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2010-05-25 REPLY to the Defense is Filed by Plaintiff

The Reply by the Usurper Plaintiff confirmed the defendants' suspicions as it further undermined the principles of Ismaili Faith and destroyed the significance of the Mehmani ceremony as well as of the privileged relation between the Murid and his Imam.

Two of the main points of the reply were that The Imam "edits" His farmans and He did not consented to the publication of Farman books at the 1992 Mehmani

Both these points were contradicted by the Imam at the Discovery on 15 October 2010 where Imam said He does not" Edit", He only annotates. The Imam further offered to Alnaz and Nagib to make available to them all of His annotated Farman if they so wish.

On the crucial matter of "Consent", The Imam said He remembers the Mehmani "very well" and gave the instruction to continue publishing, The Imam confirmed exactly what Alibhay wrote in his affidavit concerning the Mehmani. the Imam went to the extend of explaining to Gray and SS why He gave Consent, He said they needed those books to be able to translate the Farmans into French, Farsi etc and the first of the Farman Books of the Kalam-e Imam-e Zaman series was presented in Mehmani at a time were they were looking for competent people...!

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