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Translation of Jire bhaai re Gur srevantaa

Jire bhaai re Gur srevantaa

Pir Sadardin

Jire bhaai Gur sevataa sabh gun thaase,
antar aapa kun jovo 1

O brother! As a result of devotion/obedience to the Guide all virtues will arise, look into yourselves.

Jire bhaai paanchhi bandh baandho rikhisaro,
kaaye kun mudal gamaavo 2

O brother! Build the five dams (virtues) O believers. Why do you squander your capital?

Jire bhaai lobh laagaa sabh jug dubaa,
us vaatte kaany tame chaalo 3

O brother! Indulged in gread, the whole world is drowned. Why do you walk along that path?

Jire bhaai saachaa sukrit saathi teraa,
van beheddi kem hove paar 4

O brother! Your True good deeds will be your companion. Without the boat, how will you reach the other shore?

Jire bhaai beheddi vehunaa dubi dubi jaase,
bhar nindhraa kaany sovo 5

O brother! Without the boat (the right path), you will drown. Why are you fast asleep?

Jire bhaai ami maahaaras boleaa
Gur Sohodev,
saami raajaa aagal hose 6

O brother! Pir Sadardeen says this lofty and sweet (discourse full of wisdom). The Kingly Lord will be there ahead.

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