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Translation of Jaagat kiyunnaahin re bhalaa

Jaagat kiyunnaahin re bhalaa

Jaagat kenv nahire,
bhalaa tun jaagat kev nahi re;
bhavar bhae pastaae rayo,
tun jaagat kev nahi re ... ...

O friend! Why aren't you awake? In the morning (time of judgement) you will regret, why aren't you awake?

Eji Kaal ko bhavaro faanso daale,
bhavar gufaa ki jaalire;
usme tun sapaddaae gayaa,
nikal jaaegi vaari re - bhalaa tun 1

O brother! The angel of death has thrown his noose around your neck in which you are caught. In this manner you pass your time entangled.It is the time for escaping, why aren't you awake?

Aal nabi ki aulaad Ali ki,
Panj-Tan paak bakhaano re;
Hassan Hussen do noor pechhaano,
unse umat saari re - bhalaa tun 2

Praise the progeny of the Prophet and the offspring of Hazarat Ali i.e Panjtan Pak. Recognise the Noor of both Hazart Hasan and Imam Husein through whom the whole Umma is existing.

Raheniko sapno bisaaro piyaare,
kaae kun nindh me khovo re;
Gur charan ke bal bal jaaie,
em kahe chhe Imaam Shaah baalo re
- bhalaa tun 3

O loved one! Forget the dream of the night, why are you lost in sleep. Sacrifice yourself at the feet of the Guide. In this manner Sayyed Imam Shah tells a child.

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