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Defenses Glorifying the Aga Khan filed in federal Court - 2010-04-29

Thursday, 2010, April 29
Heritage News

In a surprisingly rapid twist of events, both Mr Tajdin and Mr Jiwa have filed their respective statements of Defense this 29th of April 2010. They affirm to being devoted followers who will unconditionally abide by the wishes of the Aga Khan, whom they glorify in their defense.

Mr Tajdin declares that:

He has not been served yet but the ethics imposed upon him by his faith demands that he should not keep in ignorance the public by being silent on the issue and should clarify all of the facts, pertaining to this lawsuit, of which he is aware.

He reaffirms his allegiance to the Aga Khan, is willing to submit to any of his wishes, and is ready to surrender himself and all his possessions to the Imam.

He has been printing Farman books since 1992 with approval and instructions from the Imam received on August 15, 1992 in Montreal.

He has not received any communication from the Imam from 1992 to 2009 instructing him to stop publication.

He cannot stop publication without instruction from the Imam as this would be a breach of his oath of allegiance to the Imam.

All Farman publications were financial deficit projects done as a volunteer service and large numbers of books were distributed free of charge.

Farman sharing is a historic Ismaili tradition which still continues today.

The current Ismaili Constitution does not restrict the right to publish Farmans

Mr Tajdin concludes that:

He has no choice but to await further direct instructions from the Imam.

He reaffirms his allegiance to the Aga Khan, is willing to submit to any of His wishes, and is ready to surrender himself and all his possessions to the Imam.

Mr Jiwa states that:

"This action does not appear to have been authorized personally by the Aga Khan .."

"In distributing Farman books obtained from Tajdin to other Ismailis, he has not violated either the Ismaili Constitution or any Farmans"

He has not violated the copyright act as "Tajdin was given express authority by the Imam" and regardless of the fact that "the limitations period provided for by the Copyright Act also bars this action as the books containing the Farmans were commenced publication in the year 1992", he will still do whatever the Imam tells him to do.

Mr Jiwa clarifies finances:

He "obtains these books for C$50.00 from Tajdin and sells it for C$50.00, without any profit.

"All monies received by him from the sale of (other) books after 2005 were delivered to the Jamatkhanas"

Mr Jiwa further states that:

"If the Imam edited the Farman before releasing to the Jamats, in effect he is superceding the Farman he made orally previously."

He "unconditionally reconfirms his oath of allegiance to his Imam" and "if the Imam does not desire his Farman books to be distributed to the Jamats (...) this defendant will submit to the instructions of His Imam without reservation whatsoever"

Replies From the Plaintiff are due within 10 days, and Affidavits of Documents are due 30 days later.

[Update from May 6: Ogilvy Renault, the law firm which launched the case has asked for an extension of 15 days to reply to the Defense. They claim delays due to breakdown of email servers, blackberry communication, travel of senior lawyer, time difference with Paris etc...The more delays in this file, the more damage it creates to the reputation of the Ismaili community, the Imam and the defendants. It is to the advantage of all parties that this case be withdrawn from the courts.]

[Update from June 22: Defendants have filed a Motion for summary Judgement to have the case dismissed.]

[Update from September 5:
Online Book that gathers court materials as well as articles that are currently available for the ongoing 2010 Lawsuit:

Copyright Lawsuit 2010: Online Book of All available Materials
News on cross-examinations:
Copyright Lawsuit: CROSS_EXAMINATIONS Table of Contents - 2010-09-04
Latest Development
Copyright Lawsuit: Imam Appears for Discovery and Ends the Case - 2010-10-15
As users are asking to read the letters from Nagib and Alnaz on the court docket, the latest have been attached on the following link:
A. Various Court Filings

Revised Factums have been posted Here:
2010-11-29 Summary Judgment : Plaintiffs Revised Combined Factums of Reply and of Motion
2010-11-29 Summary Judgment: Defendants' Revised Factums of Motion and of Reply

There has been proven fraud in the recent past in the Aga Khan's domain by the Aga Khan's agents:
Aga Khan Lawsuit: Fraud at Aga Khan Studs - 2000-02-22

2011-05-25: A Jamati Member who has never met the Defendants volunteered as his brotherly duty to pay the $30,000 that was demanded in the Plaintiff''s submissions and that was accordingly ordered by the judge.
Read the full details of the $30,000 payment directly to H.H. The Aga Khan.

2011-06-16: The Appeal Memorandum of Fact and Law against the Summary Judgment has been filed in court by the defendants on June 16th, 2011.
Read the Full Appeal Memorandum of Fact and Law

Link to Court Docket Case T-514-10
Link to Court Docket Appeal A-60-11
Link to Court Docket Appeal A-59-11
Link to Court Docket Appeal A-156-13

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Anonymous postings are acceptable.

Anonymous postings are perfectly acceptable here. The reason is that on the internet, a person which post as a women can be a man, someone posting as a little boy can be a very old man, there is no way of knowing who is posting and the name does not mean anything, as a matter of fact, I see lots of people pretending on facebook to be the Aga Khan, I am not going to give them any deference or respect, they can not all be THE Aga Khan.

So let us accept that because of the nature of the Internet, people will remain anonymous and that is good because there is no retaliation possible... and also the credibility is not from a name but from the content of the posting.


@ librarian

Very well said.

Thank you

We must respect those who

We must respect those who use pen names. What matters is what is said and it is shared and it is reasoned specific and with respect.

Court Docket says "..Gray

Court Docket says Gray will have to send names by the end of this week. Defendant's lawyer will have to send a draft order by the end of this week.." What happened at the hearing ?

Defendant's lawyer said that

Defendant's lawyer said that the case should be closed and all the information necessary for the Reference were already in Plaintiff's hand.

The Judge agreed, she even asked both lawyers to take 15 minutes off and discuss a final settlement but Brian Gray refused. She said a lot of Judicial resources were wasted on this without reason. I think a lot of fees were also made without reason.

Gray said his instructions were to pursue the matter. He refused that the case be closed. It was very apparent that his orders or intention were to prolong the matter as long as possible. His instructions could obviously not come from H.H. The Aga Khan who on 15th October 2010 said clearly to Gray that he wanted the issue put to rest. The Juge even made the comment that the lawyers fees will be more than the amount to be settled.

So we have to wait for the Order that the Judge will sign.

Gray said he did not even know if Dharamsey existed. But of course we know from all the mass-emails circulating that Dharamsey and Brian Gray are in contact, in fact few days back, Dharamsey even circulated a mass-email saying that he talked with Gray recently. I wish that email was shown to the Juge but she saw the other one addressed by Gray to Dharamsey thanking him for his support so that was clear that Gray lied to the Court by pretending that he did not know that Dharamsey even existed. Dharamsey who sent a threatening letter to Defendant's Lawyer Archambault in last November I think.. That email was very useful in proving that defendants were harassed by fanatics. So sometimes people try to do harm but they end up doing the opposite. God has His ways in turning bad into good.

The matter was heard in Montreal.

We will have to wait for the Order to come, probably in few weeks.


Mr. Gray has been persistently demanding that both Nagib and I disclose names and addresses of the people to whom the Farman books were distributed. Gray in his questioning us asked us to produce all relevant emails to him for review, and for Nagib to produce his bank accounts even those jointly held with his wife etc.

The question Gray is pursuing the matter is to seek how much profits we made so all profits made is to be disgorged. ordered to be paid to our Imam.

Nagib had given a detailed accounting showing loss of around $170 000.00 and I said that I bought and distributed books at same price of $50.00 with some books given away free and 18 books returnerd to ITREB. So even had I collected monies for all but 18 books, I would still be at a loss.

Even the Toronto Prothonotary had once said cost of the process is way too much and she suggested that can appoint a mediator. Brian Gray refused the offer and said he was instructed by MHI to pursue the case in the court.

To avoid disclosure of names, both Nagib and I agreed to pay about $65,000.00 to MHI by not deducting my purchase cost and by Nagib not deducting any expenses. such as postage etc.

But then Gray said that he wanted to confirm selling price of the books, although the Claim filed by Gray said we were selling for 50.00, and SS had filed as his evidence that when he inquired by email through someone else. he was quoted a price of 50.00 per book with shipping to be paid by Nagib, meaning the real selling price was about 40.00 or less.

Yet Gray insisted that he wanted all evidence as noted above to confirm the selling price.

Unfortunately the Prothonatary agreed with Gray, ignoring the evidence, and ordered us to produce everything that wanted.

To avoid names of individuals from being disclosed to avoid reprisals to the mukhis, and other institutional volunteers or employees whose name would be given to them, we appealed the disclosure order.

Gray even refused our offer that the disclosure be given only to MHI and no one else under a confidentiality order so names cannot become public to all and to SS and his group. Gray refused.

As Nagib noted, Brian Gray refused to obey the Judge who wanted the matter settled.

Obviously anyone who thinks that MHI will be vindictive and fight a frivolous case does not have any understanding of what our Imam really is. Even during our Mulakat, MHI never asked for any profits or disclosure of anything and affirmed four times that books can be kept by all to whom the books were given away to. Even though SS argued against MHI's stated position.

Shukr, all we were fighting was to protect all the individuals who bought the books from us although people like Abdulla Dharamsey kept referring to as if we were continuing to fight the Imam.

All I can say is had Gray accepted what MHI said on that day the matter would have resolved by end of Oct 15, 2010 Both Nagib and I had agreed to abide by guidance of MHI.

@Nagib - re: Defendants' lawyer said...

Let us continue to hope for the best!
Thank you for explaining the proceedings to us in simple English, Nagib bhai.
Ya Aly madad.

Letter to ICAB & Leaders

Sent: 14 April 2013 17:17
To: 'Noordin Nanji'
Cc: 'Azim Lakhani'; 'Mohammed Keshavjee'; 'Abby Jan Dharamsey'; 'Shafik SACHEDINA'; 'Nazmin Kassam'; Amin Mawji OBE President UK ; Vice President Alwaez Shiraz Kabani; Mukhi Salim Janmohamed West London UK; Nagib Tajdin; Alnaz Jiwa; Gafoor; Mansoor Noorani; Eqbal Rupanii CEO LIF; Shams vellani; sadru.datoo; Zina Khan

Subject: Appeal to ICAB: Chatur v Sachedina, Dharamsey, Lakhani and Keshavjee

Thank you for your attached letter dated 11 April 2013 and a part of the requisite information. My response and request for further and better particulars. You have not responded to all my requests and completely or openly/transparently.
1 Constitution - Changes to the mandate and Authority to “ICAB and NCAB system under clauses 12, 13 and 14”;

a. Besides the “system under clause 12, 13, and 14” – were there any other changes – If so please provide copies. I requested all not a limited or selective parts of the constitution.
b. I note there are no other changes except increase in number or ICAB Members
c. Since a Farman supersedes the constitution and prevails.
i. Can you provide copies of the Farmans you – NCAB consider which will prevails over the constitution

2 Rules and regulation ICAB.

a. I note that the ICAB rules were ordained on 13 Dec 2003.
b. Please confirm there were no ICAB rules and regulations for 15 years, between 1986 to 13 Dec 2003. If there were please provide copies.
c. You state Hazar Imam enjoys full authority. This is not disputed. In this context;
i. Do you agree that Hazar Imam exercises authority in Farmans as defined “inclusively” in the constitution ( Farmans therefore includes Talika, Irshad, constitution, mehmani, speeches, pronouncements, writings etc, which are both written and verbal). These are all and form and part of our constitution, as Farmans. If not let me know which are excluded.

3 Authority of ICAB

a. You are confirming that ICAB has authority under 3.2(d) . This is where ICAB can and have made changes without any reference to Hazar Imam. Please confirm.
b. ICAB can therefore make and effectively enact rules and regulations.
i. Can you provide copies of all these rules with the related Board resolutions, rules and minutes since 1986 identifying those which are
1. Approved and ordained by Hazar Imam
2. without any reference to Hazar Imam.

4 Rules for disciplinary action

a. I note there have been no changes since 1999.
i. Can you please provide copies of all changes before 1999.
ii. Can you please provide the exact date in 1999.
iii. At ICABS request in April 2010 there was confirmation. Remembering the Lawsuit and allegations of Forgeries and the misleading and false LIF announcement in Jan and April 2010;
1. Can you provide the exact date in April 2010 when ICAB decided on this request and confirmations. Why was this in April 2010 ? and who initiated ? and the circumstances around putting this on the ICAB Agenda in April 2010. Why was this considered and were all the NCAB rules and regulations just confirmed or reviewed by ICAB in detail and formally. Was there urgency and if so why?
a. Was this at the request discussed with and or initiated by DJI and or S Sachedina. Can you please provide a copy of the minutes./resolution

5 Special Leave

a. I note ICAB will proceed on basis that NCAB have not invoked section 3.2.

6 Information regarding other complaints

a. You are saying you cannot provide information to me because I am not a party
i. Can you confirm you are acting as a Judicial body and not as between two consenting parties. Therefore as a Judicial Body you must provide copies as a judicial Body which is equivalent to the Courts of the Laws of the land. Therefore all parties are entitles to court information and documents
ii. Also you have permission from the party complaining and to use their evidence in my case. If you have permission can you provide copies to me; or what more do you need from them for copies to be supplied to me ?

7 Requests to you to intervene on specific matters (including evidence of forgeries submitted to you);

a. You say ICAB has no authority to investigate or supervise overall functioning of Jamati institutions.
i. I have requested you as a Board and also individually as Murids based on the constitution and Farmans. I refer to the farmans I have quoted. You can do so individually and collectively as a Board based on Farmans and also the Quran (where there are no specific farmans)
ii. Do you accept that farmans I have quoted which oblige you to as Leaders and a Board to intervene and assist in serving the Jamat, and also ensure and seek accountability meritocracy; answerability, competence etc. I also refer to the GJ Farmans which I have quoted from where the Institutions have been asked by Hazar Imam to act collectively as one body so that the Jamat do not have to go to individual Boards to seek and get information, support assistance and indeed Farmans or our full constitution. I refer to the 68 reasons and Farmans I have quoted.
b. That authority to intervene rests with solely with Hazar Imam.
i. Can you let me have the relevant Farmans and documents in coming to this conclusion.
1. Has not Imam delegated this authority to our institutions and the Boards and each Board has rules including to intervene and remove Leaders
2. Does not the Law of the Land supersede our constitution and you say you take the Law of the Land into account too. Under that law are you not individually and collectively as a Board not also responsible and obliged to intervene legally, morally and ethically. Please see the farmans I have quoted to you.
c. ICAB Role under section 14 of the constitution - you say this relates to a specific mandate
i. The role of ICAB is as a Judicial Body. Equivalent to a court of Law. Therefore and under the Law you must intervene and act when you know or suspect the law of the Land or the constitution which include Farmans have been is breached or broken. Please confirm or let us know why you do not consider the law of the land or Farmans
ii. In consideration of my complaint you are obliged to consider all the Farmans of Hazar Imam. Please confirm.

Thank you for the Information. I hope you will see my request for further and better particulars as well meaning to understand and these are in accordance with Farmans of Hazar Imam including the 68 reasons and Farms to share and work together.

I look forward to hearing from you. As always I am happy to meet and discuss with the Leaders and or our Boards, as Hazar Imam wishes and says in Farmans.

Kind regards and Ya Ali Madad
Mahebub Chatur

My Analysis on Two Points .....!

Dear All , Ya Ali Madad ,

I NEED to Analyse on Two Comments , as , Two Points , as mentioned below ,

( 1 ) I can not allow posts that
On April 13th, 2013 librarian-umed says:
I can not allow posts that blame the whole leadership or one of our institution for the failure of few people... unless all of the people in that particular institution are weakening its respect.

It is not wise to criticise institutions when we all know few people can be the problem and all the others thousands are just honest people willing to serve selflessly.

If there are only very few members in an institution and you have specific prove or documents allowing you to say the whole group is corrupt, than please share.

For example, LIF is a very big group with lots of people from different background so one can not put all of them in the same basket by criticising "The" institution. On the other hand, ICAB would be a handful of people where 1 vote could change the respect that the Jamat has for the institution. Some members are mistaken, some are misled and some are doing the misleading. That happens all over the place in all the institutions.

reply Canada

On February 4th, 2013 Bloglaw (not verified) says:
President of Canada shared the following guidance - Farmans from Hazar Imam with the Janat as a part of the vision for the next 10-15 years.

" The jamat and community must learn to build an ethos of working for their collective needs in a cooperative way by building jamati institutions and capacity, AND not waiting for Councils and ITREB to come up with 'programs' to meet community needs. Groups (can be professional or just those with common skills or interests) can become proactive to form committees to meet needs that they see existing in the jamat to address issues of the poor Murids who are reluctant to reveal their predicaments AND ARE marginalised, youth marginalization, elder care, immigrant needs etc. on a volunteer basis. .."

We have not heard about from our Leaders or from Focus or AKDN ?Regarding the Golden Jubilee Goal for the poor and the vulnerable. What have they done in last 5 years !

Is Hazar Imam saying that the Jamat has to work together between themselves and share between themselves and not wait for the councils and AKDN or the councils ?

Do not the Leaders not realise what Hazar Imam is saying and when President of Canada is sharing this does he not realise what Imam is really telling the Leaders. They need to reflect on what Imam means and do they not sit with our Scholars and interpret the guidance & Farmans of Hazar Imam

reply United Kingdom

Point no. (1) : Dear Umed is very much right in deciding , that , certain comment/s do not deserve to be posted here , being blaming only on leaders in general , without any specification/s , because , Umed might have found , this site , as ' Used ' to blame and blame and blame ......only , and , that also of Unknown Reason/s , best known to Writer/s only , but , it could not be beyond Understanding Capacity of Dear Umed also ,

Point no. (2) : Some are Blaming here repeatedly , that , some Particular Leaders are not Following Farmans of MHI , as if , the Writer himself , is very much Following Farmans of MHI , .....here is a comment , Comment No (2) , put , by one , who is Regular Writer here , .....now , as per his say , when MHI says to form committees , ( MHI has not said , that , on which level ? , it could be at International Level also ) of Individuals - Ismailis , other than Appointed Leaders , .....then , can such Committees be Formed , without Consultations between Ismailis - Individuals , ......and , could Ismailis do any Consultations with Other Ismailis , by Hiding Themselves from Other Ismailis ? , ....is it Silent or Confidential Guidance of MHI , in this Guidance ? , to Hide Your Self and Work in Jamats - for Jamats ? , .......i had put my name address , as well as , E Mail ID also , since begin , ....who others have done so? , so as to be Consulted or Contacted ? , ..........sorry , ....for Any Trouble to Any Individual/s ....of my this ' Saying '! ,..... There is a ' Saying 'in Gujarati , that , Gandi Sasre Jay Nahi , ane , Daahi ne Sikhaman De ke Sasre Jaa , ......means ...... Mad Woman Would Not Go at In-law's..House ,... and ....Would Advise Wise Woman to Go to Inlaw's House , .....there is too much guidance available in jamats - with jamats , what Jamats Need is Works for Jamats , at all levels , to be done by Leaders , as well as , by Individual/s or Group/s of Individuals , and Works for Jamats - of Jamats , can Not be Done by Hiding Identity , and so , ....then , ' Hiding Identity ' is not a Highest Level of Hipocracy only ? , .....Jamat/s are now Fed Up of ' Guidance without Works ' from Leaders , as well as , Individual/s , ...ya ali madad .......!

Who is responsible ?

Thank you Mansooralibhai. " Despite heavy institutional presence, there are Ismailis begging in the streets of Dar-es-Salaam. Where, indeed, is the focus ?"

Who are responsible ?.
The Jamat for not asking and filing more compaints to NCAB, Mukhis, the Councils or courts .?
The Leaders in question who are blocking farmans and resources from the jamats ?
The Leaders who are allowing the blocking of farmans and resources from the Jamats ?
The Mukhis, Jamat and good Leaders not sharing, or getting together and working together to help the jamats ?


Read what the ex CEO of AKF

Read what the ex CEO of AKF says - Why AKDN stopped and moved away from areas where Ismailis are living and working ?

"It may be said that the Agha Khan development Network (AKDN) programs are being promoted in Muslim resident regions of the world. But Hakim Feerasta, former Chief Executive Officer of the Aga Khan Foundation (Tajikstan and Pakistan), says that’s not an accurate assessment. “There are several programs in India, for example, where the minority beneficiaries are Muslims.”

Feerasta was in Halifax a couple of months ago as delegate to the Canadian Race Relations Foundation Conference on Faith, Identity and Belonging. It is true, he says, that the organization is informed by the ethics of the faith: the UMMA, population and humanity, notions of self-help or sustainability, meritocracy and a strong ethic of volunteerism.

It’s also true, Feerasta says, that the AKDN started out in areas where Ismaili Muslims were resident. BUT THEN THERE WERE CONCERNS BY PEOPLE ABOUT THE OBJECTIVE OF DEVELOPMENT BEING TO PROSELYTIZESo, when over time, the organization developed effective professional management approaches, the concerns melted away,” he says...."

read more - http://www.touchbaseonline.ca/?p=3069

Are you telling Mr Shafik

Are you telling Mr Shafik Sachedina and Dharamsey to do what Imam and Allah are telling you to do ? . Read what Allah and Imams are telling to you to do !

""And if two parties of believers fall to fighting, then make peace between them."

"And if one party of them doeth wrong to the other, fight ye that which doeth wrong till it return unto the ordinance of Allah; then, if it return, make peace between them justly, and act equitably."

"The believers are naught else than brothers. Therefore make peace between your brethren and observe your duty to Allah that haply ye may obtain mercy."
Qur'an 49:9-10
"The charity which Allah loves the most is the peace re-established between quarrelling parties."

Hazrat Ali
Among the footnote commentaries of Mir Ahmed Ali in his translation of the Holy Qur'an.

"Do not separate yourself from your brother unless you have exhausted every approach in trying to put things right with him ...
"Do not be harsh with your brother out of suspicion, and do not separate from him without first having tried to reason with him ...
"Seek reconciliation with your brother, even if he throws dust at you."
Hazrat Ali
The Sayings and Wisdom of Imam Ali, ed. S. F. Haeri, Muhammadi Trust of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, 1992
"Where conflict exists, one must procure a mediated solution. Everything we do should be in the sense of preventing situations from becoming conflicts."

His Highness the Aga Khan's 2008 Paroquias de Portugal Interview"

@ AK Intregity

the stories and incidents you are quoting of Imam Husain or Hazrat Ali and others are from the days when ETHICS AND MORALITY was the currency and bayt-ul-mal was the only social institution for the welfare, and there was only 2 class of people either rich or poor, and no entertainment like television, movies radio, and the norm of daily life was TAQWA and the will of Allah.

Today look around, everywhere the instruments of enjoyments rules and brainwashes people to an extent that father uses his children for material prosperity, brothers selling their sisters and when in our faith these leaders have kicked out spirituality and welcome materialism, all you see is money here money there PAISA PAISA and when you have so much money and made incharge to control that stream. These leaders would never resign nor repent they prefer not serving the IMAMAT they have created their own imamat and become the Imam, THEIR EGO IS THEIR IMAM AND MASTER, many have sold their businesses and joined AKDN and other institutions, do you think they did that to serve humanity or THE IMAM OF THE TIME, NO

Do you guys want to know how this mafia is working ask only if your moderator is willing to publish without censorship AS IS. and I thank you guys to bring ALLAH and QURAN because these leaders have rejected and do the opposite of what the ginans and holy FIRMAN demands. may be the fear of ALLAH'S WRATH might change them for good. INSHA ALLAH.


I can not allow posts that

I can not allow posts that blame the whole leadership or one of our institution for the failure of few people... unless all of the people in that particular institution are weakening its respect.

It is not wise to criticise institutions when we all know few people can be the problem and all the others thousands are just honest people willing to serve selflessly.

If there are only very few members in an institution and you have specific prove or documents allowing you to say the whole group is corrupt, than please share.

For example, LIF is a very big group with lots of people from different background so one can not put all of them in the same basket by criticising "The" institution. On the other hand, ICAB would be a handful of people where 1 vote could change the respect that the Jamat has for the institution. Some members are mistaken, some are misled and some are doing the misleading. That happens all over the place in all the institutions.

If what you have is specific

If what you have is specific and not just generalisations then I am sure the moderator will consider and post. I think In any event if you have information you should share it here or with your leaders and the Jamat.

M Keshavjee does not also

M Keshavjee does not also practice what he says and he talks but does pot walk his talk. Head of Training for NCAB and NCAB fo 12 years ? Head of ITREB globally for over 15 years ! Governor of IIS over 15 years ? But does not follow his own speeches or Farmans of Hazar Imam Read what he says himself

"In the Fatimid Ismaili tradition, if the Muslihun (dispute resolver) finds himself unfit or unable to discharge his obligations, he must resign from his office, so that some other person, fit for the post, may be appointed in his place. It is also his duty to ensure smooth transition in office by training, educating and generally preparing people who may be able to replace him.

The Mediator must never select or recommend candidates for office out of consideration of their material affluence, friendly or other relations and clientage or in fulfilment of a promise, or as a favour returned or under a threat.”

“..The ethic of fair mediation is frequently expounded in the Quran which says: “He who shall mediate between people for a good purpose shall be the gainer by it. But he who shall mediate with an evil mediation shall reap the fruit of it. And Allah keepeth watch over everything.”4 Elsewhere in the Quran, it says: “If two parties of the believers fight, put things right between them; then, if one of them does wrong against the other, fight the insolent one till it reverts to Allah’s
commandment. If it reverts, set things right between them equitably, and be just.

Surely, Allah loves the just. The believers are indeed brothers: so set things right between your two brothers, and fear Allah; haply so you will find mercy.”5 According to a Prophetic tradition, the reward for bringing about reconciliation between quarrelling groups is equal to that of prayer. This ethic is highly commended in Hazrat Ali’s exhortations:

“Do not separate yourself from your brother unless you have exhausted every approach in trying to put things right with him… Do not be harsh with your brother out of suspicion, and do not separate from him without first having tried to reason
with him… Seek reconciliation with your brother, even if he throws dust at you.”

According to a Shia tradition, Imam Husayn was once asked how a dispute between two members of his community, who had fallen out over the issue of debt or inheritance, should be handled. The Imam replied that the parties should refer to a qualified person from among his followers.

Similar advice occurs in the teachings of Imam Jafar as-Sadiq who, for instance, is reported to have said: “The charity which Allah loves the most is the peace re-established between quarrelling parties.”7

Mr Sachedina and Mr

Mr Sachedina and Mr Dharamsey are certainly not doing this. Therefore they are going against what The Imam is telling them to do - Remember Imam told the Jamat in London- Leaders are not telling you what I am telling them to tell you - then instead of doing what Imam told them Sachefina deleted that from that Farman. Those who are trying to do what Imam is saying , Sachefina is trying to stop them and marginalise them.

The Jamat and Leaders need to wake up and stop them.

Sachedina does not tell the Truth.

Good leaders who are doing good work must not trust what Sachedina says ? Is he not damaging the Image of our institutions ? Read more proof "2013, April 9 - 11:35 — librarian-umed

The letter was addressed to Hazar Imam, it arrived on 7 or 8 January 2010, in Aiglemont and was received by someone named LeCompte from DHL together with other envelope from Geneva and Canada also addressed to the Imam. According to Sachedina's sworn Affidavit the letter was received only on 20 January 2010. This was proven wrong from the DHL records.
In between the 8th and 20th January as you know there was this misleading announcement in all Jamatkhana quoting generously from the forged letters."

Keshavjee & Sachedina

Mr Keshavjee equates helping to bring about reconciliation to a Prayer. that is what the Prophet said. Keshavjee and Sachedina are refusing to even discuss or meet. so what is the reward in that or will he get a pat on the back from Allah or Imam " the reward for bringing about reconciliation between quarrelling groups is equal to that of prayer"

Sachedina & Dharamsey Lawsuit

Letter sent to Shafik Sachedina, A Dharamsey. ICAB, NCABS and Leaders; The lawsuit was filed 3 years ago to the day.

Subject: Re Shafik Sachedina and Abdulla Dharamsey – Is following not a mockery of Farmans, our constitution or our faith. If not please clarify.

1 ICAB and NCAB (UK) are so far saying, Shafik Sachedina and Dharamsey are above our constitution, and Farmans.
a. Imam says all Ismailis are equal in his eyes and in the eyes of Farmans and our constitution. (The constitution is a Farman)
b. By putting Dharamsey and Sachedina above or beyond our constitution or Farmans;
i. Are you not making a mockery of our constitution and Farmans ?
ii. Equally are you not insulting and disrespecting Hazar Imam ?

2 Sachedina threatens and bullies Nagib. He then files a Lawsuit on 6th April 2010. He does not follow what he says Imam told him to do (To discuss with other Leaders in order to resolve this internally - evidence in court )

3 Dharamsey threatens, bullies and he then files a complaint with NCAB against Nagib and Alnaz in June 2010 (with no evidence). NCAB accepts his complaint. (No other Ismailies have filed any complaint against Nagib or Alnaz)

4 Dharamsey revokes his Bayah to the Imam in 2009. Sachedina refuses to deny or clarify the constitutional process followed after Dharamsey revoked his Bayah or the emails.
a. On the other hand Dharamsey says “... I humbly make it clear from the outset that my interest is as a reverent disciple and devout follower of The Aga Khan...” Why did Dharamsey even think about revoking his Bayah, let alone sent the emails and then have discussions.

5 Dharamsey says he will collar Sachedina if he has proof of forgeries. He has 3 forensic experts reports. This is what he says “If Nagib and his cronies can prove this, I promise to pull Shafik's 'syrup' off inside Jamat Khana, and post the photographs on the Internet within 24 hours...” He files no complaint against Sachedina!

6 Dharamsey says he works closely with Sachedina (DJI and S Moledina), in tracing, bullying, threatening and marginalizing selected murids. For example Zina Khan. Sachedina does not deny this.

7 A complaint against Dharamsey is refused by NCAB UK because they say he is not an Ismaili. Without asking for or considering any evidence or having a hearing. Paradoxically ;
a. NCAB Canada accepts Dharamsey’s complaint against others because they accept he is an Ismaili.
b. A clear contradiction, when both NCABS fully aware of the facts and consulted ICAB, who were also fully aware.

8 Dharmsey calls ITREB Chair UK a moron and likens her back to a Syrian Tank. He questions her competence and abuses her family. She files no complaint against him. He files no complaint against her.

9 Dharamsey calls the President of UK all sorts of names and AD likens his Leadership to the "Mafia". President files no complaint against Dharamsey. Who also files no complaint against him?

10 Dharamsey calls Vice President of UK a sex predator and circulates many emails and allegations. Vice President denies but informally. He does not file a complaint against Dharamsey. Dharamsey does not file a complaint either.

11 Dharamsey insults the Family of the Imam (Hal Al Bait). On the other hand he claims he is a “reverent disciple and devout follower” of the Imam.

12 Dharamsey calls M Keshavjee names and questions his competence. He files no complaint and M Keshavjee files no complaint either.

13 Dharamsey makes allegations against Alwaeza R Hunzai that she is selling books by N N Hunzai which Hazar Imam has said must be made available to the Jamat

14 Dharamsey makes allegations against N N Hunzia regarding him kissing women’s feet. (Similar to Pope recently). He files no complaint against Allama Hunzai. The Institution does not file a complaint against him. He threatens and bullies those who read and share his books which Hazar Imam has confirmed to be shared in a Farman. ITREB Chair M Poonja and Sachedina marginalize and exclude them like for example Alwaeza Rashida.

15 Shafik refuses to print books by N Hunzai which Imam has asked in a farman confirmed by Sachedina for the Books to be printed by IIS, and that knowledge to be made known widely in the Jamat. Another clear example of not following Farmans , and not doing what Imam says specifically in a farmans.

16 Dharamsey says his Global Ismaili Forum now with some 45000 Ismailies has the approval of Hazar Imam and from Sachedina.
a. Shafik has not denied this.

17 Dharamsey has threatened me, and Zina with death and inciting and or calling on others to do so. He says Sachedina – DJI has personal scores to settle with Zina. Sachedina has not denied this.

18 Dharamsey calls Nagib and Alnaz, Kafirs, cult, and advocates violence and hatred against them. They have as a result suffered violence and threatened with death. (as you know)

Can you please clarify and explain. I will be happy to discuss each of the above with you in more detail. I hope you will be discussing these which are a part of my evidence. M Keshavjee and Azim Lakhani are blameworthy for also, not sharing and following Farmans or our constitution. The above is in addition to the evidence and submissions

I hope in your consideration you will do what Hazar Imam is saying, and asking us all to do in Farmans, and in our constitution which is also a Farman.

M Chatur

And about this comment in #2

And about this comment in #2 of your post: "Sachedina threatens and bullies Nagib." lets remind all that the reason behind the threat was that Nagib discovered that forgeries of The Aga Khan's signature had been made by people close to him and SS wanted to silence him and discredit him so nobody would believe him.

Fortunately there were 3 expertise by the best North-American Forensic Experts confirming that the signature of H.H. had been forged. All 3 of them willing to testify in Court about this.

Not to forget that Mehboob

Not to forget that Mehboob Kamadia has also incited people against Alnaz Jiwa and Nagib Tajdin. Kamadia's provocation was condemned in no uncertain terms in the Judgement by Justice Gorevich and it was the same Kamadia who assaulted Nagib in Ottawa in October 2010 on Spark Street when he came out of the Court. Kamadia has a scheduled meeting with Abdullah Dharamsey few months ago in London, I believe. Like minded people....

And remember 1 Mr

And remember

1 Mr Dharamsey is allowed to teach Dua in London ans an Alwaeza is exccluded from teaching Dua by them

2 NCAB say Dharamsey is not an Ismaili but allow him to come to JK but a Mukhi who allows his non Ismaili wife to come is removed and wife refused to come to JK

@ M.Chatur , what next and when ?!

Dear M. Chatur , Ya Ali Madad ,
Read contents of your e mail/s here , .....no doubt you are a good writer , ....having good practice of ,
........suppose , for the Sake of Arguments only , all your allegations are right , but , then what ? ....what next ? !
All these contents here are nothing else but repitition - reprduction only ( sorry , i don't remember exactly for how many times ?) , we are reading probably Same Styled Contents , since , Three Years Here , in One or Another Name and in One or Another Form ,
and , according to your own statement today here , the Law Suit has completed three years to day ,
so , what next and when ? , ......or .....continuity only of the same ? ..........till......till............
ya ali madad ..........!

What next - The process

Thank you. In your case you now have cases before the courts in India. In our case we have to go through the process which Imam wishes us to follow;

1 First was to talk and meet the Leaders and make every effort to resolve the Jamats issues and needs internally. I have tried to do this and met Shafik Sachedina and others. This failed because the Leaders in question do not want to, knowing that this is what Imam has said in Farmans and in our constitution. They do not want to do so because of a combination of self-preservation and not to lose their control over Farmans, reports, constitution and the substantial funds and assets given for the Jamat and whcih they effectively control and have been for 20+ years.(The total assets and funds are over $10 billion in our 100 plus constitutional companies and institutions)

2 Second. was to file a complaint with NCAB - We have done so. NCAB UK has made unfair, unjust unilateral and contradictory orders which are also against Farmans and our constitution. NCAB UK did so without even a hearing. Or seeking evidence from the parties as all judicial body are obliged to do.

3 Third to go to ICAB who are presently reviewing leave to appeal. If they do the same as NCAB, as they have done in the case of Nagib, we will have more evidence and proof.

4 Fourth, We are informing, and sharing the evidence and proof with our Leaders and the Jamat. Where our institutions are not doing what Imam has said in Farmans and in our constitution we are beginning to work together as a Jamat to help each other as a Jamat (as Imam wishes us to do).

4 Fifth After ICAB and if they do the same as NCAB, then I will consider going to the Courts in UK and or in other countries. That is in accordance with our constitution.

Meanwhile and all the time as Imam wishes, we have been asking our Leaders to realise and requesting them to do what Hazar Imam has said in Farmans and in our constitution. We are also asking the Jamat to share information, farmans and reports, with the Jamat, Leaders and Mukhis.

Remember Mr Mansoorali Bhai, We in UK needed clear proof and evidence or our system and those involved. And Imam wishes us to verify & follow the process even if we think or know that those controlling NCAB and ICAB so far are more interested in self-preservation and themselves rather than the Jamat or what the Imam says.

We must be patient in following the process, and to continue informing the Jamats, sharing and helping each other by working together.

I look forward to more Leaders and the Jamat supporting what Hazar Imam is saying in Farmans and in our constitution.

Ya Ali Madad

Who is going against Imam's Farmans?


Letter sent to Leaders and the Jamat ! You decide who is following and sharing Imams Farmans, and who is going against Imam’s Farmans ?

Subject: Instructing role of Shafik Sachedina in the lawsuit – The truth - do you know ? ... AJ's disclosures are contradictory...

It is very fortunate that Nagib and Alnaz did not submit expert evidence to the court of the “real meaning”, of Mehmani, to counter the misrepresentation by Shafik and Aziz Bhaloo who deliberately misled the court by at best omission or being economical with the truth. Very fortunate, because all the ground realities and the truth about Shafik Sachedina and those involved would not have been fully discovered or known by our community and Leaders down the line.

Brian Gray in his email to A Dharamsey obviously considers him to be a Leader , blessed by Shafik, and his Global Ismaili Muslim forum as an Ismaili organization. That is why he appreciates the support and interacts with Dharamsey, who says he is close to Shafik.

Brian Gray will know that I and Shafik were discussing a settlement with Nagib. This went on for a few days and with verifiable calls. Meanwhile Salim Jiwa the journalist running the online "Vanvouverite" published a story on court documents which he could have only got from Shafik or Brian Gray. Shafik denied he authorized and blamed it on Gray and said Gray should not have done this. Shafik apologised to me and he said he spoke to Brian Gray . He said Gray had written a letter to Salim to withdraw or print a correction. Salim he said refused. Shafik read to me the letter he said Gray had sent to Salim. I asked him to let me have a copy to share with Nagib. He refused saying it was sensitive.

I did not trust Shafik also because he had earlier told me only Imam and Imam personally through Carnegie was giving instructions to Gray. Here he was talking to and instructing Gray directly regarding a settlement. Later came more proof. Grays email below to Mr Dharamsey re- confirming Sachedina's instructing role in this lawsuit.

As you know I have filed a complaint against Shafik, Dharamsey, Azim Lakhani and M Keshavejee, in accordance with the process in our constitution which Shafik and others did not follow. For example Shafik did not consult other Leaders, NCAB or ICAB. He said he was asked by Imam to do on 30 March 2010. He said M Manji he thought had Spoken to Imam and we know LIF Azim Lakhani did not draft , but allowed the 2 LIF misleading and unilateral announcements sent by Shafik ( who said Imam was dictating to him when he was catching a nonexistent flight - (see my emails on this flight )

My complaints are going through our constitutional process. The full constitution is also being blocked by Shafik. After this process ordained BY Hazar Imam, I, and others will be considering legal action in the UK and EU courts.

As you rightly said Imam respects the law, and so does our constitution which is also a Farman. I appreciate Mr Gray is a top lawyer and paid handsomely for his services and he will have covered himself and his firm “legally” on who is the plaintiff and who gave him the original instructions to file the lawsuit on about 30 March 2010, or was it earlier ? Read the time line below. I will be grateful if anyone including Gray or Sachedina, who knows, can clarify or fill in the missing facts. Let us see what happens in court on 15th April in Ottawa. I look forward to reading the documents.

Kind regards and Ya Ali madad
M Chatur


4 Jan 2010

a. Nagib writes a letter and offers the book of Farmans free of Charge, to all Jamat Khannas.

16 Jan 10

a. LIF makes an announcement which was sent by Shafik to be read in all Jamat Khanna’s saying the book was not authorised etc
b. Azim Lakhani (Chairman of LIF)
a. He did not call the Nagib to discuss or verify the facts
b. He did not read Nagibs letter of 4 Jan 2010
c. He did not view the Mehmani Video in 1992, or read earlier editions of the books by Nagib since 1992
d. He did not verify the facts with Hazar Imam or national Presidents of Canada, Kenya or UK
e. He did not even prepare the LIF announcement nor was It presented to LIF formally as a Body to consider
f. This is unconstitutional and against the wishes of Imam in farmans
g. This announcement was then widely emailed and circulated by SS. leading to misinformation, death threats, and also violence against Nagib and Alnaz.
h. Dharamsey circulated this to 45000 Ismails on his database and made false allegations (He then filed a complaint to NCAB Canada in June 2010 – before all the evidence was even filed in court– No other Ismaili has filed a complaint against Nagib or Alnaz under our constitution nor have any of the constitutional Boards )
c. This announcement was headed as a joint announcement by the National Councils, and ITREBS.
a. The Chair of ITREBS and Presidents of Councils did not verify the facts or talk to their local NCAB or the Mukhis.
b. The constitutional Boards processes were not followed.
c. NCAB and ICAB were not consulted or involved constitutionally or as a part of the internal process ordained by Hazar imam.
d. There was no dialogue initiated by any leaders or our constitutional national or international Boards with Nagib Tajdin or Alnaz Jiwa.

24 Jan 10

a. A scanned letter from the Imam was emailed by SS to Nagib who then requested a meeting with Hazar Imam to seek clarification.
b. Sachedina thwarted attempts by Nagib to speak to, or meet Imam to seek clarifications.
c. Nagib was concerned and instructed forensic expert’s reports, which concluded that, the signature of the Imam, was not an original signature and was therefore a forgery.
d. Nagib decided to confront Shafik (as Imam wishes us to do in Farmans)
17 Feb 10

a. There was a telephone conversation between SS and Nagib.
b. Nagib informs SS about alleged forgery.
c. SS is angry, and makes threats to ruin Nagib and he is very aggressive and shouting (as we know he does)
d. Everyone knows how aggressive and arrogant SS has become since 1992.
e. Nagib requests SS to do the following in this conversation;
a. To show to the Imam the sealed letter from Nagib to the Imam dated 4 Jan 10.
b. To show to the Imam the scanned letter which SS sent to him with a forged signature, and tell Imam the truth.
c. Inform the Imam that he (SS) has made a mistake and to seek forgiveness from the Imam.
d. Nagib assured SS that if SS does that, then Nagib will close this matter and work together going forward.
18 Feb 10

a. In less than 10 working hours!
a. A second letter is sent by Dr Sachedina from Hazar Imam.
b. This is a serious and an unprecedented issue and situation. Imam considers all issues in detail and has given directions for all Leaders to do so by consensus and by consultation
b. The tone, style and content of the letter were not that of Hazar Imam but that of Shafik.
c. Did SS speak to, and explain to Hazar Imam, all the truth of what had transpired including, the claim of Forgery, the mehmani, no discussions with other leaders, Mukhis NCAB ICAB etc.
d. If SS had the truth, would Hazar Imam ever write or authorise a letter to be sent within 10 hours, to Nagib in that tone, style and content which similar to the tone of SS in an earlier conversation.
e. No meetings and dialogue by any other leaders whatsoever with Alnaz or Nagib.
f. Nagib writes to Prince Amyn thinking Hazar Imam may be informed and will respond. He gets a letter which causes him more concern.
g. Nagib asks and gets a forensic experts report on the letter from Hazar Imam.

30 March 10

a. SS says under oath that on about 30th March 2010, he was directed by Hazar Imam to discuss this issue amongst the leadership. He did not.
b. SS says Lawyers were not instructed to prepare or file a lawsuit at this stage.(30 March 2010)
c. SS says he discussed this only with MM, who he thought, had spoken directly with Hazar Imam. Why only MM and no one else. He went against a direct instruction of Hazar Imam.
d. SS says the lawyers were instructed by Hazar Imam (via Carnegie)
e. 30 March 2010 was a Tuesday. That was the Easter week.
f. Allowing for Easter long weekend there were 3 working days to instruct Lawyers (which usually in a normal case takes a few days at least.
g. In a high profile international and unprecedented case this takes at least 4 /7 working days. Especially as SS claims this lawyer is new and was not used before and instructions were coming via another lawayer in France ? Carnegie ?
h. Then to do the due diligences, drafting, affidavits, gathering evidence, interviews, research, in a case where the clients are global and a lawsuit which is high profile and is unprecedented.
i. Therefore from Wednesday 31 March 2010,
a. did MM, SS, Hazar Imam AB, MM and Carnegie and the new Firm all clear all their diaries to focus on this case?
b. Did lawyers have a full 24/7 team, with 24/7 access to SS, MM. AB and Hazar Imam?
c. This would be necessary to finalise and file by Easter Monday 6th April 2010
j. Doing all this and filing a lawsuit within one working day? (This is totally unbelievable, and beyond the realms of reality)
k. This was the Easter week.
l. We now know that SS has or will have given authority to give instructions to Gray who accepts them
a. So when was the first instruction given to Gray and
b. Was this personally by Hazar Imam?
c. In what form are those instructions?
d. What kind of institutional delegated authority has been given to the Leaders under the constitution and to Gray?
m. There is no question that SS did not tell the truth or the whole truth under oath. He will have decided with others much earlier than 30 March to instruct lawyers and to file the lawsuit. (Will tell us when and what instructions were given and by whom

6 April 10

The Lawsuit was filed in court by Gray. The Lawsuit surprising includes Alnaz Jiwa.
a. There has been no contact whatsoever with him by SS, MM, AB or any other leaders or any notices before action from Gray.
b. SS on 15th Oct 2010 said he had not met Alnaz and thought he was running a website ?
c. Why would Hazar Imam agree to include Alnaz ? If Imam was the plaintiff and would have asked what efforts were made to discuss and settle this (as Imam said on 15th Oct 2010)
d. Why would Imam file a Lawsuit and then on 15th October offer annotated Farman’s and allows all those who have the book to retain them. (we know also the 6 facts and 68 reasons/Farmans)

11 April 2010
a. SS informs the Leadership in London that the lawsuit was filed by Hazar imam
b. He and instructs everyone not to discuss this lawsuit, or the issues in the Lawsuit, because he said Hazar Imam has directed him and them, not to because Hazar Imam is personally handling this lawsuit.
a. That is not true. Why does he then discuss the lawsuit?
b. Why did not LIF tell the Leaders but him?
c. This is in direct conflict with the 2nd LIF announcement of 15th April 2010 which 4 days after the Leaders meeting in London. LIF announcement says
i. That they will keep the Jamat informed. Imam has authorised them.
ii. Hazar Imam has authorised the publication of Farmans (which have not been published)
d. We know SS is instructing B Gray (I personally from him, and the email and interaction with A Dharamsey, and what Imam said on 15th October 2010 (see what Nagib and Alnaz say)

From: Abdulla Dharamsey globalismaili@gmail.com
To: Global Ismaili LIF Chair Dr Azim Lakhani
Cc: INC Canada President Mohamed A Manji; Head of DJI Dr Shafik Sachedina

Sent: Thursday, 1 September 2011, 0:11
Subject: Re: The Aga Khan v Tajdin, Jiwa and Others----- Forwarded Message -----

From: Gray, Brian
To: Abdulla Dharamsey ajdharamsey@yahoo.co.uk
Sent: Wednesday, 31 August 2011, 20:19
Subject: RE: The Aga Khan v Tajdin, Jiwa and Others
Dear Mr. Dharamsey,

Thank you for your e-mail. ,

Under the circumstances I have respectfully to decline to answer your questions. However if you would like me to ask His Highness or Shafik Sachedina if I have permission to speak freely to you, I would be happy to do so, or of course you are free to make this request yourself.On a personal note, I do appreciate your support and I am sure that Mr. Sachedina also appreciates it, considering the comments that are often levelled against him by the defendants.

Brian W. Gray
Norton Rose OR LLP
Barristers and Solicitors
Patent and Trade-mark Agents
Norton Rose OR LLP / S.E.N.C.R.L., s.r.l.Royal Bank Plaza, South Tower, Suite 3800200 Bay Street, P.O. Box 84, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA M5J 2Z4

From: Abdulla Dharamsey [mailto:ajdharamsey@yahoo.co.uk] Sent: August 31, 2011 19:50

To: Gray, BrianSubject: The Aga Khan v Tajdin, Jiwa and OthersFAO: Mr Brian W. Gray, Senior Solicitor for His Highness The Aga Khan

Dear Sir
Without Prejudice

... may I humbly make it clear from the outset that my interest is as a reverent disciple and devout follower of The Aga Khan and, in my capacity as the Founder and Honorary Chair of the Global Ismaili Muslim eForum, with over 32,500 worldwide email recipients.

Although, running a Forum of this calibre is also governed by our Holy Constitution; according to Mr. Shafik Sachedina - The Aga Khan's Communal Representative, the eForum was granted 'tacit' approval by your honourable client, after the convocation ceremony held at University of Cambridge in England, where he received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity in June 2009.

Yours faithfully
Abdulla J. Dharamsey
Founder / Hon Chair: Global
Ismaili Muslim
eForumTrustee: The Al Hussein
Shi'a Heritage Foundation
Alumnus: Al
Azhar University - Classical Arabic and Islamic History
London, UK
PS: Please accept my best wishes on becoming part of the world renowned Norton Rose Group

And then you made attempts to influence the defence lawyers - see evidence !

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: GIM eForum
Date: 30 November 2012 02:19
Subject: Does Excommunication beckon for your clients - Nagib Tajdin (Quebec)
and Alnaz Jiwa (Ontario)?
To: Solicitor to Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa - Alexandre C Archambault of Robic LLP
Cc: Senior Legal Adviser to The Aga Khan - Brian Gray of Norton Rose LLP

FAO: Mr Alexandre C Archambault, Robic LLP

Dear Sir

It has been brought to my notice that the above mentioned Defendants have appointed you as the so called 'specialist lawyer' to combat the "kuku paka" cult - a derogatory and deprecating reference to our pacifist and law abiding religious community, by one of their handful of alleged agitators and dissenting radical supporters, who refers to himself as Ms 'Zina Khan' - but is most likely a Tanzanian born US National called Mr Aziz R Hasham (63) from Carrollton, Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas, USA.

We hope that after exchanging relevant correspondence with the Plaintiff's Solicitors, you will offer your clients appropriate legal advice, and make purposeful and reasoned submissions, if the court grants expressed consent at any rescheduled hearing of the motion, set down in Montreal for next Monday, 3 December 2012. More importantly, we would be relieved if you can bring an expeditious end to this embarrassing legal wrangle irrespective of the final outcome.

Ever since H H The Aga Khan, a British Subject and an Honorary Canadian Citizen, and rather significantly our Spiritual and Temporal Leader, instigated court proceedings against two of his OWN 'followers' in the Canadian Courts in Mid 2010, the matter has been causing extreme anxiety to and immense concern, disquiet and unease within our devout and diverse Global Shi'a Ismaili Muslim Community.

However, during the course of preparing the case for your allegedly misguided, imprudent and injudicious clients, please bear in mind that as the spiritual followers, we have made oath of allegiance (Bay'ah) to The Aga Khan and thereby testified his resolute and steadfast authority over us. As such, it precludes those from among us, who remember and understand the implications and consequences thereof, to refuse to make oath but readily affirm to tell the truth, if and when they appear in any court of law.

Furthermore, by virtue of his office and in accordance with the faith and belief of the Ismaili Muslims, The Aga Khan as the present, living, true and manifest Spiritual Leader (Imam) enjoys full authority of governance over and in respect of all religious and communal (Jama'ti) matters of the Ismaili Muslims.

Ultimately and as a last resort, those from within who bring the community into dislike, disrepute, ridicule and odium, may according to "The Constitution of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims" as amended, be subject to immediate excommunication without any recourse - an absolute humiliation, indignity and degradation!
Yours faithfully
Abdulla (Abby) Jan Dharamsey
Hon Chair: Global Ismaili Muslim eForum (Founded September 2005)
Former Voluntary Administration Officer - Metropolitan Police Special Constabulary, UK
cc: Consulting Solicitors

In a message dated 02/04/2013 2:10:13 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, globalismaili@gmail.com writes:
> Ya 'Ali madad
>> Re: Washington Post Blog..
>> Off the record, Zina Khan is not a woman but someone known to me, with whom our hierarchy appointed by Mawlana Hazar Imam and the Secretariat allegedly has many personal scores to settle.
>> 'He' and another Chhodu called Mahebub 'ABU ALAM' Chatur have been harassing LIF, ICAB and NCAB Canada and UK respectively, because I have REFUSED to withdraw my Official Complaint to NCAB Canada against Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa - the Two Kafiroons from Ontario, Canada who were personally sued by Mawla in 2010!
>> They even threatened to have Hazar Imam be held in contempt of court, if Mawla had not presented himself into the court's jurisdiction on 15 October 2010. Later that day, Mawla was the principal guest at The LaFontaine-Baldwin Lecture in Toronto!
>> All along, Nagib (without the support of Alnaz who is a Solicitor and liable to be struck off for lying) has been suggesting that Shafik Sachedina was the instigator of court proceedings and that, he had conspired with others at the Secretariat and "lifted" Mawla's signature and thereby committed forgery. If Nagib and his cronies can prove this, I promise to pull Shafik's 'syrup' off inside Jamat Khana, and post the photographs on the Internet within 24 hours!
>> During my last telephone conversation on 22 December 2012 with Brian Gray - Senior Partner at Norton Rose, Solicitors, Mawla's Lawyer made it absolutely clear that he was taking direct instructions from His Highness The Aga Khan and not Mr Sachedina!
Kind regards
>>Abdulla J Dharamsey - 'The Global Askari'
>> Hon Chair: Global Ismaili Muslim (GIM) eForum - Founded September 2005
>> London, UK
bcc: Dr Mahmoud Eboo - Chair Ismaili Leaders' International Forum(LIF)
>> Dr Shafik Sachedina - Head of Department of Global Jama'ti Institutions (DJI)
>> Mohamed Manji - Former President INC Canada
>> Malik Talib - Incumbent President INC Canada

@bloglaw re: April 5th (Who is going against Imam's Farman?)

Could you please remind us to whom Nagib wrote the letter on Janurary 4th 2010? And was its sole object to offer the Farman book to all Jamatkhanas?
Thank you in advance, bloglaw.

The letter was addressed to

The letter was addressed to Hazar Imam, it arrived on 7 or 8 January in Aiglemont and was received by someone named LeCompte from DHL together with other envelope from Geneva and Canada also addressed to the Imam. According to Sachedina's sworn Affidavit the letter was received only on 20 January. This was proven wrong from the DHL records. In between the 8th and 20th January as you know there was this misleading announcement in all Jamatkhana quoting generously from the forged letters.

@librarian-umed - re: docket below

Umed, could you possibly explain what the docket (see below) is saying? Thank you in advance!
Ya Aly madad.


Can you please share the

Can you please share the afidavits and motions in English for us to read.

Both are in French and it

Both are in French and it will be very time consuming to translate them in English. Gray's answer will be in English, once it is filed and available, we'll be able to read it. We will also have the Judgement in both languages. I will inquire on which docs are available in Court but we are still several days to the Motion hearing so more documents may come..

If you upload in French ,

If you upload in French , those interested can google translate and read them.

OK will try to get the

OK will try to get the documents before the date of the hearing.

New Activities on Docket

Here is the explanation:

The reference originating from the Harrington Judgement is going on since more than 2 years now with defendants been harassed continuously under the instructions of Sachedina to Gray. Sachedina being the real plaintiff, Gray has no choice but to follow his instructions. [Gray has accepted in writing that Sachedina instructs him, his email was circulated by Dharamsey to allegedly 45,000 people and from the Discovery meeting with Hazar Imam, I have direct knowledge that the Imam is not the plaintiff, in fact the Imam ordered Gray in that meeting to put the matter to rest].

As a reminder, there has been letter sent to me before the lawsuit with forged signature of the Imam - confirmed to be forged by 3 independent forensic experts - and there is a documented threat by SS before the lawsuit to silence me on that matter. The Imam never filed any Affidavit in this lawsuit. Sachedina and Bhaloo filed one and under oath accepted that the Imam did never asked them to file their affidavit.

The defendants have a Motion in Court in Montreal to ask the Judge to put an end to this non-ending lawsuit against them. They have proposed to pay $65,000 to Plaintiff's and that the process be ended now as there is nothing left and all of the statement of issues of Gray have been addressed.

Several attempts to end the Reference process have been done by defendants in the past but it is apparent to me that Gray has instruction to prolong the matter. He has refused to settle out of Court and has asked us to continue in Court. At the last hearing, the Prothonotary Milczynski even went as far as to say that there was not much left and she proposed to appoint a Mediator to end the process, to what Gray opposed vigorously saying his instructions were to continue.

The Motion will be heard by a Judge of the Federal Court on 15th April in Montreal, in French.

Nagib Tajdin

@Nagib - re: New activities on docket

Thank you for these explanations, Nagib.
With regards to this sentence in your post," At the last hearing, the Prothonotary Milczynski even went as far as to say that there was not much left and she proposed to appoint a Mediator to end the process, to what Gray opposed vigorously saying his instructions were to continue.", can you explain how he (Gray) can continue to harass the defendants in court when there is not much left? And the 65,000$, is that the amount decided by Harrington?
(My apologies if I sound obtuse :-) )
Ya Aly madad.

Justice Harrington ordered

Justice Harrington ordered that Damages or Profit should be paid to Plaintiff.

Once I even proposed to pay double of whatever reasonable amount the plaintiff SS wants. After all the Judgement says to pay to the Imam, not to his "advisers" ;-)

The discussion about this has taken 2 years without any reason. Though it is obvious that this project was a deficit project, and the Reference ordered by Justice Harrington is only to decide the $ amount, the defendants have been harassed for much more and the focus of the real plaintiff (Sachedina) is to get the name of all those who have bought the book. The Judgement never allowed anything else except money but the whole process was hijacked to ask more and more information unrelated to profit.

To stop this madness, we have proposed to pay $65,000 and not claim as deduction shipping expenses, free books given, cost of preparation of the book etc...

So the amount of $65,000 was not decided by Harrington. If we go by Harrington, there is nothing to pay. Hope this replies to your question.

Nagib Tajdin

@Nagib - re: Justice Harrington ordered...

Yes, indeed, you have replied to my question, Nagib. Thank you most sincerely for these explanations.
And I also recall now that SS wanted the names of those who had bought the book, and, I think, the list of your accounts...This is more that harassment.

Ya Aly madad.

Multi interests Transparency

Roshan, (part of AKDN), today announced it has secured funding from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, to support the rollout of the company’s 3G and high speed data services throughout the country. IFC will provide Roshan debt financing for the amount of $65 million. The company directly and indirectly employs 41000 people. How many are Ismailis is not known. Accounts of Roshan are not availabe to the community.

What Hazar Imam says, “ Towards better governance. A third caveat that AKDN considers central is that social and economic institutions, including civil society, should be governed by the concepts of transparency, meritocracy and competence.. As we work to encourage the development of a stronger human resource base, we also work to discourage practices which impede and distort meritocratic processes. civil society,

The CEO of Roshan is Karim Khoja for the last 10 years. His brother in Law is Firoz Rasul (AKU Chairman). and they with Noordin Nanji (ICAB) and Malik Talib (President Canada) have been involved in Exi Wireless Inc. The CEO is Malik Talib. The previous CEO was Karim Khoja who is now the Chairman. K Khoja is Director of Jumptap Inc.

What Khoja says does not add

What Khoja says does not add up !

Khoja said "Roshan plans to invest up to $100 million in its home market this year (2011) and expects 5.75 million subscribers by 2012.

" "We invest between $50 to $100 million annually and we will invest from retained earnings," Khoja said in an interview at a telecoms conference in Abu Dhabi. "We have sufficient cash flow now." "There is still a huge potential for us and we are working to increase our market share," he said. (Reuters) - therefore the yearly profit is $75 million a year!

If they are making $50 to $ 100 million a year - why do they need to take a loan of $ 65 million to invest in 2013 for a 3 G licence ?

"Chief Executive Karim Khoja also said the company planned to offer third-generation (3G) services in the war-battered country and the roll-out was expected to start in the next six to 12 months. " this should have started in 2012 - now expected in 2013.

AKDN owns 51% of Roshan - 49% is owned by 2 other shareholders. The investment in 2007 was $400m and if every year $75m was added then the total investment by now is over $850 million ? Why are they not showing the snnual financial report on the AKDN website ?

Etisalat started was first

Etisalat started was first to Introduce 3G in Jun 2012 - " “I would like to congratulate Etisalat in becoming the first company to launch 3G services in Afghanistan and the efforts to rapidly expand the services to different provinces of the country. 3G technology can help Afghans to connect more conveniently and enjoy telecom services provided to them through public private partnership between Ministry of Communications & IT and private sector.”

Why was not Roshan not able to do so by June 2012 ? Khoja says they have the funds ! How many customers Roshan lost in 9 months , and is loosing every day today ? - Etisalat is the fastest growing telecom co in Afghanistan !

Roshan started in 2003 paid

Roshan started in 2003 paid only $5 million for licence for 15 years. what will happen in 2018?
ETISALAT started in 2007 The fourth GSM license was awarded to Etisalat for a total license fee of $40.1million. Etisalat Afghanistan is a 100% owned subsidiary of the UAE-based Etisalat Telecommunications Corporation, a multinational telecom company operating in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Etisalat Afghanistan commenced commercial services in August 2007, and within a span of only five years has emerged as a major telecom operator in the country attracting over 3.5 million subscribers. With over 1,100 telecom base stations, Etisalat has a presence in all major cities, 30 provincial capitals, and 182.

Typical with management

Typical with management complaceny and taking the eyes of the ball ! If not reversed growth can stagnate and market share will go down. Will they need more loans in 2018 when licence expires ?

Just to Clarify .....that ......!

Dear All , Ya Ali Madad , Dear Cello had asked me to clarify more on second point , i require to clearify , on ,
my second point , that ,
there are some here , who all the time , sends Dignosis Report only , each by each disease ,
......this leader is like this disease , that leader is like that disease ,
.......i do agree ,...... number of diseases ( leaders ) are there , but , how long you will discuss on dignosis of diseaes only , what about treatment then to be done ? ,
if no treatment done , then , you are interested in direct " post mortem " only ?! ,
if you not having proper treatment with you , and , where there is requirement of Major Operation , then , do not give , simple colourful pills only , and , time pass , with saying , that , my treatment is going on , ....my trreatment is going on , ......don't worry ...... but , there is nothing except worry , in the way you are treating ,
there are some in jamats , who understand that only they are clever , .....and jamats - jamati members could easily be made fool on certain points - like on creation of some particular impression of some particular person/s on post , no problem , it i your right , you can , but , it should not be to such extnt , that , it may be smelling of some or other personsl revange ,
i dont mind for any ismaili , fighting for rights of jamats , against any leaders , ...go on till prblem ends ,
but , if there is any your personal griviencies , then , please don't give it a touch of jamati issue ,
.....and , if SS and Co , says , that , how ever we are ! , but , our Name and Identity are Open , before Jamats ? , then , why do you hide your identity before jamats , and , prove a Case of Double Standards only ? , then , what will be your reply ? ! ,
will it be only reply , that , yes , if + ( plus ) , then mine , if -- (minus ) then yours ?! ,
if you really wanted to serve the Imam and Jamats , then you did not need to hide your identity ! , otherwise you are showing difference in your own standards , or , otherwise , you allow others , to take liberty , to consider , that , what ever you are doing is not for Imam and Jamats ! , but of your own purposes ,
with remembering , SS and Co. , there should be some other activities also on hands , for jamats , by you , from you ,
i have also been criticizing SS and Co , but , it does not mean , that , daily , all the time , only same repetition and no any other suggestion/s or any matter of interests for jamats ,
....if .some body is weak may feel fainted of reading , such repetition ,
i have marked , if MHI's name were taken for that much time , instead of only SS and Co , then , definitely MHI would had heard it as special prayers , and , got so pleased , that , He might had solved out so many of problems - submitted , by concerned here ,
....i don't favor SSand Co. , i was there and i am there to criticize , on the point/s concerned , but , when you are lucky to have such and only Site here , then , it should have been used , for some other ways - jamati works also , in the interest of jamats ,
only criticizm of SS and Co , may help you , but , will not help jamats , and , more important is , how you do some thing , that , SS and Co is compelled to see you !,
but , if one thinks , that , i alone and alone , no body to overtake me , and , you continue writing - blaming SS and Co. , and , writing on SS and Co. to CABS, only , and , expecting others also , to do the repetition of his blaming and writing to CABS , and , doing nothing else , does not mean anything ,
when we are on such board here , on this Site , eyes of the jamats and of course leaders , are on this Only Site - easily availble and available to read , write and reply , tripled facility , and know , as to what happens next ? ,
jamats , which are in frustatations , since decades , and , are expecting some thing concrete workings - results , from those here who makes submissions here , and , the ways adopted , should not be such , which does not create any effect on leaders , at local or international ,
in india , after our submissions in meetings , not all done as demanded , but , under the effect of some compulsions , there has started reformations , some such more and effective improvements in local - national administrations , beyond expctations of jamats , and , affecting in probably all JKs, by different boards - councils , particularly ITREB , DJT , CABS , National Council , etc . that , jamats are feeling better than earlier , and , that is our Main Aim , not only aim of continuing blaming ,
and , i am hopeful , it will continue , and , i and others with me are on the way to see , that , administration by leaders , will conitnue to be improved , in the way only , as , MHI wishes , and , no body , may be SS and Co , could stop it ,
and leaders in india , know very well , that , this is india , and , there is no alternate except getting submitted to jamats in india , or , ....or , they know , what jamats in india can do ?! ,......if SS and Co. , co - operates to jamats , it will be better for them also , that , they will be welcome by jamats , and , if does not , then , it will not make any difference in activities here , for jamats ,
some results are there and some better - more results will be there , .........ya ali madad .........!

Thank you for your

Thank you for your explanation above Mansoorali Bhai! On one point, I agree with Pakifellah that it is not a good idea to use one's real name online, but your a different reason: using your real name helps hackers to track your identity. I mean, most of the time, you don't even need to be a hacker to gain information, you just need to do some proper google, ip and a few other searches. It's always a good idea to protect your personal information online! Yam!

Just to Clarify .....that ......!

Ya ali madad As I said in my last post hope it gets through the moderator, what is the core of the problem ?????

is it our nicknames or our real names, lets say we all from tomorrow use our real names will the problems and concerns go away or the families and the person involved in this struggle will be marginalised and spit upon through our system that is now the property of few individuals. all the institutions from top to bottom which sole purpose is to provide the jamat the fair administration practice and process are they delivering ?? These so called Leaders cannot even deliver a Murid a 3 feet of space and AN ENVIROMENT THAT IS PURELY SPIRITUAL. I dont need to say a word more.

Let me tell you what our leaderships are capable of. they are only capable of making wrong decisions. wrong planning and wasting MHI money and resources and also wasting jamati funds and the biggest problems is they are BLIND they cannot see how much harm they are inflicting and damaging the BEST CIVIL SOCIETY in the Islamic world, No matter what ever we try and do to bring them to their senses the will never learn, in the USA there is a group called ALCOHOLIC ANONYMOUS this group helps people with drinking and alcoholic related problems. each and every person who joins the group will have to say out loud that he or she is an alcoholic and he or she have to accept alcoholism as a problem and a disease, why , BECAUSE THERE IS NO SOLUTION OR A CURE UNLESS YOU ACCEPT THE CAUSE OF THE MATTER, so this is what we have to make our leaders realise their addiction to chairs and lust for power and positions in the elite circle. without acceptation and realisation there is no salvation not here in this world nor the eternal world.
and another big point to consider we have to CHANGE our system of appointment, NO MORE HAND PICKING FRIENDS AND FAMILY and of course YES MEN AND WOMEN. We must have a process of ELECTION where the candidate needs to prove eligibility and educational qualification plus experience, who ever the jamat pick, the 1st runner and the runner up their names should be submitted to MHI for a FINAL APPROVAL. and at the end of their terms they should submit their achievements and progress report and what they did for the betterment of the JAMAT. without that report they cannot run for another office. MHI has given us the constitution and every thing is crystal clear. If we adopt this system we will NOT BE IN ANY WAY GOING AGAINST THE WILL OF MHI but on the other hand we might find THE MOST TALENTED INDIVIDUALS WITH PURE HEARTS TO SERVE THE IMAM, HIS IMAMAT AND HIS JAMAT.



@ Mansoorali Abdulrahim Noorani

Ya Ali Madad: Mansoor Bhai and all, lately, I have been out of touch reasons are many but I have read your post dated
March 27, and this is in response to that post, in january of this year I wrote something in the forum, but I think it was
There is one simple rule the BRITS left us with before they were gone and that is DIVIDE AND CONQUER. Our top leaders are the production of that era and with that mentality (even the japanese have refuse to REFURBISHED them reason they do not have the technology ha ha ha) well we are stuck with them and as individual fighting our own battle, may be one of us will succeed in his or her quest but not the whole jamat. plenty of small battles are being faught right now but our sole goal should be to win THE WAR against the corrupted leaders and their corruptions and for that we will have to fight as ONE WITH ONE VOICE and that is what i suggested few months back, may be this could be the right time I hope. here is the reproductions:

Just a thought
On January 15th, 2013 Pakifellah (not verified) says:
Here today we have seen so many authors who post their opinions here, some are very very good some are very informative and some very educative and sorry to say some are just plain *** or civilizly speaking off the topics. Well what can we do freedom of speech. What did MHI answered when asked about the cartoon of prophet Mohammed (SAW) you know that. But still here his own followers who claim themselves MURID expresses and abuses the right of free speech . So sad.

Well here is a suggestion, we will never be able to achieve what we want from our leaders on our own, writing individually no transparency no accountability no responsibility you name it. This forum here exist but not a single response from the leaders, they all visit this site, they all know what is going on and what we are discussing, if they don't pay attention they do have agents out there and in here who may not only be forwarding stuffs to them but also but also disrupt a good debate by posting flammable materials and takes the whole debate in a different direction. We have all seen that happen, So what do we do????? here is a simple thought, we have everything in place the whole infrastructure i.e this forum. Now all we need to do advertise the existence to the rest of the jamat , we will here create a group of directors to whom the concern is express privately and then it can be discuss among the directors and if need perused a letter would be sent to the accused, as us being a body not an individual and response is required in due period, if the body we will make, thinks, the complaints are legitimate, it will be published on the website and a demand for response from the defendants. either be an individual or an institution.

What I am suggesting is according to the constitution , the institution are accountable to the Jamat .we will appoint chairman and directors, it will be a collective group one goes down everyone goes down type. we can only win as one voice that is exactly what they do, if they get scared and they do things like they did in copyright case make announcements in the jk and every leader/s involved speaks the same language, but if the complaint is on the web then the jamat will also have a chance to see every details on the web and then make their own decisions.

what do you guys thinks, workable.


reply United States

and YA ALI MADAD have a safe one

Hazar Imam encourages new

Hazar Imam encourages new initiatives. 13 December 2008 "“.I am concerned about unevenness in the quality of life of our Jamat worldwide & where the quality of life is not what it should be , I believe we all have a serious responsibility to mobilise the resources , human & material, to take the time, so that we are able to put in place new initiatives which will help the Jamat in these countries, and to find a new economic and social standing in the world community,. " ".Members of the Jamat Likely to benefit, ... What we need to do is start the programs, and listen to the beneficiaries, we can learn from them how they perceive the work that is being done, so that we can adjust that work on an ongoing basis in these various communities."

Working together is critical

Working together is critical and should be welcomed. We started a Jamat to Jamat support alliance recently. The following is my letter to our Leaders in UK. Since this letter we have registered this as a not for profit allaince in UK

Letter to Mukhi and President UK with Farmans and objectives

Ismaili Support Alliance (ISA) has been started by members of the Jamat following engagement with the various traditions within the jamat with the aim of bringing together and giving mutual and self - support to, and engagement within our various Ismaili traditions in UK, including enhancing understanding of and between our various traditions

Last year we had many meeting and discussions with murids from the Afghani tradition as you know. The related Program was presented to President Saheb under "EK Jamat" , which we understood will be implemented by the Council in this cycle (2012-2015). ISA, will enhance and suppliment such Institutional programs and seeks to address those which our Institutions have not been able to address.

ISG is in the spirit of a multi traditional partnership of Ismailies for Ismailies.

We hope we will receive cooperation from you, and our institutions, in the same way as the support given to other Ismaili professional, commercial, and Jamati associations, networks, and alliances. ISG is not competing, but complimentary, enhancing, and enabling Ismali network.

We have identified and initiated the first ISG program centered on the Afghani traditions which is not addressed currently by our Institutions.

We are requesting your support in allocating a room or area within the Jamatkhana premises in West London, to hold our meetings, which will be once a month. The Leadership and particularly the EK Jamat Team are most welcome to attend. We expect to have 20 including our committee in our meetings from the various traditions in the Jamats. The benefits are the same as any and all other Ismaili meetings and gatherings, including the optimum use of this Ismaili Centre in line with Imam’s Farmans.

We look forward to your support. If you need to discuss this please let me know. In starting and writing to you to work together, we are also guided by our ethics and Farmans (see some below), in starting this initiative.

With Ya Ali Madad
M Chatur (for ISA)

"A vast decentralisation of decision-making is already occurring in many countries; it has the advantage of placing new responsibilities in the hands of local communities.... For the key to future progress will lie less in traditional top-down systems of command and control — and more in a broad, bottom-up spirit of coordination and co-operation.... Social progress, in the long run, will not be found by delegating an all-dominant role to any one player — but rather through multi-sector partnerships." 2006 AKU

“ Mukhis and Kamadias represent the Imam of the time. They represent the Imam in the Jamat Khanna,.... it is their responsibility to see that the Imams Farmans are fulfilled by the Jamat and to explain these Farmans to the Jamat. I have made this Farman about unity in the Jamat, up and I would like my Mukhis and Kamadias to ensure to do everything possible that there is uniquely in my Jamat. I have made Farmans about cooperation between local institution and central institutions I would like my Mukhis and Kamadias to do everything possible to see that our country institutions coordinate and work properly with the central institutions.

"Our world is changing, our Jamat is changing, its needs are changing. What can we do so that the service we provide in the years ahead will be more effective than what we have done in the past? This is a question every generation of Jamati leaders, every generation of Jamati institutions must ask itself, because, society does not stand still, it is in a state of continuous change. In order to serve that change and to direct that change so that it is beneficial to the Jamat rather than damaging to the Jamat, you must ask yourself: How can I improve my service?What is the thing that my institution can do better if it is not doing?

"This means that there is a premium on intelligent service, on competent service, not just service for the sake of service, but service for the betterment of the people and for the betterment of the institutions”

"What I am saying to you is that you should have confidence in your own judgment, confidence in your ability to analyze problems, confidence in your ability to develop solutions to those problems. Bring forward your ideas. It is only the stupid person who doesn't listen to ideas. It means he is like a horse who lives with blinkers and all he sees ahead of him is a little tiny dimension of light No, that's not for our Jamat. Listen to ideas, develop ideas, create ideas and bring them forward for the service of the Jamat. "So be happy, don't be worried, be creative and confident...." -- Hyderabad, Pakistan. March 1989 To Volunteers

"Now I have spoken to you about the plans a little bit for the future but I want all of you here tonight, and this is a point which is particularly important, to know, that there are not openings for four or five hundred spiritual children in our institutions. We just do not have these number of places. But in the long run, you can do a lot more, if you really set your minds to it, outside the institutions than inside, simply by reacting intelligently to changes But not only intelligently, I should say even from a conservative point of view, but an intelligent conservative point of view In other words, use your past, use your education to move forward ... “ -- Dar-es-Salaam, Tanganyika(Tanzania). Sunday, October 11, 1959. Changombe Jamatkhana.

“ Keep in mind, my spiritual children, that, wherever you are living, the essence of our Tariqah is what must guide you in your lives. And the essence of Tariqah comes from the knowledge of the ethics that have come from our history, from the interpretation of our faith, from the way in which we use Aql – knowledge – for the benefit of the Jamat in the decades ahead…” “ Above all, this Ismaili Centre is being conceived in the ethic of respect for human dignity. It will, therefore, aim to empathise with, and to expand our intellectual, cultural and moral horizons. “The Centre will provide facilities to promote cultural, educational and social programmes from the broadest, non-denominational perspectives within the ethical framework of Islam… (Dubai)

".. Councils as a whole will need to focus collectively on all aspects of the quality of life (din & dunya) in an integrated way rather than ... leaving individual aspects to separate boards.........poor people will never be able to draw successfully on these support programs if they have to go from one institution to another. the organisational implication will be reflected in the constitution and articulated at the next cycle of institutional appointment. no doubt the constitution of the jamat will need to be adjusted so that these new initiatives can be entered into the constitution..." Dec 2008
In 1987, ITREB UK had Board meetings and decided that members and staff of ITREB ,in their private capacity, can attend where Ismaili families and friends gather at their homes to discuss our Faith and Tariquah.
There was a meeting with Hazar Imam. Hazar Imam asked if there are any questions. Chairman of ITREB UK asked the following questions.
1 Khudavind, are Farmans to be given to the Jamat. Hazar Imam said, Farmans are for the Jamat
2 Khudavind, are the Jamat allowed to gather in their homes to discuss our Tariquah. Hazar Imam said, “ of course they are, the Jamat are searching ”

On 20th October 1987, ITREB UK published new booklets of Farmans and gave them confirming that “.The Tariquah Board is very anxious that the Jamat has regular access to guidance given by Mawlana Hazar Imam.”

Key Objectives

• To create a network of solidarity of the various Ismaili traditions in our community
• To learn more about the various traditions in the Ismaili community
• To develop and enable inter traditional engagement locally and globally within Ismailies.
• To identify areas of mutual cooperation
• To identify, create enable and develop self-supporting projects in the jamats
• To identify self-help and self-sustaining projects which are mutually beneficial to murids
• To support projects with are by the Local Jamats for the Local Jamats,
• To create, develop support and or foster a deeper sense of caring and a sharing brotherhood within the jamat
• To support to reduce unemployment, poverty vulnerability in the jamat
• To enable maximising of individual potential of murids globally
• To help the jamat to maximise their potential for both their material and spiritual improvement

Key outcomes and benefit

1 More awareness of mutual needs and concerns.
2 More interaction, integration, and mutual support across traditions and borders
3 More understanding of each others traditions and practices
4 More understanding of Institutional support programs
5 And generally the following;
a. Increased unity and trust within the Jamat
b. Increased feeling of brotherhood and awareness
c. Jamat to feel more welcome and will help and support each other and therefore our institutions
d. Increased participation and openness
e. Increased attendance and use of the JK by the Jamat in all areas.


I agree that the solution is for murids to do everything to improve administration and to share information and farmans with the Jamats. We must do what Imam says. Even if others dont. Looks like in India you are seeing some improvements. And you know what to do next. Looks like you have a plan. Internationally looks like there is a Plan too.

In other countries, because of cases and complaints more are aware and very small improvements have started. Many now know the truth and have read the evidence. In UK NCAB and ICAB will do what SS and Co say , not what Imam says. If that happens, the next step will be the courts in UK , like in India. Meanwhile some have also started their own groups of Ismailis to help the Jamat.

Compared to one year ago, many are reading, interested and writing or speaking to Leaders. SS and Co will no longer be able to fool the Jamats and Leaders.

Too many now know the truth. Less that 5% of the Leaders knew the truth 2 years ago, Today more than 50% of the Leaders know the truth. Every day more are finding out and learning. Leaders who know will welcome the Jamats and the Jamats will welcome them back and they will work together and do what Imam says.

We must all help each other by sharing Farmans and information. I agree more need use their own name and not be afraid because when you are Farman Bardari, you are-protected by MHI. Many more are using their names.

The snow ball is almost ready to start rolling. Writing , informing, and reminding Leaders is very important. They will have no excuse to give to the Jamat or to their own Families when they are compelled to meet and do what Imam says.

@ Allumni ,( I Pray ) , You were Concious , while Posting ....!

Dear Allumni , Ya Ali Madad ,
How is your health now ? , if was not well , while you wrote this comment ! ,
sorry , i need to give you back , your own words , only ......that.......
" I agree more need use their own name and not be afraid because when you are farman bardari , you are protected by MHI . many more are using their names."
now my questions to you ,
(1) what you have agreed for ? , when you your self are not writing your own name ( is Allumni your real name or name for hiding identification ? - if it is your real name , then , you can come - clear with full name , so as to identfy ! , Allumni does not clear any identification ) ,
(2) by not writing your name , you accept that you are afraid of ,....then , whom are you afraid of ? ,
(3) as per your own , who writes name , is Farman Bardari ? ,
(4) when you your self are not writing your name , how you say , many more are using their names ? ,

.....i read your this comment , twice - thrice , but , could not make out , what is your exact message ? ,

......after my this reply ,will you , please , come out with your own Identifiable Name , and oblige me ,
.....just to confirm , that , your comment was not a part of hiocracy only ,
......and , further to confirm , that , you are not the same person , who seems writing different posts here in different names ,
( I Pray ), you come back soon with your Identification , and , do not allow my doubts to be confirmed ,
.....i am waiting for , .....thank you , ....ya ali madad .....! ,

We must also respect those

We must also respect those who wish to use a pen name for whatever reasons. What matters is they all do and what they say is as important. Those who are happy to use their name should. The more the better. Ya Ali Madad

In 1992 Hazar Imam in a

In 1992 Hazar Imam in a Mehmani accepted the book of Farmans and said to continue the good work. Nagib did what Hazar Imam said, shared Farmans and also information on this website. Yes ?

In 1992 Hazar Imam made the following Farman and approved the ITREB mission statement,. Have ITREB and IIS done and are now doing what Hazar Imam has asked them to forsee and do.?

"..The second question is within that vision of the younger generation, one generation from now, two generations from now, what are the questions that they will be asking? They will be asking first of all, how do they relate to our Tariqah? And therefore they will be asking, what is the essence of our Tariqah and are we able to articulate the essence of the Tariqah in a language which is a language that they will understand, not having been born in our traditional societies, never having seen them, never having been exposed to them, how will they sense their position within our Tariqah? (Dinner in Vancouver, August 25, 1992)

Latest Reply by NCAB UK -

Latest Reply by NCAB UK - They say they want to make the process more transparent and clear - Will they now provide the rules, the constitution and Farmans ? Will they clear the confusion & questions below?

From: Nazmin Kassam
To: gafoor111@yahoo.com
Sent: Monday, March 25, 2013 12:56 PM
Subject: Re: Complaint against Abdulla J. Dharamsey of London UK

Dear Mr Jaffar,

I write further to previous correspondence. We have recently received a number of complaints, in various formats, pursuant to Article 14 of the Constitution. In order to simplify the process and make it as clear and transparent as possible for the Applicants and the Respondents, we are currently finalising our proforma documentation.

We apologise for the consequential delay in dealing with your application but following a prescribed procedure will be in the interests of all parties and we believe will save further time in the long run.

I shall write to you again shortly and provide you with the necessary information and documents with which to progress your matter.

Kind regards
With warm regards,

Nazmin Kassam
Tel: 01923 828 091
Mob: 07808 783 810
Email: nazminkassam@gmail.com
From: Gafoor
Sent: Wednesday, March 27, 2013 10:09 AM

Ya Ali Madad Nazmin,

Thanks for the update.

I am a little confused with some of the issues you have mentioned. Can you please shed some light on the following:

1. New Formats for the Complaints - Does this mean that I will have to refile the Compliant?

2. Does this mean that all the Complaints that have been filled with NCAB will have to refiled?

3. How many Complaints fall under this new Format and how far back are you going back? Who approved these Formats and why?

4. Am I going to get the response that Mr. A. J. Dhramsey has filed to my Compliant? If he has, can you please forward it to me. Please do so before you reach any decision as I may have to rebuttal.

5. Am I going to get the last Constitution in full that Imam has signed that was never distributed to the Jamat? And is this the Constitution you will be using to base your ruling? Where and when this Constitution was signed?

6. Has there been any changes to the last Constitution that Imam has signed? What are those changes and were these changes approved by the Imam? Any Farmans or correspondences that shows that Imam has approved the changes?

7. Please also provide all the Rules & Regulations of NCAB and are these all approved by the Imam?

I will have more questions for you as I need to understand your process as this info has never been shared to the Jamat.

Kind Regards,

Gafoor Jaffer

Kindly Respond , i am right or wrong , in my observation/s ?!

Dear All , including Yasmin , Kanize , Abdullah , Nato Moez , Murad , Pakifellah , and , particularly Umed , and , Others , if i forgot to mention their names from here , who have recently , gone in depth of caves of frustations only ,
finding no solutions of jamati problems , and , no results of any activities here , as this site is the only source of inspirations and hopes here , as MHI wishes ,
still , at least , they have dared sometimes here , in writing frank opinon , on the Jamati Issues , discussed here ,
ya ali madad ,

This is , what i have Studied - Obsereved , since years , from the behaviour/s , of our Both Side - Leaders ,
( i may be wrong also , but , i think , i need to write it ) ,
that ,
There are Two Types of Leaders of Jamats / for Jamats ,
(1) Leaders , who are Appointed by our MHI , directly or indirectly , on any post , any where ,
who in their common strugle/s , against Jamats - Jamati Members , who are fighting for rights of jamats , at any level , ......leaders have joined their hands , at all levels , for the purpose , that , at any cost , the raising of voice/s of jamat/s - any jamati members , must be depressurised , any where , in any form/s , at any time , and , that also , by (mis)using unlimited jamati fund/s , collected , illegally from world - jamats itself , and , which fund is meant for jamats only , but , to be used against jamats - jamati members ,
and , then they want to testify , how long Jamats - Jjamati Members , could coninue their fight for right , against leaders ?! ,
they know jamats are not united at all , any where , at any level , and , could never unite also ,
as , those who pretend to Lead - Guide Jamats , to fight for right , are , doing everything , in self orientation programs only , and , misleading jamats - jamati members , in their personal intrests only , which , jamats are never to understand , and , so we are all , not at all , worried till then , ...till , such so said ( self appointed ) leaders continue making foolish jamats - jamati members , at local - international level , just to serve their own - personal interests , but , introducing in the name of jamats only ! ,
(2) Leaders from within Jamats only , ( including me ) , not appointed by MHI , not appointed by Jamats , in short , self - appointed only , who are capable enough of making a show and creating an atmospere , that , they are leading Jamats , at local - international level , but , in fact , who are , never really interested , in general well being of Jamats , in any Aspects , at Any Level ,
and , because , they could do nothing , of their own , they are instigating indirectly others to do something such , that , SS and Co . is blamed all time , by all here , and , no any other programs , in the interests of jamats at any level , and , as if , waiting for a day only ,by making opposed through so many here , SS and Co . is becoming out of Aiglemont Office , and , Me and Co. , could come in Charge of Aiglemont Office , so , that , thereafter , i could do Some Thing - Some Good Works of Jamats - for Jamats ,
i dont think , that , this site is meant to oppose SS and Co. only , and , no other programs - work/s in the intersts of jamats , at any/all levels ,

they mean to say , that , see , i have been writing , thousands of e mails , to our international leaders , but , they do not respond me at all , and so no results at all , ...so , now you all try to do some thing , directly or indirectly , and , then after , i will see , that , credit of doing everything such , comes to me , that , SS and Co. is Out , and , Me and Co, is In ,
they are not doing , what they are actually required to do , and , daily probably , same and only one record , ......SS and Co. .is like this , .....is like that , ......nothing else , .....no program submitted , actually Guiding the Jamats , at any level , that , what jamats are required to do , under the guidance of MHI ? , so that results , at least ,some results are there

they mean to say , .....i try to make understood this thing to Jamats , indirectly , since years , by , writing so many posts in different - different , unidentifiable names , but , it is You - All Jamats , that , do not understand this Simple Thinking and Aim of Mine ,
they mean to say ..........i hope All Jamats , Now Understands Me and My Aim and allows Me and Co to do SEVA of Jamats , at All Levels , by doing Something Such , that , i could take Possession of Aiglemont Office , whether , MHI , is in favour of doing so , or , not ?! ,

they mean to say ,.........and , i don't know , why MHI does not remove SS and Co. , and , why do not appoint Me and My Co. , in place of SS and Co.?! ,........ for which purpose , i am working , hard - hard - hard , since years ?,

they mean to say , .........i wish you all every success , in doing , what i want to get done , by you , for me , in the interest/s of you all .............! ,

they mean to say , .....N.B :- i think some regular participants of past here , have understood , my original aim , and , that is why , they have either stopped writing their posts here , but , i think they should support me , and , continue , writing here , in favour of me ,
........... thank you .....ya ali madad .......!

Mansoorali bhai, I do not

Mansoorali bhai, I do not understand your second point. Do you mind explaining it more?

@ Cello

Dear Cello - Ya Ali Madad ,
i did not understand , that , what you do not understand ? , exactly , which point ( second ) you wanted me to explain more ? , could you , please , explain more ? , ....thank you .....ya ali madad .......!

Mansoorali bhai - We are all

Mansoorali bhai - We are all Murids of the Imam first, Last and equal. We
all do seva in different ways and we are different. That difference is a
strength which we must respect. Murids appointed and not are all serving
the Jamat and the Imam. Those appointed are called by Hazar imam "Leaders
of the Jamat" Many murids who are appointed have forgotten they are murids
who are rthere to serve the Jamat. There are 2 types;

1 Murids who are appointed to serve the Jamat ar
divided into

I. Murids appointed under the
constitution by appointed Leaders (without Imams involvement)

II. Murids whose names are
recommended by appointed Leaders and the names are presented to Imam for

In both the above Hazar Imam in Farmans has said that if 2/3rd of any Board
or committee decide they can remove or suspend a Leader, which even
informing Hazar Imam (read latest ICAB rules approved and signed by Imam as
a Farman). Why do you want Imam to sack anyone if Imam has given you a
farman , on what to do, and how to. Imam has given the Farman. If you do not
follow it how can you ask Imam. It is like saying Imam you have given me a
Farman but I am not following it so can you do for me what you have asked me
to do for my Jamat and for my Imam.

2 Muirds who are not appointed are divided into;

I. Murids who are interested
not in positions but in Imam's Farmans and are serving the Jamat as Imam
says in Farmans and our constitution. Mansoorali bhai I think you are in
this section or murids/Leaders. Nagib Alnaz and many more. These are now and
historically in the minority. Even in the world. In political terms called
activists. In our faith Farman Badari & sevadari momins.

II. Murids who are interested in
positions and they are serving the appointed Leaders and the Jamat and
the Imam. They are the ones who will support when they know the truth.

III. Murids who are not interested in
serving or in positions but to participate as murids in the Jamats, rites
practices, ceremonies and activates They will support when they know and the
time is right.

I don't think you or others are fighting specific Leaders for their
positions. You are doing what Imam is saying in Farmans. SS and Co are
fighting to protect their positions in every way they can, like in your
cases in India. Why ?

Since the lawsuits many more murids are now understanding what they did not
know in the last 20 years. Am I right ? Please correct me if I am wrong.
Leaders think that when someone is doing what Imam says, they are interested
in taking over their positions. If Leaders are doing then why would they be
worried or thinking like that ?

We must continue to share and help if we are doing what is right and what
Imam says in Farmans. Read what Imam said regarding correcting the double
Image of Islam in an open interview.

Question: How can you change this double image? Aga Khan : "By attacking on
all fronts."

Question: Are you prepared to carry out such an attack? Aga khan: "Have you
ever heard of a one-man army?" Full interview

Ya Ali Madad.

Are Imam and Jamats Intrested in Me or You ? ....No.......!

Dear @ mansoorali , Ya Ali Madad ,
MHI and Jamats , at all levels , were not and are not intersted in long - long E Mails , Posts and / or Essays only any where ,
They are Interested in Works , and Works which are Speedy Result Oriented ,
Those were Gaazi Jauhar , Hassan Bin Shabbah , (Pir) Sabja Ali , so many others , who were not appointed as leaders , but , they gave effect through their self less works for Imam and Jamats , more than Leaders ,
They were not having any Facility of Vehicle even to travel , and , We are all having - all facilities incuding latest technology ,
and Such Site , where we can put our thoughts and convey any where we wanted , and , still where we are ? , where do we stand ? , and , for what do we stand ? , for a big ZERO only ?
We and Jamats to feel in Darkness only - All the Way , and , that also in Presence of Shining Sun even ? ! ,
Re - Think on what i mean to say , either we are bringing results to gether as jamats , or , we should confess , we can not do any thing , in spite of the availibility of all such facilities with us ,
If you remember , dear bloglaw had , on this site , requested for creation of an international ismaili forum , how many responded ? , i had responded , and , with a view that , if such forum were there , then , it could have a meeting , with SS and Co. and /or LIF , and , have discussion on certain jamati issues , but , not happened possible , if such forum , inclusive of ismaili members from different countries , and if , were put submission for such meeting , then , i think , they would not had denied , and so many issues , could had come to it's solution/s , but , trust and co operation of jamats is most important thing in any activity , so , there and there , where we were !
some might have thought , also , that , when Bloglaw , himself is not clear , on his identification , as to who he is ? , is he single or plural ? then , how to proceed further , with an unknown person ? ,
.....and , there is not necessity of pouring poison only , in the minds of jamats - jamati persons , ....keep some scope of dialog even , with leaders ,
..... if not at all , any dialog by them , then strong steps may require ,
i further mean to say , one has to give up mentality , that , everything , be done - to be done , in My Name only , credit to me only ,
no...no....no.....it's not possible , jamats to be guided effectively to be united , in the way , that , jamats can put their trust into , and , for that , one/ all interested have to be open and come out from behind curtains ( unidenifible names also - to remove the effect of opportunist ) ) , and , not Me but We , and practice all it's way , as , yes .....yes .....yes.....We can do it - We will do it , then only results are there , it's not an easy job , one and all have to sacrifice in so many ways for that ," Hi Punth Puro , .....Shuro Koik Dhyave " - Pir Shams ..................ya ali madad...........!

ICAB matters

Dear Mr Nanji;

Rules and regulations of ICAB, our constitution and Farmans.

I refer to your letter dated 25th March 2013. Can you please clarify the following and let me and the Jamat, have the following information;

1 The document you sent to me was created on 24th April 2010. The author is “Islessor”. This is immediately after the filing of the lawsuit against Nagib and Alnaz on 6th April 2010. Can you therefore please;

a. Let me know the reasons,

b. Let me know the full name of the actual author, location, and his/her position. who prepared this PDF document,

c. Let me know if there is any connection with the lawsuit

d. Confirm that before you sent this PDF to me, ICAB verified that it is an exact replica of the original, signed by Hazar Imam.

e. I trust you agree that my request to verify is reasonable, and critical because of the complaints and evidence you have received.

2 The ICAB rules are dated 13th December 2003, and refer to the 1986 constitution (preamble A). At that date, the latest constitution was 1998 not 1986.

a. Please confirm if this was an administrative or a typing oversight. If so, was this notified to Hazar Imam and or corrected since December 2003.

b. Please advise the date when these rules were prepared and approved by ICAB for submission to Hazar Imam.

i. And, were there any annotations by Hazar Imam.

ii. Were these read in all Jamat Khannas after December 2003

iii. They were not given to the Jamats. Please correct me if I am wrong.

iv. These rules and regulations are a farman, as defined by Hazar Imam. Please confirm

3 Under these rules, ICAB members can remove any member of their Board by a majority vote. (Under Clause 9.2).

a. Therefore for example

i. In your next meeting if 2/3rd of the members present were to vote to remove/suspend any Member, or even you, they can do so; and

1. They can without any reference to Hazar Imam. Please confirm

2. They without even informing Hazar Imam after the event. Please confirm

b. In these circumstance what is the process of appointing a new member and a Chairman ?

4 Hazar Imam has the sole authority to prescribe rules and regulations under the constitution.(Under Preamble B);

a. Please confirm that “all” rules and regulations under our constitution of ICAB have been prescribed by, and signed by Hazar Imam. Please confirm that this is also the same for the following. If not please clarify;


ii. National Councils

iii. ICABS


v. other constitutional Bodies and Boards

b. If all are not prescribed and signed by Hazar Imam, then please let me have a list of

i. those which have been prescribed and signed by Hazar Imam, and

ii. those which have been prescribed and signed by ICAB, NCABS, the relevant Boards and constitutional bodies.

c. Clause 14 gives authority to ICAB to prescribe/prepare and issue rules and procedures to give effect to the rules and regulations. There is no mention of informing or approval by Hazar imam.

i. ICAB does not need to inform or consult Hazar Imam under this clause. Please confirm.
ii. Please let me have copies of all the rules and regulations (procedures) ICAB has issued under clause 14, since1986

5 Did Hazar Imam prescribe and sign any other rules and regulations of ICAB before December 2003 ?. If so please provide copies. I assume none were prescribed and signed by Hazar Imam, after December 2003. Please confirm

6 Can you please confirm or clarify the following appointment process of ICAB Members .

a. 60 days before the end of term, ICAB (as a Board) submits to Hazar Imam;

i. The names of the present members and

ii. 4 names in order of preference, for each current member (2 of the names must be lawyers. The other 2 names must be respected senior members of the Jamat)

iii. Therefore

1. For 2 members who are lawyers. 8 names of other lawyers in order of preference are recommended and submitted by ICAB

2. For the other 4 members. 16 names of respected senior members of the Jamats are recommended by ICAB in order of preference

3. Is the above correct. If not, please clarify.

4. Please advise the process for the Chairman.

a. Are 4 names given for a new Chair

b. Are the 4 names given, include

i. 2 lawyers and

ii. 2 respected senior members of the Jamat.

5. Please advise the definition of a “senior & respected” member of the Jamat.

a. What is the ICAB process of requesting and selecting and or shortlisting the names,

b. Are the Jamat involved, and

c. who decides the order of preference.

b. Please also confirm or clarify the following regarding new appointees.

i. There is no mention of an end of term report to be presented to Hazar Imam. (Like by Councils ITREBS etc)

ii. There is no mention of any beginning of term or annual meetings of ICAB with Hazar Imam.

iii. Are new names sent to Hazar Imam via the Secretariat and or DJI.

7 ICAB under clause 3.2 has powers and duties to issue rules of procedure and practice directions for ICAB without any reference to Hazar Imam what so ever;

a. Can you please let me have copies of all the rules under this clause, and

b. confirm that these rules are not prescribed or signed by Hazar Imam

c. Confirm that all NCAB rules and procedures/regulations are prepared and approved by ICAB, without any reference to Hazar Imam and without the need for consulting NCABS and or The national Councils/Presidents

8 Under clause 8 of these rules dated December 2003;

a. all the retiring members are asked hand over the files and records to the new members appointed.

b. on the other, all the files and records are held and kept by the Chairman. “The Chairman shall be in charge of and responsible for the safe custody of all correspondence, files and records of the International Conciliation and Arbitration Board”

c. Please clarify the correct process which is followed in practice.

I trust you will agree that my requests, including feedback, is constructive, reasonable and this is what Hazar Imam wishes us all to do. (I refer you to farmans of Hazar Imam regarding the role and responsibilities of Murids and Leaders regarding our constitution)

I look forward to hearing from you at the earliest.

Kind regards. and Ya Ali Madad.


Homeless and helpless

Shocking but sadly true - How many more Cases and which countries ?


Thank you Layla. Farida arranged a cooker herself. What you have offered and what Farida did, shows your Love, for Hazar Imam, and for your brothers and sisters and for the ethics of our faith.

Hazar Imam says in Farmans “in serving the Jamat, you are serving your Imam” Therefore if anyone is disrespecting the Jamat, they are also disrespecting Hazar Imam. And if they disrespect Farmans, they are showing no respect for Hazar Imam, or for the Jamat.

What also touched me deeply is the generosity of Mohammed and Rubbina who offered their Microwave for Roshan & disabled mother. Mohammed and Rubina have very little, and are living in a Van in UK . Thank you both.

I am pleased to confirm President Mawji has arranged for UK Council to pay the deposit/advance rent for Mohammed and Rubbina. They are now looking for accommodation. Their Mukhi has also spoken to them, and offered support.

President has also assured me that Ismailies who are homeless, helpless or vulnerable will be given assistance and support by our institution. Therefore I hope, all Mukhis, Welfare Boards, and EPB will immediately be given new directions, not to say to any Ismaili , that there are no funds to help Ismailies who are homeless, helpless or vulnerable.

From: Rajani Layla [mailto:layla1936@gmail.com]

Sent: 24 March 2013 01:26
To: M Chatur. Farida Keshavjee
Subject: Re: Another Ismaili Disabled mother - No cooker and helpless ! What happened !

Dear Maheboob and Farida

In this case I am ready to help this lady and buy a cooker for her
Layla Rajani

On Sat, Mar 23, 2013 at 4:40 AM, M Chatur wrote:

Dear Farida

Thank you . I am also concerned why in your case our institution did not help a very poor family with a disabled mother to get second hand cooker in London. Knowing they were desperate. Knowing you are an ex Mukhiani.

We are right to be very concerned. Hazar Imam wishes us to give feed back, critique, and to seek and share. That should be embraced and welcomed by all Leaders. I hope you like others will not get told off, and marginalized.

There is no reason why in your case our institutions refused to help. Shiraz Kabani agreed they should. But then he did not bother to do anything about it otherwise Mohammed and Hima would not be sleeping in a small Van in UK ! We know there are budgets and resources. These are for the Jamat not Leaders ! Right Shiraz ?

Farida, they could if they really wanted to , and if they did what Hazar Imam is telling them to do. They are sadly not.

Maybe in your case down the line the committee were told to say there are no funds , when in fact there are. Maybe President or Vice President was not told or not told the truth. Like in the case of Mohammed and Rubbina. They need to investigate what happened, and those responsible must apologise or Resign.

The root cause is that the committees, the Jamat and even Mukhis are not aware and not informed. Even Farmans are not only not explained but they are told not to explain them. The Jamat is beginning to realise and is waking up.

Hazar Imam himself informed us in London GJ - but that famous sentence was deleted from the Farman, and sadly laughed off. Most Leaders and the Jamat did not realise. They believed the Leaders like Shafik Sachedina, Zauhar Meghji, Mahmood Poonja. Mohammed Keshavjee, and of course Azim Lakhani. They said Imam was thinking in French , and or tired, and or did not mean what Imam said and Azim said yo me it was in a different context - I asked him why choose to delete and not explain the context ? He had no answer - Right Azim ? Where are Imams annotations on that Farman ?

Hazar Imam gives all the funds back to our institutions to spend for the benefit of the Jamat and has given priority to the Jamat and especially for the poor, disabled, old and vulnerable ISMAILIES.

Azim Lakhani has been controlling substantial GJ budgets given for the Jamats. He should understand, because he has a disabled daughter, but sadly he too is only interested in himself, his family and his inner circle of Top and very rich Leaders. Right Azim ?

Our (the Jamats) total institutional-constitutional budgets run into billions of Pounds. The UK Jurisdiction Jamats budgets, and assets of all our constitutional bodies and companies runs into over many hundreds of millions of pounds (excluding the kings cross development at about £500 million!.

And yet, they don't want to give even £200 as a loan to that Ismaili family woth a fisabled mother, to buy a second hand cooker to cook food for them? How shameful! This is equivalent to a dinner for them. I hope President, and Mukhi's will not allow this to happen to other Ismaili Families in the future.

All Mukhis, Kamadias, Warzeens, IIS , ITREBS, and Jamat must be given the following. Hazar Imam wishes us to have and to know. Read the attached if you have any doubts.

1 The local budgets

2 The National budgets

3 The Global budgets

4 All the full Farmans with the Imams annotations

5 The full constitution and all the related rules and Farmans

6 All the Ginans, qaseedas , and all material available on them globally

7 All material books and information on all our rites & practices, available and hidden or blocked and not shared.

8 Annual and tri- annual national reports and budgets, prepared and submitted to DJI for the Jamats.

Everyone needs to reflect and also read the attached reasons and Farmans. Then they must take the next important step , and do what Imam says not what the Leaders concerned are saying.

Hazar Imam wishes us all to share and to seek and to also expect information and support from our institutions, including accountability, humility, transparency, answerably competence and generosity. Where is any of this ?

Leaders from the very top to the bottom need to share and implement the Famans and wishes of Hazar. Especially to support our brothers and sisters who are very poor, homeless, helpless, very old, handicapped and or vulnerable.

Thank you again for sharing, caring and offering to help. Let us all ask ourselves, have I done what Hazar Imam has asked me to do ? and if not , from now I will do what Imam has asked me to do- (from a Farman).

Ya Ali Madad

From: Farida Keshavjee [mailto:faridakaye@hotmail.co.uk]

Sent: 22 March 2013 13:15
To: Mahebub Chatur; Amawji@uk.ey.com; Vice President Alwaez Shiraz Kabani; 'Liakat Hasham'; Zul Hassam; Zulfikar Hassam; Noordin Nanji Chairman ICAB; Salima Bhatia; Nazmin Kassam Chairman NCAB UK; Qahir Manji; Vazir Azim Lakhani EX Chair LIF; Mohammed Keshavjee
Cc: 'Mukhi Salim Janmohamed'; firozachatur@hotmail.com; 'Rubbina Shaheen'; 'Aniza meghani'; mohamood.jumani@blueyonder.co.uk
Subject: RE: Will you HELP ? RE: Homeless Ismaili couple living in a small van UK

Dear Mahebub

Thank you for copying this email and feel sad for the plight Mahmood and Rubina are experiencing today.

I would also like to mention that recently I was involved in a case whereby an Ismaili family (with a disabled mother) needed help of £200 to purchase a cooker. I approached a member of the AKSWB (Social and Welfare Board), and was told that they do not have any funds and that I should approach an Umedwar! Needless to say that I was very disappointed by this response and feel that for such an enlightened Community we don't really help people financially who have fallen on hard times!

If I can be of any assistance please let me know.

Unbeleivable conduct which

Unbeleivable conduct which will cause disaffection in the community, and will damage the prestige of the name of the Aga Khan, the community and the International Conciliation and Arbitration Board;

Letter from ICAB - Noordin

Letter from ICAB - Noordin Nanji with my response and futher requests..

From: Mahebub Chatur [mailto:mahebubchatur@gmail.com]
Sent: 21 March 2013 08:08
To: Noordin Nanji
Cc: M Chatur; Azim Lakhani; Mohammed Keshavjee; Abby Jan Dharamsey; Shafik SACHEDINA; Nazmin Kassam; Amin Mawji; Shiraz Kabani; Mukhi Salim Janmohamed; Salima Bhatia; Qahir Manji; Nagib Tajdin; Gafoor; Alnaz Jiwa; Mansoorali Noorani; Zinat Khan; Firoza Chatur IP 4 Uk; Aniza Meghani; Farhad Daftary; Sheni Dossa Chair NCAB Canada; cfc@talib.ca
Subject: Re: Appeal against Shafik Sachedina, A Dharamsey, M Keshavjee and A Lakhani Questions

Thank you.

Are you able to tell me when is the next ICAB Board meeting and or, will my Leave to appeal and my requests for information be addressed by, you personally, and or an ICAB core executive committee, and or ICAB administrative officers - EO.

I want to understand the process.

Ya Ali Madad

On 21 Mar 2013, at 00:58,

On 21 Mar 2013, at 00:58, Noordin Nanji wrote:

Dear Mr. Chatur,

Ya Ali Madad

I am in receipt of your several emails. I am currently travelling through the end of the month, but will respond thereafter as promptly as possible.

Yours Truly,

Noordin Nanji
Chairman, ICAB

(May Allah's Peace, Mercy

(May Allah's Peace, Mercy and Blessings be upon all of you)

Prophet Muhammad (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said, “The signs of a hypocrite are three:
when he speaks he lies,
when he promises he breaks it, and when entrusted he betrays his trust.”

Therefore, one must be careful not to make promises casually or to make promises that one has no intention to keep. Allah Most High mentions in the Quran the story of the man who lied and broke his promise and the recompense of such people:

“Of them, there is one who promised Allah, ‘If He bestows of His generosity on us, we shall certainly give charity and be of the righteous.’ But when He gave to them of His generosity, they hoarded it and turned away in aversion. So He punished them by putting hypocrisy into their hearts until the day they meet Him, because they broke their promise to Allah and lied.” [9:75-77]

Imam Suyuti says that the person referred to above is Thalaba ibn Hatib, who asked the Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) to pray that Allah would enrich him, so that he might give everyone their just due. So the Prophet supplicated for him and he became wealthy, but then he stopped coming to the Friday prayer, withdrew from the community, and refused to pay zakat.

Some time after this, Thalaba brought the Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) his zakat, but the Prophet told him, “Allah forbids me to accept it from you,” at which Thalaba threw handfuls of dust upon his head. In the time of Abu Bakr’s khilafat he took his zakat to Abu Bakr (radhi Allahu anhu), but he would not accept it. Then to Umar (radhi Allahu anhu), but he would not accept it either. Then he took it to Uthman (radhi Allahu anhu), but he would not accept it, and he died in the khilafat of Uthman. [Reliance of the Traveller by Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri]

Homeless and helpless

Where are the Golden Jubilee Goals ? Where are all the funds to help homeless and poor Ismailies ? Read this email and Reply.

On 20 Mar 2013, at 21:32, Rubbina Shaheen wrote:
Dear Presidendsaheb
Ya Ali Madad
You probably have been informed by Sikander Somani about my situation. I think from our conversation,some months back, your out look was I should pack it all up and the various departments will see us through.

The answer is there is NO GOVERNMENT dept will help us as we are not VULNERABLE Since the 11th February 2013 we have been HOMELESS and the local housing dept has no obligation to house us.

I am writing to you because I am thinkiking of asking approx 300 ISMAILIS, if they can come up with £500.00 and payable with interest on a monthly basis. The IDEA may seem silly but I want to see if this is possible as well as see which angels can come up with the sum.I REPEAT I AM NOT LOOKING FOR FREE HAND OUTS.

I also am again saying WHY THE INSTITUTIONS CANNOT HELP. Now I am being asked who is your COMMUNITY

Today I feel that as AN ISMAILI WHERE IS THE COMMUNITY. At the end of the day it is the SOUL that matters. The body gets its RESPECT? in any RELIGION. So what is it about ISMAILISM when NO INSTITUTION CAN HELP.What is the purpose of paying respect to the dead body when in person nobody was there for help.


We are still homeless and if you feel that time permitting to yourself I would be delighted to gain your views.
Mohamed hami
cc Vazir Dr Shafiq Sachedina
Mehboob Chattur


Thank you. Can you please let us know your position in more detail. Please feel free to call me or my wife.

Our institutions have budgets, Boards and committees. Ismailies who are poor and homeless are a priority for our Institutions to assist with now full time paid staff. Hazar Imam has said Murids must not be passed from one board to another and frustrate those in need.

I discussed this with our Vice President recently and he assured me there are committees and Boards in UK , with budgets to help those especially very poor and homeless.

Where our institutions don't want to or cannot help , we as Ismailis should get together and help each other. Are the Local Mukhi Shahebs aware of your situation?

Frankly I am shocked to learn that in UK our institutions are not helping a homeless Ismaili, knowing you are homeless since 11 February ? And you have been in contact with our institutions well before that ?

By a copy to our Leaders I am asking them to let me know.
Ya Ali Madad
Mahebub Chatur

Working together brings

Working together brings happiness and peace.

Peace is necessary
Peace is just
Peace is possible

Peace is a dialogue
Peace is a willingness
Peace is a choice

Peace is prosperity
peace is the right path
peace is the way forward

Let us all work together for Peace.

Navroz Mubarak

letter to our Leadership "

letter to our Leadership " Subject: Will you HELP ? RE: Helpless and homeless Ismaili

I have just spoken to Mohammed Hami and his wife. They are homeless and living in their small Nissan Van in Shrewsbury UK. You and EPB know. Where is our one stop UK committee Shiraz Kabani told me about ?

Today is Navroz. They went to a food bank to try to get some food for themselves. Where are our Mukhi/Nandi to help and support them.

Rubina has a part time job earning £117 pw in Shrewsbury. What they need today is help with food and to get accommodation. They have appealed to the Local Authority.

Will our institutions get them accommodation Deposit and advance rent. The rent is about £550 pm. After this they will get some benefits and they can manage , hand to mouth. Their JK is Birmingham and the Mukhi Kamadia there has not even called them.

If you cannot and don’t want to help them as an Institution with £1500. Then please let me know urgently. I will then try to help them with other Ismailies who want to help this helpless and an ISMAILI homeless couple.

Mohammed tells me he has in the past given seva to the Jamat in Birmingham including Bait ul Ilm.

Today is Navroz. How much money are our UK institutions spending for social, events, food and dinners, in UK and Europe. Not taking account of the GJ Goals , funding, and budgets and funding for the poor and homeless.

Mahebub Chatur

@Mahebub Chatur re: March 21 (Letter to our...)

Good job, Mahebub bhai. I hope with all my heart you (and other Ismailis) can help alleviate the stress, worry, predicament, and awful circustances of these mureeds. All the very best.
Ya Aly madad.

@Alumni re: March 20th

Alumni bhai (?) (fem. would be Alumna), can you please clarify who is the author of the letter to the President Saheb? Is it Rubbina Shaheen (first and last names?) or Mohamed Hami?

What a difficult situation for the person(s) involved...Mowla rahèm karè.

Mohammed and Rubbina Hami

Mohammed and Rubbina Hami are husband and wife.

misuse of funds

Mr. moderator on march 19, 2013 i wrote about MISUSE OF FUNDS for NAVROZ 2013 , which you choose not to publish, after reading this post about this ismaili do you still think MY POST WAS NOT WORTH IT.


We can not a value on Faith

We can not a value on Faith or Networking or Brotherhood or Sewa.

Legal Notice given to M/K saheb - Agakhan Baag J/K - Mumbai

Dear All - Ya Ali Madad , With NAV ROZ MUBARAK , to ALL ,
Here is the copy of legal notice sent to m/k saheb of Agakhan Baag j/k , versova , Mumbai , for information and consideration of readers of this site , ..
B. Sc., LL. B. Advocate ,
604 , Poonam Chs Ltd , Bldg No. 10 ,
Near Shagun Hotel , Shanti Park ,
Mira Road - East , Dist : Thane ,
Maharashtra ,
Date : 18 /03 / 2013
Legal Notice
( by regd. post )

From : Nooruddin Jaffer Lakhani ,
residing at C/B/11,
Agakhan Baag ,
Yari Road , Versova ,
Andheri West Mumbai 4ooo61

To ,
Respected Mukhi saheb and Kamdia saheb ,

His Highness Prince Agakhan Shia Imami Ismaili Khoja Jamatkhana ,

Agakhan Baag , Yaari Road , Versova , Mumbai ,

Subject : Regarding Cacellation of the Marraige Ceremony , by You , on Last Moment , of Daughter of my on neaerst relative , which was Religiously to be Performed by You , in Agakhan Baag jamatkhana , Yari road , Versova , Mumbai , which marriage was fixed with prior consultation with you well in advance , and whose marriage invitation cards were also already distributed amongst Ismaili and Non Ismaili Relatives , Friends Acquainteds of Ours , as well as , Ismaili and Non Ismaili Relatives , Friends and Acquainteds of Bridegroom side , including , Invitation with Invitation to You also ,

Respected Sirs ,

Ya Ali Madad ,

I , Mr. Nooruddin Jaffer Lakhani , address as above , do hereby require to give you , this legal notice , that ,

(1) For the purpose of marriage of , one Bride Nisha , age ____, D/O Mr. Ramjanali Shahbuddin Lakhani , residing at , 8/a/10 , Agakhan Baag , Yari Road , Versova , Mumbai , with one Bride groom Nadil , age 28 years , S/O Mr. Abdul E. Samnani , residing at , h/b/6, Agakhan Baag , Yari Road , Versova , Mumbai , the relatives , including me had contacted you , consulted with you , well in advance , at least before one week , and , informed you to fix the day and time etc. for the said marriage to be performed in Agakhan Baag Jamatkhana , and after due consultation with you , the day was fixed as , 17/03/2013 , Sunday , and , Time Fixed was 5 pm .

(2) the said bride , being daughter of my maternal nephew , i was and am , also part of arrangements for said marriage .

(3) You were also informed that MUDA ceremony of both these , i.e.Bride and Bride groom was also performed , here in this , Agakhan Baag Jamatkhana only , before about 3 years .

(4) So necessary due preparations for said marriage , from both the sides , i.e.Bride and Bride groom , were completed , and , Invitation Cards also were distributed to their Ismaili and Non Ismaili Relatives , Friends and Acquainteds , and you both being Heads of Jamat , were also cordially invited through such marriage invitaton cards , well in advance .

(5) In the circumstances above , when , the fixed time of said marriage was near , on 17/03 /2013 , Sunday , near by afternoon , and , before fixed time of marriage , when , the Bride and the Bride groom , amongst , their Ismaili Relatives , Friends and Acquainteds , came at the Jamatkhana , you suddenly , on last moment , denied to perform said marriage ceremony , and , on asking , as to why ? , you were not giving any reason/s , for cancellation , of said marriage ceremony by you , and , all requests to you by any of us , had been responded , as to be , of no use , and , ultimately , said marriage ceremony was cancellaed on spot , by you both , to be performed , which is part of your Religious Duties to Jamats , including us , and , that also of no reason/s , on our side , which gave deep shock/s to all concerned , including bride , bridegroom and my self also .

(6) in creation of such difficult situations , for all of us , by you , without any reason on our side , we were all put in such a trgedical situations , that , we were unable to understand , as to what to do now ? time was getting over soon , and , non ismailis were also invited to reception , along with ismailis , after marriage ceremony , so , we had no alternate to but to complete at least , the reception ceremony of bride and bridegroom , as fixed , at place fixed , still , as the cancellation of sid marriage had come to knowledges of so many there , it had become a matter of discussion amongst all present there , which spread over out side everywhere , which has not only damaged reputation of all concerned of us , including bride , bridegroom and me .

(7) so you are here by given this legal notice , to provide me soon , at least within 10 days , to me , the reason , as to why you both , did not perform , the said marriage ceremony and why cancelled to be performed , and have my receipt there of , other wise , it will mean that you are compelling to take necessary legal actions , in the matter against you both , as well as , all concerned responsible for this , and , all responsibilities arising will be of you and responsible with you only .


Through Me ( Mr. Nuruddin Jaffer Lakhani )

M. A. Noorani ,
Advocate .

@Mansoorali Abdulrahim Noorani re: March19th (Legal Notice...)

This seems almost unbelievable...So dreadful...

Legal Notice...........Mumbai

Absolutely disgusting, Mansooralibhai.........

This is called being marginalised.................

I wish you success.............

Letter to Leadership sent

Letter to Leadership sent today

" This Mukhi and Kamadia ruined one of the happiest day in the lives of these families. They did not bless the marriage. They hurting their feelings. They embarrassed them, and the Jamat They insulted and disrespected Imams Farmans. How can they then sit in Jamat Khanna and give Dua, and say “Khanavadan”, and they give blessings for Mushil Asaan, Haki Kati Samaj and Sukkh Salamat abad…. (Mukhis need to read following Farman and What Hazar Imam says in the constitution below) May be this Mukhi and Kamadia do not know and are blindly doing what they were told.?

In India there are 4 court cases so far against our institutions including NCAB and ITREB. Leaders are refusing to resolve the concerns. As you know NCAB India Chairman threatened Mr Noorani. Cases in India can be dragged on for 15 years. Newspapers in India are full of stories of corruption in courts. This is changing quite quickly

Leaders in the inner circle and with multi positions, have been promoting a culture of secrecy ans autocracy. They have managed to have and control the key positions. They control the communication and Farmans. They have and control the money, and the “political” connections. They have the best lawyers.

Therefore they have become so arrogant and blatantly say they can continue (with impunity), without being answeable or acountable to the Jamat. leaders down the line have only now begun to realise the truth

Am I right;

1 If not why would they refuse to meet Nagib and Alnaz, or in India, or others who have filed complaints.

2 If not why not follow Farmans and give the full constitution.

3 If not why not publish the book of Farmans they say Hazar Imam has authoried and will be published soon. This was in the LIF announcement 3 years ago.

4 If not why not give Farmans and the constitution. And why not give Farmans and explain them.

Shocking and shameful They

Shocking and shameful

They reprsent the Imam ! but they are misrepreseting the Imam - we must not just wish our brothers nd sisters success but we must do somethting to help them, and do all we can to make sure these Leaders apologise and as Imam says correct the wrong and hurt they have done to their own Jamat and our cimmunity. How can they sit at the Paat the next day !

Read below what is the role of Mukhi and Kamadia - Everyeveny they give dua and say let us all pray that Mawla gives us the inpiration and strenght to serve the Jamat, Haki kati Samaj Mushkil Asaan - Is this the way to serve the Imam, Is this helping the Jamat and is this haki kati Samaj and adding to mushkil rather than reducing the Mushkil of the Jamat.

@ My Common Reply to Recent Posts ...!

Dear All on Recent Comments Here , Ya Ali Madad ,

Question asked here is simle by Dear Mr. Gafoor , that ,

" i have a question. If a leader is appointed by our Imam to serve the Jamat and the Imam and the appointed leader is not serving the Jamat fairly and is protected by other leaders, does the jamat have a right to remove the leader from their office? As CAB UK and ICAB have said that they do not have jurisdiction on some of these leaders as they are above the constitution. So what rights do the Jamat have in these issues? "

and , i have replied my opinion - simply , that , no member of jamats has any right any where , to remove any appointed by MHI ....! , so let me know first , that , what wrong i have written ? ,
.......offence - moral turpitude etc are not part of the question , what wrong in appointments is being done any level is different thing , rights with boards members to remove any appointed has got different reasons - back grounds , it is not rights with jamats ,
so , i want only to know , whether jamats - any jamati members has any constitutional right to remove any appointed by MHI , if he / she is not working fairly , and ,if protected by other leaders ? ,
i hope some body comes with clear reply , on said issue ! ,

@ My Common Reply to Recent Posts ...!

As I said in my earlier post lets get down to the core of the problem, for example I have said lets get them excommunicate or removed, and you keep on missing the point How will you get your point across, whether appointed by MHI or any other leader, if the person is of concern how will you let the higher authority know that the problem exists. Just give me a suggestion. HOW WILL YOU SAVE AN IMPRISONED PRINCESS if a hungry lion is at the gate?????????? If I have no right to fire someone atleast I have the right to complain, or take my tasbhi and start chanting YA ALI YA ALI.

Can u please tell me If as a MUSLIM ISMAILI (as Islam as foundation and CORE) gives you and me and all Muslims to rise against all or any injustice, prejudice and PERMISSION even go to war TO FREELY practice your faith, how come we ar talking about NO RIGHT TO THIS NO RIGHT FOR THAT. There are only 2 reasons for this misunderstanding:

2) We have been brain washed not to look in that direction (or you will turn to stone) or simply we do not want to UNDERSTAND the MISUNDERSTANDING we are facing today.


The problem is not with the Constitution

The problem is not with the Constitution, it is with people who are supposed to protect it but instead who do a mockery of the Ismaili Institution, that includes ICAB.

On March 19th, 2013 librarian-umed says:

UMED I know that and completely and whole heartedly believe so and agree with your defination. but my problem is why are we still not trying hard enough to get out of this CACOON of make beliefs. When will we start comparing apples with apples.

ya ali madad

If Hazar Imam appoints a

If Hazar Imam appoints a Leader and says that the Leader can be removed only by Hazar Imam, then only Hazar Imam can remove that Leader.

If Hazar Imam asks Leaders to recommend a leader who Hazar Imam accepts, and Hazar Imam then tells them that the leader can be removed by them by for example a vote of 2/3rd majority of that Board. Then the Leaders can remove him , and they must follow what Hazar Imam has said and Imams Farmans.

What Hazar Imam has said in Farmans which includes our constitution must be respected and followed by them and the Jamat.

On March 18th, 2013 Mansoorali Abdulrahim Noorani (not verified)

Ya ali madad Mansoor bhai: I keep reading and every time this word " RIGHT/S " all i hear is as ismailies we do not have the right of this or that, My question is very simple WHAT RIGHT DO WE HAVE AS AN ISMAILI ???????????

We have no RIGHT to MHI firmans we can only have what the big boys think we should have, we have no right to a printed copy of the firmans by the so called ITREB, it is their job to furnish us the materials which they do not do. BUT WE DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY ANYTHING.

We do not have the right to question the leaders because they are hand picked or appointed by MHI, are you saying they are infallible? just because they have been SELECTED and not ELECTED gives them IMMUNITY. What does the constitution say about selection process NO BANKRUPT, NO CONVICTION, who is checking backgrounds, I see many people holding positions or working with leadership and getting selected inspite of their conviction and bankruptcy. and further more people with moral issues like running away with young girls while still in leadership, I still see them on the front line. and you suggest we have NO SAYS. I have seen the system of NANDI turning into a commercial venture with my very own eyes within the last 10 years by our so called selected leaders. FOR GOD'S SAKE GIVE ME A BREAK.

Because of this kind of stupid mentality that has been PLANTED in us by our missionaries and leaders, you are suggesting we are ROBOTS. Please explain is this a religion we are talking about or an ENTERPRISE.

Here are some suggestions and what I think is wrong is the MENTAL ATTITUDE, when there is a concern or an incident we talk about, all we do is mix the CORE of the problem with a lot of issues and lose the debate. What we have to do is to take the issue with merits but people here confuse things here with different angles and mostly spiritual angles which has got nothing to do with that problem. We should learn to STRIP the problem to it core heart and then try to think and ponder on it, instead all we do is confuse it even more.

Relegious concern should be handled with relegious mentality, administrative problem with the law and COMMON SENSE, but now here you are suggesting WE HAVE NO RIGHTS. Has any one in here ever suggested MHI is WRONG or he made a MISTAKE, NO NO NO and NO, just because we are ismailies we should act like those 3 monkeys, one with eyes closed the other with his ears and the third one sealing his lips. WHAT WE ARE DOING IS THE BIGGEST SEVA TO THE COMMUNITY.

A very personal question i want to ask how do you treat a beggar in the street, and how will you treat the beggar if he is an Ismaili, differently of course right. But that process of differentiating you are missing the most common point that they are both NEEDY, HUNGRY OR HOMELESS and you favoring one to another would be a disaster, not moral not according to the teaching of ISLAM.

ya ali madad

The Jamat can not remove the Appointees

The Jamat can not remove the leader but the institutions, through their members, can vote and throw out a member at the majority vote. So LIF can dismiss SS for example and if Nanji does not respect his oath of office, the other ICAB members can vote him out of his position. This is what has been allowed by the Imam according to my reading of that article 36.

Practically you can understand that this does not happen. And it is wrong not to apply the provisions of the Constitution for personal reasons.

Mukhis and Kamadias must

Mukhis and Kamadias must have all Farmans. If not how can they fullfill this Farman
“ Mukhis and Kamadias represent the Imam of the time. They represent the Imam in the Jamat Khanna, and if they represent the Imam then it is their responsibility to see that the Imams Farmans are fulfilled by the Jamat, and to explain these Farmans to the Jamat. I have made this Farman about unity in the Jamat, and I would like my Mukhis and Kamadias to ensure and to do everything possible that there is unity in my Jamat. I have made Farmans about cooperation. Cooperation between local institution and central institutions, I would like my Mukhis and Kamadias to do everything possible to see that up country institutions coordinate properly with the central institutions. I have made Farmans about attendance in Jamat Khanna, I would like my Mukhis and Kamadias to ensure that the Jamat is regular in its prayers and attendance in Jamat Khanna. These are the matters where My Mukhis and Kamadias who are representing the Imam, must ensure that the Jamat responds, and understands the reasons for which these Farmans have been made” 9 January 1978

How can they explain and how can the Jamat understand let alone fulfill farmans when they do not have and are not given the Farmans.? Do this also not mean that Imam wishes them all to have all Farmans ?

On March 18th, 2013 salim (not verified) says

Very well said Salim.

But there is a big difference what you say and expects from the MUKHIs and KAMARIAS from what mukhis and kamarias were few decades ago. The core meaning of their authority has been changed by the appointed leadership. Now in todays term if you look the authority of mukhis are like CHIEF OPERATING MANAGERS and they cannot interpret and implement the firmans of MHI in spite being the MHI right hand. Now let me tell you what their functions are: who ever the ITREB send to JK for a lecture, whether that lecture any material or the rituals and rites and ceremonies which is morally or ISLAMICALLY wrong, whether right words in the ginan is used or not whether the duas is said right or wrong they cannot or have no right to stop it even though the inner senses of theirs agree it is wrong.

Now today if you pose a question like (why did we dropped SALAWAT FOR RUHANI SALVATION suggest by Imam Sultan Mohammed Shah still today being recited in his fiman on chandrat to ASTAGAFHIR ULLAH RABI WA TUBU ILLAHI which means you are asking salvation for yourself and noT the RUHANIES ) to your Mukhi saheb the reply would be let me consult with the council or itreb,AND YOU WILL NEVER GET YOUR ANSWER. Today's function of the mukhi saheb is to have a switch to control the lighting in the JK have a thermostat under their pat to control the temprature, I am not making it up it is a fact in 2013. I challenge you, take a wara for let say you wanna say the DUA and you can use as many words that are not in the dua and no one will challenge you not mukhi or itreb or the council, why,
because all we have are few dumb or unqualified (WHO LOVES THE LIMELIGHT) yes men or _ _ _ kissers selected for the job and are thrown on us as MHI's selections, so no question please you have no rights. Lets us all think A MAN WHO IS RUNNING AN IMAMAT WITH HIS HUMANLY WELL EDUCATED INTELLECT AND ON TOP OF, THE DIVINE INTELLECT " WA QUL HU ASAINA ASAINA FI IMAM-E-MUBIN " would appoint people like we are today being suggested??????????????

Even those individuals when they are hiring or selecting individuals for their personal business perform a background check, qualifications, past experiences, convictions or criminal records etc. and then offer the job to thos who would accept pays 25% less than the market rate and if it is wintertime and you are sitting idle in the office send you to thier home to remove snow from thier driveway, so when they come home they can have a fresh untired wife waiting for them.


Our Constitutional Companies

I see many more are interested to know and understand. I wrote the following letter. I have not received the information or a reply. I reminded them, and this is a part of the many reasons I filed a complaint, which is presently with ICAB.

Sent: 16 June 2012 10:52 To: Vazir Shafik Sachedina; Vazir Dr Azim Lakhani Chairman LIF; UK President Amin Mawji OBE ; Amyn Kassim-Lakha Global Head of Councils & ITREBS; Sadru Datoo - Global head of Budgets and finances ; Shiraz Kabani Vice President UK and IIS; Farhad Daftary IIS ; Vazir E Rupani LIF EO, and DJI-IIS.

Subject: AKDN - structure, companies, institutions and information

I am trying to understand the structure, agencies and companies within “our” institutions and or under "our" constitution, which are for, and for the benefit of, the Jamat. I have researched and obtained some information from the internet and websites including AKDN.

Can you please share the following with me;

1 Where does IIS fit into the AKDN structure and please share copies of the annual reports from 2007 to date. (see attached where IIS is not specifically mentioned – Presumably under AKF)

2 The annual reports for AKF – Some of the consolidated AKF reports up to 2006 are on the AKDN website (attached). Can you please therefore also share with me the following specifically.

a. copies of the annual consolidated reports from 2007 to 2011 (and 2012 if available). If these do not include the figures for Micro finance and Trust & culture, then please share copies of those with me.
b. How many of the 80,000 staff are Ismaili (by country). I am assume this figure of 80, 000 is current and for all the AKDN, Not for Profit agencies ?
c. The numbers of Ismailies volunteers and or man hours (excluding TKN), and also the TKN hours used (total and by country)
d. The numbers of Ismailies who have benefited in total from AKDN-AKF (including Micro Finance and Trust/Culture)
i. Directly by country
ii. Indirectly by country

3 Similar to AKF annual reports , can you please share the consolidated annual reports for AKDN. (I appreciate that some selected individual agencies reports are on the AKDN website.

4 Similarly for AKFED. I note 63 companies are mentioned in total in the attached. In the attached AKFED brochure there are 79 companies. The total staff is stated as about 35000 + in the AKDN fact sheet (attached). Above over 80,000 staff.

a. Please let me have the latest number of staff and the same information as above (2, b, c & d)
b. list of all the present companies country wise as in the AKFED report for 2006 (attached)
c. A list of the senior management and directors of each of the companies

If you are passing this to anyone to provide the information please let me know or If you want me to approach anyone else please let me know too.

As you know I am waiting for the missing parts of our constitution, and or related confirmation. Can you please respond and let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you and assume all Presidents and members of LIF have the information and copies I have requested.

If as a member of the Jamat, I am not entitled to any of the information I am seeking, then can you please let me know and share the related reasons/documents/farmans with me.

Kind regards and Ya Ali madad

Mahebub Chatur

Reminder and Clarification

I have sent the following reminder to our Leaders today, including ICAB and NCAB UK.


" I have still not received a response. This is a part of the reasons, & evidence in my complaints. Can you also clarify that the “Ismaili Imamat” is a formal and or, our constitutional institution ordained by Hazar Imam, and, which is distinct and separate from Hazar Imam as Imam e Zaman, or personally.

Therefore for example, the agreements with Alberta, in October 2012, (by Firoz Rasul), and Mali, (by Shafik Sachedina), were signed on behalf of the “Ismaili Imamat” as an Institution. They and others therefore have delegated authority to sign documents on behalf of the “Ismaili Imamat” (as distinct from signing on behalf of Hazar Imam personally, or as Imam)

Can you also let us know the Board and executive committee members of this institution. I assume this is the Apex - highest body - Institution, under and within our constitution and it institutional structures.

The constitution is of the Jamat and for the Jamat. The full constitution, and all the changes, including related Farmans and reports must be given to all Leaders and all members of the Jamat. If that is not correct please let me know and let me have the relevant and related Farmans and the constitutional documents.

Kind regards and Ya Ali madad

Mahebub Chatur"

On March 18th, 2013 M Chatur (not verified) says:

Ya ali madad:

In the oath that is being taken by the leaders and volunteers, it is asked by the oath taker to perform according to the constittution, when on the other hand, no one has been given a copy of the constitution prior of taking the oath. No one know what is our constitution is or even seen it,It have become a norm like privacy policy nobody reads on the internet or facebook or twitter, just click on the I ACCEPT BUTTON.

This is another malicious and ill intent on the part of our appointed leadership being sweept under the rugs.


Mr Mansoorali The following

Mr Mansoorali

The following will also help you to know and understand; Hazar Imam wants the Jamat to seek and understand how AKDN and  “our” institutions are directly benefiting the Jamat, and what  opportunities have been created in the many  countries, and how they are countries of opportunity for the Jamat.  
 “… SEEK from “YOUR ” institutions competence, effectiveness, answerability, forethought, these are the qualities that you should be seeking in “YOUR” institutions, but not perfection.. …” November 15, 1992.

The primary reason and role for AKDN   “..…. in deciding to let this network come into place …   I wish to share … First, any area of activity has to benefit the Jamat Immediately, or in the readily foreseeable future. If we had existing institutions already in place, any new initiative has to compliment them. Such activities have to be  have a recognisable, beneficial national impact. “  11 July 2007

Why is Imam telling this to the Jamat ? So that if the Leaders are not doing what Imam is telling them then other Leaders and the Jamat must ask and if necessary ask them to resign or vote them out of the Boards.

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