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Jamatkhana by Alwaez Abdul Sultan hasham

Jamatkhana is a place of worship, inspiration, progress, peace, & protection.
Jamatkhana is an earthly abode paradise. Allah's revelation (Qu'ran) says:
Enter the gateway with humility, posture & words. Allah has manifested his light in
certain houses (Jamatkhanas).

Every one step that you take towards coming to the House of Hazar Imam,
He takes 100 steps towards you. As soon as you make a Conscious decision
to leave your house and come to the House of Hazar Imam, the blessings start
from there.

Coming to Jamatkhana is NOT your choice, it is an EXPECTATION
of the Imam (also read out the farman where Hazar Imam says, "nothing will
make me happier than to know that my Jamat is regular in attendance in
Jamatkhana and nothing will HURT me more than to know that they are
irregular in attendance in Jamatkhana.")

If you are not in the habit of attending Jamatkhana regularly, your faith will gradually
be reduced. By coming to Jamatkhana your intellect is activated, illuminated and
actualized. By not going to Jamatkhana you are saying, Hazar Imam, “I don't need
that activation today”.

There are days when all of us cannot attend Jamatkhana for a REALLY GOOD
reason, we must be a Judge of this. You shouldn't feel guilty for not coming to
Jamatkhana if you REALLY CANNOT make it, be honest.

Before we enter the Jamatkhana, we remove our shoes to discard materialistic,
egotistical thoughts and aspects in front of Allah. We want to show our respect
and love in the House of Allah.

Prayer is a link between humans and Allah. What better place to make a link with
the Eternal than the house OF the Eternal (Jamatkhana). Jamatkhana is always
full of divine spirit and divine beings.

Haizanda means Imam is everliving. Kayampaya means Imam is eternal.
Divine Baraka - Niyaz, Sukhreet

Compulsory for ALL Ismailis:-

1. Dasond
2. Three Dua's

Everything else is voluntary but if YOU take the “Bol” then practicing is Compulsory.

Hazar Imam said you can practice your faith anytime of the day and the night.
By saying your prayers 3 times a day, you are breaking the dream of negligence.
Prayers’ also pulls us out of the world and connects us with the Creator. The more you
pray the longer you are linked with the Creator.

Qasidas and Ginans are the same. Ginans speak about spiritual psychology of soul,
journey of the soul and much more. You will find knowledge in Ginans
that even modern scientists haven't discovered.
Allah has poured knowledge in Pirs who pour it in Ginans.
Ginan means divine & contemplating knowledge. Not a composition of ordinary people.
Very unique literature. Pir (highest in creation) how can anything that is composed by
PIR be ordinary?

Aanant Akaro means final assemble of humankind. Aanant Akaro is the Treasure house
of the past, present and future. There are 500 verses. Recitation of Aanant Akaro removes
Grief and restores peace.

Performing CHANTAS: 3 times (for body, speech & mind sins).

1st Chanta - violence, murder and such, to forgive these kinds of sins.
2nd Chanta - lying, gossip, using insulting language.
3rd Chanta - negative thinking, greed, fault finding, blaming.

You are most closest to Allah when you bow down in Sujdo. If you are not humble
while praying, your prayers aren't accepted. When doing Sujdo, you are reducing
yourself to the level of the dust of the Jamatkhana. If you can't bend down completely,
it's okay, the act of bending down as much as you can is acceptable.

Food you buy from Nandi is a Baraka. There is no buying/selling in Nandi, that is the
property of Allah. We consider Allah a member of our family that's why we bring Nandi.
He who makes the highest sacrifice gets the barakat, Nandi (process of Nandi), there is
no buying/selling.

Prophet Muhammed was the 1st Pir
Pir Hasan (Mowlana Hussein's brother) was the 2nd Pir
Hazrat Ali – was the 1st Imam
Hazrat Hussein was the 2nd Imam
*Hazar Imam is the 49th Imam and 50th Pir

It is incorrect to say Salwat when name of "Imam Begum" comes in Ginan because
she was NOT a ‘PIR’. Submission is always given to Noor only. By saying the above,
the Murid testifies that the Noor of Allah is present. The word "Shahpir" in the Ginan,
meaning Hazar Imam – 49th Imam, 50th Pir.

When Mukhi/Kamadia accepts your prayers, Hazar Imam accepts your prayers. Mukhi/
Kamadia are Mowla’s representatives. They represent the authority of the Imam.
Throne of Imamat – place/paat of Mukhi/Kamadia Saheb's. The hand of Mukhi/Kamadia is the
hand of Hazar Imam.

Only Mukhi/Kamadia Saheb’s and Mukhiani/Kamadiani Maa’s have the authority to use the word
"khanavadan" to convey blessings, [baraka that comes from the divine source].
Khanavadan means “May you and your family be happy, prosperous, promoted spiritually and materially.
If Mukhi/Kamadia gives permission for someone to say Khanavadan on their behalf, that's okay.

Go inside Jamatkhana and do ‘Dua Karavi’. Your sins will be forgiven and you will
become pure, your soul will celebrate salvation. When you arrive or before doing
your “Dua”, consciously or unconsciously try to remember your mistakes, sins and
seek forgiveness.

Mukhi/Kamadia Saheb’s response to : Dua Karavi :- “Alliyuallah Niyat Murad Kabul Kare”.
Translation: May Hazar Imam accept your good intentions. i.e forgiveness, intention of
not committing same sins again etc. That Dua encompasses everything of heaven and earth.

The above information can be found in ginans. Dua Niyat Khare..... Part of the translation:-
Accept our prayer, intention. Grant us good in this world, and hereafter. Ali grant onto us
good. Accept our prayer.

Ameen – meaning acknowledgement of receiving the blessings.

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