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Missing Jamatkhana


This is where the public can post information in the comments about Jamatkhanas that are missing on this site. We will monitor this section and add the Jamatkhanas to the database.

Please submit any of the following information that you have

Jamatkhana Name

Address and Phone number
Google coordinates
Contact Name and phone number and email address
Mukhi/Kamadia Name/contact

historical information

If you have pictures, please email them to heritage@ismaili.net with details and captions.


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jamatkhanna not on list by naim (not verified)
Ghulamullah Jamat khana Thatta District Sindh Pakistan by Ashfaque Khowaja (not verified)
NEW Portland Jamatkhana by Local Ismaili (not verified)
Jamat Khana in Warsaw by Taslim Damji (not verified)
Naperville Jamat Khana by Amsal (not verified)
Jmatkhana in dholka address Or contact person by Ajay Rana (not verified)
Lancaster JK Info by Shamim (not verified)
Marietta JK (Atlanta NW) by A Fazal (not verified)
MISSING JAMAT KHANA by Sana Kanjee (not verified)
JAMATKHANA IN LITTLEROCK by noorallah mamdani (not verified)
North Bay Khane by Sameera (not verified)
Jamatkhana update by XYZ (not verified)
jamatkhana by salima (not verified)
Not to our knowledge however by librarian-umed
Jamatkhana in moscow by Arifali (not verified)
Add jamatkhana in Surendranagar City by Rahim Hudda (not verified)
Jamatkhana in Portland by Asad Jiwani (not verified)
Contact by Zahir Moledina (not verified)
Address for JK in Portland by Asad (not verified)
Add Jamatkhana Information by Ellisa Khoja (not verified)
Portland JK by Nadiya Damani (not verified)
Jamatkhana Warsaw by Mariam (not verified)
Jamatkhana details by Shahid Vegdani (not verified)
Anjar Kutch Jamatkhana by Sharmin (not verified)
Adding Westwinds Jamatkhana for Calgary, Canada. by Shafiq Jetha (not verified)
San Antonio Jamatkhana, United States of America by Saifali Mohd (not verified)
Ismaili Jamatkhana of Little Rock Arkansas USA by Shamim Merchant (not verified)
Jamat Khana Little Rock AR by Shamim Merchant (not verified)
Rander Jamatkhana Surat by Firoz A Vegdani (not verified)
Pakistan Sultanabad by Tariq manzoor (not verified)
Jamat Khana by Amir Tarmohamed (not verified)
jamatkhana by naseem (not verified)
Jamatkhana Bahrain by Shiraz (not verified)
14 Jamat Khanas in the valley Brep by babar (not verified)
If there is jamatkhana in by saifreen karim vadsaria (not verified)
No I have not find still if by saifreen karim vadsaria (not verified)
Jamatkhana in morbi by Aman N (not verified)
Address of Doha, Qatar JK by Saban Karim (not verified)
adress of poland by alpesh (not verified)
JK in Warsaw Poland by Mariam (not verified)
calcutta jamatkhana by malik bhaidani (not verified)
Jamatkhanna by Iqbal Sayani (not verified)
Munich Jamatkhana by Ali R (not verified)
Jamatkhana Bahrain by Natasha Premji (not verified)
Jk by karim Ali (not verified)
where by Ali (not verified)
Kolkata jamatkhana India, Address. by Malik Adtani (not verified)
Hamburg Jamatkhana Information (Germany) by Taufiq Noorani (not verified)
Address of jamatkhana by Riyaz Noorani (not verified)
hi, have you found the J K by karim Am (not verified)
address by Aman (not verified)
Bamyan Jamat khana Central Afghanistan by Jamaluddin (not verified)
Add Jamatkhana in by Rahim surani (not verified)
What is the address of JK in by Mariam (not verified)
Warsaw by Mariam (not verified)
Jamatkhana in Portland Oregon by Malik (not verified)
New JK in Quebe by Zahra (not verified)
Rahim Abad Jamat Khana Parwak Bala, Chitral, Pakistan by TANZIL UR REHMAN (not verified)
Nizari Jamatkhana by Ashmal A. Essa (not verified)
Rawalpindi Jamat Khana by Ali Hunzai (not verified)
jk listing by anila attawala (not verified)
JK IN CHINA by PERVIS (not verified)

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