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Translation of Abhuj na buje tene kem kahiyen

Abhuj na buje tene kem kahiyen

Abuj na buje tene kem kahie,
to Gur Nar vinaa kem dhiyaaie 1

How can an ignoramous be told that without the Guide how could one have an appropriate worship/devotion.

Gur Nar sevaa kaaraann tanne,
to ghaddh amraapuri jaaie 2

Through the service/devotion to the GurNar (Imam) one goes to the fort of eternal abode.

Thulne kem kahere kesaraa,
to Gur Nar vinaa kem rahie 3

How can a stone be called God (or how can a trunk be called saffron); then how can one live without a Guide.

Mugataa maarag no panth aagalo,
to prem tantav em paaie 4

The path of attaining the state of freedom is supreme; then achieve the substance of love in this manner.

Aatmaa heddine dije saami ne besannu,
to viraa bhaai Pir tanna hoie 5

Awaken the soul and submit it at the seat of the Lord. Then o courageous one, remain attached to the Pir.

Sukh dukh behu bani aav se,
pann radeh thi dharam na chhoddie 6

Happiness and sorrow will both come, but do not forsake the religion in your hearts.

Maanaak moti ni gaantth-jo vaalo,
to vich vich hiraddaa jaddaaie 7

Tie the knot of rubies and pearls, then stud diamonds around them.

Ginaan ami maahaaras bhanne Gur Soho Dev,
to garbhaavaas-ni vaachaa sanbhaarie 8

This wisdom which is the nector of great delight is spoken by Pir Sadardeen, then remember the promises made in the womb of your mother.

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