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COPYRIGHT LAWSUIT - Online Book & Updates


Online Book that gathers court materials as well as articles that are currently available for the ongoing 2010 Lawsuit:
Copyright Lawsuit 2010: Online Book of All available Materials

Cross examination Transcripts:
2010-08-09 CROSS-EXAMINATIONS for Summary Judgement Motions

Latest Additions:

The latest occurrence in the Copyright Lawsuit is that a Jamati Member who has never met the Defendants volunteered as his brotherly duty to pay the $30,000 that was demanded in the Plaintiff''s submissions and that was accordingly ordered by the judge:
Read the full details of the $30,000 payment directly to H.H. The Aga Khan.

Also the Appeal Memorandum against the Summary Judgment has been filed in court on June 16th, 2011:
Read the Full Appeal Memorandum of Fact and Law

About the Appeal Process:

Dignified Consent Judgment refused to Defendants - Appeal filed! - Aga Khan Copyright Lawsuit -2011-02-08

What Happened Leading up to the Appeal?

Other links with latest info:

Link to Court Docket Case T-514-10
Link to Court Docket Appeal A-60-11
Link to Court Docket Appeal A-59-11

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