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Purported "Talika" in JK Tonight - 2011-01-21

Friday, 2011, January 21

A purported Talika is being read out JK's around the world Tonight:

- With reference to Summary Judgment

- With strong language resembling Sachedina's , but not resembling any previous Talika of the Imam.

- With wordings of the January 24, 2010 Letter purportedly by Hazar Imam (Recall that questioned letter where it is said that His signature, which had remained steady for decades had now become very tentative and distorted because of old age and an old healed injury.)

- No comments from the defendants Tajdin or Jiwa yet, except that they said by phone that they are comforted by the loving words of the Imam on October 15th at the discovery, and that do not match the tone or contents of this purported "Talika".

- Knowing the offensive behaviour of SS and MM against the Imam at the Discovery, this "Talika" was expected said one of the defendants to The Heritage. There is no doubt this is a last ditch attempt to cover their mistakes.

- After breaking the sanctity of Hazar Imam's signature, that of the Mehmani ceremony and now openly the sanctity of the "Talika", one may wonder where these people will stop and how important is the real issue behind this litigation to warrant people going to this extent.

Both defendants have promised that in due time they will comment on this litigation.

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