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Commemorative coin of Sultan Mohamed Shah's Golden Jubilee in 1935.
Text" His Highness The Aga Khan's Imamate Golden Jubile 1885-1935"


Commemorative coin of Sultan Mohamed Shah's Golden Jubilee in 1935
With an imprint of the Taj, the Imamate Crest.


Standard (alam), Iran, 16th century: Made of steel, standards usually decorated bowls used as drinking vessels or food containers for wandering ascetics. This pear-shaped standard contains an inscription which can be read from different angles. The text from top to bottom says: “Ya Allah, ya Muhammad, ya ‘Ali” (“O God, O Muhammad, O Ali).


A portrait of Sultan Selim shows him as larger than life, in a luxurious fur-lined and gold garment.


Hasan bin Sabbah (1034-1124) took possession of the fort of Alamut in Iran in 1090. His immediate concerns were to refortify Alamut, provide for it food and water supply, irrigate the field in the valley, acquire adjacent castles, erect forts at strategic points, institute economic and social reforms and unite the Ismailis by bonds of fraternity. Thus, he succeeded to establish the Nizarid Ismailis rule in Alamut. It appears from the fragments of the historical sources that, the Ismailis continued green colour as their standard, and Hasan bin Sabbah is reported to have hoisted it for the first time on the summit of the Alamut.


1550 CE Persian miniature painting, depicting the Prophet Muhammad ascending on the Burak into the Heavens, a journey known as the Miraj


The name "My Flag" had been applied by the Imam himself in his message to the Khadak Jamatkhana, Bombay on June 27, 1927.


Navroz Mubarak


One rare banner preserved in the Topkapi Saray Museum at Istanbul, called as-Sinjaqu 'sh-Sharif, is said to be a most sacred emblem. It is the original standard of the Prophet. It is made of four layers of silk, the top-most of which is green, those below being composed of cloth, embroidered with gold. Its entire length is twelve feet.

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