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So Kiriya


1. Keep thy heart pure, away from defilement. This is the first kiriya.

2. Take food only after having bathed thy body. This is the second kiriya.

3. Follow the prescription of truthfulness, day and night.

4. Avoid sowing the seed of falsehood and cheating.

5. Treat everyone with sincere understanding and kindness.

6. Give alms only to deserving decent people.

7. Understand (sympathetically) the suffering of those around thee.

8. Wholeheartedly accept the precepts of Sat Gur.

9. Never become proud when thou occupiest a superior position.

10. Never lose thy temper. This is the tenth kiriya.

11. If thou hast proper chance, pay a visit to Sat Gur.

12. Never perform religious duties negligently.

13. Never fail to attend the assembly (ghat) with the Jamat.

14. Pray to God, prostrating thyself in the ghat which is like the face of the Guru.

15. Only those who daily take a sip of the abe safa are to be regarded as pious.

16. One who can always suppress his pride may be considered fortunate.

17. Never be greedy, even to the slightest extent.

18. Be honest in any circumstances.

19. (True) devotees (rikhisar) never tell lies.

20. Pay the utmost care in attending to thy guests.

21. Feed the hungry.

22. Offer water to the thirsty.

23. Earn reward by covering the nakedness of the unclothed.

24. Bear patiently any loss caused by members of thy own family.

25. Never lose thy tember even if abused a hundred times.

26. Repay evil done to thee with good.

27. Do not defraud anyone, always pay in full.

28. Do not demand anything in excess of what is due to thee.

29. Do no cast the evil eye upon anyone.

30. Never have sexual intercourse with other people's wives.

31. Never give false evidence, nor speak what thou dost not know.

32. Never deceive or swindle anyone.

33. Never utter a threat to beat anyone.

34. Do not live on money derived from usery.

35. Do not sell bones.

36. Do not sell an animal which thou maintainest.

37. Never make a valuation of land (in terms of money). It is similar to thy mother.

38. Do not demand money as bride-price for thy daughter.

39. Always treat thy daughters kindly.

40. You must certainly act according to these forty kiriyas.

41. Never take bribes, even as much as a rati.

42. O virtuous man, never keep a fake document with thee.

43. After relieving thyself use five achman (sips of water).

44. Wash thy organs after urinating.

45. Take three achman (sips of water) after urinating.

46. Never keep thy body unclean.

47. Use clay while washing thy hands.

48. Without it thy body will not be cleaned.

49. Never drink muddy water.

50. Do not kill intentionally any living creature.

51. Never eat assa foetida and tobacco.

52. Always behave thyself as if thou art continually fasting.

53. Never eat crumbs or remains of food left by others.

54. Never wear a dress made of cloth coloured with indigo.

55. Observe fast on the days prescribed by religion.

56. Never worship stones or mountains.

57. Never accept as a deposit money of doubtful origin.

58. O creature! Never miss the time fixed for prayers.

59. Be dutiful, repeat the names of God in prayers.

60. Never partake of food which was not offered to thee. This is a great sin.

61. O brother! Do not develop (unduly) great ambitions.

62. Treat the wife of thy elder brother as thy own mother.

63. Avoid the company of bad people.

64. Do not tie thy turban in a pretentious way.

65.. O hermit! Do not report the words of others, good or bad, to those ???

66. Never annoy thy neighbour.

67. Never commit a breach of trust.

68. Never pick up anything lost by others.

69. Never intentionally deceive anyone.

70. Never fail to return the money that thou hast borrowed, or the value of the goods purchased on credit.

71. Never run away with someone else's money.

72. He who does this will be punished by being incarnated as his creditor's son.

73. Never intentionally use abusive language.

74. Never do foolish things.

75. Everyone has an equal right to to see Gur-Nar i.e. Imam of the Time.

76. But he who sees Him in His real substance is a courageous man.

77. Never argue with anyone, whether thou feel right or wrong.

78. O righteous man! Never gamble.

79\80. Do not listen to music or singing, nor watch theatrical performances as they lead to depravity and loss of religious discipline.

81\82. Never say of any food cooked of corn that it is oversalted, or undersalted. Always praise it, never revile.

83\84. Always bathe thyself early in the morning before going out, and have no sexual intercourse after this.

85. No one can attain salvation by the worship of Khat Darshan.

86. Never revile the commandments of the Ved and (generally) religious scripture.

87. Never eat while walking.

88. Live reasonably, and observe cleanliness.

89\90. Do not commit suicide by poisoning or drowning thyself, as in such case thou shalt be re-born, in the wheel of rebirth.

91. Never develop ambition to acquire much wealth or land.

92. Never entrust secrets to any woman.

93. Do not intentionally sprinkle water over fire.

94. Never break a live tree.

95. Never pick flowers in the morning. This is a grave sin.

96. Never criticize or disclose to others anyone's defects.

97. Never torture dumb creatures.

98. Never leave in anger the food that thou eatest.

99. They are true believers who act in accordance with religious precepts.

100. O hermits! Act according to these hundred commandments!

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