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Museum a fitting tribute - 2010-05-29

Saturday, 2010, May 29
Javed Akbar, Markham

A simple, exquisite jewel

The coming of the Aga Khan Islamic Art Museum and an Ismaili Centre in Toronto is a fitting tribute not just to this great city but to Canada — beacon of hope to the world.

The Aga Khan wants to, “illustrate the plurality of Islam,” he wisely said: “Democracies presume that the electorate is well informed and capable of commenting on major issues of national or international importance. Therefore, it follows that unless there is a better understanding of the Islamic world, democracies are not going to be able to express themselves on Islamic issues.”

The museum will help to negate the malicious generalizations about Islam not by facts but by unexamined presuppositions that have become the last acceptable form of denigration by the media.

The museum will bring to light the history that is ignored in the rush to highlight the ludicrously compressed and constricted “clash of ignorance.”

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