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Translation of Prabhaate uthine saami maaraa

Prabhaate uthine saami maaraa

Eji Prabhaate uthine saami maaraa ratan lutavyaa re bhai
Jevaa phal vinni shako teva vinni vinni lejore
Tame jaago maaraa jivddaa tame cheto maaraa praani
Aaj sati jivne kaaranne dhan dhan rayanni viyaanni...1

O momins! At Dawn, after waking up, my Lord has lavished diamonds and gems. O brother! Whatever fruits you can pick, select and keep them. O my souls, be awake and take heed, o my lively ones. Today for the devoted souls the Night passes away in happiness.

Eji chaare pahore rajhenni viraabhaai sui mat rahejo re
Bhaai pachhali khat ghaddee aapnaa alakhane aaraadho re, tame jaago...2

O momins! Do not sleep for all the four pahors of the night, o courageous brothers. O brother! Be devoted to your Incomprehensible Lord for the last six ghaddees of the night, be awake....

1 pahor = 3 hours 1 ghaddee = 24 minutes

Eji huraau aaviyun virabhaai tamne e jagaadvaa re
Bhaai aminaa kancholaa moman bhaai tame kaaen nav lio re, tame jaago....3

O momins! Angels have come, o courageous brothers, to wake you up. O brother! Why do you not partake in the vessels of nectar, be awake....

Eji Bhanne Sayyed Indra Imamdin tame amiras pio re,
Bhaai amraapurinaa sukh moman bhaai tame hetesu hari lejo re, tame jaago....

O momins! Sayyed Indra Imamdin teaches: drink the nectar. O brother! Enjoy the peace of the Eternal City in the freshness of love, be awake....

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