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1 paratham radeh dhoeene neeramal karee-e,

2 beejee keereeaa naaeene jamee-e.

1 First wash your heart and make it pure.

2 As the second good deed wash before eating.

3 sate chaalo tame deevas ne raat,

4 kudd kapatt nee melo dhaat.

3 Proceed in truth by day and night.

4 Abandon the habit of falsehood and deceit.

5 daeaa paalo tame deel su(n) jaannee,

6 supaatre daan deeje paramaannee.

5 Foster compassion with awareness in your heart.

6 Assuredly give alms to those who are deserving.

7 paratak jaannine paase rahee-e,

8 sat-gur vachan radaa maa(n)he girahee-e.

7 Knowing that He is manifest, remain at His side.

8 Take the teachings of the True Guide to your heart.

9 vaddaaeepannaa no garav na karee-e,

10 dasamee keeree-aa kaa(n)ee karodh na karee-e.

9 Do not be proud of lofty position.

10 As the tenth good deed, never be angry.

11 sarajeaa hoy to sat-gur ne malee-e.

12 dharam tannun aallas na karee-e.

11 If it is possible, visit the True Guide.

12 Do not be slack in religious duties.

13 nit nit gat maa(n)he malee-e bhaaee,

14 gur-mukh gat maa(n)he namo dhee-aaee.

13 Regularly(daily) join with the congregation, o brother.

14 Meditate and bow down in the congregation before the Guide.

15 nit nit amee pee-e te nar dharamee,

16 ahu(n)kaar muke te sadaa sukaramee.

15 Those who regularly drink the nectar are truly virtuous men.

16 Those who shun pride are ever fortunate.

17 lobh na karavo ek lagaar,

18 paak daanate rahevu(n) niradhaar.

17 Do not be greedy, even for an instant.

18 Be sure to remain pure of intent.

19 jutthu(n) reekheesar ne bolavu(n) nahi,

20 sevaa abhee-aagat nee karavee sahee.

19 A believer should not utter lies.

20 A guest should be properly served.

21 bhukhe-aa ne bhojan aapavu(n) jaannee,

22 taraseaa ne pann paavu(n) paannee.

21 Know that the hungry should be given food.

22 Also that water should be provided to the thirsty.

23 naagaa ne vasatr aapeene arathaj levu(n),

24 sagaa saavagaa ni ghaasaj sehevu(n).

23 Earn your own reward by giving clothing to the naked.

24 Patiently endure friction caused by kinsmen and step-relatives.

25 so gaall saa(n)kheene karodh na karavo,

26 avagunn kare taa su(n) gunnaj karavo.

25 Endure a hundred insults, and do not be angry.

26 If someone does evil, do good to him.

27 ochhu(n) kene veeraa aalavu(n) naahi,

28 adhaku(n) kenu(n) veeraa levu(n) naa(n)hee.

27 Do not give short measure to anyone, o brother.

28 Do not take excessive profit in anything, o brother.

29 kuddee najar koi par na dharee-e,

30 par-eesatree saathe gavan na karee-e.

29 Do not put the evil eye on anyone.

30 Do not have intercourse with another's wife.

31 jutthee ajaannee na deeje gavaahee,

32 kudd kapatt na rachee-e bhaaee.

31 In ignorance do not bear false witness.

32 Do not practise falsehood and deceit, o brother.

33 mukh thakee maar na kahee-e lagaar,

34 dhan veeaaj no na karee-e aahaar.

33 Do not utter the slightest threat from your mouth, o brother.

34 Do not live on money which comes from usury.

35 haadd vakaro karavo naa(n)hee,

36 pasu paalee na vachavu(n) bhaaee.

35 Do not deal in the sale of bones.

36 Do not sell animals you have reared, o brother.

37 dharatee tannu(n) mul na karie e chhe maataa,

38 kaneaa tannee rakhe dravaj khaataa.

37 Do not price the earth, for it is your mother.

38 Do not demand money as a bride-price for your daughters.

39 dayaa aanneene keeje upakaar,

40 chaalisamee kireeaa paallavee neeradhaar.

39 Be compassionate and charitable.

40 The fortieth good deed is assuredly to be fostered.

41 laa(n)ch na khaaee-e veeraa ekaj ratee,

42 juttho khat na raakhee-e satee.

41 Do not take bribes, even the slightest amount.

42 Do not keep false records, o believer.

43 medaane jaaee paa(n)ch aachharam karee-e,

44 paannee laeene laganee taj karee-e.

43 After relieving yourself, take five sips of water.

44 Through taking water abandon desire.

45 aachharam tran karavaa sahee,

46 asudh deh raakhavee nahee(n).

45 Take the three sips of water properly.

46 Do not keep your body unclean.

47 maattee laeene dhovaa haath,

48 nahee kare to nahee(n) thaae paak.

47 Take clay to wash your hands.

48 He who does not do so does not become clean.

49 vann gaalleeu(n) na pivu(n) paannee,

50 jeev ja(n)t na maaree-e jaannee.

49 Do not drink water without filtering it.

50 Do not knowingly kill living creatures.

51 hee(n)g tamaaku(n) na khaaee-e peeraannee,

52 param upavaasee rahee-e jaannee.

51 Do not consume asafoetida ot tobacco, o creature.

52 Be sure to live as a complete abstainer.

53 botteu(n) chaatteu(n) kenu(n) khaavu(n) naahee,

54 galeeatr vasatr na peravu(n) bhaaee.

53 Do not eat what anyone has tasted or licked.

54 Do not wear clothes dyed with indigo, o brother.

55 apavaasee veerat nu(n) aallas na karee-e,

56 paahaann paakhaann nee pujaa na aacharee-e.

55 Do not be slack in fasting and abstinence.

56 Do not perform the worship of stones which are a deceit.

57 melee thaapann na raakhavee jaannee,

58 vakhat velaa na chukee-e peeraannee.

57 Do not knowingly retain money deposited in trust.

58 Do not miss the time and occasion for prayer, o creature.

59 amal thaeene japee-e jaap,

60 vann peerase khaadhe maahaa chhe paap.

59 Dutifully practise meditative prayer.

60 To eat without being served is a great sin.

61 laalach pee-aaree na karee-e bhaai,

62 maataa jaanno tame vadderee bhojaaee.

61 Do not hold greed dear, o brother.

62 Consider your elder brother's wife to be your mother.

63 neechee sa(n)gate veeraa chaalavu(n) naahee,

64 paagaddee vaa(n)kee na baa(n)dhee-e bhaaee.

63 Do not enter base company, o brother.

64 Do not wear your turban crooked, o brother.

65 aree paree kenee na karavee rukhee,

66 paaddosee ne rakhe karataa dukhee.

65 Do not stir up trouble with anyone, o believer,

66 Lest you may distress your neighbour.

67 veesavaas-ghaat kene karavee naa(n)hee,

68 paddee jaddee vasat kenee levee naa(n)hee.

67 Do not break faith with anyone.

68 Do not take anyone's property you find lying about.

69 kene jaal na naakhee-e jaannee,

70 udhaaro uchheenu(n) na raakhee-e peeraannee.

69 Do not deliberately deceive anyone.

70 Do not keep goods borrowed or bought on credit, o creature.

71 paaraku(n) dhan laee bhaagavu(n) naa(n)hee,

72 putar thaeene devu(n) sahee.

71 Do not run away with other people's money.

72 As a son, you will certainly have to give it back.

73 kene gaal na deeje jaannee,

74 murakhaaeepannu(n) na raakhee-e peeraannee.

73 Do not deliberately insult anyone.

74 Do not practise foolishness, o creature.

75 gur-nar darasan sahu ne sarakhunn,

76 satharu(n) kare te nar narakhu(n).

75 The vision of the Guide and Lord is equally open to all.

76 Regard the one who grasps it firmly as a real man.

77 saacho juttho na karee-e vaad,

78 juvaa juvaavatto na ramee-e saadh.

77 Do not argue, whether you are right or wrong.

78 Do not gamble or play for money, o righteous one.

79 naad cha(n)d na joee-e bhavaaee,

80 chhadd chhadd bhede sat khoee-e bhaaee.

79 Do not listen to music or poetry, or watch plays.

80 Through these destructive deceits the truth is lost, o brother.

81 khaaro moro an kevo naa(n)hee,

82 vakhaannavu(n) pann kuvakhaannavu(n) naa(n)hee.

81 Do not say the food is too salty or tasteless.

82 You should praise, and not revile.

83 parabhaate naaeene bahaar neesaree-e,

84 sa(n)saar karatav te na karee-e.

83 Bathe at dawn before going out.

84 Do not follow the ways of the world.

85 khatt darasan puje nahee(n) paame mokh,

86 ved saasatar kahe na karavo dokh.

85 He who reveres Hindu teachings does not find salvation.

86 Do not condemn the sayings of the scriptures.

87 hee(n)ddataa chaalataa(n) khaavu(n) naa(n)hee,

88 chaturaaee chokhaaee-e rahevu(n) bhaaee.

87 Do not eat while you are strolling or walking along.

88 Live sensibly and hygienically, o brother.

89 jher khaaee jhapalaaee je jiv marashe,

90 te aavaagamann pharee avatarase.

89 Creatures who die by taking poison or by taking unnecessary risks,

90 Will transmigrate and be born again.

91 jar jameen nee ee(n)chhaa na karavee,

92 eesatree aagal guj vaat na karavee.

91 Do not crave gold or land.

92 Do not speak of secrets before a woman.

93 agan ne paannee na chhaa(n)ttavu(n) jaannee,

94 neelo jhaadd na vaaddhee-e peeraannee.

93 Do not deliberately sprinkle water on fire.

94 Do not cut down a green tree, o creature.

95 parabhaate phul chu(n)tte maahaa chhe paap,

96 kenee eb na ughaaddavee aap.

95 To pick flowers in the early morning is a great sin.

96 Do not yourself reveal anyone's faults.

97 avaachak peeraannee nee aal na karee-e,

98 bhojan chhaaddee utthee na paraharee-e.

97 Do not torment dumb creatures.

98 Do not leave food, and get up and push it away.

99 sat-pa(n)thee te je sat-dharam anusaree-aa,

100 reekheesar paaro tame soe kiree-aa.

99 Those who observe their religious duties are followers of the True Path.

100 O believers, observe all the hundred good deeds.

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