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Defenses Glorifying the Aga Khan filed in federal Court - 2010-04-29

Thursday, 2010, April 29
Heritage News

In a surprisingly rapid twist of events, both Mr Tajdin and Mr Jiwa have filed their respective statements of Defense this 29th of April 2010. They affirm to being devoted followers who will unconditionally abide by the wishes of the Aga Khan, whom they glorify in their defense.

Mr Tajdin declares that:

He has not been served yet but the ethics imposed upon him by his faith demands that he should not keep in ignorance the public by being silent on the issue and should clarify all of the facts, pertaining to this lawsuit, of which he is aware.

He reaffirms his allegiance to the Aga Khan, is willing to submit to any of his wishes, and is ready to surrender himself and all his possessions to the Imam.

He has been printing Farman books since 1992 with approval and instructions from the Imam received on August 15, 1992 in Montreal.

He has not received any communication from the Imam from 1992 to 2009 instructing him to stop publication.

He cannot stop publication without instruction from the Imam as this would be a breach of his oath of allegiance to the Imam.

All Farman publications were financial deficit projects done as a volunteer service and large numbers of books were distributed free of charge.

Farman sharing is a historic Ismaili tradition which still continues today.

The current Ismaili Constitution does not restrict the right to publish Farmans

Mr Tajdin concludes that:

He has no choice but to await further direct instructions from the Imam.

He reaffirms his allegiance to the Aga Khan, is willing to submit to any of His wishes, and is ready to surrender himself and all his possessions to the Imam.

Mr Jiwa states that:

"This action does not appear to have been authorized personally by the Aga Khan .."

"In distributing Farman books obtained from Tajdin to other Ismailis, he has not violated either the Ismaili Constitution or any Farmans"

He has not violated the copyright act as "Tajdin was given express authority by the Imam" and regardless of the fact that "the limitations period provided for by the Copyright Act also bars this action as the books containing the Farmans were commenced publication in the year 1992", he will still do whatever the Imam tells him to do.

Mr Jiwa clarifies finances:

He "obtains these books for C$50.00 from Tajdin and sells it for C$50.00, without any profit.

"All monies received by him from the sale of (other) books after 2005 were delivered to the Jamatkhanas"

Mr Jiwa further states that:

"If the Imam edited the Farman before releasing to the Jamats, in effect he is superceding the Farman he made orally previously."

He "unconditionally reconfirms his oath of allegiance to his Imam" and "if the Imam does not desire his Farman books to be distributed to the Jamats (...) this defendant will submit to the instructions of His Imam without reservation whatsoever"

Replies From the Plaintiff are due within 10 days, and Affidavits of Documents are due 30 days later.

[Update from May 6: Ogilvy Renault, the law firm which launched the case has asked for an extension of 15 days to reply to the Defense. They claim delays due to breakdown of email servers, blackberry communication, travel of senior lawyer, time difference with Paris etc...The more delays in this file, the more damage it creates to the reputation of the Ismaili community, the Imam and the defendants. It is to the advantage of all parties that this case be withdrawn from the courts.]

[Update from June 22: Defendants have filed a Motion for summary Judgement to have the case dismissed.]

[Update from September 5:
Online Book that gathers court materials as well as articles that are currently available for the ongoing 2010 Lawsuit:

Copyright Lawsuit 2010: Online Book of All available Materials
News on cross-examinations:
Copyright Lawsuit: CROSS_EXAMINATIONS Table of Contents - 2010-09-04
Latest Development
Copyright Lawsuit: Imam Appears for Discovery and Ends the Case - 2010-10-15
As users are asking to read the letters from Nagib and Alnaz on the court docket, the latest have been attached on the following link:
A. Various Court Filings

Revised Factums have been posted Here:
2010-11-29 Summary Judgment : Plaintiffs Revised Combined Factums of Reply and of Motion
2010-11-29 Summary Judgment: Defendants' Revised Factums of Motion and of Reply

There has been proven fraud in the recent past in the Aga Khan's domain by the Aga Khan's agents:
Aga Khan Lawsuit: Fraud at Aga Khan Studs - 2000-02-22

2011-05-25: A Jamati Member who has never met the Defendants volunteered as his brotherly duty to pay the $30,000 that was demanded in the Plaintiff''s submissions and that was accordingly ordered by the judge.
Read the full details of the $30,000 payment directly to H.H. The Aga Khan.

2011-06-16: The Appeal Memorandum of Fact and Law against the Summary Judgment has been filed in court by the defendants on June 16th, 2011.
Read the Full Appeal Memorandum of Fact and Law

Link to Court Docket Case T-514-10
Link to Court Docket Appeal A-60-11
Link to Court Docket Appeal A-59-11
Link to Court Docket Appeal A-156-13

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Self defence

Option 1 of course if in self defence and especially as the same individuals group were involved in attacking and threatening earlier.


I agree with you , However I think Mr Jiwa must ignore people who tries to provoke him in different Jamat Khanas in GTA, I also strongly beleive its the duty of our Jamati Leadership and the Mukhi/Kamadia Sahebs to see that such thing should not take place in Jamat Khanas as every Ismaili has a right to attend the Jamat Khanas and perform in all the Jamati ceremony and rituals like saying Dua with the Jamat, reciting Tasbih and bying Nandis etc. untill the Murid is expelled for some reason from the religion by Hazar Imam. I really feel sorry for Mr.Jiwa and his loving family as certain members of our Jamat and the leaders in our communtiy has made him like an evil member of our Ismaili Jamat, I pray that when so many projects of Hazar Imam is taking place in Canada and around the Globe we all Ismailis acts as brothers and sisters among each other in Jamat Khanas and out side with love, respect, tolerance and Unity with each other to please our beloved Hazar Imam. Ameen,

Need Calm


Loosing tamper or getting angry and doing stuffs could weaken defendants' position.

Longer the court review means, court is having problem with the plaintiff request for summary judgment request, which means, the case is going to go for trial, that means more people are going to voice their opinions and going to go against defendants.

Believe me, people opinion

Believe me, peoples' opinion does not weight in the balance when Imam Himself has spoken. What will happen is what Imam wants, regardless of what is decided in Court.

When Imam meets again the defendants, it will put all the dissenting voices to rest.

@ librarian-umed

I agree with you when you say "peoples' opinion does not weight in the balance when Imam Himself has spoken. What will happen is what Imam wants, regardless of what is decided in Court" Yes! its true that the defedants has lost his cool, but then just think after all he is a humanbeing like all of us and not a saint or a sadhu, How long a person can hold his cool when he is not left alone in his own place of worship where he goes to practice his faith? I am very sad about the incident and the person who provoked the defendant to loose his cool in our holy place where every Ismaili goes to practice their faith everyday and our beloved Hazar Imam knows that very well what is going own with his Jamat and the people who are doing this act of evilness in the holy Jamat Khanas, May Mowla guide us and bless us all to live in peace and harmony among each other as a true Momeen and brothers and sisters, Ameen.

“Allah Hafez” OR “Khouda Hafez” = "May God Be Your Protector"

YAM, BLOGLAW! On all my blogs, I always start with greetings “YAM” which means Ya-Ali-Madad (t). I always end with “Allah Hafez” which means “May God be your Protector.” In Arabic, hifz means “protection.” The phrase is a loan word from Persian into Kurdish, Punjabi, Urdu in Pakistan, Hindi in India, and Bengali Languages. Some people prefer to say “Allah Hafez” at the time to see off someone. Mostly used by Urdu and Hindi speaking. “Allah” means God, and “Khouda” means God. The Persian word for God is “Allah Hafez”Courtesy: Wikipedia, CCORAF, and OWS. Allah Hafez, Nizar Ali K. Shivji!

"True Spirit of Islam"

Ya Ali Madad. Rowonsadbarg (Tajikistan), Zeenatara and others, thank you for your comments. Nagib's family and Alnaz's family, are going through a very difficult time. They are our Spiritual Brothers and Sisters, and let us just pray for them, this is the "true spirit of Islam", the rest should be left in the hands of Our Beloved Hazar Imam, He will take care of the situation. Thank You. Khuda Hafiz.

Will Leaders never share?

Jenabai in Vancouverite a leader or proxy says : Bloglaw I feel sorry for you … Do you really believe that the Leaders should get engaged with such folks who have no respect for others? The Leaders will NEVER get involved in blogs. They KNOW what their responsibilities are. So if I don’t belong to this camp or the other camp, then I must be a proxy for the Leaders. Well you can say that again if that makes you happy. Leave them alone, please. They are not the Plaintiff, are there? Do you want me say Allah Hafez or Khuda Hafiz? Well take your pick.”


1 Yes Leaders should get involved in sharing information and facts with the Jamat and in the media (Blogs are the new media of today and tomorrow) Leaders must also make announcement for the the Jamat and issue directives to Mukhi & Kamadia's. These are a aprt of the outreach programs which has a budget running into millions of dollars as you know. Right ?

2 Who says we or Alnaz and Nagib have no respect for others ? That is frankly your and some of the leaders who you represent, which are baseless and unsubstantiated. If all of us agreed with your instructions and obeyed you without question, you will sing our praises and reward us ! right?

3 If as you say, Leaders know what their responsibilities are; then pray tell us why they are not following Imams Farmans directions and guidance on the issues specifically highlighted since 6 April 2010 and clearly by their own admissions (Dr SS)?

4 You are a leader or a proxy for Leaders because

a. you are generalizing, and NOT giving any reasoned or specific replies, but simply give instructions like the leaders, and;

b. You are also saying behalf of the leaders that they will NEVER get involved in Blogs (directly or indirectly ?). If so why are they doing so through you ? Why are you doing so ? Why did they do so before Oct 2010 ?

5 You repeatedly say we must leave the leaders alone because they are not the plaintiff – Pray tell us through whom (Leaders) are the directions and instructions now routed by MHI. Also are you telling us you know from Dr SS or MM or MHI, that Dr SS and MM are no longer involved in the lawsuit, and there is a new team of leaders who are involved in this lawsuit ? and if so why did Dr SS and MM, come on 15 Oct 2010 at the request of Gray - NOT at the request of Imam, the Court or the defendants ?

Jenabai; You can say Ya Al Madad to me and to all Ismailies. If you prefer you can also Allah Hafiz or Khuda Hafiz to me. Are you suggesting these two greetings specifically because you want to make some inference to Sunni Muslims or suggesting you are a Sunni, or you prefer that greeting, or we should no longer say Ya Ali Madad ? OR are you trying to insult our greeting ?

Where is the pluralism, respect and tolerance Jenabai ?

With Ya Ali Madad.

Well said, Yasmin!

Dear Sister Yasmin,
Your message is so true, so well expressed and your emotions are so touching. If only they would listen. But it seems they have deliberately put blinkers on their eyes and will not rest until they achieve their goal of annihilating Nagib and Alnaz. However we should have no doubt that Mowla will protect them and also soon put an end to this pagan and heathenish behavior, inshallah!

Re: Alnaz Jiwa

I still feel that Alnaz Jiwa's behaviour is not acceptable.
Violence is not accepted. With humility, lots can be accomplished.

I guess when you are

I guess when you are surrounded by a gang that you know is out to either beat you to death or damage you and one of them start beating you, it is very difficult to wait for the time all of them will join.

But you are right our Prophet Jesus said if they slap you on one cheek you should tell them to slap the other cheek so maybe Alnaz could have done this. [If he was a Christian]

Alnaz Jiwa

It seems now there is a growing concern that Alnaz should not have defended himself. Perhaps those who say that he shouldn't have, should try and put themselves in Alnaz's shoes.

From what I hear, Alnaz is a very quiet peaceful person. He goes to many J.K's and it was only at this J.K where M.Kamadia and his gang were verbally bullying him whilst he was standing in the Dua Karavi line, that this altercation took place. Apparently they were taunting Alnaz to leave the J.K,, pushing him and telling him they will "break his batrisi". Alnaz said, if you want to break my batrisi, lets go outside. They didn't go outside. Then again, after nandi was over, Alnaz was provoked again by the chamcho of the gang, punched at least 3 times on the shoulder, and it was then that Alnaz took the swing and left a mark on chamcho showing that he was not going to be intimidated by anyone anymore. The leader of the gang (M.Kamadia)who was standing right behind Alnaz then ran and called the police but he was not man-enough to face Alnaz one-on-one ! This is what I was told by those who were present when this incident took place.

Sad as it may be, this incident is an eye-opener for the leadership to wake up and be true to the oath that they have taken. Perhaps now local leadership will realize that they too have an obligation to fulfill their responsibilities as per the Constitution and not follow the higher leaders blindly.

"Hurting Our Beloved Hazar Imam"

Ya Ali Madad. Recent "sad" incidents took place because of this lawsuit. I have said this before, "THIS LAWSUIT IS BETWEEN OUR BELOVED HAZAR IMAM, NAGIB AND ALNAZ". It is about "publishing of Farmans. Nagib and Alnaz love their Imam.

On Oct. 15, 2010, Hazar Imam talked to these 2 Murids and discussed what to do next. Now, why should some members of the Jamat interfere with Hazar Imam's decisions? Did Hazar Imam want to punish these Murids? No. Did Hazar Imam attack them verbally? No. Did Hazar Imam want to ex-communicate them from the jamat? No. So, why should some of the jamat from other sites and elsewhere want actions taken against these 2 Murids? Are they better then Our Beloved Hazar Imam? These Ismailis have created "divisions" in our Jamat.

It's none of "our business" to be judges as to what should be done to these Murids. We are in one of the "progressive" countries in the world, and we should change our mentalities and not go back to those "dark ages". Leave these 2 Murids alone, and move on, Mowla is dealing with this issue.

Nagib and Alnaz are no making Hazar Imam unhappy, but it's these group of ismailis who are creating tension in the community, are making Hazar Imam unhappy.

At this time, we all should be united, and pray for these 2 Murids. Every religion teaches "love" for each other. Our Beloved Prophet Jesus Christ(peace be upon him) said: "Love thy neighbours, treat others the way you want to be treated".

It is said that, "when somebody falls down, pick them up, even if it is your enemy". Thank You.


You write: It is about "publishing of Farmans. Nagib and Alnaz love their Imam

It looks like the judge at the 7/8 December Hearing in Toronto understood exactly the case like this as he said to Nagib about the Farmans, according to observers, that "you only wanted to spread the "Good Word" in your community."

In Christianity [The judge said he was Christian and could understand this], this expression is used about spreading the Word of God, the Gospels and the Bible.

"Kalam-E-Imam-E-Zaman" Golden Edition

Ya Ali Madad Umed. You are absolutely right. I have read Farmans from Kalam-e-Imam-e-Zaman, Golden Ediition, 1957-2009, and also heard extracts of Farmans made by Hazar Imam on the MP3. It's a "brilliant" job Nagib has done, especially MP3, a "kindergarten child" to "Jenabai, Kulsumbai and others" can hear Our Beloved Hazar Imam's voice, when he says in one of His Farmans, "When you smile, it makes me happy. Because in Islam a smile is a Blessing from Allah. Therefore, I wish that you smile in your life, that you find happiness", Singapore 2008. I really enjoyed listening and reading these Farmans, and I was "smiling". Thank you Nagib.

You mantioned it right. Many

You mentioned it right. Many of you live in "progressive" countries, but many luck the ethics and jump ahead the Judge to sentence. I think if you change the condition of the people a little bit, you will find no difference between them and theTaliban

Alnaz' action well-justified by Ismaili history

We have all read with dismay what has recently occurred at Unionville JK (Toronto) and would agree that restraint would have been the better way. However I would also like to remind all Ismailis that history shows that our Holy Prophets, Pirs, Dais and even Holy Imams have not shied away from action against intimidation when action was needed to boost the morale of the faithful.

Our Ismaili history is replete with such examples, whether it was Hazrat Daoud vs Goliath, Nabi Muhammad at Battle of Badr, Imam Husayn at Kerbala, Rashid-ud-din Sinan or Hassan bin Sabah or Pir Shams vs. Bahauddin Zakariyah etc etc.

Our brother Alnaz has always showed his Iman in action and not just words. During the time that this case has been launched, he has been threatened many times, taunted also and has shown restraint. During this incident at JK he was verbally and physically assaulted, etc. before he finally defended himself

I believe this time he showed this gang of goons and bullies that he also has the blood of his ancestor Fidais. Alnaz all alone was able to stand against these thugs. With one blow he made them run to the non-Ismaili police for protection. These thugs who profess to be guardians of the faith in fact showed cowardice in the Holy house of Hazar Imam

These are the same thugs who showed cowardice and no shame when they attacked Nagib physically in Ottawa in October 2010

For this reason I salute Alnaz. May he be always guided by our Holy Imam.

Leaders ARE aware

PanjeBhai Vancouverite says Bloglaw: Here you go again – MKs and Councils should do this and do that.Did Alnaz approach them at the time of previous incidences and sought Institutions help in this matter? ...Your friends and you would rather use the heritage platform to put down Imam’s appointees, create division and fuel the fire. Despite their past insults, I’m sure if they genuinely ask the Council for help, you’d be amazed how far the council would go to help a murid. So stop lecturing MHI’s leaders and tell your friends, ......P.S. I have heard that Alnaz attends different JKs, not just one.

BLOGLAW replies:
Panjebhai – Yes Leaders including especially the top two, SS and MM were fully aware – So what did they do or are doing.? Do MK's know ? Do all leaders know ? They have refused to even met Alnaz nor have they issued any directives in this matter to MK’s nor have they updated the Jamat with an announcement . Have they ? Instead they have instructed all MK’s and Leaders not to discuss this lawsuit and related issues. Jena a proxy for leaders instructs commands and wants Leaders not even to be mentioned ?

I agree to disagree that If they approach the leaders the leaders that Dr SS and MM will do anything when they are not following Imam’s Farmans about First. making Farmans available to all Ismailies and Secondly. not meeting murids concluding this case by arbitration, by discussion and by friendship. Thirdly Not following Imam's directions of 15th October 2010, to state a few.

So what if Alnaz attend different JK’s ? I suggest you as a murid and if you are really concerned should speak to those MK's and find out if they are fully aware and given them a copy of their mandate which I have shared. I will not be surprised some MK's will not have a copy or know fully ?

Leader don't share info

My reply to Editor vancouverite:
Editor as a journalist with experience of crime reporting I agree that your thinking is for legal action. If as you say you predicted any likelihood of violence then firstly you should have notified our leaders and secondly also the authorities. In our community's case top leaders were fully aware Of even earlier incidents and death threats and hate mails from the lawsuit and from other leaders. They know the root causes and those who were involved.

The concern is and should be, What did the leaders do to prevent and what are they doing now? has there been an announcement in at least the relevant JK's? I agree with you and Nizar that it is high time they act to inform the Jamat regarding the lawsuit, and especially all Mukhis and kamadia’ s. The national leaders must meet all those involved in the incidents and to make an appropriate announcements globally.

Also SS and MM and or other top leaders should meet Alnaz and Nagib to conclude the only issue remaining and so conclude the lawsuit.

This matter and incidents are in the public domain and also in the hands of the police authorities. They will be investigating and so will mukhi kamadia and leaders. If Leaders cannot prevent such incidents and do not share with and keep the jamat informed, and meet those involved or address the root causes, then I sadly more legal actions and such incidents cannot ruled out in future. Also this will impact on how we as a community are perceived going forward, and sadly this reflect on us and on leaders and on Imam.

maybe SS and MM should consider resigning now?

Leaders need to act proactively and collaboratively if they want to pre- don’t and prevent and more important to ensure decorum respect unity and harmony.

Farmans edited & NOT ALL Shared

Follower in Vancouverite : Bloglaw, your brain works in the following manner: If a man is a human being and a woman is a human being then the man must be a woman. This is how you have interpreted the article where Imam says that Ismailis have access to Farmans in Jamatkhanas. Is there a JK in the world that doesn’t have Farmans available? ……. Bloglaw, not ALL Farmans will be available because IMAM has never approved the release of those Farmans. Bloglaw, now take a hike!
BLOGLAW replies :
1 Does Imam or the Lawsuit say limited or edited or some excerpts of Firmans are available in JK’s ?
2 Are you saying after Imam delivers Farmans and we should not listen read understand and follow them until they are edited or authorised ? Read my comment about the process of annotating again.
3 In all JK's only selected Farmans and edited excerpts are available, and different in different JK's. These Firmans are also not printed of copies available to read ? So are those Firmans also not authorized and should therefore not be read in JK or followed ?
5 Are you saying Jamat and lso BUI (children, scholars and teachers ) should have only limited access to Farmans and so limited and selected guidance which Leaders decide to share? Remember Imam has confirmed in GJ London and again in Singapore leaders do not share.
6 Even edited Firmans read in JK are not availabe in all JK’s ?
Are you also saying ALL guidance and Firmans of MHI should NOT be shared by the leaders in all JK's in all Locations ?
Wake up to 2011 follower :) If you are a follower of all Imams Farmans and guidance ! Maybe what your are writing is not what you really mean to say?

Ismaili Institution should come out in the open with solution

YAM, MR. NEWS EDITOR (Vancouverite)! You have proposed several viable solutions for which you are commended! You had the good fortune to read all the pertaining documentations, some of which or all are published in Vancouverite. It appears none of them are classified. You also had the opportunity to get the first-hand, off the record, the information on this issue. On strength of legitimacy and authenticity, you appear to view the further possibility of escalation of this kind of violence in future. But the restraining orders to enforce the law appears to be little rigid. We all are Ismaili Muslims; therefore, the responsibility lies on every Ismaili Muslim shoulder to uphold the sanctity of Jamatkhana! To chastise legitimate Ismaili Muslims amounts to discrimination; and to disbar them to enjoy the privilege to worship in Jamatkhana would also amount to infringement on their legal rights. The Ismaili Institution should come out in the open with solutions to prevent these kinds of incidents from occurring in future. The time to maintain silence has departed! I am appalled to read about the violation of sanctity of Ismaili Muslims Jamatkhana! We have descended very low in our understanding about the sanctity of Ismaili Muslims Jamatkhana. It is very sad that we were not able to contain the unruly behaviour in the premises of Ismaili Muslims Jamatkhana. It is a sad notch in Ismaili Muslims history! Allah Hafez, Nizar Ali K. Shivji!


Ismailism advocates safeguarding the righteous,and the innocent

YAM, LIBRARIAN UMED! We are on a very critical entrance of injustice, discrimination, and prejudice which is being exercised by Ismaili Muslims Community! This narrow-mindedness, bigotry, and intolerance are not preached in Ismailism. The Ismailism advocates safeguarding the righteous, honourable, and innocent. We do not have to become the prosecutor, the judge and the jury to prosecute the blame worthy! We cannot take legal action and put on trial the culpable. We have to become tolerant during the time of provocation! The ill-treatment, discrimination, and victimisation are not the justifiable answers. The violent behaviour will lead to violence. Any committed assault is punishable by the criminal code. The law enforcement has a zero tolerance on any premeditated and intended misdemeanour. A place of worship deserves respect, high regard, reverence, adoration, and devotion! Its sanctity has to be preserved all the times and under all the circumstances! The Ismaili Muslims Institution cannot take the law on its hands to become the police force but it can enforce the article on misdemeanour in Ismaili Muslims Constitution. The said Institution is not the law enforcement academic to enforce the laws of the country in all Ismaili Muslims Jamatkhana. For a few who are antagonistic, unsympathetic, and intimidating has to bear in their minds, the outcome of their misdemeanour is affecting every Ismaili Muslim. Therefore, they should direct their grievances to appropriate guardian of the law enforcement! Allah Hafez, Nizar Ali K. Shivji!

violence and conflict come

violence and conflict come from a clash of ignorances and misunderstandings which also results in intolerance and lack of respect for others.

The solution is for leaders and mukhi and kamadia Sahebs, to share and seek information facts and knowledge of what they know not and share with their Jamats.


Ya Ali Madad Bloglaw. Very well said. Your comments on Mukhis/Kamadias Responsibility, I would also add that including Ismaili Leaders' responsibility is to "protect" each an every Ismaili Murid of Our Beloved Hazar Imam. They should not be one-sided. Those "so-called" Ismailis who started the "provocation", should also be punished. As I have said before, these acts are not performed by "civilised" Ismailis but "gundas" (thugs). It is sad that Hazar Imam has to put up with such Murids, who have so much hatred for their own Spiritual Brothers, but He is "ever-loving and merciful". Alnaz and Nagib are not enemies of Hazar Imam, but such Ismailis who are provoking, verbally/physically attacking them are enemies of Hazar Imam. I am sure this kind of act is "not acceptable" by Hazar Imam. Thank You.

Quite right - I wonder how

Quite right - I wonder how many Mukhi and Kamadia's know and have a copy of the directives on their responsibilities. What the Leaders Dr SS and MM have done since April 2010 in informing Mukhi's and Kamadias ?, meeting them and giving directives to MK's in order that the Mukhi's and Kamadia can better carry out their responsibilities to creating more unity and harmony ?

If Murids ask and should their local MK's about the lawsuit and directives from the Leaders. Murids will be quite surprised if not shocked. Please feel free to ask them.

Remember before the lawsuit was filed the first persons the leaders should have contacted and discussed with and involved should have been their local mukhi Saheb's and leadership. This was not done by DSS or MM, let alone even speak to Alnaz before the lawsuit landed on him without even the courtesy of a notice. That is deliberately going against Imams guidance and our ethics ?

Therefore I would not hold my breath expecting Dr SS MM and (those closely involved) to help Alnaz or anyone else who do not agree with them to maintain the status quo they want and have managed to hold on to so far.

Yasmin, . It is very sad and I am very sad to say so. But that is the ground reality.

Mukhi and Kamadia Responsibilites

Regarding the incident in JK with Alnaz . What did the Leaders do or could have done t ?. Did Mukhi and Kamadia Sahebs inform and discuss with the National council of the possible impact etc since April 2010.

Mukhi Sahebans have a responsibility to preempt and in this case were all Mukhi & Kamadia Saheb’s fully informed and did they (especially where Alnaz is known and attends) receive directives from the National council (MM & SS) regarding this lawsuit and its possible impact. If so could this incident have been avoided and what was done to do so by Mukhi and Kamadia Sahebans. Knowing prior to this there were other incident out side JK (This is also their responsibility)

Mukhi and Kamadia Sahebans responsibilities include especially;

“To maintain order, decorum, dignity, solemnity and discipline in JK and at other assemblies gathering and functions they officiate
To CULTIVATE PEACE AND HARMONY amongst members of the Jamat and to bring to the immediate attention of the national council any situation incident or problem (whether within or outside the Jamat) which is LIKELY TO IMPACT or affect the peace and tranquility of the Jamat and to act in accordance with the directives of the National Council” (emphasis supplied)

Dr Sachedina, Why don’t you ?

Follower in Vancouverite says - Bloglaw, I know you can’t take any challenges so I will just quote what the Plaintiff’s Reply to the Statement of Defence states about Farmans being available in Jamatkhanas:

“With respect to paragraphs 24 and 25 of the Defence, the Plaintiff admits that he expects that all Ismailis have access to Farmans. All Ismailis have access to Farmans at the Jamatkhanas. …….”. Bloglaw, the Imam in his submissions has NEVER said that ALL Farmans are available everywhere. Stop torturing everyone with what you see with your ‘inner eyes’!


I have said that Dr SS and MM on the one hand have confirmed that Imam has directed that all Farmans are available to all murids in all JK’s and even in remote locations. On the other hand they are not providing Farmans as directed by MHI. This is confirmed clearly in the lawsuit

“…Plaintiff admits that he (IMAM) EXPECTS that all Ismailis have access to Farmans. All Ismailis have access to Farmans at the Jamatkhanas…”

Please see also the following quote below


This also means Imam has directed that those who cannot attend Jamat Khanna’s must also be given access to copies of Farmans.

Are we all agreed that Imam has decided and confirmed that Farmans must be available in ALL JK’s including in remote locations ?

Are we all also agreed that Leaders in question are not following Imam’s Firmans and directions ?

All Leaders and You should contact and ask Dr SS them why does he and the leaders in question not follow Imam’s Farmans and guidance ?

So are Leaders deliberaltely

So are Leaders deliberately not sharing and giving access and going against Imam's directions and wishes ?

Is this what Imam meant in his GJ Farman in London that Leaders are not sharing Farmans, annotations and other guidance ?


Ya Ali Madad. Jamatkhanas have become for "social gatherings". Our Beloved Sultan Muhammadshah had said that when one goes to Jamatkhana, he/she should talk about "din" and not "duniya", but things are getting out of control especially in some Canadian Jamatkhanas. I understand that Salim Damji's "Colgate Shares" deals were taking place in Jamatkhanas, some Mukhis/Kamadias and some Ismaili leaders were encouraging Jamat to buy these deals.

I have been to some of Jamatkhanas in Toronto, but the worst one is "Don Mills" Jamatkhana. When you enter, you see seniors arguing for seats(chairs), ginans are recited, there is so much noise, you cannot hear ginans. Prayers are over there is lot of noise. Some ladies sit in a circle on the ladies side and are busy talking and children running around. It is so difficult to walk from one end to another. People standing on the way "talking", it is very frustrating. One thinks when you go to Jamatkhana, you feel at peace but sometimes you come home drained out and tired.

Now, there are provocations and fights in Jamatkhanas. Do these Ismailis go to pray in Jamatkhanas or create commotion, hatred and anger for their spiritual brothers and sisters? It is a shame for those whoever created "these divisions" in Ismaili community.

Nagib and Alnaz "are not enemies" of Our Beloved Hazar Imam but those Ismailis who are provoking and verbally/physically attacking them, are enemies of Hazar Imam.

Jamatkhanas are meant to be for "worshiping", and not for all these things I have mentioned. I have also been told that, nandi, shoes, jackets, etc. get stolen. It is very sad that such things are happening in a western country. I am sorry to say but there is "no discipline" in some of our Jamatkhanas.

Are these the" visions/dreams" of Our Beloved Hazar Imam for His Spiritual Children who have moved to western countries? Thank You.

You are so right Yasmin, and

You are so right Yasmin, and it is sad that within the JK environment, Din is driven and motivated by Dunya and not the other way around. There is no harm in socialising and having all kinds of activities and programs. However they should all be driven in in letter and spirit in accordance with Imam's Farmans, guidance and directives.

In this case too I feel that the Leaders and Mukhi Kamadia Sahebs need to address this widening gap in our Khannes and also in Ismaili Centres which address the multifunctional and muti cultural societal needs of the Jamats of today and tomorrow.

Keep your cool

Brother Alnaz, all I can say to you is that no matter how these people try to provoke you, keep your cool, ignore them and walk away. Do not lower yourself to their level. Obviously as I have mentioned before, they have judged you and passed an order of execution which is completely against everything that Hazar Imam stands for so just turn your back, walk away and pray for Hazar Imam to forgive them. I know this is very difficult but when faced with such situations, remember your mulaqat of Oct 15 - how gently and lovingly Imam spoke to you, how He made it clear to you that He wasn't upset with you and remember also that you are amongst the luckiest people in the world, having being granted a whole 30 minutes with the Imam. Nothing else therefore should matter to you and by reacting to provocation you are letting Hazar Imam down.
Also remember Mawlana Sultan Mohamed Shah's firman:
A fellow approached the Imam and asked for punishment for his sins. But he reminded the Imam that he was a friend of the Imam's. The Imam gave him a choice of what kind of punishment he wanted. He chose to be burnt alive in front of the whole uma. This was arranged. People gathered and jeered at him and also spoke against the Imam - how could the Imam burn His own friend?! But all tongues were silenced when the fire refused to harm the friend of the Imam.

So remember this always, Brother Alnaz, and keep your cool. Best wishes to you and your family.

Sister Zeenatara.

@Zeenataara Allahrakhya re: above post (Jan. 1)

Thank you for sharing that beautiful story of the friend of the Imam, Zeenatara.
Ya Aly madad.

Shocking to hear of such heathenish behaviour

Shocking to hear of such heathenish behaviour, first of all from people who are followers of our beloved Imam, secondly from people who live in one of the most progressive countries in the world. It feels we are back in the dark ages, in those eras when wrongdoers or alleged wrongdoers were stoned to death. What a shame! What a shame for us as Ismailis, what a shame for our Imam whose teachings have apparently fallen on deaf ears, what a shame for the mukhi/kamadia sahebs and the councils and the boards who could not contain this matter and had to have the police involved! Shame, shame, shame!
To Alnaz and Nagib, hang in there and kudos to you for being so brave and keeping your sights on Mowla only.

"Physical Assaults in Jamatkhana"

Ya Ali Madad. It is so sad to read that some ismailis have assaulted Nagib and Alnaz in Jamatkhanas. Our Beloved Hazar Imam has given us so much love, that some of these ismailis have taken it for granted. These ismailis have come to western countries with their mentalities, that they can do whatever they feel like. I remember Hazar Imam saying that "take the best from the west".

The incidents that took place with Nagib and Alnaz are "unislamic, sad and uncivilised". The Mukhis/Kamadias of these Jamatkhanas where these incidents took place and Ismaili leaders, should take immediate action against these "ismaili criminals". They should be issued with "restraining orders", and I think that the Police should also be informed, because both Nagib and Alnaz were "physically assaulted", and be charged. These ismaili criminals should not get away with these crimes that they have committed. Thank You.

Alnaz was attacked when he

Alnaz was attacked when he was leaving Unionville Jamatkhana in Toronto with a Nandi in his hand this week.

The same gang attacked me in Ottawa, Sparks Street where there are CCTV surveillance cameras because of the Court. That was 12 October 2010. Police report was filed.

There is also the component of previous threats and hate emails on me and Alnaz. IP number of originating threats have been traced and remitted to the authorities. I believe by now the names of the people logged on that IP when these messages were posted, have been found. I have to be in Canada for the matter to proceed further but for now I am in Nairobi. Obviously authorities know where to look in case something happens to me or to Alnaz.

When the inquiry ends, all these events will be joined and criminals will be punished according to Canadian laws.


Has your local Mukhi or

Has your local Mukhi or Kamadia Sahebs or the Leaders spoken or discussed with Alnaz or Nagib regarding the lawsuit, any directives they have from the top leaders and about what the Jamat are feeling.

Have Mukhi Sahebans reassured the Jamat that it is the Imam's and Leaders wish that these murids are murids and will remain murids and should be treated equally as all other murids. ? If not they would have been excommunicated.

Has Mukhi and Kamadia Sahebans informed the Jamat ?

@Nagib re: above post of Jan. 1st

Thank you for this update, Nagib. Please hang in there!
Ya Aly madad.

Imam is truthful !

Soulmate in vancouverite says = " Bloglaw: ….. So, if I understand you correctly, you are suggesting that the Imam is being untruthful when He states in His pleadings that He edits the Farmans and those edited Farmans supersede the Oral Farmans. Or, in the alternative, you are suggesting that the Imam’s pleadings are not really His pleadings …”

Reply by Bloglaw
Soulmate - The pleadings also say all farmans are available in all JK’S including in remote locations. That is not in fact true. .
So in your view Is therefore Imam being untruthful ? or which of the pleadings are Imam’s Pleadings and which are not ? If you agree that they are not Imam.s then whose are they Dr SS, & MM

I just read a story in

I just read a story in vancouverite that Alnaz was arrested in JK ? can you find out and it has Anything to do with this lawsuit?

I guess we'll find out once

I guess we'll find out once it is daytime in Toronto. Did this happen yesterday night?

I would not be surprised that it is the same people who provoked, pushed and kicked me in Ottawa on 12 October 2010 [they were also from Toronto]. God, the kind of insults they threw at me for several minutes were made to make one's blood boil. [they were 4 of them, they have been identified to the police]

I'll do a follow up with the police to see if they have linked the death threats [] to the same people that attacked me in Ottawa and possibly the same who provoked Alnaz if this story is true.

The fact that Vancouverite is publicizing the story so fast, by itself, shows the same people are involved. One of the photo that group took of me in Ottawa was put the same day on Vancouverite and on Mehboob Kamadia's web site so the link is strong.

Why has Vancouverite not given the name of the person who provoked Alnaz? We all know the answer.



Ya Ali Madad Nagib. Sorry for the incident that took place in Ottawa on Oct. 12, 2010. It's sad and a "shame" on the actions of the 4 "so-called" Ismailis. This is "unislamic", and "uncivilised". Is this what they do when they go to Jamatkhana, with that type of mentality? Civilised people know that this type of action is performed by "gundas" (thugs). Thank You.

We will know soon as a

We will know soon as a jamat, from Alnaz, Police and Leaders. Vancouverite as usual is giving one side of the story. I hope when the police complete their investigations they will find and charge those who have made death threats and threatened and kicked you too.

I also hope our leaders will investigate to find out who , why and what instigated and motivated this behaviour and action against both you, and this latest incident. I also hope they will take effective and appropriate action internally to stop it happening again.

Editor of vancouverite

Editor of vancouverite before knowing all the facts is commenting on a criminal matter and says " please refrain from commenting on a criminal matter. At the same time I’d request Ismaili authorities in Canada to seek a restraining order preventing the suspect from being in the vicinity of any Ismaili mosque until outstanding issues and this criminal matter are resolved. As well it is the duty of Ismaili leaders to ensure the safety of worshippers and I ask the leadership to act to protect Ismailis from further harm.

Not only is Editor being judgemental and irresponsible as a journalist, but now wants leaders MM and SS in the name of MHI to file another civil lawsuit against Alnaz without even following also the internal processes. My My Mr Editor what next - total autocracy and do as I say not as I do !

lawsuits against?

If leaders who are expressing their views through this Editor will also be trying to file a lawsuit to get a restraining orders, then what next, against those who have issued death threats, and others who do not get along and fight in JK youth? or or who have criminal cases or civil matrimonial cases or restraining orders, where does it stop then.

If it was anyone else but Alnaz would the police have been called and involved ? Have police ever been called? Have there been any physical fights before in or around JK ? These and Many questions will need to be considered by Leaders and this should be resolved internally by arbitration by discussion and by friendship. in any event not before the outcome of the police investigations and processes.

From other sources, we have

From other sources, we have heard that Mehboob Kamadia and his acquaintance insulted and provoked Alnaz who was leaving JK with a plate of Nandi in both hands. These sources are saying Alnaz was hit by Kara in the shoulder and by reaction threw the plate from his hand to this Kara and of course Mehboob Kamadia and his friends became "witness" against Alnaz.

I am not sure Alnaz will comment on this as this is a police matter but we are trying to get hold of the report Nagib gave to the police about how he was provoked and attacked by people from the same gang in Ottawa where he was also insulted, unsuccessfully provoked and attacked. No doubt, they succeeded having Alnaz react to their attack.

But we should all question ourselves who the real criminals are in this matter and what they were trying to achieve?

To Librarian-umed re: Alnaz (Dec. 31)

Could you please also find out if Alnaz was hurt? Is his shoulder all right? Thank you.
Ya Aly madad.


Thanks for all well wishes and prayers. Shukr I was not injured in the attack. Obviously as it is now a police matter I will avoid making further comments on this incident.

Dr Sachedina is still there ?

Soulmate in vancouverite : Bloglaw: If Dr. SS is not following the direction of the Imam, why is he still in the service of the Imam and why has he not been replaced by the Imam? Go figure this one out before making any more derogatory comments about him.

Reply by bloglaw : December 30, 2010
Why is Dr SS still the Top Leader AND, Dr SS has since the lawsuit also taken over ITREB until a replacement there, and 2 replacements at IIS ?

Imam knows and knows best. We don't know so far, and will know in time. Maybe there have been some strategic or functional changes at the top, and more changes are ongoing and in the pipeline. Maybe Dr SS has changed some too or forced to change ? ? One small change is the books of the elderly Ismaili world authority & scholar and the other IIS scholar who was present at the Mulakat are now being reviewed by IIS for publication. Authorized recently and personally by Dr SS after 8 years ? Some will wonder why now ? and is it something to do with this lawsuit ?

Dr Sachedina.updated his

Dr Sachedina.updated his profile recently. He says he Head of DJI and is responsible for all Ismaili institutions activities and programs, in all the 16 areas. He is Chairman of Focus globally, Governor of IIS, On AKDN , A member of LIF, and responsible also for interfacing all programs and activities with AKDN and the Ismaili institutions (both central and Apex) including central Asia. He adds he is also at the same time managing and running his " substantial" business interests. He is also the acting Head of ITREB globally untill a replacement is appointed - They all report to him. Wow very Impressive, IF NOT for the many issues and serious widening gaps highlighted and especially what he said & admitted under oath.

" Dr Shafik Sachedina In his capacity as Head of the Department of Jamati Institutions at the Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan at Aiglemont in France, Shafik Sachedina is responsible for coordinating the activities and programmes of the Ismaili community's institutions in the 16 principal areas where such institutions exist. Dr Sachedina is also responsible for interfacing with the Aga Khan Development Network programmes and institutions of the Ismaili communities in Central Asia.

Born in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania in 1950, Dr Sachedina qualified as a dental surgeon in 1975 from Guy's Hospital Medical and Dental School, University of London, and has practised in England for many years. He has also developed substantial entrepreneurial interests in the health-care sector. His work with the Aga Khan and Jamati Institutions is undertaken in a voluntary capacity, in keeping with the community's long-standing tradition of voluntary service.

In addition to being a member of the Institute's (IIS) Board of Governors, Dr Sachedina holds several other positions in the work he undertakes for the Ismaili Imamat and community, including Member of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) Committee, Aiglemont; Chairman of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Co-ordinating Committee; and Member of the Ismaili Leaders' International Forum. Previously, Dr Sachedina has served in many other voluntary capacities, including two consecutive terms as President of the Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom. Last updated: 16/09/2010 14:30" (source IIS Website)

Imam cannot remove Dr.SS until this lawsuit has ended.

Hazar Imam never fires anyone during the tenure of any volunteer.Person may retire or resign of his own will. If he removes him during the lawsuit Jamat may give out judgement prematurely by mere implication. That is not fair to Dr SS.
MHI wants Federal court of Canada to give out judgement no one else.The case must get a fair trial.
If the defendants win the case, then it is likely Dr SS himself might resign. That will be a different scenario altogather. So the new replacement will recommend the Itreb chair and IIS replacement. May be that is why there is no appointment so far awaiting major transformation??

I am more towards major changes following conclusion of the case. Until then it will be prettymuch status quo.

I have noticed one subtle change in photos of MHI's recent secular visits. One of the Nurani family member is accompanying most of the 2010 MHI's international visits. Dr SS is seen little away from MHI in most photos. Previously he used to be right next to or right behind MHI. The distance is noticeable to me.May be of no significance.

Imam is Merciful and will

Imam is Merciful and will forgive a number of mistakes to anyone who has served him in the past. There are example in Ismaili history. We can not judge a person by the fact that The Imam has retained his services, else we would legimitate the actions of all the Emir Al-Afdals of this word...

Not to persue allegations of forgery.

The longer the judge is taking to give the judgement, the chances for the defendants to win is increasing. I see the case being dismissed for lack of convincing evidence beyond doubt that the case is filed by Mawlana Hazar Imam.

But I certainly urge to Nagib and Alnaz that they must not press charges of forgery against the suspected persons as urged by MHI. I understand you guys have undergone tremendous hardships but still follow only and only what Imam has asked you to do. It is only a faith based speculation of course!

Are Imam's annotations shared ?

Soulmate on vancouverite says on December 27, 2010 - In his letter dated November 1, 1990 addressed to Prothonotary Tabib Alnaz Jiwa had stated that His Highness had told them; “He annotates His Farmans” and that the annotated Farmans could be produced to them if they wanted them. But Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa have produced and distributed the Farmans that were not annotated by the Imam. Where did they get that authority to produce and distribute Farmans that were not annotated by the Imam?

BLOGLAW RESPONSE December 28, 2010 -
Annotating means explanatory notes which Imam makes-gives on some Farmans for Leaders to understand and to share with the Jamat. I dont recall any Farman which is read in JK and there is an explanation based on Imam’s annotations. Have you ?

Imam does not edit Farmans which means Imam does not change them after they are delivered. In any event the authenticity or integrity of Farmans in the book have not been challenged in the lawsuit.

No succession Planning ?

I have never heard any Farmans being read in JK, for example during GJ, followed by Imam's explanatory notes on that Farman. The London farman was edited. Why would Imam then say again in Singapore that Leaders are not sharing his guidance his with the Jamat.

If Leaders in question are not sharing Imam's guidance, it follows that Jamat and the leadership generally are not aware and are receiving edited (Changed - different) versions of Imam's guidance generally.

Which Top Leaders are responsible. DJI and the ITREB Global HQ.They are both controlled and managed by Dr SS. I am also amazed that M Keshavjee left as global head of ITREB over 6 months ago, and has not been replaced so far. Dr SS (DJI) is effective interim Head of ITREB and also head of DJI. MK was a governor and Professor Arkhoon died. We now have 2 IIS governors who have not been replaced. Dr SS, is also a Governor of IIS and its "effective" Head.

According to Imam's directives and institutional policies, succession planning is a critical priority and has been ongoing for the last 9 plus years. The question is;

1 Dr SS cant find the right person/s to replace and or strengthen capacity or
2 Dr SS does not want to find them, or
3 Dr SS can't find those who will help him blindly to maintain the status quo ?

There are excellent Ismaili professional available, both voluntary and non voluntary.

Soulmate's garbage in and out!!!

Soulmate has questioned the authorization of publishing unannotated farmans. Soulmate does NOT have the ability, capacity nor the wisdom required to analyze these things. It is as if he comes across a pregnant woman and questions whether or not she is a virgin. It betrays his gross lack of wisdom, but is it surprising?

The Imam's offer speaks volumes. No doubt about that.

It is like he is giving us annotated farmans (farmans along with his thought process, never before released to anyone, to my knowledge, and the offer is made to us. I am still in disbelief and awed by the offer, of course when I meet him I will ask for these farmans.

He would never make this offer to us IF he considered as his enemies or if he has really himself written the letters, or affirmation, or brought the claim against us.

Although his leaders are accusing us of theft, the imam is responding by offering us keys and security code to his safe.

Offering us the annotated version of the farmans is so huge, but just as a billion muslims who memorize like puppets the whole Quran but cannot 'see' ayats re the present imam.

Similarly soulmates and his chamchas are blind, their inner eyes sealed while we are offered by the Imam his annotated farmans, and soulmate is concerned about authorization of the farmans - a person has graduated as a heart surgeon from Harvard, and soulmate is wondering if that heart surgeon has his high school diploma. Hmmm, the question itself betrays his real worth - garbage in garbage out.

Bloglaw has asked this to be

Bloglaw has asked this to be posted as he has some spam filter issue:

Comment 1
September in Vancouverite says : Bloglaw, Without being entirely certain of how firmans are authorized, once again, It would reckless and unlike MHI to leave it to fallible individuals to put together his Firmans without reviewing them before distribution.

Reply bloglaw :

If you do not know you should feel free to seek information from our Leadership. Maybe you have. When Imam delivers a Farman or a speech to the Jamat or Leaders. There are 2+ recorders attached to the mike system. There is also an independent recording just in case. Then immediately afterwards they are transcribed. With latest technology, during GJ, it is instantaneous. A transcribed copy is handed to Dr SS, Head of ITREB and to MHI (who may or may not annotate or give additional guidance for the Leaders to share with the Jamat). Then usually that day or asap the Farman is read in JK’s .(without the annotations or the related guidance). The Farman is then supposed to be available globally and in all JK’s including in remote locations for Jamat to access and read too (with the annotations)

However If only some excerpts of Farmans or speeches are to be a part of a publication then of course they need to be reviewed for context clarity and messages etc first by IIS. then ITREB and then by MHI. This is what Dr SS may have been referring to when he said IIS are in the process of printing Farmans which has been agreed by MHI in principle.

Comment No 2

Haji in vancouverite says –“Bloglaw, any Imamat publication (Farmans) that has not been approved by H.H. The Aga Khan and officially distributed by the Imamat Institutions, are NOT VALID, ……… who the hell is NT to tell the ismailies world-wide that his (illegal) published books are truly authentic. He can take his (illegal) books to his grave, but spare us ismailies, …. by pretending that you are looking after the originality of the Ismaili Faith. We DON’T NEED YOU OR YOUR GROUP. We have Hazar Imam to take care of it. Can you not get this message through your head!!! Or are you truly a dummkopf”

Reply by bloglaw

Imam (who you confirm is the real Plaintiff), says all Farmans are available in all JK’s including in remote locations (with his annotations ?). However the truth is they are still not available ? The Leader who should make them available is DR SS as head of DJI (and now also ITREB)

Therefore, In your opinion and to be fair does ” WE DONT NEED YOU OR YOUR GROUP”" apply to DR SS too? J.

NT, Imam and DR SS are all effectively agreeing Farmans in the book are authentic because they are not challenging their authenticity or integrity in this lawsuit !

Also Haji, with respect, Farmans are valid immediately as they are Delivered by MHI. They are not Valid after they are edited by Leaders, or when published - read in JK. Imam in most Farmans says we must take with us Imam’s blessings and messages to our Families and to our Jamats. So should we wait for (edited) Farmans before we give Mubaraki and we share Imam’s Farman with love and happiness Of course we don’t and should not wait..

@Alnaz J

Excellent Reply.

Annotate means ....

Soulmate says : Bloglaw: I knew well in advance that you will land in quicksand and there will be no escape for you. The Imam Himself says that He annotates His Farmans but you go off on a tangent saying that is not so. The Imam spells it out in the court documents that He edits His Farmans and His edited Farmans superced the Oral Farmans but you say that He does not edit His Farmans. So what you are really saying is that the Imam is wrong and you are right; correct? Sorry, I can not ask you to take a hike because you have landed in quick sand; so stay there!

Reply by bloglaw

Hello ! – Please read the meaning and what Imam means when Imam personally said on 15 Oct that Imam “annotates”, (which is totally different to the meaning of “Edits”)



Soulmate - I am afraid you have proved beyond any reasonable doubt that Alnaz J is right.

Soulmate ill versed in meanings.........

When Soulmate was a student, a close friend of mine did his homework for him as he (Soulmate) could not do so when at school. Even then he had trouble studying, so PLEASE (please) be kind on him, he does not know the meanings of various words - had he studied well, he might not be in trouble understanding words and their meanings. No wonder he is so lost in these matters. If he can't get right or becomes confused with such words as annotate or editing, how can we expect him to do well in intricate and other serious matters.


In the last 5 years MHI has specifically said the following : That our Tariqah is firstly that of peace and secondly of wisdom & knowledge. We must seek and not reject knowledge or wisdom. They are a part of our daily lives. We must seek knowledge for good purposes and use it for benefit of all. We must share knowledge amongst ourselves. Quran says we must seek knowledge to also better understand creation. A Hadith which says seek knowledge even if it is in China (i.e. Far or difficult to access)

mhi SAYS We must seek to better serve people. searching for knowledge in our Tariqah is a reflection of our faith. If you seek knowledge and use it properly, it is an act of faith (MHI has reassured us). we are all seeking and sharing knowledge and in doing so we are following Imam's guidance.Imam says knowledge was different 50 yeas ago and has expanded and is expanding quickly and enormously. Imam says we also need to know how to use and manage knowledge. Imam has also said that Our institutions and Leaders are there to serve the Jamat and to help us to know and to understand. Imam also said in 2008, we must indulge (seek share and discuss) in knowledge and use it for good purposes. (2005 and 2008).

Your Mukhi Saheb and ITREB will and should be very happy to share these Farmans with any murid who is interested, and tto help them understand and know what they know not.

So there is every reason to for us all to seek and share knowledge and wisdom. (Not seeking knowledge is rejecting knowledge and wisdom)

"Better judgment will remove smallness and inequitable complex"

YAM, BLOGLAW! You have mentioned my name somewhere on your blog but I do not see any blog directly addressed to me! However, we cannot look for what is not meant to be seeking out! All contributors are independent and will stress their independence to express their thoughts. Thus, the rationality can only sustain the right from wrong! As far as the Ismaili Muslims Institution is concerned, I assume their autonomy is dependent on the Ismaili Muslims Tariquah. Consequently, the Ismaili Muslims are peaceful and humanitarian. Regarding “knowledge and wisdom,” it grows with experience. This is the raison d’être for us to motivate ourselves voluntarily. These honorary services can take us to the remote part of the world to understand how the humanity have survived where modern technology and modern means of survival are not available! So when our religious conviction is sincerely applied; it will help us to better ourselves to share the joy of our know-how and experience! I do not imagine, anybody would, willingly deny somebody the benefits of knowledge and wisdom. By delegating sincerely your know-how and experience, the burden of any undertaking is shared with better judgment, thus removing smallness and inequitable complex! Allah Hafez, Nizar Ali K. Shivji!

@ Shivji

Reason you did not see my comment is Editor of Vancouverite did not post it. He does not post all which is understandable.

For example he also said he has spoken to me. I responded and said that we have never spoken..We had agreed in an email exchange that we should speak and discuss some 6 months ago but did not.. Maybe you are mistaking me with another conversation


@Seeker – I agree 100% we should pray and we must also also pray for hakikati Samaj (understanding - wisdom). The Quran and Hazar Imam guides and teaches us to seek knowledge of that which we know not.

In so doing, Hazar Imam has blessed us with Farmans, Institutions, a constitution and specific directions. Therefore when you are concerned and uncertain (as you are). And if you wish to understand and know the truth, then you should seek information or clarity of that which you know not.

Firstly by reading the documents available. Then seek to learn from your Mukhi Saheban’s, ITREB and or the National Council. In your case I feel it may help you to read the directives I have summarized in an earlier post and the Farman I quoted in my open letter to Dr Sachedina (posted earlier. Please feel free and comfortable in quoting them if you need to and clarify them too.

In sincerely seeking information we are not questioning MHI or the leaders. We are in fact following Imam's guidance. Also when you speak to them, you will be also assured that you have the right which Imam has granted to write and submit your Mehmani (Arji) to Hazar Imam. A relevant verse in the Quran is stated below for you to consider too (All 3 translations)

2:151 (Asad) Even as We have sent unto you an apostle from among yourselves to convey unto you Our messages, and to cause you to grow in purity, and to impart unto you revelation and wisdom, and to teach you that which you knew not
2:151 (Y. Ali) A similar (favour have ye already received) in that We have sent among you an Messenger of your own, rehearsing to you Our Signs, and sanctifying you, and instructing you in Scripture and Wisdom, and in new knowledge.
2:151 (Picktall) Even as We have sent unto you a messenger from among you, who reciteth unto you Our revelations and causeth you to grow, and teacheth you the Scripture and wisdom, and teacheth you that which ye knew not.'

Finally I pray that you will have success in your search both materially and spiritually Ameen.


Ya Ali Madad Bloglaw. I fully agree with your para. 4, but our Jamat has been brainwashed from the beginning that we are not to question, and I think that the new generation will not accept this. I remember when I was discussing this lawsuit with my relatives, one of them opposed, saying that we should not discuss anything about Hazar Imam. That is the mentality of lot of our Jamati members, I suppose our missionaries have put in the minds of the Jamat that it is "paap" to question. Thank you.

It is up to all of us

It is up to all of us parents, BUI teachers, leaders, al waezeens, Mukhis friends brothers and sisters to help in ensuring that all of us feel comfortable in seeking information knowing that we will be welcomed and we will receive the information and knowledge we are seeking and that we know not.

This forum and lawsuit has been a start. Any Murid who cannot get information and answers they are seeking, will I hope feel comfortable using this forum, and they can be assured that we will help our brothers and sisters.

Yasmin you are right about the present culture which I hope will change sooner rather than later, and there will be an "effective" institutional forum

With Ya Ali Madad


MHI in 1986 during USA visit said that many changes, changes more than we could imagine will come to the organization of our jamat, and then said, the jamats thinking proceeds must change. MHI then in Gilgit 1987 march explained the changed thinking process we must go through.

Our jamats and leaders have still not got what MHI wanted us to achieve after expressing it about 23 years ago.

Pity isn't it?

I think there has been

I think there has been change in the last 23 years in the demographic and material dynamics of the Jamat which has moved and is organically growing in numbers, by half a million to 1 million a year

if we take the 15 million figure which over the last 10 years is the same figure we hear and in our official websites and communication. if we take 15 million and average family of even 5 , and say 2 children per family added and taking away children under 25, we are looking at an organic addition of well over half a million a year. That is excluding Tajikistan and Afghanistan Jamat numbers in the last 10 years. These numbers and growth is bigger than many countries.

I agree this lawsuit has highlighted serious gaps of the ground realities, which need to be addressed. We must take comfort in that and knowing Imam knows and knows best. Therefore we can also look forward to change for the better which will take time and we must be patient and supportive.

More ? OR More of the same !

I did not think of the numbers. before today. Thank you Alibhai and Yasmin whose comment made me reflect on this.

Imagine we therefore will have today over 6 million children in BUI globally and over half a milllion added annually. Wow !. (Assuming access is 90%+)

What a challenge ! Imam has recently signed global agreements with Baclaureate and given the top priority Imam to BUI and education over the last 20 years.

There have been reports and strategies for BUI with a projection of outcomes annually over the last decade. They key for successfully implementation is an effective bridge between BUI and the secular (Din and Dunya) and of embracing a plural culture where we encourage critical enquiry and educate into and not away from creativity. (Excellent 15 minute video of what I mean which you will enjoy http://www.ted.com/talks/ken_robinson_says_schools_kill_creativity.html - for those more interested also see the lastest from him in May 2010)

Without a tranformative change this cannot be successfully implemented. The ITREB global secretariat has been without an effective full time replacement of the global head of ITREB, for some 6 months so far. I assume Dr SS is overseeing this transition, as they report to him..There must be a good reason for the delay as Imam's directives are clear on succession planning and pre-emption.

If there is no or little peripheral evolutionary or organic change, then in 10 years time we will have more of the same and a continuation of the widening gap.The key is the successful implementation of Imam's Farmans, directions and vision for the Jamat.

Supporting the Truth

Is it not inappropriate not to support a person or persons or a group who is on the side of the truth and who have been wronged by others? The above question I posed to my friend who few days back asked me as to why I am supporting the defendants. My considered opinion is that by supporting them even with kind words help them a lot to remain steadfast on high moral ground and the right steps they have taken.

In reality, this way we are not supporting person or persons but the truth, the truth which we firmly believe is on their side. It is the duty, therefore, of every person to extend such support if he has the ability to do so. Participation and discussion in a civilized manner do provide synergic positive effect, provided such discussions remain issue based rather than persons specific. When many persons participate on an issue from different angles and different perspectives with positive attitude, the outcome at the end is bound to be more natural and more stable, and hence, it will have a long lasting positive impact. On the other hand, restricting and impending meaningful discussions is bound to generate suspicions, mistrust and confusion. The end result: more complications and more chaos.

Each intelligent murid must take a stance

I agree. It is important to take a stand in matters of truth and untruth.
Also it is not good to sway here and there and drum on two sides and pretending one is a diplomat and try to keep one feet here and second in another , lest 1 drowns he is safe? Excerpts of ISMS 's firman supports this: Kalame Imame mubin part 1 page 83, firman#32( Ismailia association for India Publication) Jangbar 4th july 1899:
"Make sure you protect your faith like a precious jewel. If you do not there is a very good chance someone can steal it from you. If you have unsecured faith , any one will move it away and you will be the loser .

Also in this faith(Din) you must have one color only. Do not sway here and there. A two color person (double faced hypocrite) will go here and there.If a person does not believe in what we do but believes in the other is better than someone with two colors i.e. a 2 faced hypocrite. You must not be on both sides. Stick to one that is truth which is our Din."

@Alibhai Jiwani

AND - If anyone is uncertain or confused, then they should be be honest to themselves and seek more information by reading and asking on this forum or from Dr SS, MM or their national leaders.

@Kasamali (Dec. 25th)

Indeed. Not to support the truth, brother Kasamali, is equivalent to support wrong/evil/untruth: in this matter, there cannot be a neutral position, it cannot be gray instead of black or white. In this matter (= the lawsuit), those who are not on the side of truth, are simply unaware (or do not want to know or believe) that no Imam would ever go against the bayyat He has accepted from a mureed and thus no Imam would sue a mureed. It is because this very simple, yet so fundamental, tenet of the faith is not taken into consideration that the jamat seems divided...
Ya Aly madad.

We can't decide what He can and Cannot do

I feel that I am sitting on the fence in this regard not because I have any less faith.

On one hand, as a mureed, I believe that we cannot and should not decide what Mowla can or cannot do. Who are we to bind the Aql-e-qul with our imperfect aql/wisdom? I believe MHI can do whatever he wishes and it up to us to reconcile our faith to his actions, not the other way around.

On the other hand, given MHI's recent wish to build strong institutions and leadership, I find myself duty bound to respect his institutions and leaders. The individuals may be imperfect or have flaws but the fact that my mowla has appointed them, I should say Ameen. And until MHI (not us) decides otherwise, I feel I should respect his trust in the individuals he has appointed.

Any side I take, I will be disappointing him one way or the other. Although this appears to be a conundrum but more I think about it I am compelled that the best thing for me to do is to keep silent and pray for his mercy on all of us.

Reminds me also of MSMS and

Reminds me also of MSMS and his memoirs. MSMS said that we must seek to manage and guide change to suit our desires. We must then desire the outcome rather than try then to suit the outcome to our desires in seeking to manage and guide that change/event. (pre 1967)

In managing and guiding change, we need to seek knowledge and understand. In order to seek knowledge and understanding we need to "indulge""\ in knowledge (MHI 2008).


If one really cares , one must seek the "Knowledge". That is study the entire case with open mind and then use your own intellect to decide what do you believe. If still undecided seek in your "prayers" right direction . You will find the answer since you sound like a sincere believer in search of truth.
Mawla will guide you.

Spreading Facts or Fiction

Nightmare in Vancouverite says “…. Alnaz Jiwa failed to confess that Nagib Tajdin has invented some excerpts of Farmans in the Infringement Material. Alnaz Jiwa’s ilm-net (nicknamed as satan’s net) had produced proof in this regards. … Bloglaw do you want a copy of this transcript ? …… Alnaz Jiwa had stated that “Mr. Manji [President of Council for Canada] insisted that the web sites cause a lot of problems and confusion in the Jamats, His Highness responded to him saying, “it would be nice if we spoke with one voice, why cannot you work together?”. Factual evidence points to the contrary: …. Notwithstanding the lies of Alnaz Jiwa, every murid of the Imam-of-the-Time, should forever stop visiting Nagib Tajdin’s website.

Bloglaw reply - If you have a copy of what Alnaz has stated personally, I would be certainly be interested in reading it, and so would many others. The fact is Alnaz was not and has not been contacted by the Leaders nor was that letter from MHI addressed to him.

I would also be interested in the factual evidence you say you have of what Imam said on 15th October 2010 you say - "His Highness responded to him saying it would be nice if we spoke with one voice, why cannot you work together?”. Factual evidence points to the contrary.." I would also be interested in the factual evidence you say you have that Nagib you say "has invented some excerpts of Farmans in the Infringement Material" the contrary.."

On 15th Oct 2010, Imam did not ask Nagib to stop his website. There has never been any LIF announcement regarding that website. So why should Ismaili's not continue to visit a website which has a wonderful wealth of resources available free of cost. Dr SS & MM would obviously like to stop that website.

Even if a website is publishing something against Ismailies, why should we not visit that website to learn and understand.Imam and IIS encourages us to seek share and learn so that we can lead and to do so we must understand and respect and be tolerent of all points of views. I suggest you read Imam’s speech on 15 October and visit the website of the Pluralism Centre and read the objectives and goals.

Vancouverite misleading as usual.

I can see that Vancouverite is having Nightmare about Imam accepting that every lucky person that has the Golden Edition Farmans keeps it :-)

Bloglaw has quoted Vancouverite saying "Alnaz Jiwa failed to confess that Nagib Tajdin has invented some excerpts of Farmans in the Infringement Material."

Well the answer is simple, The Imam having accepted that everyone can keep the book of Farman, who are these people questioning his Wisdom and saying there is invented content in the Farman Book accepted by the Imam Himself?

Can they not understand that by criticizing the Farmans, they have themselves alienated their own right [if they had any] to access the Farmans?



Bloglaw has quoted Vancouverite saying "Alnaz Jiwa failed to confess that Nagib Tajdin has invented some excerpts of Farmans in the Infringement Material."

What does the above quote say or imply? Whoever wrote it needs to explain what is meant by the above quote. AssumIng that he is suggesting that Farmans in the book being distributed are not authentic, all I can say that neither the Statement of Claim, nor the evidence filed nor in the cross examinations conducted is there any suggestion of any Farman wrongfully transcribed or invented, and SS or MM or the Institutions could and would have given evidence that invented Farmans have been published.

In the court the only argument was whether there was consent to publish, not whether any farmans were false or invented farmans. Invented farmans would automatically be considered wrong and damages ordered and injunction issued.

Actually few years back SS

As received from nagib:

Actually few years back SS told me they had checked all the books [The last one was not yet published], he was referring to the first 3 books of KIZ series and he said they found them to be "accurate to the dot".


A good professional in

A good professional in reading comments here and in vancouverite websites will come to the conclusion and recommend change of mindset and management of the change.

I would add that this holistic change will come not from come from progressive evolution alone, but a transformative revolution. As Late professor Arkhoon (Governor of IIS) used to say we will need to deconstruct and reconstruct our thinking completely. He was referring to the study of Quran.

We have excellent creative professional Resourses who have offered a TKN Nazrana under the GJ initiatives.

As some commentators have rightly said change will take time. Managed and measurable implementation of change with a holistic approach and strategies, will require a minimum of 5 years if fully supported institutionally.

The challenge as is normal in many FP and NFP conglomerates is acknowledgment and acceptance by firstly the need, and secondly the need for a new TKN resourced change team which is then empowered, creative, and professional. The team and goals also needs to be holistic, inclusive, global and action centric for expected outcomes.

I agree and to acheive

I agree and to achieve expected outcomes sooner rather than later, I would suggest that such a cross functional team should report direct to LIF( as a body) for them to deliberate and present their views to MHI for guidance,.with recommendations for Implementation.Let us hope some of the current members of LIF may be considering this for their next meeting, if they have not already done so.

@Nagib re: above post of Dec. 25th

Touché, Nagib !! :-) I love the pun "...is having Nightmare..." Thanks for the humour!

Ya Aly madad.

Reasons why ?

Since 15th October upto date I wonder if Mr Gray or Dr SS and MM, have explained or discussed with Alnaz or Nagib the reasons why an admission of copyright infringement is legally necessary and particularly why it will give more legal protection to MHI against any furture infringements by anyone ?

Pensées pour Nagib, Alnaz

Chers frères Nagib et Alnaz, Ya ali Madat,

Nous arrivons à la fin de l’année 2010 et malgré les Directives très précises et inspirées de Mowlana Hazar Imam lors de l’entretien du 15 octobre et Ses remarques durant Son discours sur le Pluralisme, nos leaders n’ont pas saisi la portée de ces Hidayaths et continuent à désespérer un grand nombre de frères et ismailis à travers le monde. Et ceci est très grave et nous rend très tristes.

En ce qui me concerne, je suis plus que convaincu, cette forme d’intime conviction, que Mowlana Hazar Imam n’a pas initié, n’a pas souhaité ce « lawsuit » contre vous ! Je ne vous connais pas, je ne vous ai jamais rencontré mais j’ai une profonde gratitude, admiration et estime pour le travail de diffusion des Farmans que vous avez réalisé pour vos frères et sœurs ismailis. C’est une œuvre remarquable, très louable et une marque absolue de votre attachement indéfectible à l’Autorité Spirituelle de Mowlana Hazar Imam. Vous êtes Ses murids et Sa Grâce et Sa Miséricorde vous accompagnent ! Quelque soit l’issue de ce regrettable « lawsuit », vous aurez toujours ma reconnaissance !

Quand j’ai voulu approfondir notre Tariqah, me lancer dans cette quête spirituelle que Mowla Bapa prône de tous Ses vœux pour Ses murids, le document de couverture bleu avec les Farmans du Bhaitoul-Khyal que vous aveiz préparé m’a beaucoup servi. Je me suis plongé à la compréhension détaillée des Farmans de Mowla Bapa. Et quelque part, je vous dois ma formation, ma compréhension de cette quête via l’Ibaddat.

Aussi, lors de l’anniversaire de Mowla Bapa le 13 décembre dernier, je me trouvais à Cotonou (Bénin) et l’hôtel où je me trouvais, devant l’immensité de l’océan, j’ai bien sûr eu des pensées pour Mowla Bapa, pour tous les frères et sœurs ismailis et pour vous deux aussi qui traversaient depuis des mois des épreuves difficiles. Permettez-moi de vous soumettre et de vous offrir ainsi qu’à tous les internautes de ce site ce que j’ai rédigé ce jour la.
Avec mes affectueuses pensées fraternelles et passez de bonnes fêtes de fin d’année !

Un songe, un rêve
Ou une réalité subtile !

J’ai conscience que mon âme détient un secret, caché dans mon jardin fleuri. Et je sais depuis cette union par le Bhayat que le code d’accès est la voie de l’Ibaddat. C’est un chemin, une quête personnelle qui s’ouvre vers un champ de liberté, avec la certitude d’atteindre un havre de paix, de sérénité et de bonheur. C’est un acte réfléchi, libre, en en parfait accord avec mon esprit, mon cœur et mon intellect. Un voyage vers une rencontre lumineuse et harmonieuse!
L’Ibaddat est une approche très sérieuse, la plus aboutie de notre Tariqah. C’est une quête personnelle, intime, un cheminement qui donne un sens à nos rêves et au-delà des attentes c’est un voyage où une Rencontre est possible ! Ilest possible de sentir un bras posé sur notre épaule, un visage ou un regard posé sur nous, nous pouvons établir un dialogue, approfondir les échanges et forger de solides convictions sur les dimensions spirituelles du Din et du Dounia.
On avance sur une route lumineuse et cette quête nous offre cette rencontre avec nous même, avec ce que nous aimons, nos faiblesses, nos espoirs, nos prières, nos doutes, nos soucis, nos craintes….avec le secret de notre âme ! Un champ fertile et libre ! L’inquiétude se libère et se perd dans ce lieu sans bord ! On a la place, l’univers sans fin pour soi ! Mais une lumineuse Unlimited vision !

Mais ce chemin est certes difficile, une Grâce du Tout Puissant, fait de patience, d’humilité, de modestie. Et même si les doutes reviennent, se font entendre, les pressions de la vie courante nous submergent, brouillent les messages fondamentaux …..il nous faut tenir la barre, rester sur ce chemin du Siratal-mustaquim, …..Il est là avec nous, nous accompagne, nous prépare des bagages plus légers, nous aider dans nos envols… et finit toujours à nous livrer aux lumières du jour ce que nous ne savons pas dire, nos craintes et nos faiblesses ! Les portes s’ouvrent d’elle mêmes, un parchemin est proposé, quelques cartes sont soulevées….des morceaux manquants à notre intellect sont retrouvés….. »Je suis toujours avec vous » !
Et tous les rendez vous durant cette heure de l’Ibaddat ont le même sens…La route est longue, pas facile mais devient de plus en plus désirable car notre quête est insatiable !

Ces moments de Concentration, un temps où l’esprit s’évapore, une sorte de musique, des vibrations, des éclairs de lumière… des mots, des conversations, des murmures que l’on ne maîtrise plus, ces lignes d’errance, d’abandon, où on se laisse aller. Un passeur nous a aidé à prendre l’envol ! »Aucun désert, aucun océan, aucune montagne n’arrivera à séparer l’Imam de Ses Murids » !

Partons, soyons réguliers, restons derrière la voilure ! Mowla nous épaulera et nous aidera à accéder à des découvertes « à peine pensables », l’impensable à nos yeux, l’inexplicable, des secrets, les clés de la sagesse, de la tolérance, de la compassion…l’Amour ! Accéder à ce qu’il ya de plus vrai en nous !
Ce n’est pas une idée,
Ce n’est pas une émotion,
Ce n’est pas un vertige,
Ce n’est pas une utopie,
Ce n’est pas un Effroi,
C’est une réalité,
C’est une rencontre,
C’est un chant d’amour,
Une victoire sur l’inquiétude,
C’est une vision,
C’est une recherche de l’équilibre,
C’est ce qu’il ya de plus vrai en nous !
Mohez nato

@Mohez Nato (re: above post, Dec. 24)

Comme vous avez adressé les réflexions ci-dessus aux internautes aussi, je me permets d'y réagir : vous êtes poète aussi, Mohez ! Puissiez-vous continuer à progresser sur la voie sur laquelle vous cheminez avec Lui à vos côtés. Ameen. J'espère que votre séjour à Cotonou aura donné les résultats escomptés. J'ai été surprise l'autre jour de lire qu'il était interdit de mendier au Bénin...

A propos, avant que je n'oublie de vous le dire! Votre lettre du 19 novembre avait été expédiée au LIF et au Conseil de France.

Je me joins à vous pour renouveler mes remerciements bien sincères et chaleureuses à Nagib et à son équipe pour la publication des livres de Farman (si vous n'avez pas celui qui est au centre du procès, j'espère de tout coeur qu'il vous sera donné un jour de le posséder et de le parcourir : il contient des trésors !!! Sa lecture me procure toujours un bonheur indicible.) : on leur doit une dette qui ne pourra jamais, au grand jamais, être acquittée. Sans nul doute, Mowla Bapa les récompensera infiniment. Louanges à Mowla Bapa de nous avoir jugés dignes de recevoir ce cadeau sans pareil que sont ces livres, et, aussi, ce site qui met à notre portée tant de belles choses, tant de bonheur...Et à Alnaz je renouvelle mes voeux de courage pour cette lutte si pénible. "Satya mèv jayatè."

Ya Aly madad.

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Thoughts for Nagib, Alnaz
On December 24th, 2010 mohez nato (not verified) says:
Dear brothers, Nagib and Alnaz, Ya ali Madat,

We arrive at the end of 2010 and despite the very specific guidelines and Mowlana Hazar Imam inspired at the meeting of 15 October and her remarks during his speech on Pluralism, our leaders have not grasped the scope of Hidayaths and these continue to despair many brothers and Ismailis worldwide. And this is very serious and makes us very sad.

In my case, I am more convinced that this form of intimate conviction that Mowlana Hazar Imam has not started, did not want this "lawsuit" against you! I do not know, I've never met but I have a deep appreciation, admiration and esteem for the work of disseminating Farmans that you did for your brothers and sisters Ismailis. It is a remarkable piece, very commendable and a mark of your absolute unwavering commitment to the Authority Mowlana Hazar Imam Spiritual. You are murids His and Her Grace and Mercy are with you! Whatever the outcome of this unfortunate "lawsuit" you'll always have my gratitude!

When I wanted to deepen our Tariqah, get into the spiritual quest that Mowla Bapa advocates of all His wishes for his murids, blue paper cover with the Farmans Bhaitoul-Khyal you Aveize prepared me a lot served. I immersed myself in the detailed understanding of Mowla Bapa Farmans. And somewhere, I owe you my background, my understanding of this quest through Ibaddat.

Also, on the anniversary of Mowla Bapa December 13 last, I found myself in Cotonou (Benin) and the hotel where I was, at the immensity of the ocean, of course I had thoughts for Mowla Bapa for all Ismaili brothers and sisters and you two also crossing for months of difficult trials. Let me submit to you and offer you and all users of this site that I wrote that day.
With my affectionate thoughts go fraternal and a happy holiday season!

A dream, a dream
Or a subtle reality!

I realize that my soul has a secret hidden in my flower garden. And since I know this union Bayat the access code is the way to Ibaddat. It is a journey, a personal quest that opens to a field of freedom, with the certainty of achieving a haven of peace, serenity and happiness. It is a deliberate act, free, in perfect agreement with my mind, my heart and my intellect. A trip to a meeting bright and smooth!
The Ibaddat is a very serious approach, the most successful of our Tariqah. This is a personal quest, intimate, a journey that gives meaning to our dreams and beyond expectations is a journey where a meeting is possible! Itis possible to feel an arm resting on our shoulder, a face or a gaze fixed on us, we can establish a dialogue, deepen exchanges and forge strong convictions about the spiritual dimensions of Din and Dunya.
We proceed along the road bright and this quest gives us the encounter with ourselves, with what we love, our weaknesses, our hopes, our prayers, our doubts, our anxieties, our fears .... With the secret of our soul! A fertile field and free! The concern is released and is lost in this place without board! It was instead the endless universe for himself! But a bright vision Unlimited!

But this path is certainly difficult, grace of the Almighty, is patience, humility, modesty. Even if doubts come, are heard, the pressures of everyday life overwhelm us, blurring the fundamental messages ... .. we must take the stand, stay on this path-Siratal mustaquim ... .. He is there with us, with us, preparing us for lighter luggage, help us in our flight ... and always ends up to give us the light of day what we do not say, our fears and weaknesses! The doors open by themselves, a parchment was proposed, some cards are raised. ... Missing pieces to our intellect are found ... .. "I am always with you!
And all appointments during this time of Ibaddat have the same meaning ... The road is long, not easy but becomes increasingly desirable as our insatiable quest!

These moments of concentration, a time when the spirit evaporates, a kind of music, vibration, flashes of light ... the words, conversations, whispers that you no longer control, these lines of wandering, abandonment, where we let go. A smuggler helped us take off! "No desert, no ocean, no mountain happen to separate the Imam of His Muridae!

Let's go, let's regular stay behind the wing! Mowla support us and help us get to discoveries "barely thinkable," the unthinkable to us, the inexplicable, the secret keys of wisdom, tolerance, compassion ... Love! Access to what is most true in us!
This is not an idea,
This is not an emotion
This is not a giddy,
This is not a utopia,
This is not a dread,
It is a reality
This is a meeting,
It is a love song,
A victory over worry,
It is a vision,
It is a quest for balance,
That is what is most true in us!
Mohez nato

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Contscts wuth SS or MM

No, MM or SS has not ever spoken with me or even discussed anything with me. Q why do they insist on infringement.

Remember that SS opposed MHI's confirmation that all distributed books can be kept and not to return. SS sought to make MHI reverse his decision (which he said twice), so they are dying to win the case so they can force the Jamats to return of all books. Their purpose for infringement is in direct contradiction (Gray's revised consent supports our version of what happened on Oct 15.)

They have no desire to follow imam's direction

Leaders top down. should ask

Leaders top down. should ask themselves the following questions, which many if not most are asking.

1. Have we followed Imam's Farmans to resolve differences internally

2. Have we followed Imam,s institutional directives in the reports prepared before and after the lawsuit was filed? Have we asked to read the reports?

3. Have we followed Imam,s directions of 15th Oct 2010?

4. Do we know the reasons why an admission of infringement is so critical ? And based on the 7 reasons why with respect infringement it is a non issue for the consent as directed by MHI ?

5. Do we know Why is Imam waiting and spent 30 minutes on 15 th October and instead of saying may I make a suggestion Imam if Imam wished could have said for example I would like to reassure you I am the plaintiff and it is my wish that you withdraw all allegations and agree to judgement on all claims in the lawsuit?

Imam has reminded Leaders to regularly ask of themselves if they have followed Imam's guidance and farmans and if they have fulfilled all their responsibilities.

If any leader feels he or she has not, then Imam says it is his wish and desire that they should make every possible effort to do so.

In this case Dr SS and MM have clearly not. Other especially top leaders should not wait and certainly approach and discuss with Dr SS and MM and amongst themselves so they fully understand precisely what are the differences and to read the legal and opinion of the leaders in the report presented to MHI Which will be incisive on the issue of an admission to infringement and on the draft consent signed by Alnaz and Nagib.

I hope therefore each leader who has not will ask of themselves and do the right thing because this lawsuit affects the jamat and therefore each leader in their seva and responsibilities to and for the Jamat.

@ Bloglaw: The leaders and Ostrich attitudes.

Over 90 percent of the leaders do not follow the case .Only top few involved may be following.
They do not go on either website hence the knowledge about the case is not there.Period.
They believe what is told to them by their superiors.
Over years all of them have been taught not to question anything that comes from LIF because it is all MHI 's directions
It is an inbreed culture cultivated over the last decade or so.
Only the YES Men have survived to secure their positions, a true key.
An Ostrich burying his head in the ground and ignoring everything else but itself.

Every leader I have spoken to knew nothing about the lawsuit.
Half of them believe it was settled when MHI came to Toronto.
Others believe plaintiff being MHI of course he must have already won , no question.
One leader was so ignorant he said Alnaz is a lady from Canada?
Few others believe they have nothing to do with it.
Their lives and work is same ( Which is status Quo ofcourse) Easy as ever.

It is Only Mawla who is working all the time
Some good leaders involved in grassroot projects are so involved and busy they do not have time to follow this court case.
They cant be bothered!
So however vital it is what is posted here by bloglaw and Moez Nato the audience is miniscule.
Hence the thoughts and ideas and legitimate questions of all the thinkers and well wishers and intellectuals is not welcomed.

Many leaders say they do not

Many leaders say they do not follow this case or know about it because they do not wish to eneter into that discussion with you at that time. This is simply a diplomatic response.

My experience is most Leaders and the Jamat know and are happy to talk individually, confidentially and selectively. What is most important and wonderful is that they all come to know in any event. Hence the audience, interest, concern and reach are all significant.

I agree some specific leaders in question have managed to exercise excessive unilateralism in the last decade or so, at the expense of the right balance of din and dunya and the checks and balances. Hence the need to reverse this pervasive and widening gap..

However as a result of the lawsuit Leaders top down are now aware and know. Any significant and noticeable change and a especially a change of mindset will take time and we must be patient. Meanwhile and as directed by MHI, we must give feed back and continue to give our support to our Leaders top down.

We must also give credit to ALL leaders where it is due for the excellent work and progress facilitated and enabled by Hazar Imam.

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