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Qadi an Numan the Fatimid Jurist and Author by Asaf Fyzee

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Qadi Numan is a prolific author and Jurist credited with 45+ works. Qadi Nu'man served under 4 Fatimid Caliphs. His Biography and work is presented in this early article by Asaf Ali Ashgar Fyzee, the expert in the field of study of Qadi Numan's work.

Also other sources are available for Qadi Numan's life and work:

The PDF file of the article is available for download in the link below.

Qadi-Numan-Fatimid-Jurist-and-AUthor-part1.pdf6.2 MB
Qadi-Numan-Fatimid-Jurist-and-Author-part2.pdf6.41 MB

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