a complaint with ICAB.

If any Leaders I am copying disagrees. I invite them to clarify and share the related farmans and explanations. I will be happy to discuss this (and other matters), with them and or our Scholars/Waezeens/Mukhis.

Yam – Mahebub

I am sharing a copy of my

I am sharing a copy of my letter to Abdulla Dharamsey and his Global Ismaili Muslim Forum, which I have also copied to our Leaders. Mr Dharamsey/ GIM made death threats and calls Nagib and Alnaz Kafirs. He boasts he works closely with Shafik Sachedina & DJI

From: M Chatur
Sent: 13 June 2013 10:50
To: GIM eForum

Mawla Ali Madad.

As you know, and again I would remind you and GIM , that I have ongoing complaints against you with NCAB, ICAB , Police, and ICO. If not, I would not communicate with GIM or you.

I will be responding to ICAB and NCAB shortly regarding the ICAB ruling too. There is also an ongoing complaint by you against Nagib and Alnaz, and against you by Gafoor, to NCAB which I am interested in and want to follow and contribute in terms of evidence, representations, and personally as a murid, in the interests of the Jamat and as a concerned murid ( which I can and need to do under our constitution and Farmans)

Please share the legal advice you have got which says you can send back an email and so legally you are not as responsible and answerable- accountable?

Ya Ali Madad.

On 13 Jun 2013, at 10:12, "GIM eForum" wrote:

IIS & Mohammed Keshavjee

IIS is marketing, promoting & launching a book published by M Keshavjee on 25th June 2013. This is not published by IIS. A letter sent to IIS by a concerned Murid, 10 June 2013 20:42
To: sismail@iis.ac.uk
Department of Communications & Development The Institute of Ismaili Studies

Hi Sarah,
I have seen your electronic invitation card inviting people to an upcoming IIS book launch on a new publication entitled, Islam, Sharia and Alternative Dispute Resolution by Dr Mohamed Keshavjee. Can you please be kind enough to answer the following:

1. Why an Ismaili - follower of Aga Khan should either attend or purchase this expensive book?

2. What will the Ismailies learn from this book that will help them in their knowledge?

3. This is the same Mr. Keshavjee who has not answered any questions put to him about the Disputes that he has been involved in?

4. Why should this book be promoted by IIS and be sold in Jamat Khanas when other publications and DVDs by other Ismalies have not been promoted and sold in Jamat Khana?

5. Why publish and promote this book by Mr. Kehavjee when there is a farman from Hazar Imam for IIS to publish the books of Allama N N Hunza, and for ITREBS to make that knowledge widely available to the Jamat has not been followed?

6. Why should Jamati members buy this book and make Mr. Keshavjee rich when he has ignored the same Jamat that he is trying to sell his book and make money off of them but also treat them as trash and not responding to them as it is beyond his ego and dignity?

7. Why is Mr. Keshavjee is not following the ethics of Islam which he is preaching in his book?

8. How many Dispute Resolution has Mr. Keshavjee solved being ethicial and neutral to both parties?

9. Are those both parties happy with his resolution?

I have more questions for you to answer but I feel that these are enough for now. I hope and pray that either you or Mr. Keshavjee personally respond to this email. I know that the most ethical thing for our Institutions and Leaders is not to answer any questions at all - raised by any Jamati member.

Just remember that we live in an era of Internet and this thing can go viral around the world and may end up in our Beloved Hazar Imam's inbox. And as the IMAM has said - Ostrich policy is not for us but that is the only policy that the Institutions and Leaders follow.

New Order made by Honourable Justice Tremblay Lamer

Here is the Order made by the Honourable Judge of the Federal Court in Canada.

Referring to the review now lost by Brian Gray of Norton Rose in the Copyright matter, the Honourable Judge of the Federal Court dismissed Gray's Motion in no uncertain terms, she said her Order was made considering all the facts and was not a mistake as suggested by Gray.

Read the Order here:


The community must Nagib,

The community must Nagib, Alnaz and all those who have helped in sharing the truth and for everyone to know it is not H H The Aga Khan who is confrontational and filed this lawsuit against his own children for sharing his own guidance which he wants them to share.

If not, the judges comments and refusal would look like the court is rebuking and scolding His Highness Aga Khan and not Mr Sachedina and co, for being totally unreasonable, and confrontational.

The wider community now knows the truth.

His Highness the Aga Khan is championing conciliation, pluralism and dialogue not witch hunts, confrontation and conflicts, Let alone against his own spiritual children.

I hope this is not be another missed opportunity to end this case , and work together especially at a time when we should all be devoting more time and resources, in helping millions in desperate need around the world and in advancing cosmopolitan ethics which His Highness the Aga Khan is advocating and working tirelessly to promote around the world.


You are right we must thank Nagib Tajdin also for this forum, and doing what Hazar Imam said. Nagib has also filed a complaint and submitted evidence of forgeries to CAB against Shafik Sachedina.

Should Shafik Sachedina resign or be asked to step down while claims are being investigated.

Today ".. UK Conservative MP Tim Yeo is to stand aside from his role as Chairman of a powerful committee while claims are being investigated. The Conservative MP has denied the claims against him.."

Review asked by Gray has been dismissed. Motion lost.

Brian Gray of Norton Rose lost again another Motion in Copyright matters.

We have been informed that in the following matter of the review asked by Gray to the Court, his motion has been rejected.


We hope to have a copy of the Judgement soon.

Shukhr. I hope leaders

Shukhr. I hope leaders including ICAB and NCAB will ask Shafik Sachedina and co to end the matter as Imam said on 15th October 2010 and to work together. Leaders in our institutional bodies must question those involved in this lawsuit.

Teaching and Sharing Knowledge

Letter sent to. IIS and ITREBS.

Subject: Teaching & sharing knowledge ... Farman below ..
I refer to the session (Din & Dunya) you will be giving at IIS London to the youth. (announced in JK). I trust you will do so to the letter and spirit of the following Farman (and many other Farmans), and especially knowing that;

1 Din - You are not giving to our youth copies of all Farmans, full constitution, nor material/research/books on our rites and practices, (Imam wishes and Jamat have asked),and also

2 Din -You have not been teaching, and imparting a full understanding of specifically them to the Jamats. (Imam wishes in Farmans and the Jamat has asked)

3 Din - You have given instructions to ITREBS/Waezeens not to copy, explain or interpret them for the Youth and the Jamat (see earlier emails and farmans I have quotes and discussed) – Imam wishes in Farmans and Jamat have asked

4 Dunya – you are not giving access to detailed reports of the work, & budgets of all our constitutional bodies including for example Focus, AKDN, and mandate, work, and publications by IIS. You do not even tell us who are the senior Management and committees for us to contact them. Nor do you give the Din annual and triennial reports prepared of the Jamat for the Jamats benefit. (Imam wishes and Jamat have asked)

If you really want to change the present culture of secrecy, marginalization and mindset, which you have created and which Imam wishes you to ?

· You need to proactively start sharing and imparting these to them and imparting what you know they do not know and need to know and what Imam says in Farmans. You agreed this is critical and needed.

· If not, do you agree this session will be more of the same, for example you said Niyat is not a Shia concept and you/IIS do not have any material on Niyat ?? (You were either lying to me in writing, or you really do not know in which case how will you teach or discuss one of our foundational practices we recite and pray daily.

Please do correct me where I am wrong. (Imam wishes that too as you know)
Farman - “You must select Murids who have read and understand the Quran so that they can explain and relate the Quran to our Farmans and to our Ginans , which come from our Farmans and the Quran . These selected Murids (scholars) must be able to teach and explain to your children so that they too can understand and articulate with Hindus , Sunnis, Itnasharees , and Christians. Without such scholars you will not understand or be able to explain, and your children will become confused. These scholars must be good so that their knowledge of our Tariquah will include knowledge of our different traditions and understanding of other faiths. Therefore when they explain you will fully understand our faith and our faith will enters into your hearts and your thoughts and our faith will becomes a part of your daily lives and thinking. Our Dua and our Namaz comes from the Quran . Remember there are Ismailies in other parts of the world with different traditions. I am sending our Namaz to them. These scholars will be able to explain every Ginan in the context of the Quran and our Farmans. Ginans are from and also give expression to our Farmans and the Quran.” Mawlana Sultan Mohammed Shah made Farmans in 1899 (Kalam e Imam e Mubin)

IIS - Ismaili heritage and traditions

A copy of a letter I have written to IIS and ITREBS. Imam has asked our Leaders to respond to the needs and concerns of every Murid and Jamats around the world, be these spiritual, economic or social.

Sent: 08 June 2013 16:13
To: Vice President Alwaez Shiraz Kabani (skabani@iis.ac.uk); Farhad Daftary Acting Head Co-Director Institute of Ismaili Studies; Shainool Jiwa (sjiwa@iis.ac.uk); svellani@iis.ac.uk; Eqbal Rupanii CEO LIF; aesmail@iis.ac.uk; Mohammed Keshavjee (isabelle.cirot@aiglemont.org); shafik.sachedina@aiglemont.org; aesmail@iis.ac.uk; zauhar.meghji@kelam.com; Vazir Azim Lakhani EX Chair LIF (azim.lakhani@btinternet.com); hjassani@iis.ac.uk

"Ginan manuscripts & materials from our 800+ years of Ismaili traditions in India, Pakistan & South Asia are now also being marginalized. Urdu and Gujarati languages are considered by you as only "relevant” languages". Are these not as important if not critical ? On your website you say “a good working knowledge of at least one Near Eastern language, preferably Arabic and/or Persian; a working knowledge of other relevant languages (Urdu, Gujarati) will be an advantage. (link below)

Am I also right that the IIS-ITREBS focus on Shia Ismaili traditions & heritage has been diverted to an Arab & Persian centric orientalism.

This is clearly not right and against the very mandate of IIS and our Farmans. Please correct me where I am wrong. I also wait to hear from Shainool Jiwa regarding the research material and information requested on the Traditions & Practices in Pakistan.


Letter to Dharamsey and

Letter to Dharamsey and leaders, as received. Why are these leaders and the National Council not taking Dharamsey to NCAB? But NCAB are supporting Dharamsey and placing him above our constitution and Farmans like Shafik Sachedina in the complaint by Nagib ?
"Another email from Mr Dharamsey/Global Ismaili Muslim Forum (GIM).

Mr Dharamsey, Can you confirm if this content was circulated before and part by Mehboob Kamadia, who was involved in the attack on Nagib and Alnaz and M Kamadia, has made death threats, and with whom you communicate/d ?. Do you agree you are being obnoxious, derogatory and abusive, by calling;

1 Alwaez Vice President Shiraz Kabani as a sexual Predator – What evidence does GIM have ? I hope Shiraz Kabani will take action against GIM and you personally.
2 President Banoo Gulnar as Long suffering Mafia Mawji – Why call her Gulnar Mafia Mawji ? Do you agree this is defamatory, even if you had evidence against her husband President Amin Mawji ? What evidence do you have that President Mawji threatened staff at the Ismaili centre ? I hope President Banoo and President Saheb will take action against GIM and you.
3 Zina Khan, as Aziz, Satan and a bug, and Kumambuzi and Paku – What evidence does GIM have ? I have spoken to Aziz Hasham. He is not Zina
4 Nagib Tajdin as a Kafiroon – What evidence does GIM have?
5 Alnaz Jiwa as a Kafiroon – What evidence does GIM have ?

GIM/Dharamsey justify addressing President Mawji as Mafia Mawji “PS: At least I CAN justify calling the incumbent President of INC UK 'Mafia Mawji' for allegedly threatening the staff at Ismaili Centre (just 4-6 weeks after inviting me to a protracted lunch and a tour of the offices of Ernst & Young on a Friday, and requesting me (a Jama'ti Member!) to address the newly appointed INC UK.. ..... From: GIM eForum [mailto:globalismaili@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, June 06, 2013 4:30 PM
To: INC UK Member for Communications & Publications Shaheen Verjee
Cc: Kafiroon 1 Nagib Tajdin; Kafiroon 2 Alnaz Jiwa; Sexual Predator Shiraz Kabani; Long suffering Presidentbanoo Gulnar Mafia Mawji; Aziz Satan Bug Kumambuzi Zina Khan Paku Hasham.."

This is the same Dharamsey

This is the same Dharamsey who also insulted Begum Innara and said Ismailies were not fond of the Imam's wife, Ahl bait and who may be the mother of the next Imam.

He shows no love and respect for the Imam, his murids His family, and his Farman's.

Why he revoked his Bayah is understandable, by why he wants to then become an Ismaili again and why those leaders he insults allowed him is a mystery and makes no sense. What is the real agenda !

You must accept the farman

You must accept the farman being made by the Imam without hesitation. .. You act according to the intellect of the Imam. The root of the human’s intellect is the intellect of the Imam. It is not a task to involve your intellect in the Imam’s orders. (MSMS 1908)

"..Those who serve my believer, they serve me. The soul of the believer is my soul. " (MSMS 1910)

A letter sent to Global

A letter sent to Global Ismaili Forum and Mr Dharamsey their Chairman. He claims to love Imam but does not follow what Imam says. He had also revoked his Bayah. He continues abusing, threatening harming and circulating false misleading information to and about Imams Murids.

I have filed a complaint with the ICO UK, against him and GIM and those they work closely with. I am also still waiting to hear from NCAB and or ICAB regarding my complaints.

" I refer to this email you have sent to me and to 46100 Ismailis who have registered with you. I have not asked you or registered with your organization. Can you let me know how you got my email address, and let me know what other information you are holding about me in your records. Have you used my details in any other way?

It is also very upsetting that you are abusing our President Banoo, Gulnar bai, our President and our Vice President. And yet you are quoting a Farman which says you must show respect. Why are you circulating abusive emails ?

Except for responding to my questions, please remove my name, email and details you are holding after you have given a copy of them to me.


The lawsuit was filed on 6

The lawsuit was filed on 6 April 2010. SS and Aziz Bhaloo were together in Kenya on 17th March 2010.

Why did they not meet Nagib since Hazar Imam according to SS had asked him to consult the Leaders, and in the LIF announcement every effort was to be made ?

When did SS and A Bhaloo start discussing and preparing their affidavits and when did they first meet Brian Gray M Manji and the legal teams? I hope those who know will tell us .

Nairobi, March 17, 2010: President Mwai Kibaki hold talks with His Highness The Aga Khan. Government appreciates programmes initiated by the Aga Khan Development network, says President Kibaki

In attendance were the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Moses Wetangula and Head of Public Service and Secretary to the Cabinet Amb. Francis Muthaura among other senior government officials.

On part, His Highness The Aga Khan was accompanied by Dr. Shafik Sachedina, the Director of Diplomatic Affairs (H.H. Aga Khan Secretariat), Mr Zul Abdul, President, Aga Khan Council for Kenya and Mr Aziz Bhaloo representative AKDN Kenya.


Obligation to seek Farmans

Obligation to seek Farmans and share knowledge in them for others to benefit from them. "Islam enjoins upon an individual the maintaining of a balance between spiritual life and material well being, and to ensure that his or her material endeavors are underpinned by the ethical principles of Islam. This balance between din and dunya entails not only the fulfillment of the individual spiritual obligation but also of the obligation to acquire knowledge and to use it for the benefit of others.
His Highness the Aga Khan -Al-Khawbi, Syria 9-Nov.-2001

New Waezeen Program IIS_ITREBS

Letter excerpt sent to IIS and ITREBS As Received

".. Please clarify how the following is possible without a having and giving all Farmans and the foundational understanding of, and teaching, explaining and interpreting of all our rites and practices. This is not being done/allowed according to instructions from DJI/ITREBS Heads, and you. (see emails and complaints) Alternatively can you please confirm If there has been a change and if so have or when will IIS/ITREBS start doing this?
This IIS ITP new Program aims to:
1. Develop a group of .... competent waezeen with a strong knowledge-base and the ability to communicate their knowledge through inspiring waezes and other means as well as the capacity to apply their knowledge to help members of the Jamat address issues of contemporary life...
4. Engender awareness of the issues and challenges facing the contemporary Muslim world, and of ways in which they relate to Ismaili communities across the world; .
6. Develop capacity amongst learners to ARTCULATE ISMAILI BELEIF AND PRACTICES Ismaili belief and Practices
1. Situating devotional, ritual, literary, and intellectual traditions in their own cultural context and rooting them in the principles (including Imamat as a principle and the murid-murshid relationship; inseparability between din and dunya; affirming the values of pluralism and common humanity; role of intellect in faith; personal search for enlightenment; zahir and batin, khidmat) of the Shi‘a Ismaili tariqah shared by Jamats across the globe.
2. Knowledge and perspectives that enable the learners to articulate and dialogue with confidence on principles of the Shi‘a Ismaili tariqah to other Muslim communities, affirming common beliefs (e.g., tawhid and nubuwwah) scriptural sources (e.g., the Qur’an) and ethical ideals shared by all Muslims, and which cut across and unite different communities of interpretation in the Ummah.
The centrality of the Imam’s authority and of the bond between each murid and Hazar Imam for guiding personal, intellectual, spiritual search and wellbeing of the Jamat and informing the ethos and PRACTICES of the ISMAILI TARIQUAH in relation to OTHER INTERPRETATIONS of Islam..........."
Link for more information http://www.itp.iis.ac.uk/

Regarding books IIS publish

Regarding books IIS publish and the latest training program. IIS say they will train “ competent waezeen with a strong knowledge-base and the ability to communicate their knowledge through inspiring waezes and other means as well as the capacity to apply their knowledge to help members of the Jamat address issues of contemporary life.”

Can IIS explain How does this matches with the core research agenda of IIS which almost completely disregards contemporary Ismaili , Shia, and Muslim issues, and remains mainly focused on producing books on history that hardly anyone actually reads or cites including Waezeens, who have limited access to Farmans and research material.

Shiraz Kabani , an Al Waez and Head pf ITP at IIS says he has no material on Niyat ? If he does not he should. If as I suspect he/IIS have, then he is blocking material from the Jamat, and did not tell the truth.

Suspension & Investigation

Two peers in UK have been suspended by the Labour Party, and a third member of the House of Lords has resigned amid claims... Former Cabinet minister Lord Cunningham and former senior police officer Lord Mackenzie of Framwellgate were suspended by Labour after being recorded by undercover reporters posing as lobbyists. All three deny having breached the rules and havereferred themselves to the House of Lords Commissioner for standards.

Should this not be the same when complaints and evidence of forgeries are submitted against a Governor or Director of a UK charitable institution and holding many multi positions of trust and conflicts of interests ? Should they not subject themselves to an independant investigation ?

Mr Clegg, Deputy Prime

Mr Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister UK says: "Westminster remains a place where power is hoarded, decisions are opaque, and the people who take those decisions are not properly held to account. Our political system has long been crying out for head-to-toe reform."

Does this sound familiar ! Do we not need reform ?

UK politics: voluntary resignation by an MP

Another UK MP resigns voluntarily " Nick Clegg said last week he had spoken to chief whip Alistair Carmichael about the possibility of suspending the MP from the party, but at the meeting, Mr Hancock instead offered to temporarily withdraw.. "

Conflict of interests and

Conflict of interests and multi positions. ICAB are protecting the top Leaders so that they are not answerable. Farmans say they are. Our institutional poilicy & law of the Land says the same. Do we need an ombudsman Independant Board, which can investigate and have oversight over DJI, ICAB and thise with mutipositions and conflict of interests.

Maybe there is but that has also been blocked from the community.so far.

Have the Boards held Board meetings to consider the allegations and the evidence of forgeries submitted by Nagib ? Read posts on multi positions and interests http://ismaili.net/heritage/comment/reply/29740/16561

Obviously ICAB does not

Obviously ICAB does not consider as important that a hearing should be held to investigate the alledged forging of Imam's signature.

So the question is simple: are they, in doing so, protecting the interest of the Imam or are they protecting the interest of the forgers?

His Highness the Aga Khan

His Highness the Aga Khan sets a high ethical bar for all institutions also in terms of accoutability and tranparency. The aim is to “realise the social conscience of Islam through institutional action” (AKDN, 2007).

Unqualified_Vazirz_ are_No-Scholars.

As received - "How come unqualified folks orchestrated the lawsuit? Did the scholars give evidence? No ! why not? Those who gave evidence (a) was without the authority of the Imam as per their own confession in court (they merely chose to represent the Imam based on their respective positions...and so no qualified "Mutjahid" or Ismaili scholar was asked to give theological evidence... And so the court has been grossly misled by your Vazirs - it is a battle of the vaziers versus the murids - nothing to do with the Imam save his name has been dragged into this... !..

That is true. The Vazirs are

That is true. The Vazirs are not doing what they say Imam has said. LIF misleading announcement says “.This is a serious and unprecedented development, and Mawlana Hazar Imam has authori sed the LIF to share with the Jamat its background, in order that there is absolute clarity that the legal steps have been undertaken as a sad last resort,….The Jamati institutions will continue to keep the Jamat informed of further development,in this matter, as appropriate..”

Therehave been no announcements from LIF. The lawsuit was not filed as a last resort but a first resort. No meeting and Alnaz was not even contacted. Even now where is the dialogue and Imam said on 15th October 2010 to end the case and work together.

Where are the books IIS were

Where are the books IIS were asked to publish by Hazar Imam on our interpretations. Hazar Imam said IIS are "waffling" and making excuses.

"...We should continue under the guidance of the Imam to seek clarity in understanding from the Quran e Sharief... Guidance will be given on a continuing basis. ..new books we will be available to the Jamat .." Aug 2007

What has happened to the publication of Farmans LIF said 3 years ago will be published soon !

I don't think it is in the

I don't think it is in the mandate of the IIS to publish Farmans. Indeed not all of the staff there is Ismaili.

Books published by the IIS are for general consumption, even BUI material which is used n our Jamat can be used by anyone.

You are very very mistaken.

You are very very mistaken. IIS mandate is focussed on Shia Ismaili Tariquah. But that has been shifted away and blocked too. The latest change is that The Waezeen and religious teachers programs, IWTP and PTEB have been replaced by ITP (Internationa Training Program), which headed by Shiraz Kabani & Co, with Hussein Jassani as Manager. Read what IIS say re their Mandate and work done (Or not done?)

25 years Progress.
"Over the last 25 years, the Institute has had much to celebrate:    it has gained respect and credibility as an important voice in the larger field of Islamic Studies and has directly contributed to the formation and development of a generation of scholars, who in turn have made their mark on the intellectual and religious growth of the ISMAILI community. In tandem with the development of human resources, the Paris conference had stressed the need for a quality international curriculum to meet the religious education needs of the jamat in modern times. This was realised in the publication of the Ta'lim curriculum, whose pre school component was first published in 1985. Today, the Ta'lim curriculum for primary education is available in nine languages and used by over 100,000 Ismaili children worldwide. The Institute is at present readying the materials for the secondary curriculum which will help to provide a strong grounding in the tariqah for Ismaili youth, underpinning their identity and their capacity to articulate it. A programme to train a cadre of teacher-trainees is currently in preparation. Through its partnership with the Ismaili Tariqah and Religious Education Boards worldwide, a range of collaborative initiatives have been undertaken that are contributing to the religious formation of the jamat. These include curriculum materials for international human resource development initiatives, also known as Vector Programmes, and numerous international workshops that focus on the contemporary needs of the global jamat.
One of the significant aims of these endeavours is to equip a core group of informed and dedicated individuals within the jamat with the pedagogy, skills and knowledge that will help them articulate Islam, not as a monolithic entity but as a spectrum of interpretations and voices, and situate the Ismaili tariqah within this plurality of expressions.    Through a cascading effect, these perspectives will eventually touch larger segments of the jamat.
The Next 25 Years
The Institute of Ismaili Studies will have an even more important role to play in the years ahead. .. the geographic dispersion of the jamat and oscillating political and social realities have necessitated an institution that is increasingly capable of addressing new and emerging challenges creatively and intelligently. .” http://www.iis.ac.uk/view_article.asp?ContentID=105878

M Keshavjee is publishing 2

M Keshavjee is publishing 2 more books later this year - contracted ? Who makes the money ? More on Dispute resolution - He does not practice what he writes !

1. Islam, Sharia and Alternative Dispute Resolution: Mechanisms for Legal Redress in the Muslim Community

2. Into that heaven of freedom - Biography ?

Closed by Government

An AKDN newspaper , The monitor closed by the Police in Uganda. “ ..A government statement said the newspaper's owners "highly regretted the story".The Police search continues. President Museveni and the management of Nation Media Group, which owns the Monitor, met on Sunday 26 May, it said. They had agreed to "only publish or air stories which are properly sourced, verified and factual", amongst other undertakings, the statement from the Minister of Internal Affairs, Hilary Onek, said They also "undertook to be sensitive to and not publish or air stories that can generate tensions, ethnic hatred, cause insecurity or disturb law and order",

The BBC's Catherine Byaruhanga in Kampala says there has been criticism from some journalists who say the Nation Media Group has chosen to protect their business interests over their editorial policies…” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-22717291

Given what Aga Khan has sunk into Uganda, an investor must really have a very big heart to risk his/her money into the country. The closure of media houses this week may be the worst event of the year 2013..The AKDN investments in Uganda are in excess of $1.25 billion and include Newspaters-Radio, Bujagali, Seacom, Insurance, Banking, Airlines.and other business sectors

Hazar Imam started with "

Hazar Imam started with " May I make a suggestion" on 15th October 2010. Why did Shafik Sachedina and M Manji not do What Imam said ? Read following letter to ITREBS send by a Murid as received.

"Many who work closely with the Imam think they know better and second guess the Imam. Many think that because Imam is asking you to give him your research, reports and suggestions, Imam does not really know. They think they know better. Many hear but do not listen and some deliberately.

In very simple terms have you not asked a child or a student to do something in order to teach and guide. Not because you do not know. Now think why Imam is asking and says May I make a suggestion. And put very simply, We sing Ginan and say for example our Mawla/Sami is the light and++… We start theceremonies and say Ya Ali Ya Mawla… , We end Dua with Ya Mawla.. and Dua Niyat Ni Kher….Shah toje Huzur maih… ?. We say Ya shah Bando – Who is the Shah ? What is Hai Zanda/Quaim Paya and Shah Pir Paya – Who is Shah ! And why Pir. And Imam says – Take your Tasbih and recite the name of your Imam….. (If you still don’t know, please ask. If you know then ask yourself why are you blockimg or allowing Farmans and the understanding of our tariquah and practices blocked?)

Hazar Imam says we must understand and be able to articulate our Tariquah. And we will have guidance of the correct interpretation of the Quran. When you are appointed to serve the Jamat, you sign an oath which is in addition to your Bayah as a murid. Why would you then deliberately not listen and do what Imam says in Farmans and why would you block or allow Farmans to be blocked..."

A new Case has been filed in

A new Case has been filed in London Uk against Global Ismaili Muslim GIM organisation in London UK.
Abdullah Dharamsey is Chairman of GIM who says they work closely with Shafik Sachedina Head of DJI. Looks like he will have to defend and provide evidence and information in the case. Can Umed Editor get more information and if possible the submissions.

We can ask Dharamsey to post

We can ask Dharamsey to post it, he is a regular visitor of this page. That's the guy who asked Cambridge not to give a Doctorate in Divinity to Hazar Imam because he said Hazar Imam never claimed Divinity ;-)

He is also the one who wrote to the newspapers such insulting comments on Begum Inaara, the mother of Prince Aly-Muhammad.

He loves attention and publicity, so given the opportunity he will be proud to post here a copy of the complaint. I am even told he did some jail term for fraud during the days in which he claims he was a police constable in UK ;-)


On the other hand, I know that Nagib loves this guy, he won the last hearing because of one threatening email Dharamsey had sent to Nagib's lawyer which convinced the Judge that Nagib and Alnaz were unjustifiably harassed by the likes of Dharamsey.

I filed this case in UK.

I filed this case in UK. Before doing this, I made many requests for responses and to meet to resolve internally. Instead of doing what Imam says, GIM has been derogatory, abusive, intimidating, threatening and spreading misinformation. Shafik and Leadrs have not responded so far.

I sent the following to Leaders on 28th May 2013. Meanwhile I am waiting for a response to my complaints from ICAB, and requests for specific information and clarification from our Leaders (Below is one of many Farmans I have quoted )

I have received the following from GIM/Mr Dharamsey today. More misinformation, swearing and abuse intended to intimidate, harm and threaten. He further addresses President of UK Council as “Mafia Mawji” and “The black Hearts Leader”. And saying that Chair of ITREB UK Salima Bhatia is considering the position of Almas at a Salary of 60,000++. Is this true or more misleading information being spread to over 46100 GIM registrants/members/recipients/subscribers ?
Please add this to the evidence in my complaints .

“ .. never seek to make the Imam say or imply that Imam has said things which you might believe but which you have no evidence that the Imam believes or has said ..” “ I will not be recommending what you think I should be recommending to you .. you may want the Imam to say a certain thing but if He does not say so , then do not make Him say so, because I will not do it ...If I consider the advice is wrong at a given time I will not give you that advice …” 13 December 1973

What did Hazar Imam say in the GJ London Farman, and on 15th October 2010 ? What Did Imam say in the LIF annoucement about the publication of Farmans and to give information and updates to the Jamat regarding the lawsuit against Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa. I have also requested that this clarification, evidence and Farmans to be provided to the jamats globally.

I have requested the leaders involved to meet and resolve matters internally as Imam wishes in our constitution and Farmans, I have shared and quoted to them..

Abdullah jan Dharamsey is

Abdullah jan Dharamsey is Chairman of global Ismaili Muslim forum which he boasts is very powerful and has over 46000 genuine registered ismaili members worldwide.

Mr Dharamsey says GIM investigates selected ismailies with others including his son, his teacher, the samaritans, the red cross and by working closely with Head of the DJI , Mr Shafik Sachedina in order to gather information to settle scores, intimidate bully incite violence and spread misinformation in mass emails.

Dharamsey claims he was a Special Police constable with the Police in London which he uses this to threaten, intimidate and gather information. I read an email from him in which he says GIM is the global Ashkari (Police).

Mr Dharamsey can you also let us know what you discussed with Sachedina and Mr Gray who you say you spoke to in December 2012 ? Mr Gray said in court he does not know you nor if you exist. Ya Ali Madad.

Does anyone know if we are trying the same?

Does anyone know What are Focus doing for Ismailies in camps - Read what other charities have managed to lobby and do !
" GENEVA, – In an unprecedented move by a non-neighbouring nation since the beginning of the uprising more than two years ago, Germany last week agreed to take in some 5,000 refugees fleeing ongoing violence in Syria. The first refugees from Syria will arrive to Germany in June, priority being given to children separated from families or unaccompanied and to needy refugees with relatives in Germany – including Christians who are particularly at risk of persecution – the Minister of the Interior said..."

Letter sent to IIS and

Letter sent to IIS and ITREBS as received. Not to forget in January 2010, LIF said they will be publishing a book of Farmans also authorised by Hazar Imam ?

"I refer to the following and Farman. Can you please let me have a list of all the new books published, and identifying within them those relating to this Farman. Can you also let us have any other Farmans or annotations (explanation-interpretation) of this Farman.

I also look forward to the information and clarification I have requested before.

Ya Ali madad.

Excerpt of Farman-Irshad August 2007.

" I want to make it clear to my spiritual children that we are & will continue to seek out knowledge and understanding particularly from the Quran so that my murids look forward to the future with an interpretation which is correct... We should continue under the guidance of the Imam to seek clarity in understanding from the Quran e Sharief... Guidance will be given on a continuing basis. The role of the Intellect is a part of our faith. ... new books we will be available to the Jamat on the history of thought, the history of faith within Shia Islam.."

IIS has published 1 book in

IIS has published 1 book in last 4 years ? But IIS claim they have published 20 books in association with a publisher who has also published the book of Mohammed Keshavjee. All these aithors are earning money from them. That publisher is I. B. Tauris publishers.

The other 3 books are with other publishers. So what has IIS themselves published based on this Farman for the Jamat ?
What other books have been published by IiS for the Jamat ? not by other authors & publishers some of whom work at IIS and make money from sale by other publishers and the publishers make money.

Can someone explain - read the full list on IIS website.

Prince Rahim Aga Khan said.

Prince Rahim Aga Khan said. "Absolutist, exclusivist, and rejectionist claims "to the truth" , especially to religious truth, are increasingly heard from all quarters. ...Rather than seeing religion as a humble process of growth in faith,some people presume to claim that they have arrived at the end of that journey and can therefore speak with near-divine authority ”....

Very beautifully stated by the Prince and that too without pointing directly at anyone...

Hazar Imam in Ottawa

His Highness The Aga Khan said; “ pluralism requires constant dialogue, a readiness to compromise, and an understanding that pluralism is not an end in itself, but a continuous process…The Global Centre for Pluralism was established in partnership with the Government of Canada, and was inspired in part by Canada’s experience as a highly diverse society. We want the Centre to be a place where we can all learn from one another about the challenges of diversity - and where we can share the lessons of successful pluralism... “
Link to video and speeches http://www.pluralism.ca/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=204...

Is Shafik sachedina doing what Imam says regarding pluralism, dialogue and compromise in the Lawsuit or in our commnunity ?

Sharing a copy of a letter

Sharing a copy of a letter sent to the Leaders including ICAB & NCAB.


ITREB UK published a book of Farmans called Mubarak Farmans of Mawlana Hazar Imam during the Golden Jubilee Darbars. They sent this booklet with a memo on 3 Sept 2010 to some Waezeens in UK Jurisdiction Jamat.

Can Shafik Sachedina, M Keshavjee, Azim Lakhani, Zauhar Meghji, M Poonja, A Mawji, Salima Bhatia, and or IIS/DJI/others, clarify and respond to the following questions and concerns for the jamats globally;

1 What is the reason why all Farmans were not published as approved by Hazar Imam (in a Farman). This was confirmed in the joint LIF/ITREBS/Councils/ announcement in January 2010 on Chandrat.
a. “..The Jamat will be pleased to be informed that Mawlana Hazar Imam has already approved that the Jamati institutions should formally publish a volume containing the approved texts of his Farmans, including those made for the Golden Jubilee. This will be made available to the Jamat in the near future..”

2 What is the reason to select only these Farmans, and not others since or before the GJ Farmans. Why also not all the related farmans in the form of all speeches and annotations during GJ given to and for the Jamats including to leaders institutionally ?

3 What is the reason for not giving this book to all murids around the world, but only to some Murids (selected Waezeens, & Leaders, with instructions not to, copy, share, explain, interpret or give to the Jamat).

4 What is the reason for not giving this book also to all
a. Ismaili scholars,
b. Religious teachers,
c. All Bait Ul Ilm administrators
d. IIS

5 A letter dated 28 May 2008 from M Keshavjee has been exhibited and used by Shafik in the lawsuit against Nagib and Alnaz. Shafik said to the court he was not asked by Hazar Imam to submit an affidavit. Do you agree that Hazar Imam has not issued any Farmans saying that Farmans must not be given or explained to the Jamats by ITREBS, and or Waezeens and or Mukhi Sahebs. Is not the mission and role of ITREBS and IIS to impart an understanding or our Tariquah, and farmans are central to our faith and Tariquah

Can you please let us have a copy of the book you have, so that this can be compared to the book published by ITREB UK. Also Hazar Imam allowed murids to keep the book of farmans published by Nagib. The accuracy , text, authenticity or integrity of Farmans were neither questioned nor challenged in court, nor by Hazar Imam who approved and allowed the Jamat to have and to keep them.

Mahebub Chatur


NCAB Canada

NCAB Canada do not do what they say Imam is telling them to do.

NCAB says Imam tells us to be humble, just, ethical, respectful, and to treat Murids with compassion and handle all disputes in accordance with the law of the country and principles of justice, generosity and integrity.

Here is what NCAB Canada say they will do but don't do !
" Do you require assistance - The Conciliation and Arbitration Board (CAB) was established by Mawlana Hazar Imam under the Ismaili Constitution in 1987 to avoid costly litigation and to resolve disputes among murids in a culturally sensitive manner and within the ethical framework of our Tariqah. The CAB process is voluntary and is conducted in accordance with Canadian laws. Moreover, it also fully reflects our ethical principles of justice, respect, compassion, generosity and integrity.

The Conciliation and Arbitration Board (CAB) is a body established under The Constitution of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims to assist murids in avoiding costly litigation and resolving disputes in a culturally sensitive manner within the ethical framework of our Tariqah. The Board is responsible for:
• Assisting in resolving differences between parties in disputes arising from commercial, matrimonial and other civil liability matters by way of conciliation and
arbitration; and
• Adjudicating upon actions brought under the Constitution. "
Link to newsletter

I read the following letter

I read the folloing letter posted belfor. ICAB have authority but refuse to give information to Murids let alone original documents which Muirds can verify. http://ismaili.net/heritage/comment/reply/29740/16924


NCABS and ICAB are certainly not doing this in the handling of cases of N Tajdin, A Jiwa, Gafoor, A Dharamsey Mansoorali Noorani, and M Chatur.

They have not adjudicated as a body, or assisted these murids in resolving the issues in a culturally sensitive manner within the ETHICAL FRAMEWORK of our Tariqah or are conducting them in accordance with the LAWS OF THE LAND or fully reflecting our ethical principles of JUSTICE, RESPECT, COMPASSION, GENEROSITY and INTEGRITY.

They have been arrogant and onfrontational. No meetings or dialogue but unliateral decisions wtihout a hearing, and not even providing the full constitution and related Farmans. Acting blatantly against Imams farmans and the constitution. What is shocking is that they admit openlythey are still not doing what Imam is telling them to do.

Imam said clearly to all murids( Jamat and Leaders), in London GJ that Leaders are not telling the Jamat what the Imam is telling them to tell the Jamat. That was for a reason. Imam want the Jamat to ask the Leaders what Imam meant, why and what are they not telling the Jamat and most imprtant those murids/Leaders who know the truth must share it with the Jamat

What is being now exposed is not a coincidence but for the Jamat to know the truth and stop those who are not doing what Imam says..

Why new appeal ?

Why Shafik and Group want the names of those who have the book. Look at the facts !

1. Shafik and Co were refused by Imam to make announcements in JK for books to be returned, or to get names.

Reason - Imam does not want names or books to be returned but kept and shared.

2. Hazar Imam did not ask for any names on 15th Oct 2010.
- Imam asked them to end the case and work together - why did Imam say that

Reason - Imam does not want the names or to ask what price was paid or if given free!

3. Shafik claims some books were maybe sold for more that $ 50 ? So he wants to verify the price
- If Shafik and Bhaloo have some evidence then why have they not presented an affidavit with the evidence from any leader or Jamat to prove the book was sold by Nagib for more than $50 ?
- Shafik has proof from many that some books were sold for $50 , many books were given free. Nagib offered thousands of books free of charge for the Jamat.

- Nagib did this out of love and not to make a profit ?

Therefore Shafik Sachedina does not want the names to find out what was the price paid for the book

4. From thousands of Murids & Leaders who have the book , how many have come to Shafik and say I have the book and I have paid $ 50 or got it free ?
- if any have told Shafik the. Why need more names ?
- If none have , then none of the thousands trust him or believe Sachedina.
- If any one has, then why is there no proof submitted to the court by Sachedina and Bhaloo to say the books were sold for more that $ 50 ?

Sachedina and his group who include A J Dharamsey do not need or want the names to find out the price of the book ! Why ? Read on !

5. Mr A J Dharamsey says openly that he works closely with Shafik Sachedina & DJI to investigate others - They do so to settle personal scores and to intimidate bully and threaten them. He circulates misinformation and makes frivolous and false complaints.

So will they do any different with the names of those who have the book and who Imam wishes to have and share the book of Farmans ?

Shafik has said he will ruin Nagib and is trying to do that ? A Dharamsey has been trying to do the same since January 2010.

6 Hazar Imam gave permission to Publish his speeches and writings (farmans) to a murid (nanowisdoms) in April 2011
- If Imam does not want his Farmans published and shared , why would Imam do so after the lawsuit was filed and If Imam wants names of murids he has allowed to have his Farmans. Reason Imam does not want names or to check the price paid !

Facts speak for them self. You be the judge !

Bravo to Nagib and Alnaz

I've been following this case for long. Many a times I thought leaders were correct. However, after having a thorough review I found that the case is baseless.

If the case had any merit, it should be deliberating on misreporting, mispriniting or misinterpretation of Farameen in the the book. No objection has ever been raised so far by anyone that the book is misrepresenting of the actual Farmaneen.

My sympathy and full support are for these two murids.


Nagib Tajdin has been

Nagib Tajdin has been publishing since 1992. This is the final volume. For over 20 years no Leader has questioned this or said Farmans are not accurate. Mr Bhaloo in court said he was given a book and IIS were given too.

In April 2011 Hazar Imam gave authority to publish all Imams speeches and writings to Nanowosdoms a private Ismaili - Why would Imam do that ?

Sachedina and IIS say a book of Farmans and a book of Speeches are to be published ? If so why is Nanowisdoms given permission ?

Is it not because Sachedina is blocking and refusing to publish them ?

You are right. The integrity

You are right. The integrity or accuracy of Farmans in the book are not challenged or even questioned in court. nor in the LIF announcements nor in the affidavits of Sachedina, Bhaloo or Gray. On 15th October 2010 Gazar Imam personally offered Imams annotatated Farmans and allowed all those who have the book to keep the books. If there was a question of accuracy or integrity of Farmans Imam would not have agreed. Also in the Lawsuit Sacheduna Manji Keshavjee and Bhaloo and LIF chairman would have said so.

You are right

Through you, Moderator,

because ALL are cr..ks.......let us call a spade a spade.

Thank you.......................

this is what I think


This i what I think should be the motive behind this lawsuit, as far as I understand IMAM wants his murid to have all the firmans to be studied and interpreted and followed. ITREB is and has been lazy in fulfilling this MHI's wish. Nagib and Alnaz did what ITREB was supposed to do, instead of encouraging these two individuals they CONDEMN them and used MHI name. Now since MHI ordered those who already have the book should retain it, this decision of MHI is a THORN in the leadership for their inefficiency and laziness for not working the BIG BOSS'S order.

What SS and CO is trying to do behind this new appeal is try to account for every book that is out there and their owners so they can get it back by the order of this new appeal. because as per the decision of the court they can get only 10 names. if there is a single book left unaccounted for they will not be ABLE TO COPY THE ENTIRE WORK Of NAGIB AND ALNAZ and claim it as the work of IIS or ITREB and then sell it in JK for more then price of Nagib's book. If they are successsful in this Ottawa court then these 2 gentlemen will be punished for copyright infringement and they will loose all the claims the right and future right of appeal to the book and the BOOK WILL BECOME THE PROPERTY OF ITREB and all they will need is to copy the entire book maybe make few changes to the cover and claim it as their BRILLIANT WORK.

This is just a case of PLAGIARISM being brewed in DJI brewing co. PVT ltd.. Maybe I am wrong in my analysis, you be the judge.


Copy of my letter to Shafik

Copy of my letter to Shafik Sachedina LIF, ITREBS and Leaders;

I have read the motion and appeal. (link to copies below). Before appealing there was no effort made to resolve internally. Can you explain why you did not meet Nagib/Alnaz, to ask for example;

Can you please give all the names directly and only to Hazar Imam instead of giving only 10 names as directed by the Judge (and say simply we are asking because we think Hazar Imam should be given all the names for Hazar Imam to select 10 names to give to the 10 named ITREB Chairs named by the Judge).

Do you agree this will end the lawsuit/complaints, and begin a new era of working together as directed Hazar Imam. In this way Hazar Imam may also give new guidance to you, Nagib and Alnaz.

Remember Imam (and the court ) allowed all these murids to keep and share the book. And 6 months after the meeting on 15th October 2010, Imam gave permission for Imams speeches and writings to be published by Nanowisdoms. All Farmans musttherefore be given to all the muirds (see also the 69 farmans/reasons to share and work together)

Can you please also confirm or clarify the comments below.

The Judge has asked only 10

The Judge has asked only 10 names should be given by defendants but Gray want those 10 names to be those of large buyers. Obviously there is no logic because large buyers may have bought cheaper then $50 or received some free while a usual buyer would have paid $50. Also by having the defendants choose the names of the buyer who paid $50, Sachedina may end up having names of his friends or people in the leadership or even ITREB Chairmen, would they not be a lot embarrassing to him, beside that there is one of his own emails filed in Court which confirms that the books were sold for $50. LOL!.

As received. Leaders must

As received. Leaders must ask for original and signed Farmans with the annotations ? Leaders must verify the signature and handwriting ! Leaders must not believe without having any evidence ?
"According to this Farman, do you agree you must ask for evidence and NOT believe blindly what you are told. For example by Shafik Sachedina and DJI, regarding the lawsuit, Farmans, Rites and ceremonies, forgeries, complaints, LIF announcements, Talikas, budgets, positions, Programs, reports, etc.

Are there are any farmans which say you must follow blindly what you are told what Imam has said with no evidence .?

“ .. never seek to make the Imam say or imply that Imam has said things which you might believe but which you have no evidence that the Imam believes or has said ..” “ I will not be recommending what you think I should be recommending to you .. you may want the Imam to say a certain thing but if He does not say so , then do not make Him say so, because I will not do it ...If I consider the advice is wrong at a given time I will not give you that advice …” 13 December 1973

As Received " Now see how

As Received " Now see how your "Mowlana" Sachedina lied in court under oath during cross examination?
Q. You prepared the announcement? (This refers to the announcement made by "Lord" Lakhani ..who he chose only 4 locations NOT all..)
Sachedina:.." No. He (Imam) called me. He himself had done a lot of work on the announcement, and he was giving me instructions to say that these are the four countries he wants. Because originally -- normally, announcements of the LIF go global, but in this particular case, it was His Highness's wishes that to keep this announcement in only those four countries..."
When Ismailis live in some 25 plus countries and all are equally impacted by Firmans and Copyrights if it even exists, to begin with...why would the Imam do so much .....and then they after working sooo hard, restrict this announcement, to only 4 countries and exclude some 20 plus countries ? i.e.Millions of Ismailis were excluded as they were unimportant !... Then Sachedina says Imam after speaking to him Imam again dictated to Sherbanoo and she then typed the announcement - So Sachedina was stuck in a car as all Airports were closed - So who sent the LIF announcement out - was it Lakhani ? But Sachedina did not say that to the court ?

[edited by Admin]

I would say that up to

I would say that up to recently the majority of the leaders have done a very decent job.

It is only recently with the advent of the non-constitutional DJI that this has come to an end because the DJI which is non existent in Ismaili law has nobody to be answerable and accountable to except its inventor Sachedina.

If it becomes a Constitutional body, it will be answerable to the Jamat like all others Constitutional bodies but up to then, it is answerable to God only. At least this is what we are told by I-CAB to believe.

Just imagine, the Imam appoints the Leaders International Forum to be our higher body but this guy comes and put himself on top of every institutions that has been appointed by the Imam and make all of them answerable to himself.... and we Ismailis are supposed to have a religion of the Intellect... Did all these people understood the meaning of the Oath that they were required to take as appointees of Hazar Imam?

New Appeal from Gray

Here is the link to the new Docket


This is a new Docket all together. This is a Notice of Appeal filed with the Federal Court of Appeal , it is different from the Notice of Motion which Gray has filed and which will be heard in writing soon by the Federal Court.

Gray's Appeal will most probably be heard in 6 months or more in front of 3 Judges of the Court of Appeal. Just some strategy by Sachedina to prolong the case...


Court Number : A-156-13
Proceeding Category : Appeals Nature : Appeal (S.27 - Interloc.) - Others
Type of Action : Non-Action

( 2 records found )
Doc Date Filed Office Recorded Entry Summary
2 06-MAY-13 Toronto Solicitor's certificate of service on behalf of Kristin Wall confirming service of doc 1 upon Respondents (Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa) by telecopier on 06-MAY-2013 filed on 06-MAY-2013
1 06-MAY-13 Toronto Notice of Appeal filed on 06-MAY-2013 against a decision 24-APR-2013 (Tremblay-Lamer, J.) Tariff fee of $50.00 received: yes

The agenda is clear. To get

The agenda is clear. To get all the names and to control and prolong the case.

So Mr Sachedina wants all

So Mr Sachedina wants all the names because he says H H The Aga Khan wants them and His Highness wants to personally select 10 names from the list to call or be called by ITREB Chairs? and asked if they bought the book and paid $50 for the book

Mr Gray says the Judge made a mistake in allowing Alnaz/Nagib to give 10 names.to Gray and Plaintiff ? The judge should have done what Gray wanted not what the Judge decided was fair and just.

Does the Aga Khan really want all the names from which to select 10 names so that he or ITREB Chairs can call them and ask if they bought a book and if they paid $50 for the Book. A book which the Imam and the court have authorised them to keep and share with their families and friends unconditionally.

Is this what Brian Gray is asking the Judge? If Gray really beleives the Aga Khan wants all the names, then why not discuss with Alnaz and Nagib and say the following for example;

Will you agree to give all the names to the Aga Khan directly, instead of the 10 names from which he can select 10 names to call, or give to Chairs of ITREBS to call and ask if these spiritual children bought the book and paid $50 ? (Mr Gray and Mr Sachedina do not need the names

So why new motions, & why appeal, with all the additional costs. Imam said to end the case on 15th Oct 2010, not to prolongue the case. The judge said the same.

His Highness the Aga Khan is

His Highness the Aga Khan is known for advocating and promoting pluralism, dialogue and conciliation. Not for confrontation and certainly not against his own followers who are his spiritual children.

Looks like Mr Sachedina will

Looks like Mr Sachedina will not stop at anything to win, and as he threatened to ruin these two spiritual children of His Highness the Aga Khan. Can you upload the motions and supporting documents filed by Gray.

As received And so now the

As received

And so now the question still remains unanswered....who gave this.. lawyer his fees? and from which bank account? and how much ? and from where was it paid?

Was it paid by the Vaziers and their .. members? I doubt ! Or was the fees paid from Imam's money but NOT by the Imam himself ?

It is also becoming clear by the day that the announcements made by LAKHANI in your JKs, was misleading and false.....in the same manner he and his wife have acted in front of the Imam as if they are husband and wife....when it is a widely known fact, based on his own admission that they are SEPARATED formally !!! and he is seen walking with his "Sati" walking behind him and Sachedina by his side....and so even Sachedina was a party to this farce, it seems...plus A J Dharamsey claims opnely he works for or with SACHEDINA AND SHERBANOO.... and this is simply unacceptable and horrible indeed and they should resign FROM THEIR POSTS !!!!!

Next Date in Cases in India

Dear All , Ya Ali Madad ,
on last date Hon. Judge saheb was on leave , and , being May - June vacation period , the cases were adjourned to - on 05 /07 /2013 ..... thank you.......ya ali madad .....!

We need an army of

We need an army of whistleblowers who Love the Imam, and who tell the truth and when they know Leaders are not doing what Imam is saying, they refuse to follow those Leaders and ask them to follow Imam's Farmans

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