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2010-04-29 STATEMENT OF DEFENSE is Filed

Suspiciously, there had been no prior institutional effort to peacefully stop the endeavor, no action in the Ismaili Arbitration board, and no communication by the Imam on the matter, although the Kalam-e Imam-e Zaman series of Farman books and the defendants' circulation of Farmans started in the early 1990's.
There had been a telephone threat in January 2010 to Nagib Tajdin that his reputation in the Ismaili Community will be ruined if he does not withdraw the publication or if he maintains his accusation of forgery of Imam's signature.

The Lawsuit text was circulated by email to worldwide ismailis before it was even served on the defendants. Defendants started being bombarded by emails, phonecalls, and pressured in person to apologize and withdraw the book.

The Lawsuit text seemed to undermine the Divinity of Farmans, the Infallibility of the Imam, and as the case advanced and more documents were filed in court, more and more ismaili basic beliefs and tenets were undermined by the people running the action against the two murids.The attempt was made to discredit the defendants so that when they disclose the information about forgery of Imam's signature, no one would believe them.

The Defendants decided to hold fast to the Noor of the Imam, and to submit to the court a Defense, not against the Imam, but against whoever the usurper Plaintiffs are who are undermining the tenets of Ismaili Faith.

The Following News Event contains links to the Statements of Defense filed by the Defendants Alnaz Jiwa and Nagib Tajdin.

Defenses Glorifying the Aga Khan filed in federal Court - 2010-04-29

- PDF of Defense filed By Nagib Tajdin April 29, 2010
- PDF of Defense filed By Alnaz Jiwa April 29, 2010

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