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Translation of Roj kiyaama daado aavshe

Roj kiyaamat daado aavshe

Eji Roj kiyaamat daaddo aavse,
ane avtaare avtaar,
saaheb lekhaa re maangse,
tame nistte jaanno nirdhaar 1

O momins! The Day of Judgement will come, and it will come after every incarnation. The Lord will take account, know this with conviction.

Eji Sat Gur hajrat hujur hoese,
tame paach vas kari raakho imaan;
Sat Gur bhette chhutso,
tenu nabi Mahamad naam 2

O momins! The honourable True Guide will be there, therefore controlling the five evils have faith. When the True Guide embraces, you will be freed; his name is Prophet Muhammad.

Eji Pop jugaa jug Kal-jug hoese,
ane pohotaa te pop didaar;
Pir Hassan Kabirdin boliaa,
aaj kal das-me avtaar 3

O momins! The time for the blooming (of the soul) over ages is the present age leading towards the ultimate blooming of the Didar. Pir Hasan Kabirdin has said: it is today in the present age in which the Lord has assumed the tenth manifestation.

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